LETTER: PDN missed out on passing of great musician

Most of the people in and around Sequim and Port Angeles would recall Pete as a great entertainer …

I may have missed it, but I don’t remember seeing anything in the Peninsula Daily News about the recent passing of one of America’s greatest musicians.

In a couple of places on the internet, I saw notices of the passing of Pete Fountain.

Most of the people in and around Sequim and Port Angeles would recall Pete as a great entertainer going back to the days of Lawrence Welk.

I’ll bet a lot of those same people have no idea who some of the people you report as passing on are, but they sure will miss Pete and his music.

Thank goodness for the various forms of recordings.

James M. Bias,


EDITOR’S NOTE: Pete Fountain, a clarinetist who popularized New Orleans jazz, died of heart failure Aug. 6 at age 86.

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