Top 10 Delta 9 THC Products 2022

  1. TRE House – Delta 8 Vape – D8:D9:D10:THC O Wedding Cake
  2. TRE House – Delta 9 Edible – CBD:D9 Peach Pear Gummies
  3. TRE House – Delta 10 Edible – D10:D9:HHC Blue Raspberry
  4. CBDfx – Delta 9 Edible – Delta 9 THC:CBD Gummies Berry Buzz – 5mg
  5. CBDfx – Delta 9 Edible – Delta 9 THC:CBD Gummies Lemon Dream – 5mg
  6. TRE House – Delta 8 Vape – D8:D9:D10:THC O Lemon Jack
  7. TRE House – Delta 8 Vape – D8:D9:D10:THC O Rainbow Sherbet
  8. TRE House – Delta 9 Edible – CBD:D9 High Potency Chocolate
  9. Delta Extrax x Urb Finest Flowers – Delta 9 Edible – Vegan Blueberry Citrus Burst
  10. Delta Extrax x Urb Finest Flowers – Delta 9 Edible – Vegan Gummies Kiwi Mixer

TRE House – D8 Vape – D8 + D9 + D10 + THC O – Wedding Cake

The TRĒ House Wedding Cake THC vape comes up first on our list. The 1250mg Delta 8, 5mg Delta 9, 500mg Delta-10, and 60mg THC-O in these pens is a one-of-a-kind combo that only TRĒ House could come up with. This may sound like it’s overly complicated, but reviews have made it clear; that this THC vape beats out all of the other Delta 9 products we tried! And believe us, there are a lot of great Delta 9 products out there.

TRE House is really paving the way for Delta 9 vapes, so get ready to see more of them in this article as you read along!

The effects of this vape to the Wedding Cake cannabis strain, as well as the outstanding flavor accuracy, have been greatly appreciated by reviewers. When it comes to describing the flavor of Wedding Cake, three words: psychoactive, terpene-heavy, and nostalgic. The potency of this THC vape is simply astounding, and it makes for a perfectly well-rounded product. Vape pens are the quickest and most cost-effective way to get a solid body buzz that many people love.

Our top 10 list includes many TRĒ House vape pens, as they have developed one of the simplest and easiest products out there. We highly recommend TRĒ House’s Wedding Cake THC vape Pen, as well as any of TRĒ House’s other items on this list. This brand also has sweet deals, so get over there and pick up some products asap!

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TRE House – D9 Gummies – CBD + D9 Peach Pear Gummies

The TRĒ House Pear Pear Delta 9 gummies are our top Delta-9 Edible choice. These gummies are made from high-quality hemp, are highly psychoactive, and come pre loaded with 10mg of Delta 9 THC and 10mg of CBD per gummy. The effects are greatly enhanced by an additional 10mg of CBD oil on top of the Delta 9, providing fantastic nuance and a strong relaxing effect that will leave you feeling faded.

This is a wonderful pairing of pear and peach notes, with a light sweetness and a gentle taste of cannabis. We found the flavor to be one of our favorites and a more unusual fruit flavor, as it’s far more complex tasting than most fruit gummies on the market. Can you beat this much good stuff? We didn’t think so!

These gummies are hands down our favorite Delta 9 product on this list due to the incredible nuanced experience they provide. They deliver one of the most potent effects of any Delta 9 cannabis product we tried. If you like to feel strong effects from your cannabis products, TRE House products are going to blow your mind! They’re the perfect way to end a long day and enjoy the full effects of both delta-9 THC flower and CBD, and will leave you feeling like you’re swimming in a pool of peaches, pears, and cannabis.

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TRE House – D10 Gummies – D10 + D9 + HHC – Blue Raspberry

The TRĒ House Blue Raspberry gummies are another favorite of ours. Each gummy contains 10mg Delta-10 THC, 5mg HHC, and 5mg Delta-9 THC, totaling 20mg of cannabinoids which results in a serious buzz! This combination may appear complicated at first, but it complements the Blue Raspberry flavor well and provides a lively buzz that is ideal for a night out when you want energy, to feel euphoric, and ready to take in the sights and sounds around you.

This cannabinoid combination is intended to produce a Delta-9-like experience that has been enhanced with HHC and Delta-10, both of which provide more energy, good mood, and excitement than the more traditional Delta 9 experience. TRĒ House specializes in creating one-of-a-kind cannabinoid combinations that deliver next-level effects. Though there was much deliberation, we found it impossible to choose which of TRĒ House’s products was the best.

All of their products are impressive, and with 100mg of Delta-9 per container, these are a fantastic value that will undoubtedly provide a plethora of positive cannabis experiences. If you love using powerful cannabis products, these hemp gummies are going to be your new best friend. Do yourself a favor and shop TRE House products today!

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CBDfx – D9 Gummies – D9 THC + CBD – Berry Buzz – 5mg

The CBDFX Berry Buzz gummies have a 5:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, this is a formula that makes for a maximally calm mood with just a hint of delta-9 THC to take off the edge. This is an excellent combination because THC can be quite relaxing. These gummies have a pleasant berry flavor that tastes like a combination of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.

They are also a much more rigid style of gummy, and rarely stick together like some of the softer starburst-style hemp gummies do. CBDFX has really placed the emphasis on these for a uniquely relaxed experience and is offering up a gummy that is unlike most on the market. These gummies are a wonderful way to microdose when you need to relax but don’t want to lose focus, filling a rare niche in the world for edibles that keep you focused and composed. Using these gummies is a breeze!

We are super impressed with the formulation CBDFX has come up with and really appreciate that they are focusing on different niches of the market, really opening up the benefits of Delta-9 for everyone’s needs.

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CBDfx – D9 Gummies – D9 + THC + CBD – Lemon Dream – 5mg

With their fantastic mix of CBD, Delta 9 THC, and melatonin, CBDFX’s Lemon Dream gummies might just be the perfect replacement for your sleepytime tea. This fascinating combination will give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. They’re ideal for aching muscles, anxious minds, and even insomniacs.

These soft lemon-flavored edibles have a perfect lemon flavor that reminds me of sleepytime tea and sets the tone for the gentle relaxation that sets in. These take effect surprisingly quickly and can induce drowsiness within 20 minutes that leads to a perfectly restful night’s sleep– that even works well in noisy environments. According to one reviewer, these will be their next go-to sleep method for surviving a long flight or road trip because they “can let you sleep through the worst so you can stay at your best.”

We really love how CBDFX has placed some focus on really unique products that take advantage of the various reasons people seek out gummies to begin with, not all products need to induce an intense party-ready buzz and CBDFX respects that and is producing products that offer the perfect experience for everyone’s tastes!

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TRE House – D8 Vape – D8 + D9 + D10 + THCO Lemon Jack

TRĒ House products are a powerhouse of unique innovation in the cannabinoid market. Their recent adventures involve creating innovative blends that taste like traditional cannabis strains, and their Lemon Jack Vape Pen is no exception. Lemon Jack contains 1250mg Delta 8, 5mg Delta 9, 500mg Delta-10, and 60mg THC-O, which is a similar formula to their Wedding Cake vape pen.

Everyone who tries this pen enjoys how accurately it reproduces the flavor and general buzz of Lemon Jack, thanks to its delightful citrus terpene flavor that makes every THC vape session feel like a classic experience. As is usual of TRĒ House’s products, this vape packs a punch and provides a very powerful buzz that can be compared to a bong hit.

Many folks say it’s way more powerful than they expected, and we agree, it’s a nice surprise that really sets the mood for an og style experience. Lemon Jack stands out as a strong contender among the Delta 9 vape pens from TRĒ House, and we always find it hard to choose favorites amongst their products. TRĒ House has really set the standard for disposable THC vape pens, and really emphasizes the convenience and simplicity of this style of product.

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TRE House – D8 Vape – D8 + D9 + D10 + THCO Rainbow Sherbet

Rainbow Sherbet is a classic cannabis strain that TRĒ House is paying an homage to with their Rainbow Sherbet Vape Pen, and it appears to be a major hit with users!

With a name like Rainbow Sherbet, one might imagine a highly fruity flavor, but the flavor is a blend of cannabis terpenes and fruit notes, which provides for a nice flavor profile to complement the original strain’s features. As you probably already know, TRE House products are famous for being delicious. If you want products with some serious cannabis flavor, you can’t go wrong with TRE House.

The subtle fruit flavors are a wonderful touch and keep the experience from being overly bogged down, and of course they nicely complemented the distinct and strong buzz that you get from TRĒ House’s unique combination of cannabinoids. This is our favorite of the TRĒ House THC vape pen selections since it provides what we consider the most gourmet experience. If you love the powerful effects of cannabis, you’re going to love this pen!

This flavor profile is sophisticated to the point where it feels posh and well-crafted, and we love the ways that it tips its hat at the traditional cannabis flavors. That being said, this vape also gets you impressively faded like all TRE House products. You really get the best of both worlds with this one. This is an excellent pen for individuals who wish to get lit while also having an elegant experience and with powerhouse products that have an OG flavor profile.

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TRE House – D9 Edible – CBD + D9 High Potency Chocolate

No top ten list would be complete without at least one cookie. The TRĒ House High Potency Delta 9 + CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie really tops our list of baked edibles, this cookie is massive and offers an amazing 20mg of Delta 9 and 20mg of CBD, packing in a whopping 40mg of total cannabinoids! That’s a huge dose per cookie and will make for a perfectly lit time. The mix of THC and CBD makes for a really relaxed experience that will leave you feeling calm and euphoric for hours, making for a perfect treat to wind down with at the end of the day.

The TRĒ House cookie has a wonderful texture and chewiness to it, with a subtle and delicious cannabis flavor. It has large chunky and perfectly portioned chocolate chips which really top off the experience. It goes without question that we highly recommend this cookie, especially for anyone wanting a more low-key experience that has a low and slow buildup that lasts for hours.

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Delta Extrax x Urb Finest Flowers – D9 Edible – Vegan Blueberry Citrus Burst

Delta Extrax’s Blueberry Citrus Burst Vegan Gummies have an explosive citrus-berry flavor that is sure to impress anyone. Everything you’ve read about these gummies is true! The gummies are large and, as the name suggests, explode in your mouth with a gooey explosion of flavor. These gummies pack a powerful punch, providing a delicious flavor experience that leaves you feeling wonderful and really sets the mood for the effects to set in.

Delta Extrax and Urb Finest Flavors have paired up to concoct this flavor and the nuance of the gourmet flavors that Urb Finest Flavors makes really shines through on these. We love how affordable these gummies are, with each box containing 10 gummies and being one of the most affordable edible products on the market today.

These gummies offer a whopping 10mg of Delta-9 each lending over a medium-strength buzz that leaves you feeling lit but not overly bogged down or faded. These are a great deal, offer a premium Delta 9 experience, and a seriously delicious flavor explosion.

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Delta Extrax x Urb Finest Flowers – D9 Edible – Vegan Gummies Kiwi Mixer

Delta Extrax and Urb Finest Flowers join forces again to offer up these Kiwi Mixer flavored vegan gummies. These kiwi flavored gummies are a great way to cap off our top ten list, kiwi is a seemingly rare flavor these days, and we can’t figure out why, it’s an excellent flavor that is made even more special with how rare it is! As with all of Urb Finest Flavors, there is a sense of a truly gourmet experience here and the subtle sweet-sour elements of this kiwi flavor have been masterfully formulated to give a very natural feel to it.

With a perfect level of chewiness and an impressive flavor profile, it’s hard to beat Delta Extrax gummies. There is a subtle terpene note that develops at the end as well, which we think gives a wonderfully natural edge to the flavor. These gummies rank at 10mg of delta-9 per gummy, which sets the stage for a medium buzz that will leave your brain in the clouds. These are a perfect choice for someone who wants a more exotic and rare flavor while also enjoying a much-needed Delta-9 THC chill session.

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