Top 3 Best Online Tarot Reading Websites to Get Real and Accurate Answers

With all of the ways that consumers seek to help their life path, online services seem to be one of the most beneficial and effective ways to improve an individual’s inner self. Tarot readings may be hard to come by in smaller cities, but the ability to take advantage online makes these services more available.

Online tarot readings allow consumers to get a glimpse of what may be happening beyond their understanding. This type of service often gives the individual information about their future, though it can also open up details about their pasts and what they’re going through presently. Even though a complimentary reading may seem like it’s only available for entertainment purposes, it can also help individuals make a more informed decision or gain guidance on a future choice.

The top readings online may not be 100% accurate or specific, but they offer symbols and clues that can direct the individual where they need to go. The individual who receives the reading will likely have to piece together the guide’s signs to figure out the tangible facts behind the message. Even during an expert-level tarot reading, consumers are still encouraged to be realistic and not maintain incredibly high expectations.

Understanding a tarot reading can be tricky the first time. Everything seems unfamiliar, and the insights can lead to more understanding of physical reality and the spiritual world. This type of psychic reading often needs interpretation, so readers need to learn what the messages mean.

This guide shows users the best places to access the top-quality products on the market today. The guide looks at three different websites with great customer reviews and is considered the best tarot readings available.

Top Websites for Online Tarot Readings

According to the customer reviews, the sites below are the best to get a good tarot reading with a professional. Each of the individual websites has comprehensive information about their services, but this guide will detail the different opportunities.

The top websites that this guide covers include:

  • Kasamba
  • Mysticsense
  • AskNow

Learn about how each of these companies helps consumers with their psychic readings:



Kasamba has quite a history of providing incredible psychic services online. They have a lot of experience in reading tarot cards. One of the most appealing parts of their website is having 3 minutes for free during a reading. Those three minutes will allow consumers to figure out if the website will suit their needs, and they can be used any time for any reading.

The beauty of this website is that there are so many different readings for consumers to try out. The website offers astrology and psychic readings individually through tarot readings are the most popular. Consumers can seek out readings to support their spiritual healing, learn more about their career, expose their minds to details about their love life, and interpret dreams. They can even choose a reading meant to tell their fortune for the future.

Every reading is given by a psychic who has been highly trained in their skill, featuring excellent ratings from the performances they have previously had. On each profile, consumers can easily see the area that the psychic specializes in, and they can view their rates to determine which psychic is best for their needs.

Consumers will choose psychics in each category to browse when visiting the website. Kasamba doesn’t select their psychics with any sense of flippancy, so consumers can trust that every psychic is well trained and prepared for the task at hand.

After the individual chooses which psychic they would like to work with, they will need to set up the session and approve the charges. They can also decide ahead of time what method of communication will be used.

Individuals who aren’t sure about their specific needs can start a random chat on the website. Individuals that use the search option will need to have a particular issue in mind that they want to discuss. Any messages that are not immediately answered are likely due to the psychic not being online at that exact moment. Once the reader comes online, the customer will receive an alert to continue chatting.

The greatest strength of the Kasamba service is the many different forms of communication that are offered. Users can choose to have a video interaction with the reader, interacting with the psychic face-to-face. Furthermore, users can choose to call or simply have a virtual chat.

Even when the reader is offline, the individual can still communicate via email. They will receive notifications, regardless of whether they are on the website at that time. Advisors also frequently interact with customers to respond to inquiries.



Mysticsense is growing fast, offering psychic services with calls and chats. The ability to do readings with these two communication methods is part of why this brand stands out so clearly, further complemented by highly trained readers with incredible interpretation skills. Users can sign in for a psychic reading 24 hours a day, and users can book a session at any time.

When users enter the website, consumers will have many different navigation features to help customers go through the website smoothly. Links to sign up, view articles, and see the profiles of readers are all accessible from the start. It also allows users to get tarot sessions in their particular time zone to coordinate a session.

Each of the psychics on the website has their specialties and skills to help consumers decide. While some psychics specialize in interpreting dreams, others show customers their best options through a tarot reading.

Mysticsense offers many different types of readings, and they all vary at different prices. The complexity of the reading will primarily decide on the price. The rates will be determined during the session, and the price is determined by how long the session takes.

Consumers can choose from the main categories of love readings, readings about career growth, grief counseling, fortune-telling, and learning more about the future. There are also reading psychics that specialize in spiritual healing.

The tarot reading service offered through this website is relatively easy to set up. Users will first have to sign up and register to set up an entire profile. Then, they will pay a fee to access the free trial offered. Before starting any trial, the user should find the right psychic for their session after browsing through the different profiles.

Individuals that are not happy with the trial session can stop at any time. However, they could book another session with the same psychic if they enjoyed it. The reader’s skills and experience will determine any sessions after the trial. The procedure to choose the psychics on this website is rather rigorous, and they have to pass a skill test.

Anyone who wants to try out online tarot reading for the first time will find plenty of benefits in Mysticsense. The company is known for its excellent communication, allowing users to have a direct call or a chat to communicate during the reading. Video calls on this website are also available, giving direct user interaction with the reader.

It is also straightforward to search through the different filters to find the best reader. They can search based on status, skills, and availability, though they don’t need to consider every single category to be involved with a particular reader. They can filter by what they want to learn about. The website is incredibly user-friendly.



AskNow has plenty of years of experience with tarot readings, and it is one of the top websites on the market today. The psychic reading services consumers will get from the websites have resulted in many years of customer satisfaction. This website has clear information about the pricing posted for customers to see, though the psychics with the best skills will likely have a much higher price.

The home page has a toll-free number to allow customers to reach out to the company with specific questions, allowing anyone to get quick answers. Customers are even encouraged to take advantage of the free 5-minute readings offered to new users. Users can decide where they want to spend these five minutes by reviewing the different specializations that the psychics have and their ratings. The profiles will also indicate if the psychic is online, but all prices are relatively reasonable.

Getting set up to start a new visit is relatively easy. Once users enter the website, they will open an account from the sign-in option on the home page. After registration, users must add a feed deposit before using the service.

Since users get the first five minutes free with their trial, none of the deposits will be used until after. Each psychic on the website can be reached by color by chat, and the charges will be shown right on their profile with their rating, skills, and any other qualifications that customers will want to know about. Customers can even choose based on the language that the advisor speaks.

There are many types of readings on this website, just like the others on this list. With tarot cards, customers can choose to have readings about their love life, financial situation, future, spiritual well-being, and more. They can also choose from an astrology or numerology reading, though all categories are filtered to make it easier for customers to shop.

Every single psychic on the website is ranked by their skill and experience. While the top psychics are called masters, the psychics that rank below them are called elites. Masters can charge a higher fee for their services.

AskNow is predominantly known for the love readings that they offer. They also have excellent communication options, which is why they have risen above other websites. Consumers can call a toll-free number to access their psychics is a great advantage. Clients’ freedom to choose between the many communication options benefits them substantially.

How to Select the Best Tarot Reading Site

Considering the widespread pandemic that continues to plague the majority of the United States and other areas, going to an in-person reading may be somewhat tricky right now. Technology’s advances help consumers find the best free reading or paid reading online. Most of these websites only require access to a smartphone or computer and a little extra time to hear what the advisers have to say.

A tarot reading is nothing like any other service. The psychic goes into another realm outside of the physical one to give the clients the answers that they seek. Without the obligation to travel anywhere, customers can learn what they need to know with access to individuals worldwide. With the proper connection, it is easy to find these answers.

This type of online reading makes it easy for clients to connect with psychics and vice versa. No travel arrangements need to be made, and no venue needs to be found. Plus, there are readers online at all times to work with for most of these websites.

Any new user wants to know what they should be looking for. There are a few concerns that anyone should have.

Experience and Customer Satisfaction

First and foremost, the experience offered by the psychics speaks volumes. The best way to understand what these psychics have offered is by seeing the customer reviews. Individuals who go to someone without much experience are likely to make decisions entirely led by unclear information and poor explanations. The right website uses skilled psychics, and the customer satisfaction among these qualified advisors is easy to find in any comment section.

The quality of the psychics’ service is often rated on this website. The only way to earn four stars or more (for most of these websites) is to deliver high-quality readings. Look for psychics that have many customer reviews already, and make sure that they have high ratings from the website. Users can also decide about the psychic by engaging in these websites’ free trials.

Some websites make the certification of these readers available to the average consumer to make a better choice. However, it is not always a reliable source of information without an actual reading.

Special Offers and Services

Everyone wants a good deal on something, and this opportunity is available on psychic websites. Some websites offer special discounts on readings or exclusive types of ratings at a reduced rate, like horoscopes, dream interpretation, and other subcategories.

Always look for websites clear about their pricing rather than hiding fees. Companies that do not prominently place their fees on the website often hide many other charges that users will have to watch out for on their credit cards. Free sessions allow users to see the best service for them, but free doesn’t mean specific or accurate. The entire point of this type of reading is to have accuracy and reliability, and the cheaper rate doesn’t necessarily mean a better experience.

Mode of Communication

Just like consumers need options for the different types of readings they face, they also need options for the various forms of communication. Communication is how the customer will interact with the advisor, and it is crucial for any meeting.

While everyone has a preference in the way they want to communicate, having options will make it easier to find an advisor that can work with the individual. Preferring a video call doesn’t mean that users can only speak with psychics that offer it; it just means that they seek out readers that provide the type of communication they would feel most comfortable with. The most successful websites have multiple methods of communication that they can use.

The Integrity of the Site

While there are many reliable websites, there are also many ineffective and misleading ones. The psychics’ profiles and the different offered plans indicate what users are looking for. Without complete information on their profile, customers should leave the websites behind. A psychic’s point is to be accessible to their clients, and a lack of accessibility and honesty is enough to leave the website immediately.

Any good website for tarot card readings should offer the correct price that users will pay, rather than hiding fees.

Accuracy of Readings

Even though every reading is not meant to be specific, the best free tarot greetings should focus on customer consistency. Even though the same dream may be interpreted in two different ways, the explanations must be connected somehow. To make sure that users take advantage of the services on the website, look at the reviews and see what customers think of the accuracy of the readers.

Customers should check out these reviews with some discernment level since some may be manipulated to reflect better performance than what is true.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tarot Readings

Q: How long should an online tarot card read last?

A: Every tarot reading is different. Some sessions only last a few minutes, while others can last hours at a time. The complexity of the issue that the client wants to discuss will likely make the difference in how long their reading is. Based on the psychic’s rate, they will also determine how much the client will pay. If the session is not proving to be helpful, the client can end the reading at any time.

Q: Why are readings not necessarily consistent from one reader to the next?

A: Every psychic reader has different gifts, even during a reading with tarot cards. Even though the message may seem a little different in the client’s eyes, the message might be more similar than they thought. Anyone unsure should look for inconsistent or inaccurate explanations during the reading.

Q: How safe is tarot card reading?

A: There is no spiritual wickedness or danger associated with a tarot card reading. Instead of using some version of witchcraft or magic, most psychics see this type of rating as a way of showing energy through the tarot cards. Online reading can give a skeptic a clearer idea of what it involves, and it can help them make better decisions. The way someone sees their reading will impact their later feelings, but it is best to keep an open mind.

Q: Do all tarot cards carry the same energy?

A: No. Every card has a meaning, and every reading has a different purpose. Some cards indicate misfortune ahead, and others suggest that something good is coming. Understanding how each of these cards plays a role in the client’s life makes the reading more personal and helps to guide them even further.

Q: How many different tarot cards exist?

A: While there are endless different styles of decks, the total number of cards will depend on the reader specifically. Most online sessions used a standard deck, which included 78 cards. However, some psychics only use 22 cards during the reading. It is entirely up to the reader to determine the correct number of cards for the complex issue they want to discuss.

Q: How accurate is a free tarot card reading session?

A: As long as the company or the individual psychic has rather good customer reviews, a free section can be relatively accurate. However, without the preparation for a paid and scheduled session, a free reading may not be as productive. Often, free readings are only meant as a test for a service that the website offers, but that still means that the reader should be as accurate as possible.

Top Websites for Online Tarot Readings Final Thoughts

The use of online tarot readings is still relatively new, but it can provide reassurance to individuals spiritually and emotionally. It is difficult to find reliable sites since it is incredibly easy to fake experience and honesty with such a unique niche. Individuals who want to invest time with a reader should learn about the particular website’s different tools, checking the pricing for clarity. Try one of the Top Websites for Online Tarot Readings today!

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