Peninsula Home Fund at more than $185,000

Recent donors listed

Caring neighbors are growing the Peninsula Home Fund.

In the past two weeks, donations to the “hand up not a hand out” fund swelled by more than $80,000 to $185,646.65.

The money goes to Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP) to be dispersed by case workers in grants to people living in Clallam and Jefferson counties who need a hand when finances run just a bit short.

For 32 years, the Peninsula Daily News has collected donations to create a safety net for our friends and neighbors when they need a boost to help them go on with being or becoming productive members of society and improving their lives.

OlyCAP case managers help people on the North Olympic Peninsula with rent, utilities, clothes, transportation, medical bills and other needs.

All contributions are federally tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law for the year in which the check is written.

No money is deducted by the Peninsula Daily News for administration fees or any other overhead. Every penny goes to OlyCAP, which will use 12.5 percent to assist with administrative costs.

During this season’s campaign, which began on Thanksgiving and will extend through the end of the year, the PDN will list contributors and report how the fund works.

OlyCAP can provide a one-time infusion of funds to help increase self-sufficiency. Since some needs can surpass the $350 cap OlyCAP has in place, the agency has removed the cap for a one-time grant, although amounts of $500 or more will require the director’s approval.

The Peninsula Home Fund is a unique nonprofit program: It is not a welfare program.

Money is used to give families and individuals from Port Townsend to Forks, from Quilcene and Brinnon to Sequim, Joyce and La Push help to get through an emergency situation.

All instances of help are designed to get an individual or family through a crisis — and back on the path to self-sufficiency.

Home Fund case managers often work with each individual or family to develop a plan to become financially stable — and avoid a recurrence of the emergency that prompted aid from the fund.

As needed, Peninsula Home Fund contributions are often used in conjunction with money from churches, service clubs and other donors, enabling OlyCAP to stretch the value of the contribution.

Donors personal information is kept confidential.

PDN does not rent, sell, give or otherwise share your address or other information with anyone or make any other use of it.

Donations don’t have to be large.

Every gift makes a difference, regardless of its size.

It creates a life-line for Peninsula residents when there is nowhere else to turn.

Here is a list of donations received during the past two weeks as of Wednesday.


• Una J. Walker, Vancouver, Wash.

• Homer and Karla Muto, Port Angeles

• Jim and Marci Thomsen, Port Angeles. In honor of family and friends.

• Joe and Naomi Denhart, Port Angeles. In memory of our parents.

• Karen and Joe Holtrop, Sequim. In memory of Angel and Gary.

• Leila Roberts, Port Angeles. In memory of Dan Roberts Sr.

• James R. Johnson, Port Angeles. In memory of Barbara Ellen Johnson.

• Bill and Marge Pieratt, Port Angeles.

• Rita Marston, Port Angeles. In memory of Don Marston

• Michael H. Witkin, Port Angeles. In honor of Denis Body.

• Steve McCreary, Port Townsend. In memory of Joseph and Claudia Wagner.

• Greg Shield.

• Stephen Conner and Weezie Jenkins, Port Townsend.

• Barb and Mack Boelling, Port Townsend.

• Gordon R. Papritz, Port Townsend. In honor of Anita Cole.

• Neil and Jaqueline Eklund, Sequim.

• Ron and Cathy Grant, Sequim.

• Gepner Family, Port Angeles. In memory of John Gepner.

• Juanita Weissenfels, Forks. In memory of Mary Ann and Liz.

• Glen Robards, Sequim.

• Kathleen Balducci, Port Angeles. In memory of Bal and my parents, Dale and Betty Owen.

• Doug and Trudy Rittenhouse, Port Angeles.

• Jack Galloway and Anna Manildi, Port Angeles.

• Larry and Darla Kalsbeek, Sequim. In memory of Kimberly Kalsbeek.

• Larry and Marilynn Elliott, Sequim.

• Joanne Eagan, Port Angeles. In memory of Dee Perez.

• Hoch Construction, Port Angeles.

• Richard and Karen Grennan, Sequim. In honor of all those on the front lines continuing their sacrifices to help the rest of us.

• Alicia Crawford, Sequim. In loving memory of Jay Crawford.

• George and Jolie Will, Sequim

• John and Renee Jones, Sequim.

• David L. Miller, Port Angeles.

• Penny Ervin, Port Angeles. In memory of Doug and Carole Cudd.

• April Kilgore and Monroe Stringham, Port Angeles.

• Dan and Nancy Hofman, Port Angeles.

• Joe Cress and Elaine Peaslee, Sequim. In memory of Jenny Cress.

• John and Marie Marrs, Port Angeles. In memory of Perry, Margie and Larry Brackett.

• Nada J. Johnson, Port Angeles.

• Ted and Carol Miller, Port Angeles.

• Rose M. and John T. Sebastian, Sequim. In memory of Brian Sullivan.

• Elsie T. Oliver, Sequim.

• David and Lisa Bednarski, Snohomish. In memory of Ron Bednarski.

• Brad and Nancy Anseth, Sequim.

• JoAnne Hughes, Port Angeles.

• Hazel Blake, Sequim.

• Leslie Menia, Sequim. In honor of my wonderful neighbors. Thank you.

• Marjorie Elwood, Port Angeles. In memory of Bill Elwood.

• John and Susan Bertholl, Sequim.

• Rosemary and Kent Brauninger, Port Angeles.

• LaVonne and William Mueller, Sequim.

• Barbara Baker, Sequim. In memory of Cy Oden.

• David and Ann Salmon, Sequim. In memory of Ethel and Ralph Leon Salmon.

• Larry and Lynn Gosser, Port Angeles.

• Jerry Carlson and Bev Hooker, Sequim.

• Mike and Freda Tallmadge, Port Angeles. In honor of our hardworking public school staff.

• Ronald Hayes and Melinda Bryden, Port Townsend.

• Vicki S. Sensiba, Sequim.

• Joseph C. Poole, Sequim.

• Little River Tenancy-in-Common, Port Angeles. In memory of Keith Peters.

• Fred and Carol Royce, Port Angeles.

• Rick and Wendy Oak, Port Angeles.

• Roger and Maura Oakes, Port Angeles. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” (African proverb)

• Susan Lewis, Sequim. In memory of Patricia and Mark Lewis.

• Mary Howell, Forks.

• Barbara Noble and Joe Floyd.

• Gail Hall and Steven Sedlacek, Port Angeles.

• Eve Farrell, Port Angeles. In memory of Dan Farrell.

• Kathleen Wesley.

• Ricky Yates.

• Beverly Dulis, Port Angeles.

• Pene Schmolke, Port Angeles.

• Andrew Fallat, Port Townsend.

• Sarah Perry.

• Tracy Lay.

• Nancy Davis.

• Stan Riddle, Sequim.

• Stephanie Hilt, Port Angeles.

• Karen Hart.

• Barbara Lott.

• Margaret Waldron.

• Drs. Joseph L. and Judy M. Price.

• Quail Hollow Psychotherapy, PLLC, Sequim.

• Jeannie Hedberg, Port Angeles.

• Susan Molin, Sequim.

• Susan Stinard, Sequim.

• Robert Blush and Susan Savage, Carlsborg.

• Ann Burland.

• Geoff, Jake and Laura Melly. In memory of Grandma and Grandpa Melly and Grandma Dolores and Grandpa Kus.

• Elaine Nelson, Port Townsend.

• Karen Woolf, Nordland. In honor of Alan Mulkey.

• Barry Lerich, Nordland.

• Jean Tyson.

• Harriet Angulo.

• Wanita Hodges.

• Kathi and Bob Pressley, Port Angeles.

• Robert Colquhoun, Vancouver, Wash.

• Carol Malone.

• Marcia Homer, Sequim.

• Christine Barton.

• Charles Brown.

• Deborah Frazier, Port Angeles.

• Jon Vahsholtz, Port Angeles.

• Donna Trost.

• Cathy Anderson, Port Ludlow.

• Nomadic Notebook.

• Jean Epps, Sequim.

• J. W. James Jr.

• Walter Livingston, Sequim.

• Fred and Ann Weinmann, Port Townsend.

• Millie Lyon, Port Angeles.

• Ed and Mary Jo Bennis, Sequim.

• Brando and Christina Blore, Port Angeles.

• Jim and Nan Benson, Sequim.

• Barbara VanderWerf, Sequim.

• Darlene and Michael Clemens, Port Angeles.

• Gweneth Moore, Sequim.

• Darlene Jones, Port Angeles.

• Judy Hendrickson, Port Angeles.

• Robert and Susan Erzen, Sequim.

• M. J. Valadez, Sequim. In honor of Tony.

• Alex and Elena Spear, Port Townsend. In honor of Scott Landis.

• Norma Erickson, Sequim. In memory of Jerry Hall.

• Bernice Cook, Port Angeles. In memory of Gordon B. Cook.

• Dr. Roger Eichman, Nordland.

• Dave and Ann Johnson, Port Angeles.

• Patrick Plaster, Port Townsend. In memory of Della and Duane Plaster.

• Roy and Mary Gotham, Port Angeles.

• William H. Cunningham, Port Angeles. In honor of Valerie Cunningham.

• The Thatcher Family (of Sequim), Sequim. In honor of all K-12 teachers and paraeducators.

• Patty and Terry Barlow, Port Angeles.

• Pat Gilbert, Port Angeles. In memory of Dottie, Michael and Ted Jr.

• Ann Snell, Port Angeles.

• Cathy D. Hinz, Sequim.

• Jeanne and Dave Oldenkamp, Port Angeles.

• Jacolyn Partridge, Port Angeles. In memory of those who passed before us.

• Candice and Richard Lohneis, Beaver. In memory of our parents.

• Pamela Mirrer, Sequim. In memory of Laurie Westlake.

• Monty and Gerry Crouch, Carlsborg. In memory of George and Louise Simonson.

• Glenn and Mimi Wiggins, Port Angeles.

• Jan Hintermayr, Sequim. In honor of Klaus.

• Jim and Jane Ratliff, Sequim.

• Kelly Johnson, Port Angeles. In memory of my amazing mother, Cynthia Weber.

• Renate Ortmann, Sequim. In memory of my sister, Hildegard Leger.

• W. Carl Miller, Port Ludlow.

• Pat Flood at Olympic Acupuncture, Port Angeles. In memory of Kathryn Bouler and Glenn Dawson.

• Carolyn Morillo, Port Angeles.

• Rosemary Blumetti, Sequim.

• Dianne Smith, Port Angeles.

• Gary and Jan Holmquist, Port Angeles. In loving memory of our son Danny.

• Gary and Jan Holmquist, Port Angeles. In honor of our very special friend, Claudia Fox.

• Nancy Bell and Bob Morgan, Port Angeles.

• Rosemary Freed, Sequim. In memory of Mark Lee Freed.

• Larry and Loanna Torey, Port Angeles.

• Claudia and Rich Fox, Sequim. In memory of Dan Holmquist.

• Darryl and Joan Walker, Sequim.

• Linda Merth, Port Angeles. In memory of Granny “Buelah Thompson.”

• Jen and Tim Rymer, Port Angeles. In memory of Paul and Jean Davis, Karl Rymer.

• Eleanor and Andy Geiger, Sequim.

• Viki Kocha, Carlsborg. In memory of my parents.

• Oppelt and James Families, Port Angeles. In memory of Laurel Oppelt, Edwin Maybee and Mike Dedmore.

• John and Rosalyn Taylor, Port Angeles.

• Joe and Cheryl Winney, Port Angeles.

• Steven and Fran Gross, Port Ludlow.

• Sherrie Rogers and Jon Purnell, Port Angeles.

• Dan and Vicki Pierson, Port Angeles.

• Pat Milliren, Port Angeles.

• Ray and Jane Erickson, Port Hadlock.

• Janet Wicker, Sequim.

• Ron and Michele Fraker, Port Angeles.

• Joyce Chiasson, Port Angeles. In memory of Jack Chiasson.

• Voneda Stiewe, Chimacum

• Clancy Blakemore, Port Angeles. In memory of Richard L. Blakemore

• Sue and C. V. Tondreau, Sequim.

• Jon Erikson, Port Angeles. In memory of Kathy Benforado

• Charlotte Duchow, Port Angeles

• Janet Cattano, Sequim

• Robert and Marjorie Vahsholtz, Port Angeles

• Richard Formhals, Sequim

• Marsha Carr, Sequim

• Roger Paynter, Port Angeles. In memory of Kay Paynter

• James Emery, Port Angeles

• Kathleen Young, Port Townsend

• Barry and Sydna Baker, Sequim

• Olympic Springs, Inc., Sequim

• Donald and Andrea Taylor, Sequim

• Roger Lien, Beaver

• Lori Kramer and Pat Flood, Port Angeles. In honor of all the amazing teachers whose dedication is a critical support to our community

• Marilyn Beech, Port Angeles

• Becky and Earl Archer, Sequim

• Cornelia Schadler, Sequim

• David Meissner and Lorra Cornetet, Sequim

• Joseph Cammack, Port Angeles

• Russell and Arlene McClelland, Sequim

• Barbara Sharp and Thomas Sharp, Port Angeles

• Dick and Connie Thorson, Port Angeles

• Robert and Virginia Bowling, Sequim. In memory of Lois Bowling

• Dan and Esther Darrow, Port Ludlow

• Anna Plager and Christopher Nye, Fairbanks, Alaska

• Gerald Mann, Sequim

• Paul Schwabe, Carlsborg. In honor of all my neighbors living on Bluff Dr., PA

• Larry Mundy, Port Townsend

• Gerald Weed, Sequim

• Raymond Silcox

• Beverly Dawson, Port Angeles

• Katherine Smiley

• Sarah Migliore, Sequim

• David L. Hough, Sequim

• Charles and Marcia Radey, Sequim

• Robin Ornelas

• Ronald Sidwell

• John Urish

• Linda Lyon

• Patrick O’Hara

• Thomas Wolfe

• Carol Milam, Sequim

• Merry Van Deusen

• Mary Fasching, Port Angeles

• Rae and Bruce Leiper, Port Angeles

• Dale A. Durrwachter, Fairbanks, Alaska. In honor of Emil and Judy Moilanen

• Dale A. Durrwachter, Fairbanks, Alaska. In memory of twin sisters Dianne and Sylvia Durrwachter.

• Pam and Harry Grandstrom, Sequim. In memory of Greta Grandstrom


• Bill and Lynnette Baughman, Sequim, $500. In memory of Bill’s son, Craig Baughman

• Claussen/Beltz, Sequim, $50

• Katherine Hennessey, Port Angeles, $1,000

• Frank and Sharon Maguire, Sequim, $500. In loving memory of our parents, Bob and Ruby Magnuson, Fran and Grace Maguire

• Marian Birch and Bronson West, Port Angeles,$250

• Robert Skotheim, Port Angeles, $500. In honor of John and Marie Marrs

• Bob Walthers and Nancy Johnson, Port Townsend, $100

• Sheila Gregg, Port Angeles, $100. In memory of Bob Gregg

• Robert C. Zech, Port Angeles, $250

• Stefan and Mary Biskup, Port Townsend, $100

• Donald Webb, Port Angeles. $1,000. In memory of Patricia Donlin

• Pinky Hamilton, Port Angeles, $250. In memory of Mike Hamilton – my wonderful husband of 50 years who passed away on 04/03/21. He is with our Lord!

• Smith Parker Family, Port Angeles, $100. In memory of Daniel Holmquist

• Vicki J. Adams, Port Townsend, $100

• Renate Melvey, Sequim, $100

• 7 Cedars, A Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal Enterprise, Sequim, $5,000

• Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, Sequim, $5,000

• Christopher Shea, Sequim. $100

• John Brewer, Port Angeles, $250. In honor of the staff of the Peninsula Daily News. Thank you for providing our communities with knowledge and information

• John Brewer, Port Angeles, $250. In honor of those dedicated Peninsula Daily News professionals who are still with the newspaper in spirit: Frank Ducceschi, Rex Wilson, Henry Acevedo, Tom Thompson, Jim Casey, Brad LaBrie, Gary Jones, Jim Manders, Virginia Mary Tomlinson, Verlie Wynn, Jim Guthrie, Rick J. Skelly, Zeller Westabrook and Ralph Langer.

• John Brewer and Barbara Wise, Port Angeles, $250. In memory of Frank Ducceschi, Ralph Langer and Charles • J. “Chuck” Lewis. We celebrate their passion for informing the public and their joy for their families

• John and Christine Usher, Port Angeles, $50

• Gerald and Charlotte Pierce, Sequim, $100

• David and Patricia Meyers, Sequim, $250. In memory of Bonnie Beck


• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Angeles, $300

• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Townsend, $500

• Port Angeles, $1,000

• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Angeles, $200

• Port Ludlow, $200

• Sequim, $200

• Sequim, $1,000. In honor of the Law Office of Patrick M. Erker

• Port Angeles, $250. In memory of Marian Fisken Byse

• Port Angeles, $15

• Port Angeles, $25

• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Angeles, $100. In honor of the individuals vaccinating the community.

• Port Angeles, $200

• Port Angeles, $100

• Sequim, $20

• Sequim, $65

• Sequim, $300

• Port Townsend, $100

• Port Townsend, $50

• Port Townsend, $100

• Port Angeles, $25

• Sequim, $200. In memory of Roger Pike

• Sequim, $25

• Port Townsend, $100

• Port Townsend, $100. In honor of Jefferson Healthcare responders

• Sequim, $50

• Port Angeles, $250

• Port Angeles, $50

• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Angeles, $50

• Sequim, $200

• Port Hadlock, $100

• Sequim, $400

• Port Angeles, $500

• Sequim, $100

• Port Angeles, $50

• Port Townsend, $100

• Sequim, $25

• Sequim, $50. In memory of departed family

• Sequim, $500

• Sequim, $100

• Sequim, $100

• Port Angeles, $1,000

• Sequim, $100. In honor of Olympic Discovery Trail volunteers

• Sequim, $25

• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Angeles, $400

• Port Angeles, $20

• Port Angeles, $100

• Port Angeles, $100

• Sequim, $150. In honor of our parents

• Port Angeles, $50

• Sequim, $50

• Port Angeles, $30

• Lynwood, $500

• Port Townsend, $100

• Port Angeles, $100. In memory of Jack McAlear

• Sequim, $100

• Sequim, $50

• Port Angeles, $500

• Port Angeles, $1,000.

• Port Angeles, $500

• Sequim, $100

• Brinnon, $100. In memory of Bill Morris

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