LETTER: Have fluoridation issues finally caught up with us?

I’ve seen more dental advertisements in Port Angeles recently than in the past 10 years.

I have seen during this past year of fluoridation in the Port Angeles city water district area from September 2015 through August 2016 more PDN advertisements for dental services than for any previous years.

I wonder if anyone else wonders why.

Could it possibly mean that fluoridation has finally caught up with our local community in creating more dental problems (consequences)?

We know that the general population has not increased, so why are there advertisements?

Have the dental emergencies at the local hospital decreased since last year, five years ago or even 10 years back when fluoridation was instituted?

Let’s see an impartial survey be done by the city utility department to see if in fact that fluoridation has actually reduced dental problems in the Port Angeles city water jurisdiction.

What say you, Port Angeles City Council?

Are you in to prove your impartial concern for the people whom you are supposed to represent for their general civic well-being?

Fluoridation was stopped Aug. 3.

Paul Lamoureux,

Port Angeles

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