Home Fund donations skyrocket

Generosity helps those in hardship

It was a year plagued by challenges and setbacks, perhaps the worse year most of us have ever lived through. And yet it was the year in which people gave to help their neighbors more than in any other.

Donors have contributed $300,932.38 to the Peninsula Home Fund, an amount far surpassing the next highest total, which was $271,96.

That’s on top of the $392,723.65 given to the special COVID-19 Relief Fund earlier this year.

The two funds — COVID-19 relief and Peninsula Home Fund — are now in the same pool of money that is available to help people in Clallam and Jefferson counties get over the hump when their needs outpace their finances.

Such generosity at a time when all are suffering is the most hopeful sign that the future will be brighter than it was in 2020.

It bolsters one’s faith in humanity.

An accounting of the use of the Peninsula Home Fund donations from OlyCAP shows a total of 724 services with an average service amount of $144.60, said Audrey Morford, executive coordinator.

Throughout 2020, 488 different households were served with Home Fund grants.

The total amount of service dollars spent was $105,005, Morford said.

Of that, the highest amounts were $43,955 went to rental assistance, $13,969 for car repair, $7,164 for energy assistance, $6,815 for public transportation, $4,224 for home repair, $4,002 for household supplies, $3,598 for adult work clothing and tools, $3,294 for medical, dental and vision needs, $2,601 for groceries and $1,759 for camping equipment for people without shelter.

These number are for the Peninsula Home Fund only.

Thank you, all who dug deep into their pockets to help others, for your generosity.

It has made a big difference to your neighbors.

Here is a list of those who donated within the last two weeks.


Lon Riggs, Port Angeles.

Woodford and Elwood Families, Port Angeles.

James Emery, Port Angeles.

Laurie Owen, Port Townsend.

Sheila McCann, Port Angeles.

W. Niederberger, Port Angeles.

Ethel Butler, Port Angeles. In memory of Harold Butler.

Donald Schreiner, Sequim. In memory of Gwen.

Dick and Vicki Van Calcar, Port Angeles.

Shirley Widdicombe, Sequim. In honor of Bob Widdicombe.

Joseph Cammack, Port Angeles.

Walter Classman, Sequim.

Jerry and Sue Fowler, Sequim.

John and Freia Palmer, Port Angeles.

David and Barbara Allen, Forks. In memory of Barney and Sylvia Murphy.

Norman and Anita Moran, Port Ludlow.

Steve and Linda Falcone, Sequim.

Pat Flood and Lori Kramer, Port Angeles. In memory of Lisa Lisk.

Pat Beltz and Don Claussen, Sequim.

Bobbi Spoerri, Sequim. In memory of Chuck Spoerri.

Richard and Betty Southard, Port Townsend. In honor of doctors, nurses, first responders.

Martha and Sam Baker, Port Angeles.

Dottie Hopkins, Port Angeles. In memory of my beloved daughters, Cindy and Patti.

Deborah Willis, Port Angeles. In memory of Mom, Dad and Derek.

Roger and Kathy Larson, Sequim.

Martin and Sue Pechina, Sequim.

Mary Ann and Dick Schulte, Port Townsend.

David Goldstein and Eriko Inage, Port Angeles. In honor of healthcare workers everywhere, thank you.

Allan and Katharine Gross, Port Angeles.

Carl Miller, Port Ludlow.

Jim Conway, Port Townsend.

Dee and Garry Kispert, Sequim. In honor of Bob Kitzman.

Anne and Vincent Murray, Port Angeles.

Rob and Cindy Tulloch, Port Angeles.

Jacqueline Hill, Port Angeles. In memory of Phil Hill.

Serena G. Mylchreest, Port Angeles.

Mike and Candace Shale, Sequim.

Dale and Kelsey Julander, Port Angeles.

MJ Valadez, Sequim. In honor of Dawn Papp.

Will and Pam Henkes, Port Angeles.

Paul and Donna Downes, Port Angeles. Hats off to medical personnel, police, firefighters, store clerks, parents, and teachers!!!

Richard and Martha French, Sequim. In memory of Kristin French Vernon.

Janet Cattano, Sequim.

Tom and Sherry Webb, Port Angeles.

Stanley Forsell, Port Angeles. In memory of Donald R. Haltom, Jr., my stepson.

Dick and Donna Halsaver, Sequim.

Russ and Janet Holt, Sequim.

Jim and Marci Thomsen, Port Angeles. In memory of our relatives lost this year: Deloris Thomsen, Steve Bacon, Sharon Enger, and Carol Lee Locke.

Ray and Jan Morgan, Port Angeles. In honor of the Queen of Angels School staff.

Eykemans Family, Port Angeles.

Eykemans Family, Port Angeles.

Don and Betty Skidmore, Sequim.

Jean Irvine, Port Angeles. In memory of my late husband, James Saarinen.

Darlene and John Mjoen, Port Ludlow.

Matt Teorey, Port Angeles. In honor of Carol, Marilyn, Colleen and Kathy.

Carol Sinton, Port Angeles.

J. A. Kittrick, Port Angeles.

Renee Reed, Port Angeles. In memory – honoring Curt Bagby who, as a former coach at PAHS, touched many lives.

Jim and Julie Haguewood, Port Angeles. In honor of Sam Haguewood.

Vicky Murphy, Port Angeles.

Ann Dalton, Port Angeles. In memory of Bob Dalton.

Gene and Lois Brown, Sequim. In memory of Greg Brown.

Margaret Platt, Port Angeles.

Jennifer Brodie, Sequim.

Barbara A. Cammack, Port Angeles.

Eugene and Norma Turner, Port Angeles. In honor of Drs. Unthank and Locke.

Charles and Carol Carmichael, Port Angeles.

Barb Huntingford, Chimacum.

Randy and Cindy Mesenbrink, Forks.

Ingrid Lehrer, Sequim.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Klein, Sequim. In memory of deceased members of the Klein and Herner families.

Rita and Tom Thatcher, Sequim. In honor of all local volunteers.

Robert A. Kuhn, Port Angeles.

Joanne Garner and Lee Brewer, Sequim.

Tom and Marlene Erickson, Sequim. In honor of our children and grandchildren.

Fred and Ann Weinmann, Port Townsend.

Mara and Paul Mowery, Port Angeles.

Lawrence and Pamela Laing, Sequim.

Terry and Jinny McCartney, Port Angeles.

Ross and Laurie D’Alessandro, Sequim.

Patrick Slattery, Sequim. In memory of Kevin Crowley.

Ron and Kathi Larsen, Sequim.

Pat and Connie, Sequim.

Geoff, Jake and Laura, Port Angeles. In memory of Grandma and Grandpa Melly and Grandma Dolores and Grandpa Kus.

Harry and Pam Grandstrom, Sequim. In memory of Roger Pike.

Jay and Paula Richter, Port Angeles. In honor of veterans everywhere.

Jacqueline Wilhelm, Port Angeles. In memory of Brandon Anderson, a wonderful young man who gave so much of himself to others…

Susan Fisher, Port Angeles.

Stan and Pam Riddle.

Ruth Jenkins.

John and Laurie.

Linda Featheringill.

Barbara Blackie.

William Powers.

Michael Stiefel. In honor of Brian McMahon and Tim McCormick.

Bonnie Mayfield, Sequim.

Suzanne Ure.

Melanie Greer.

Sherri Lewis and Kelly Thomas, Sequim.

Stephen Ramsey, Port Ludlow.

Timothy Martin, Sequim.

William R. Allen, Sequim.

Greg Stecker, Port Angeles.

Anna Plager.

Cheryl Merrill.

Suzanne DeBey, Port Angeles.

Kate Buenau, Sequim.

George Irwin, Port Angeles. In memory of Heather Irwin.

David Mattern, Port Angeles.

David Goetz, Port Townsend.

Michele Vail, Port Angeles.

Christine Walvatne, Port Townsend.

Sherry Hansen.

Melinda Clevenger.

Teresa Boulton, Sequim.

Dave Krabill, Port Townsend.

Dave Shreffler. In memory of Dorothy Shreffler.

Pam and Jim Walton, Port Angeles.

Lisa Cartwright, Port Townsend. So happy to help with rental assistance!

Christine Barton.

Karen Hart.

Kenneth A. Malidore.

Janis Thomsen, Sequim.

Maridee Gregory.

Steven Anderson. Thank you for everything you are doing to help people in need.

Jacqueline Schwagler, Quilcene.

Michael Scott, Sequim.

Ricardo Fleischfresser, Port Angeles.

Mark McCarty.

Dick Manning and Jen Gouge.

Vicki Walp.

David Brewer, Port Angeles.

Dave Peterson, Port Angeles.

Edward Marx, Port Angeles.

Jim and Robbie Mantooth.

Diane Reaves, Sequim.

Ed Bowlby.

Richard Deucher, Sequim.

Katherine Dunham, Sequim.

Carol Milam.

Lex Morgan, Sequim.

Edward Boyd.

Julia Roberts, Sequim.

Ron Gill.

Marcia Mallinger.

NAME AND AMOUNTBill and Jeanne Manzer, Sequim, $200.

D.A. Davidson, Port Angeles, $250.

David and Patricia Meyers, Sequim, $250. In honor of Olympic Angels.

Katherine Hennessey, Port Angeles, $1,000.

Gary Cox, Carlsborg, $100.

Gatchet Family, Sequim, $300. In memory of Julie Gatchet.

Rosemary Thompson, Port Angeles, $100. In honor of Ray Thompson.

David and Merry Estrem, Carlsborg, $300.

Peter and Cheri Kopp, Port Townsend, $200. Kudos to Cherish Cronmiller, OlyCAP ED, for articulating why the Home Fund is unique and so important to our communities; to the PDN for sponsoring, promoting and administering the fund for free; and to Diane Urbani de la Paz for her past features about recipients.

NO Sangha, a Zen meditation group, Port Angeles, $1,250.

Tom, Joyce and Lane, Sequim, $300. Happy 2021 to All!

Jay Burcham, Port Townsend, $250. In loving memory of my late wife Shirley.

Susan Bauer, Carlsborg, $1,200. In memory of of Vern Bauer.

Eugenie M. Nastri, Port Townsend, $500.

Marcia Fagin, Sequim, $500. In honor of all front line healthcare and other essential workers.

ANONYMOUSSequim, $100.

Sequim, $300.

Port Hadlock, $140.

Sequim, $220.21. In memory of Bob, Bern and Toots.

Chimacum, $100. In memory of Broc Mortenson.

Sequim, $25.

Sequim, $100.

Sequim, $100. In memory of Hana Cannon.

Port Townsend, $200.

Sequim, $400.

Sequim, $75.

Port Angeles, $300.

Port Angeles, $200.

Port Angeles, $400. In memory of Marian Fisken Byse.

Sequim, $200.

Sequim, $100.

Sequim, $200.

Carlsborg, $50. In memory of Prosper Ostrowski.

An anonymous fund, $2,500.

Port Angeles, $40.

Port Angeles, $100.

Port Angeles, $100.

Sequim, $1,000.

Port Ludlow, $100. In honor of Ray Combs, Jr.

Port Angeles, $20.

Port Ludlow, $100.

Sequim, $170.

Port Angeles, $126. In honor of my parents.

Port Angeles, $101. In memory of Eleanor Tschimperle.

Port Angeles, $101. In memory of Bill Eagle.

Port Angeles, $25. In memory of Bev Croxford.

Sequim, $100.

Port Townsend, $50.

Port Angeles, $300.

Sequim, $1,051.

Port Angeles, $1,000.

Port Angeles, $75.

Port Townsend, $100.

Sequim, $35.

Sequim, $100.

Sequim, $40.

Port Angeles, $100.

Port Angeles, $250.

Carlsborg, $700.

Port Angeles, $200.

Sequim, $100.

Sequim, $500.

Port Angeles, $500.

Port Angeles, $200.

Anonymous, $1,000.

Anonymous, $1,000.

Sequim, $300.

Anonymous, $500. In honor of Bec.

Anonymous, $500. In honor of 1Thessalonians 5:11.

Port Angeles, $50.

Port Angeles, $50.

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