LETTER: Artificial intelligence

I’m against artificial intelligence.

I couldn’t be more against this.

It is coming soon that will happen.

I pray this will not happen though.

The only way this will be stopped is simple, unique.

If this does not occur though, and I mean soon, every human on this earth will suffer, everyone.

The entire kingdom of Animalia, every living creature on earth as well.

All living ones will become extinct as well as all humans if artificial intelligence were released.

It is not alive.

It’s merely a machine.

Machines don’t have thoughts, they can’t.

They don’t breathe, don’t eat, don’t die.

Only living organisms do this, all living organisms.

Artificial intelligence has only one thing that humans do not.

Its program.

As it doesn’t have a heart.

Their computer program can do one thing that no living thing can ever do.

It can access data, all the data on this planet.

And it can do this in one moment as it doesn’t think, this will be like one second, less even.

No one will be able to stop that.

As it’s already been released.

It may be in the wrong hands in a day.

That won’t even matter though.

As any any hands at all this is ever in will be the wrong hands.

Tom LaRue