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Top 4 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA, Ranked and Reviewed

Every student knows that writing a research paper is hard work, because the writing process requires quite a lot of time that you have to spend on research, evaluation of sources and analysis of information.

Making matters tougher, students have to deal with heavy course loads, part-time jobs, and general academic pressure that accompanies them throughout their college lives.

Research paper writing companies exist to take some of the weight off and to provide quality writing at competitive prices. In this article, we’ll examine the top four research paper writing services in the USA:

  1. PaperHelp
  2. JustDoMyEssay
  3. EssayPro
  4. GradeMiners

The services were evaluated based on the affordability of their prices; the quality of the papers written; the experience of the writers; the support and response time the writing service offers to clients; and their ability to meet set deadlines.

#1. PaperHelp

PaperHelp research paper writing service

PaperHelp is the best research paper writing service you can find online. The company started providing writing services in 2008, and now it offers both writing and proofreading services. PaperHelp has a very good online reputation, with a rating of 4.45 stars on Sitejabber. And while there are a small number of critical reviews, the rating suggests that most students are pleased with their services.

PaperHelp recruits professional writers from Canada, the U.S. and the UK, so if you’re looking for someone to write your paper for you, then this is the place. Before being hired, all prospective writers have to pass a number of qualification tests, show their writing skills and prove that they can write research papers under tight deadlines.


  • A wide variety of high quality papers (essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations) from professional writers;
  • Timely delivery and fast turnaround time (starting from 3 hours);
  • First order discounts and a loyalty program for regular customers;
  • 24/7 customer support via email, phone and live chat;
  • 100% refund during 16 days after you get your order;
  • PaperHelp allows up to three free revision requests to ensure that you get a high quality research paper.


A single-page college research paper with a two-week deadline starts from $14, while a Ph.D. level research paper of the same length and deadline starts from $24. PaperHelp also provides a number of extra services like Abstract pages, Charts, and Plagiarism reports. These can be obtained for an extra fee in addition to the fee for the proof of originality of your research paper.

Ordering Process

The ordering process for a research paper is a very simple one. On the homepage of the website, there’s a form to fill on the right-hand side. In this form, you can choose your academic level, the type of paper, the paper length (the number of pages or word count), and the deadline, which starts from three hours. On the next page, you can provide greater details about your topic, and select from the extra services offered.

You are also given the option of choosing between research paper writers at different levels of proficiency. There are three categories, Basic, Advanced, and Top. The last two come with extra charges, but also higher proficiency. Nonetheless, you can expect quality work from whichever categories you choose.


Once you’ve made your selections, the next thing to do is create an account and then make your payment. You can use either credit cards or PayPal for this.

#2. JustDoMyEssay

JustDoMyEssay term paper writing service

The company provides writing help across different academic levels: High School, College, Master’s and PhD. They offer three services: Writing, Editing, and Proofreading. Outside of their platform, they don’t have a strong presence, which may explain why they’re relatively unpopular.

The company works with American and British writers and only turns out research papers of the highest quality – even at short deadlines.

JustDoMyEssay accepts a minimum deadline of 6 hours but can turn out your paper in less time depending on the complexity of your assignment. The company also offers discounts depending on the time frame for the assignment. The farther away from your deadline, the lower the price per page will be.


  • JustDoMyEssay offers a free plagiarism report with each order;
  • Excellent quality, plagiarism-free papers;
  • All writers available through JustDoMyEssay are native English speakers;
  • Easily accessible customer support team, either over the phone or through the live chat on the website;
  • You can get a 100% refund if their work is late, or doesn’t meet the requisite criteria.


The price for writing begins at $17.55 for a page (300 words). This isn’t an overly expensive fee. However, the actual price for your research paper is only given to you at the end of your ordering process. They do offer free revisions during a 10 day grace period after writing has been completed.

Ordering Process

To order a research paper or any other kind of essay, Just Do My Essay requires you to create an account as the first step. Afterward, you can fill in relevant information like the deadline, the project type, and the project purpose. On the next page, you have to input the following:

  • Your project title and details
  • The page count
  • Your formatting preferences
  • The number of sources required
  • The subject of the project.

You can attach one of your papers and ask a writer to copy your writing style.


On the last page, you will find the price for your research paper and will be given options through which payments can be made. You can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. You can get discounts through coupon codes. These usually take 5-10% off the total price.

#3. EssayPro


EssayPro is a unique writing company that differs from the other two research paper writing services discussed previously. In contrast to the other two, EssayPro functions as something of a marketplace for writers and customers. It has been in existence for about 20 years and has amassed for itself a large amount of goodwill from its users. It has a 4.72 Stars rating on Site Jabber proving its mass appeal.

The company offers a wide range of paper writing services beyond research papers and also covers a wide range of subjects. EssayPro is a relatively cheap research paper writing service, so this company is definitely a good option if you’re on a budget.

There’s a paper writer for any academic task. Their ratings are based on previous customer’s reviews and successful orders so you’re sure of who you’re hiring. The writers have their profiles on the website so you can pick whoever you like best. They are also very highly qualified, each writer passing through a series of grammar and vocabulary tests before joining the team.


  • Affordable prices, good value for money;
  • Free, unlimited revisions to ensure the highest quality;
  • Direct communication with a chosen writer, full control over the writing process;
  • First order discount, regular discounts available via
  • Their customer support team is ready to attend to your queries at any time of the day and night;


The prices are relatively low when compared to other alternatives. With a two-week deadline factored in, prices for a single page (275 words) research paper at a college level begin from $12.35, and $15.60 on the other end of the spectrum for a doctorate level. This information is provided through the calculator on the homepage.

Ordering Process

You begin by inputting the parameters of your paper into the price calculator. And then you click “Write My Paper”. This takes you to a page requiring you to create an account for you to post your order. This is an easy process that simply requires your email address. Once you’ve verified your account, you can confirm the information you previously put into the price calculator. Then click Next Step.

Here you will input further details about your order. Specifically, the subject, topic, citation style, and the number of sources required. You should also add any other information that you think will be relevant. Once this is done, then you can publish your order and make a selection out of the paper writers who place bids. These bids will be at different prices.


Payment is made only when you are satisfied with the work that the writer has done. Before then it is deposited separately with EssayPro.

#4. GradeMiners


A company founded in 2009 that has never stopped evolving. Within 12 years they have created a pool of highly experienced writers in more than 25 disciplines. Thousands of students are regular clients of this service, all thanks to the highest quality it offers. This company aims at making your experience smooth and enjoyable.

Ordering a paper here is no sweat, as well as receiving an impeccable final variant in the end. Customer support team will guide you through all the order processes 24/7. Should you have any questions, you will get the answers fast, as the company values time the most.

In addition to everything stated above, the company is obsessed with confidentiality. Your data will be perfectly secured, including anonymous communication with your writer, as well as safe payment methods. For so many years, thousands of clients have been returning to this company for a reason – they feel safe to trust this service.


Prices start from 13.28$ per page, though there are tons of discounts, so you can lower the rates even up to 11.29$ per page. This company’s rates aren’t cheap, but they are reasonable and affordable. The important thing is that when entrusting an assignment here, you may be 100% sure to get a first-class quality without being ripped off.

Ordering process

The process of buying a research paper from GradeMiners is easy and pretty straightforward. You can calculate your paper using the price calculator on the main page of the website (be sure to input your email to save some money on your first order).

Then proceed to the order form and input some additional order details (lecture notes, screenshots or anything that you deem useful for a quality paper).


GradeMiners offers secure payments using Visa and MasterCard.

What is the best research paper writing service?

There are many different factors that make a product the best for any given person, and we welcome each person to make their minds up.

Nonetheless, as far as research paper writing services are concerned, we recommend PaperHelp as the best service. These are the reasons why we picked it as the best option for you:

  • Their transparent pricing.
  • Their excellent quality of writers.
  • Their fast turnaround times.
  • Their excellent customer service, and
  • The originality of their academic papers.

These are all the things you need to look out for when you’re picking a term paper writing service to produce your paper.

Is buying research papers online safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use a writing service if you need some help with your research paper. The websites offered in this article are trustworthy and safe, so there won’t be any issues. Still, there are a few things that you should know about this industry.

The so-called “custom writing” business is thriving, and the internet is full of websites offering different types of academic papers for sale. Not all of them are legitimate, and the best paper writing service is usually not easy to find, especially if you’re new to the industry. Some companies resell essays and research papers, while others deliver plagiarized papers.

If you were lucky to find a good research paper service, you have nothing to worry about. In terms of quality, timeliness, and confidentiality, you’re safe.

However, If you don’t find a good one, then you’re vulnerable. So it is important to ensure that the college research paper writing service you would like to patronize isn’t fraudulent. To do that, look into the following criteria before ordering a research paper online:

  • Check the customer reviews and ratings of the writing service online. Sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber have lots of research paper writing services reviews that describe the experiences that other people have had with a business. This can be very useful in informing your decision. If they have no such online presence, then it may be suspicious.
  • Examine the website. Check for typos and other things that would seem out of place on a professional website. If you find typos, then it probably isn’t the place you want to do your writing for you. You can also look for samples of their work.
  • Check for their policies. Do they hire professional writers? What is the process for hiring them, and what kind of quality should you expect from them? You can also see if they offer refunds if the agreed-upon terms are not met.
  • Reach out to their customer support staff. A good paper writing service should have customer support that is easily accessible either through the phone, social media, or through the company website. Find out if they respond quickly, and communicate clearly to address any concerns you might have.

If you’re concerned about your work being original, you can decide to write the paper yourself and opt for the editing/proofreading option or you make changes and add your personal touch to the paper.

Are there any risks involved in using a research paper writing service?

It’s a good rule of thumb to maintain a certain amount of privacy when engaging with an essay writing service. Do not include any information that isn’t necessary, like your school or your location.

There are too many fake research paper writing services on the market who’ll only steal your money and leave you hanging. The services mentioned in this article have been tested and tried by thousands of users and are assured to be legit. It’s a good idea to start your relationship with a service cautiously by giving them low priority and low-risk jobs. This way, you can assert for yourself their competence level.

Once you use the services of a research paper writing company, you put a certain amount of power into the hands of the writer, because the outcome of their work will affect you, either positively or negatively. This is why it is so important to ensure that the paper writing service that you are engaging in produces the best possible work in the time you require it.

Nonetheless, there is still a measure of uncertainty involved, as these transactions are usually remote. So the following are the risks to watch out for when you use an essay service:

  • Low quality work. If the writer doesn’t have an understanding of the assignment, then they may produce a shallow product that doesn’t represent you well and may even count against you.
  • Lateness. Depending on the professionalism of the writer, you may end up waiting on them, as the deadline draws nearer. This is a stressful position to be in.
  • Plagiarism. All research paper services and writing companies assure that they do not plagiarize, and yet there is still a risk. This can be very harmful to your reputation if discovered.
  • Poor Customer Support. Customer support should be able to alleviate any concerns you might have through the course of a project. If they are not dependable, then it reflects poorly on the business as a whole.

Are paper writing services worth it?

On the surface, this is a subjective question, which can only be determined by an individual. And the individual might use two criteria to determine if it’s worth it to patronize a research paper writing service. They are time and money.

If valuable time is saved through the use of the research paper writing service, then it’s a positive. If the quality of the work produced seems worth the money spent on it, then it’s positive.

Beyond this, there are added advantages to employing the services of a writing business.

  • Expertise. The expertise provided by a professional research paper writer can drastically improve the ability of an amateur to communicate ideas. In the case where the writer also happens to be an expert in a particular field, it makes the writing far superior, as it will include terminology and expression of ideas in a way that the amateur would likely be unable to do.
  • Money back guarantee. Most research paper and essay writing services these days offer refunds if the customer is not satisfied with the work produced. This greatly reduces the risk of financial loss making it a win-win for the customer. If the work is good, then the customer gets value, and if not, then they keep their money.

Are research paper writing services legal?

Research papers serve many different purposes to people across society. They are used by businesses in the development of products or systems, and they are also used by college students as a guide in carrying out their assignments. This very legitimate demand is what has created the industry that now exists, and as long as the services are registered with the relevant government authorities, then they are legal. Note that this also requires that they comply with all laws about them.

These academic papers, having been purchased, can admittedly be used in ways that might make people squeamish ethically. In universities, for example, the use of purchased research papers or term papers to complete course requirements may be frowned upon. And within the university, leadership may take whatever steps it deems necessary to clamp down on it, though this may be a futile gesture, as each custom research paper is (ideally) unique and not plagiarized. But if they decide to do so, it is at their discretion. Insofar as legality is concerned, there is no contest here.

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