LETTER: State Supreme Court justices exaggeratedly decry opposition

What they fail to mention is the big-money support from teachers unions.

Justice elections

Washington state Supreme Court justices are complaining about being viciously and unfairly attacked (“Justices Decry Tactics; Madsen, Yu Saying Foes Orchestrating Attacks,” PDN, Aug. 14).

Justice Mary Yu and Chief Justice Barbara Madsen sound defensive, mentally stressed and outraged, and are surely exaggerating their sense of their own importance.

By usurping the power of the Legislature (the house of the people) with their arbitrary decision against charter schools, it should not have come as a surprise to these justices that their poor decision has fueled resentment among parents and grandparents who have started a coordinated effort to unseat them.

Washington state Supreme Court justices serve at the will of the people.

What these justices failed to mention was that due to a coordinated effort by the teachers union — the Washington Education Association — they were elected-seated and probably will continue to receive a great deal of financial and political support from teachers unions for the 2016 election

For freedom to choose your children’s education, vote for David DeWolf, Dave Larson and Greg Zempel.

Edeltraut Sokol,

Port Townsend