LETTER: Democracy undermined by Congress’ corruption, Supreme High bias

Separation of powers is supposed to protect us from being a totalitarian nation.

There’s an old adage that warns us all to be careful what you wish for.

Another is: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Some people running for elected office offer promises any intelligent voter knows cannot be kept because too many other people must support those promises.

Thus, any U.S. president cannot do his job well without the support of Congress.

In our Democracy, the president (executive branch) proposes and Congress (the legislative branch) disposes.

The judicial branch determines constitutional and case law.

This is called separation of powers.

If our president could do anything he or she promised, we would have a dictatorship and a police state, such as in Russia, North Korea and Syria.

Has any reader wondered why the president and 36 state governors have term limits but not members entrenched in Congress or in most legislatures?

How many know of the “artists” who draw gerrymandered precinct maps to manipulate desired political party voting, or why many of our “non-political” U.S. Supreme Court decisions were 5-4 votes?

Two very serious problems in the U.S. are the corruption of our Congress through the Citizens United ruling and the obvious political alignment of our supposedly impartial Supreme Court.

Our democracy is being slowly eroded.

Richard Hahn,


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