LETTER: Four lanes

Traveling between Sequim and the Hood Canal Bridge can add excitement to your day.

If you live in one of the communities with a single outlet onto U.S. Highway 101, turning left to gain access to the rest of the world is a test of your patience and raw courage.

Using a passing lane is exhilarating.

They are infrequent and too short.

To use these rare opportunities to get by slow drivers, one must exceed the speed limit.

However, this presents the risk of earning a speeding ticket. So pass maintaining the legal maximum speed.

It may not get you to the end of the lane, but will offer the thrill of facing oncoming traffic.

Slow drivers using the pullouts are as rare as are the pullouts.

They add the element of surprise to your journey.

You may have to join the summertime and festival crawl.

The highway becomes impacted with visitors and trucks.

Use this opportunity to learn a foreign language or listen to books on tape.

Keep a bottle of water and a granola bar on hand.

A roundabout in Blyn?

What a waste of the taxpayers’ money. It will interrupt traffic flow and does nothing to fix our highway.

It may serve the tribe’s business interests, but serves no one else.

The state should consider transforming the highway into four lanes to help maintain a consistent traffic flow.

Additional enter and exit lanes would add an important safety measure.

Frontage roads could serve businesses, including those in Blyn.

Roberta Griset


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