LETTER: Cruz was a risky candidate to begin with

Having not been born in this country, Ted Cruz would have made Hillary a shoo-in.

​Cruz risky

I believe there is good reason​ to suspect that Ted Cruz as candidate was a Democratic Party plant.

If the Republicans had nominated him, I suspect there would have been lawsuits in all 50 states to scrub his name from their ballots as “not legally qualified to be president.”

(He was not born in this country.)

Enough of these suits would have been successful to ensure Hillary a walk-through.

That was why he could not endorse Donald Trump even after the Republicans nominated Trump.

I suspect Trump thought so, and it was why the lack of Cruz’s endorsement did not appear to bother him.

I suspect he has people looking for proof before making any statement.

There’s going to be a lot of red faces in both parties if they find it.

Marv Chastain,

Port Angeles