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Top 10 Best Krill Oil Supplements for 2021 (Review & Compare)

Krill oil supplements have seen a significant surge in popularity recently. It is now considered to be a superior alternative to fish oil supplements. Any benefits that fish oils can provide, the krill oil supplements do it better.

Due to the surge of popularity, the demand for krill oil supplementation has also increased. The generic brands have entered the market by stating that they are offering the best krill oil supplements.

However, most of the offerings available in the market do not even contain the recommended amount of krill oil. And from our intensive tests, we have found that they are not that capable of offering the beneficial effects of krill oil.

For that reason, we did more digging. Eventually, we got to know about the krill oil supplements that work. And we will let you know all about them in this article.

The 10 Best Krill Oil Supplements in 2021

Finding the krill oil supplements that offered all of the beneficial effects was not that easy. We had to go through hundreds of options and spend countless hours on them. Nonetheless, after comparing all of the top-rated and top-selling options from supplement companies, we found these to stand out the most:

BioTrust OmegaKrill

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Firstly, BioTrust OmegaKrill has exactly 1040 mg of DHA per serving. And that amount of omega 3s is more than enough to support heart, eye, brain, immune, and joint health. Also, the omega 3s that are in this blend are in the natural triglyceride form. So, your body will not have any trouble in terms of absorbing them.

Unlike the regular fatty-fish oil supplements available, this blend also contains 3mg of AstaREAL. And, as it does not utilize any fish burps or any average polyunsaturated fatty acids, the omega-3 fatty acids of the blend will be able to work like a charm.

Additionally, these come in the softgel capsule form. And this form makes taking krill oil easy peasy. And this krill oil supplement has won different awards for being highly effective. That means you will be getting a krill oil supplement that will offer loads of health benefits.

Key Highlights

  • Contains 1040 mg of DHA per serving
  • Highly absorbent
  • Effective at offering plenty of health benefits
  • Utilizes AstaREAL to enhance the benefits of omega 3s
  • It comes in a softgel capsule form

1MD KrillMD

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The manufacturer 1MD is well-known for different kinds of health supplements. And they are offering a proper krill oil supplement as well, KrillMD.

According to the manufacturer, their formula has the highest clinical strength of omega-3 fatty acids. Well, their claims are valid. Each of the servings of this krill oil supplementation will offer you 1600 mg of EPA and DHA. Along with that, the blend of the krill oil pills contains astaxanthin as well.

On that note, that amount of EPA and DHA is something that the most potent fish oil supplement does not have. And 1MD achieved that by utilizing a unique type of krill oil formula. They use K-REAL krill oil. This specific type of krill oil has seen loads of studies and offered highly encouraging results.

Additionally, as the krill oil complex formula contains astaxanthin, the effects of the omega 3s will be highly potent. You will see a significant improvement in terms of heart health and brain health. It will even play a crucial role in terms of offering relief from premenstrual syndrome.

Key Highlights

  • Provides 1600 mg of EPA and DHA per serving
  • Utilizes K-REAL krill oil complex
  • Contains astaxanthin
  • It offers plenty of health benefits
  • Has the highest strength of omega-3 fatty acids

Zenith Labs Omega-3-7-9+ Krill

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Another popular supplement company is Zenith Labs. And they are offering unique krill oil supplements with Omega-3-7-9+ Krill.

As the name suggests, the brand has integrated a specific ratio of omega 9, omega 7, and omega 3 in their krill oil. Krill oil formula that contains a blend of omega-3 fatty acid with other oils usually offers substantial antioxidant benefits. And the case is pretty much the same for this krill oil supplementation.

To enhance the effectiveness of this krill oil supplement, the brand has utilized one of the highest grades of krill oil. For that reason, you will notice a lot of health benefits. It will support brain health, heart health, improve the immune system, help with joint stiffness and pains.

If you wonder what this krill oil supplement contains, it has 350 mg and 250 mg of EPA and DHA. Also, there is 100 mg of Neptune krill oil, 200 mg of omega-7 fatty acid, and 2.5 mg of astaxanthin. And the best part is that the Neptune krill oil is absorbent. So, your body will quickly absorb the elements.

Key Highlights

  • Has a specific ratio of omega-3 fatty acids and other omega acids
  • Offers high antioxidant benefits
  • It contains the highest quality of krill oil
  • Integrates 100 mg of Neptune krill oil
  • Improves the immune system and helps with muscle stiffness

VitaPost Krill Oil Plus

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One of the highly rated and well-known krill oil supplements in this list is the Vitapost Krill Oil Plus. It can offer loads of benefits that a regular fish oil supplement can not provide.

One softgel capsule of this supplementation of krill oil contains 500 mg of krill oil. That will deliver about 100 mg of EPA and DHA, a rare case for regular fish oil products. The blend even contains 100mg of phospholipids and other elements that will enhance the effects of krill oil.

Talking of which, the krill oil of this supplement is from a sustainable source. The brand has gone ahead and sourced the fats from Antarctic krill oil fishes. And the source is verified by Friend of the sea. For that reason, even though it does not contain astaxanthin, it holds the ability to offer all the beneficial effects of krill oil.

Unlike some of the other krill oil supplements, this krill oil product is pretty affordable. And when it comes to the benefits, it will enhance heart health, brain health and fight the issues related to premenstrual syndrome. You will also notice other health benefits if you take krill oil capsules regularly.

Key Highlights

  • Sources the krill oil from Antarctic krill fishes
  • Friend of the Sea verifies the Antarctic krill oil of the formula
  • Offers 500 mg of krill oil per capsule
  • Comparatively affordable than the other krill oil products
  • Provides loads of benefits related to health

LiveWell KrillWell

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You might have already heard about LiveWell. Like the other popular suppliers on this list, they offer loads of effective supplements. And KrillWell has clinically proven doses, which is something that we do not see among the average krill oil supplements.

To start with, KrillWell contains a total of 1500 mg of pure krill oil in three softgel capsule servings. And through that, it will offer your body a total of 180 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, including 60 mg of DHA, 285 mg phospholipids, and 90 mg of EPA. It even has 600 mcg of astaxanthin.

The beneficial effects will be noticeable faster as this does not rely on a complex krill oil blend of low-grade polyunsaturated fatty acids. You will notice a significant improvement in terms of joint, cognitive, and heart health. It will also optimize blood pressure and eliminate harmful blood fats.

On that note of fast, the capsules are at the highest absorbent form. The brand claims that this krill oil blend will be 2x easier for the body to absorb. And they are right about it. Also, unlike some of the other krill oil supplements, this one is doctor-formulated.

Key Highlights

  • Provide the body 1500 mg of pure krill oil in three servings
  • This blend can support the structure of cell membrane phospholipids
  • Has the right amount of DHA, EPA, and astaxanthin
  • Offers fast results
  • Blend is doctor-formulated

Transparent Labs Krill Oil

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It is pretty well-known that the Antarctic krill fishes have the highest amount of EPA and DHA. And Transparent Labs have utilized that Antarctic krill oil in their formula.

One of the main reasons Transparent Labs Krill Oil made it into our list is that the blend is easy to digest. And it does not offer the fishy burps that other fish oil products are usually notorious for. Also, the brand has gone a step ahead and done lab testing on the krill protein concentrate they rely on.

When it comes to the content of the krill oil blend, it has 1000 mg of Euphausia Superba krill oil per serving. That will deliver 400 mg of phospholipids and a total of 220 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. It even includes 80 mcg of astaxanthin. Even though the amount of astaxanthin is low, it can adequately complement the blend.

Because it contains that amount of Euphausia Superba krill oil, it will support heart, brain, and joint functions. Also, it does a proper job of lowering the chances of heart disease. And the omega-3 fatty acids also offer a good amount of DHA and EPA to the health.

Key Highlights

  • It contains 1000 mg of Euphausia Superba krill oil
  • Provides 220mg of omega-3 fatty acids
  • The brand did lab testing of their formula
  • Capable of lowering the chances of heart disease
  • It does not offer fishy burps like the other fish oil products

Regenurex Astaxanthin

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The Regenurex Astaxanthin is the first supplement in this list that does not market itself as a krill fish oil supplement. The supplement does not contain any fish oil or krill oil at all. Instead, it offers the astaxanthin that the krill oil supplements usually provide.

The formula of the Astaxanthin has the correct elements to support immunity and fight all of the infections. It effectively reduces inflammation and makes it easier for your system to fight different kinds of viral infections. The blend can even help in terms of regenerating the damaged cells.

In addition to that, it will work like a charm in terms of reducing brain fog, improving vision, and repairing the immune system. The blend also can promote anti-aging effects, which is something dedicated krill oil supplements can not offer.

When it comes to the formula, it contains 12 mg of astaxanthin. Each serving will offer your health the right amount of antioxidants it requires to strive and function properly. So, you will be getting the same benefits as you would get by taking krill oil supplements.

Key Highlights

  • It contains 12 mg of astaxanthin per serving
  • Regenerates the damaged cells
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves vision
  • It helps fight different viral infections

Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil

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On the lookout for one of the most affordable krill oil supplements? Well, you will not have to look any further because Bronson is offering precisely the thing you were looking for.

The Antarctic Krill Oil is one of the top-rated supplements on amazon. And upon closer inspection, you will notice that the ratings are there for a reason. It has the right amount of ingredients and omega-3 fatty acids to provide all of the benefits of krill oil. Two softgels can offer you a total of 2000 mg of Antarctic krill oil.

The list of the ingredients also contains Docosahexaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid, and eicosapentaenoic acid. It even includes 200 mcg of astaxanthin. And the capsules are easy to digest, and they will quickly find their way to your digestive system to offer you immediate beneficial effects.

Additionally, this krill oil supplement offers the best value proposition on this list. Getting such an amount of omega-3 fatty acids and other effective fats in a supplement in this amount of price point is terrific. And none of the elements will make you go through seafood allergy effects.

Key Highlights

  • It offers a great value proposition
  • Provides quick effects
  • It contains 200 mcg of astaxanthin
  • Full of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Utilizes an effective formula

Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil

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Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil contains Euphausia Superba krill oil. Apart from just containing high-quality krill oil, it has loads of other effective fats too. And to know all about this krill oil product, you need to read through this entire review.

As we have mentioned, the brand utilizes Superba krill oil in its formula. Each of the two softgel capsules will offer 1000 mg of that. Also, it will provide 240 mg of omega-3 fatty acids along with 60 mg of DHA and 136 mg of EPA. The blend even includes 500 mcg of astaxanthin and 400 mg of phospholipids.

All of the ingredients of the formula are highly effective. And they will get easily digested by your system. After that, you will notice loads of improvements. It can offer optimized cholesterol levels, fall of PMS symptoms, and improve brain and heart functions.

Unlike some fish oil products, this will not make the user go through seafood allergy effects. And you will not even have the fishy burps. Also, the Superba krill oil that the formula utilizes is approved by Marine Stewardship Council. For that reason, the effects will be noticeable pretty quickly.

Key Highlights

  • Provides 1000 mg of Superba krill oil
  • Can optimize cholesterol levels
  • It does not offer fishy burps
  • Has a good amount of astaxanthin
  • Improves brain and cardiovascular functions

Onnit Krill Oil

image 5

Krill oils are well-known to offer loads of benefits. But most of the supplements can not properly implement the formula to provide all of those benefits. However, Onnit Krill Oil is a little different in that regard.

The thing that makes it stand out the most is the formula of this supplement can optimize your movements. It will ease the joints and eliminate the pains that are present. So, mobility limitations will not be an issue after this. Also, it helps to bring the cholesterol level to the optimized point.

Like some other krill oil supplements in this list, it contains a mix of DHA, EPA, and astaxanthin in the formula. And two of the softgels will offer you about 1000 mg of krill oil, 240 mg of omega-3 fats, and 400 mg of phospholipids. The blend even has 150 mcg of astaxanthin.

As the formula is pretty strong, it holds the ability to offer other benefits of krill oil effectively. You will notice progress in terms of the immune system, brain functions, and other functions. It can even lower down the chances of blood clotting and improve the condition of blood platelets.

Key Highlights

  • Optimizes the joints
  • Eliminates the mobility limitations
  • Provides a total of 1000 mg of krill oil
  • Improves the immune system
  • Enhances the brain functions

How We Ranked The 10 Best Krill Oil Supplements

After going through the reviews, you might wonder what we considered when ranking the krill oil supplements. And we kept these crucial factors in our minds when scrutinizing the options:


The list of ingredients is the first thing that can say whether the product is effective or not. So, the first thing that we checked was the ingredients. If the blend contained any elements that the Food and Drug Administration did not approve, we did not examine the product.

For the ones that did have the right ingredients, we checked the strength. No matter how good the brand might advertise its krill oil product, if the potency of the ingredients is low, it will not be able to offer that many benefits at all. And we prioritized the ones that had the right blend of the essential elements.

Lab Testing and Research

Another factor that plays an essential role in terms of effectiveness is tests. Even with the proper selection of ingredients, some supplements did not offer that much of an effective result. And the brands that do invest their money on tests and lab reports usually offer krill oil products that can provide the most of krill oil.

For that reason, we prioritized the ones that were backed by test reports and clinical tests. And if they offered effective results, they got a higher position on our list.


Plenty of brands promote their krill oil products by stating that they have surpassed different lab results and tests. However, they will offer any information regarding the results. We did not check them out because it is easy to promote stuff by stating such bold claims.

Instead, the ones that got most of our attention were the products that provided accurate information about the test results. The more health information they offered in those tests, the higher the ranking they got.

Advertised Benefits

Even some of the effective krill products claim to offer unexpected and uncommon benefits. They will state that they will cure certain diseases in a matter of weeks. But you should know that no supplements are intended to cure diseases.

Alongside that, many brands claim their offerings can help with weight loss, which is not possible with a krill oil product. For that reason, we did not even check the supplements that were claiming random stuff. Instead, we prioritized the ones that stated known benefits.

Sustainable Sourcing

Most of the krill products will rely on a handful of fishing companies. However, many go a step ahead and source their ingredients from certified sources. Those krill oils are harvested from the pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

We did consider both cases. But our priority went to the brands that were sourcing the ingredients from the certified sources.

What Does Science Say?

Even though krill products have surged in popularity in recent years, scientists and researchers have been studying these oils for an extended amount of time. And these are the findings that they have concluded:

Reduction of Inflammation

This study from 2007 proved that krill oils could lead to a significant drop in inflammation. The research involved older adults where they had to take krill oils. After a couple of doses, the researchers have found that the adults had a substantial drop in CRP levels.

Another study found a similar connection between inflammation and krill oil. In this study, the researchers gave a group 300 mg of krill oil. A different group got placebos. After one month, the group that took the krill oils saw 30% lower inflammation.

Boost Immunity

It is a well-known fact that reduction of inflammation can boost immunity. A study that took place in 2013 showed that krill oils could significantly reduce TNF-a levels. And after that, the immunity system of the participants saw a significant boost too. They were less likely to catch viral diseases.


Multiple studies have found the link between joint health and krill oil. In this specific study, researchers gave krill oil tablets to a group of knee pain participants. After a month, the participants reported that there was a significant reduction in their knee pain.

Additionally, they have claimed that their limitation in the case of mobility was highly uplifted too. They enjoyed an increased range of motion. Other studies have also found that krill oil tablets could reduce arthritis pain.

Side Effects of Krill Oil

Healthy adults will be able to tolerate the krill oils without any issues at all. Different studies have already proved how safe krill oils are. However, that is only applicable when the ingredients are at the recommended dosages. If the krill oils are too strong, they can cause different side effects.

The mild effects that krill oils can cause are fishy burps, fishy breath, upset stomach, bloating, constipation, and constipation. Also, the higher dosages can sometimes suddenly lower cholesterol levels.

Some of the studies have found that it can interact with blood-thinning medications and slow down blood clotting. And this blood clotting problem only occurs when the dosages are too strong. That is why many doctors will recommend against taking krill oil within the first two weeks of surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Krill Oil

Q: What are krills?

A: They are among the lowest members of the food chain in the ocean. Krills are tiny and look a lot like shrimp. These planktonic crustaceans live through the concave surfaces of the sea. And they mostly end up in the stomachs of Baleen whales.

Apart from whale food, they are on the menu for whale sharks and other marine mammals.

Q: What are the differences between fish oil and krill oil?

A: The main thing separating the fish oil and whale food (krill) is fewer toxins. Both krill and fish oil contain the two essential fatty acids, which include DHA and EPA. But the toxins in krill oil are significantly low, which gives a purer-quality and less fishy aftertaste.

Q: Where does krill oil come from?

A: The high-end brands are going to source their krill oil from the Antarctic ocean. Those will be purest in quality. However, most of the regular brands will rely on fishing suppliers for krill oil.

Q: Is krill oil easily digestible?

A: Compared to fish oil, krill oils are highly digestible. The reason behind this is that it contains phospholipids, which are beneficial fats. And they enhance the absorption rate of the krill oils.

Q: Are krill oils safe?

A: The krill oil will not produce any side effects at the proper dosage and will be entirely safe for consumption.

The 10 Best Krill Oil Supplements in 2021 Final Words

Due to being superior to fish oils, many average brands are entering the krill oil supplement market. But, most of their offerings cannot offer all of the benefits that the best krill oil supplements can offer.

However, you have nothing to worry about because all of our products reviewed are not from the average brand. They contain the right blend of ingredients and krill oil to offer the highest amount of beneficial effects. So, you can confidently pick any of them!

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