COVID-19 Relief Fund donations top $200,000

COVID-19 Relief Fund donations top $200,000

Donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund have topped $200,000.

You have outdone yourselves.

North Olympic Peninsula residents had donated $215,671.80 the fund as of Wednesday and as of that day, Olympic Community Action Programs case workers had provided about 88 grants — just under $50,000 — to people in Clallam and Jefferson counties who are in financial hardship because they have been furloughed or had their hours cut due to COVID-19 precautions.

Many grants have been given as rental assistance, said Audrey Morford, executive coordinator for OlyCAP. Other grants helped with phone, internet or other utilities as well as specialty food and grocery items not available from food banks.

“We are keeping it to essential needs,” Morford said.

The flood of donations is especially welcome at the first of the month because case workers are ramping up to provide more rental assistance.

“This will be a busy week,” Morford said.

The money given in this unprecedented, dire time is invaluable to those who need it.

There is no way to thank you enough. But at least we can let others know what you did.

Here is a list of the donations given to the COVID-19 Relief Fund during the past two weeks.

Name and amount

• Carol Lee and Robin Moses, Carlsborg, $500. In honor of all the people still working to help the rest of us.

• Renwick Garypie, Sequim, $300.

• Lloyd and Paula Crawford, Sequim, $400.

• Karen and Jon-Michael Rushby, Port Angeles, $300.

• Steven and Fran Gross, Port Ludlow, $100.

• Forrest and Carol Davis, Sequim, $200.

• Paul Forrest and Gail McDonald, Port Angeles, $100.

• Kim Krutilla, Port Angeles, $100.

• Dianne and Rob Thu, Sequim, $100.

• Diane Bristol, Port Angeles, $120.

• Dave and Ann Johnson, Port Angeles, $200.

• Evelyn and Ed Curington, Sequim, $150.

• Sequim-Sunrise Rotary, Sequim, $1,500. In honor of all the citizens of Clallam County who have worked so hard to keep COVID-19 from spreading.

• Melinda Bryden, Port Townsend, $200.

• Jim Arnold, Sequim, $200. In honor of Bernie Sanders.

• Samuel Shusterman, Port Townsend, $1,200. In honor of Kay Kassinger, retiring executive director of Peninsula Housing Authority.

• Janie and Kenneth Leuthold, Sequim, $600. For COVID-19 mitigation.

Name only

• Virginia Fitzpatrick, Port Angeles.

• Jean and Gene Spargo, Sequim.

• Lu and Grant Meiner, Port Angeles.

• Arnold and Debbie Schouten, Port Angeles.

• Kenneth W. Davis, Sequim.

• Carolyn Muir, Sequim.

• Penny Ervin, Port Angeles.

• Mary Renner, Port Angeles. In memory of Leya Heart.

• Dennis and Diane Isaac, Sequim.

• Jim and Leslie Mraz, Port Angeles.

• Zoe Bayton, Port Angeles. In honor of all the many essential workers.

• Mrs. Teddy Gaskill, Port Angeles. In memory of John K. Nelson.

• Freia Palmer, Port Angeles.

• Bob and Florence Larsen, Sequim.

• Janis Burger, Port Angeles.

• Larry and Darla Kalsbeek, Sequim. In memory of Kimberly Kalsbeek.

• Elizabeth and Marci Newlan, Sequim.

• Nydia Levick, Sequim. In memory of Dal Kilmer.

• Fulton Family, Port Angeles.

• Alan and Michelle Barnard, Port Angeles.

• Ray and Jan Morgan, Port Angeles.

• Gene and Beryle Middleton, Port Angeles.

• Charlotte Duchow, Port Angeles.

• Doug and Sherri Smith, Sequim.

• Theresa Webster, Sequim.

• John R. Carey, Port Townsend.

• George Erb and Mavis Amundson, Bellevue.

• Linda R. Chapman, Sequim.

• Frank and Sue C. Thayer, Port Angeles. In memory of Tonny Thayer.

• Kathryn Emmert, Sequim.

• Paul Howard, Port Angeles.

• Barbara Nubile, Sequim. Challenge others who do not need stimulus money to give to those in need. My money is going to the Home Fund while my husband’s is going to Salvation Army.

• Dick and Dot Foster, Port Angeles.

• Rob and Cindy Tulloch, Port Angeles.

• Jim and Marlene Lewis, Sequim.

• Elsie T. Oliver, Sequim.

• Olympic Springs Inc., Carlsborg.

• Richard and Barbara Jepson, Sequim.

• Steve and Jo Chinn, Sequim.

• Jay and Linda Bruch, Port Angeles. In memory of Thomas James McKeown.

• Carol Verstegan, Sequim.

• Ada Garnero, Port Angeles. In memory of Ron Garnero.

• Larry and Darlene McCaffrey, Sequim.

• Judy Playter, Port Angeles. In honor of courageous health care workers.

• Judy Hubbard, Port Angeles. In memory of John N. Hubbard.

• Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Klein, Sequim.

• Darlene and Michael Clemens, Port Angeles.

• Gary and Karen Kettel, Port Angeles. In honor of health care workers.

• Judith West, Port Townsend.

• Roger and Kay Paynter, Port Angeles.

• Dave Leaf, Port Angeles. In memory of Bob Blaurock.

• Darla and John Lacy, Port Townsend. In memory of all who serve others.

• Barry and Sydna Baker, Sequim.

• Ken and Trish Gaine, Sequim.

• Paul Renick and Nancy Marmor, Sequim.

• Tim and Jenny Rymer, Port Angeles. For families impacted by COVID-19.

• Wayne and Susan Roberts, Port Angeles.

• Kelly Johnson, Port Angeles.

• Fred and Holly Dunlap, Port Ludlow.

• John and Nancy Rowe, Port Townsend.

• Bob and Carol Gudgel, Port Angeles. In memory of Wilma Campbell and Dorothy Wilson.

• Fred and Kate Swenson, Port Angeles.

• Jim and Marci Thomsen, Port Angeles. In honor of all essential workers.

• Mike and Kathy Backes, Port Angeles.

• Russ and Linda Mellon, Sequim.

• David and Polly Loggy, Port Angeles.

• Katherine K. Krueger, Forks.

• Jerry and Julia King, Sequim.

• Millie Lyon, Port Angeles.

• Joan Doonan, Sequim.

• Tara and Craig Andrews, Sequim. In memory of Michael Browning.

• Steven Cunningham, Sequim. In memory of William Cunningham.

• Alison Capener, Port Townsend. In honor of Eagle Bob and Doogie.

• Frederick O. Watson Foundation, Minneapolis, Minn.

• Lynda and Jim Larison, Sequim.

• John and Darlene Mjoen, Port Ludlow.

• Lucinda J. Canada, Port Ludlow.

• Charles Peifer, Sequim.

• William E. Buchan, Sequim.

• Patty Higgins and Bill Kellogg, Sequim.

• Diane P. Jones, Sequim. In honor of daughters, Lisa, PA, and Sarah, nurse, and all medical personnel and first responders.

• James R. Karr, Sequim.

• Steve and Linda Bailey, Carlsborg.

• Barbara Erler and Mel Perricone, Sequim.

• Bob Houk and Karen Schoenfeldt, Port Angeles. In honor of the first responders and people who work in the medical field.

• Rick and Connie Paschall, Sequim. In memory of Brenda Jones.

• Rosemary Thompson, Port Angeles. In memory of Ray Thompson.

• Julia Roberts, Sequim.

• Richard Schulte, Port Townsend.

• Diane Chung, Port Angeles.

• Wendy Fleenor, Sequim.

• Linda Holden, Sequim.

• Cynthia Johnson, Spokane.

• Judy Gayne, Port Townsend.

• Nicholas Segner, Port Angeles.

• Kathe Smith, Port Angeles.

• Joseph Marek, Port Townsend.

• Morgan McQuiston, Port Townsend.

• Douglas Lambeth, Sequim.

• Val and Joy Murdock, Sequim. In honor of the Vietnam vets.

• Gary and Lynn Anderson, Sequim.

• Dorothy A. Hutt, Sequim.

• Merrie Jo and Thad Schroeder, Port Angeles. In honor of our parents.

• Dale Nachreiner, Port Angeles.

• Christine Barton, Sequim.

• Linda Anderson, Sequim.

• Jim Ude, Port Angeles.

• Lana Bahnsen, Sequim.

• Gery Gudgell, Port Angeles.

• Ann Owsley, Port Townsend.

• Allison and Edward Berry Unthank, Sequim.

• Robert Coates, Port Angeles.

• Barbara Jo Blair, Port Townsend.

• Gary Hannon, Sequim.

• Mary Howell, Forks. For COVID-19 relief.

• Kristin and Kenneth Kiesel, Port Townsend.

• Emily Stewart, Port Townsend.

• Marilyn O’Neill-Eash, Port Angeles.

• Sally Ellefson, Port Angeles.

• Ellen Blackburn, Port Angeles.

• Nancy Johns, Port Angeles.

• Gerald Weed, Sequim.

• K.B. Rose, Sequim.

• Clementine Whalen, Port Angeles.

• Judy Samples, Port Angeles.

• Stan Riddle Sr., Sequim.

• Stan Riddle Sr., Sequim.

• Courtney Wills, Chimacum.

• Port Angeles Yacht Club, Port Angeles.

• Sequim Picklers, Sequim.

• Damaris Eustice, Port Ludlow.

• Jean Tozier, Port Angeles.

• Carol Shisler, Port Townsend.

• Julie Cummings, Port Townsend.

• BettyLou Doern, Sequim.

• Sandy and Steve Bengtson, Joyce.

• William Plette, Port Angeles.

• Nancy Jamieson, Port Townsend.

• Lisa Flores, Port Townsend.

• Valerie Hirschberg, Sequim.

• Cyndi Ross, Port Angeles. In memory of Kate Sheffield.

• Jennifer Brodie, Sequim.

• Gail Mabbutt, Sequim.

• Susan Chadd, Port Angeles.

• Trisha Burson-Johnson and Will Johnson, Port Angeles.

• Barbara McCabe, Sequim.

• Sandra Smith-Poling, Port Townsend. In honor of Mitch Poling.

• Karen Holtrop, Sequim.

• Thomas Beck, Port Townsend.

• Juliana Merluccio, The Bronx, N.Y.

• Robert Sextro, Port Angeles.

• The Wauters Family, Port Angeles.

• Elizabeth Duval, Sequim.


• Sequim, $20.

• Port Angeles, $50.

• Port Angeles, $100. In honor of front line health care workers.

• Sequim, $100.

• Sequim, $50.

• Sequim, $100. In honor of President Trump.

• Sequim, $50.

• Sequim, $50. In memory of grandparents.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Port Angeles, $50.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Sequim, $200.

• Sequim, $40.

• Sequim, $100.

• Port Angeles, $25.

• Sequim, $1200.

• Port Angeles, $250.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Sequim, $50. In memory of Andy Palmer.

• Sequim, $200.

• Port Angeles, $600.

• Sequim, $100.

• Port Townsend, $300.

• Sequim, $200.

• Sequim, $2,400. In honor of COVID-19 health care providers.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Sequim, $500.

• Port Angeles, $25.

• Port Townsend, $200.

• Port Angeles, $200.

• Port Angeles, $500. In honor of health care workers.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Port Angeles, $250.

• Port Angeles, $500.

• $1,000. In memory of Thomas N. Bowie.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Port Townsend, $500.

• Sequim, $200.

• Port Angeles, $50.

• Port Angeles, $1,000.

• Port Angeles, $50.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Carlsborg, $500.

• Port Ludlow, $100.

• Sequim, $1,000.

• Port Angeles, $50.

• Port Angeles, $50.

• Port Angeles, $1,200. I am donating my stimulus check to help Port Angeles businesses and families that are struggling during this shutdown.

• Sequim, $50.

• Port Angeles, $200.

• Port Townsend, $250.

• Sequim, $500. In honor of Gary Haley.

• Sequim, $50.

• Sequim, $200.

• Sequim, $100.

• Port Townsend, $500.

• Joyce, $1,200. I am grateful to be able to help this community.

• Port Angeles, $100.

• Port Angeles, $500. In memory of Tom Conard. A good friend who left us too soon.

• Port Angeles, $250.

• Sequim, $50.

• Port Angeles, $200. In honor of Birgitta.

• Sequim, $50.

• Sequim, $100.

• Sequim, $1,200.

• Port Angeles, $200.

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