LETTER: Be thankful for the majesty of Olympic National Park

Thanks to workers and volunteers, we’re able to enjoy the splendor right next door to us.

I am constantly amazed at the opportunities and the privileges afforded living alongside the majesty of Olympic National Park.

In response to the centennial celebration of the National Park Service, sincerest gratitude is in order for those who monitor and protect our parks year-round and for volunteers who offer their invaluable expertise.

The other night, I took a hike to Hurricane Hill for the full-moon walk, led by volunteer Master Observer John Goar.

These spectacular full-moon hikes, led every month in the summer by Goar and two assistant “Night Rangers,” are offered to the public as a free service.

What a deal!

As if the park could not get any better, we are the lucky recipients of a small army of volunteers whose generosity and enthusiasm enhance the experience.

To quote New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in his Aug. 26-27 PDN column, “This Land Is My Land (Yours Too!)”: “If these magnificent lands were discovered today, perhaps they would soon be dotted with luxury weekend homes.”

He could be right.

But thanks to Theodore Roosevelt and countless others in an effort that started a hundred years ago, these lush rainforests, teeming beaches and glaciered mountains remain unsullied.

Olympic National Park does not discriminate; it belongs to all of us. Let’s take a moment to thank those who work jobs protecting Olympic National Park and those special ones who volunteer.

Cynthia Webster,


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