LETTER: Donald Trump’s candidacy exposes what’s worst about GOP

He gets an F in everything but what conservatives secretly value most.

Donald Trump lives in a triangular universe.

At one corner of the triangle is what he actually thinks and believes.

At the second corner is what he says in public, and at the third corner is truth and reality.

These three corners are completely unconnected and have nothing in common.

Why is it that conservatives are supporting a candidate who utterly fails every test that conservatives have been touting for years as absolutely essential for a president?

Family values? Anyone out there giving him better than an F grade on that?

Foreign policy experience? Zippo on that.

Integrity? Fiscal responsibility? Give him an F on those as well.

So why is Trump the GOP nominee?

Perhaps it is because he gets an A in all the things that are the secret requirements for the GOP to support someone for president.

He is wealthy, he is an angry white man, he excels in deception and manipulation, he hates everyone who is not white and Christian, he treats women like property, he is a racist, a bigot and a chauvinist — and most of all, he is willing to do and say anything to get what he wants.

Sounds like a perfect fit for the GOP.

The rise of Donald Trump has finally exposed what the GOP and the radical right are all about.

So, conservatives, are you going to follow the other lemmings off the cliff, or are you going to think for yourselves for a change?

David A. Desautel,