LETTER: Don’t miss out on the obvious when it comes to fluoride

Are double-blind studies really needed where such a wealth of experience indicates its benefits elsewhere?

Fluoride double-blind studies are needed about as much as studies to determine whether windmills turn when the wind blows or harbor buoys rise when the tide comes in [“Leskinovitch critic,” Peninsula Voices, Sept. 14].

While the North Olympic Peninsula is the finest place to live in North America, there are many other places where there is a huge accumulation of knowledge and experience with fluoridated drinking water, both natural and added, for well over a century.

Ignoring this accumulated knowledge of the benefits of fluoridated drinking water deprives the community’s children of the opportunity of a lifetime of enhanced dental health.

Port Angeles residents need to look, listen and learn as did Darwin, Einstein and the surgeon general.

David Kilpatrick,


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