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The Lost Ways Review – Everything You Need or Cheap Book? (Claude Davis)

The Lost Ways is a survival guidebook that explores some of the survival strategies within the North American background and through the eyes of American and Native American pioneers. This 300+ page masterpiece refers to the knowledge of 18th century Americans. According to Claude Davis, our past holds crucial survival tactics that can help you survive an apocalypse. Davis shares that the American pioneers had few resources and survived by living off the land.

Unlike today when documentation and preserving knowledge is easy, in the 18th century, information and data were passed down from one generation to the other through apprenticeship and word of mouth. Survival skills were passed from father to son and from mother to daughter effectively up to the 19th century when industrialization began. Unfortunately, industrialization led to family breakups, which made some of the hard-earned survival abilities fade away.

What is The Lost Ways? Who is the author?

However, how would you survive if you were sent back to the 18th century? Imagine living in a world without electricity, tapped water, smartphones, computers, etc. Would you survive? The Lost Ways is a book that gives you details on how you can survive without the current technology that makes your life easy. It is a diverse book with some of the long-forgotten secrets that aided our ancestors to survive the economic crisis, natural calamities, wars, etc. According to Claude Davis, the information in this survival handbook will protect you and your loved ones should America crumble, and we need medieval survival tactics.

The Lost Ways ebook is written by 16 authors, including Claude Davis. As a result, the different people offer readers different writing styles as well as diverse survival tips. Claude Davis is The Lost Ways’ primary author. He is the writer of the foreword section on The Lost Ways. In addition, he was responsible for the compilation and editing of this ebook. Currently, Claude Davis is responsible for updating The Lost Ways. It is also worth noting that Claude is the author of several other separate survival handbooks whose primary focus is the survival techniques used by Native Americans and American pioneers.

Currently, it is impossible to get the information of the 16 authors. However, we can presume some of the authors wish to remain mysterious as they have provided only a first initial and last name. These unidentified writers include S. Patrick, G. Arminius, M. Searson, M, Richard, P. Vlad, M. Taylor, and S. Walter. Other writers like Jimmy Neil and Fergus Mason’s contributions to this book are unclear.

Shannon Azares has written valuable and substantial information on how the 17th-century seamen preserved water supplies.

James Walton is well-versed with self-feeding fire. Additionally, he provides you with some of the 18th-century recipes you can make using readily available ingredients.

Eric Bainbridge has majored in writing how Native Americans built root cellars and subterranean roundhouses. These structures were invaluable in storing foods and surviving attacks from hostile communities.

Lex Rooker is also an author of several survival books. On The Lost Ways, he has written about foods that are nutritional and healthy.

Susan Morrow is currently living in the United Kingdom and a professional chemist. Based on her knowledge, she dwells on the medicinal aspect of The Lost Ways.

Theresa Anne DeMario is a wildcraft specialist. In The Lost Ways, she gives the readers survival tactics on hunting and scavenging.

Davis Claude’s view on The Lost Ways

Davis Claude is a well-known survivalist. He shares some of the best survival techniques, some of which his ancestors used to survive. Additionally, he provides some important material that can help you survive the inevitable.

Do not take anything for granted.

According to Davis, his grandfather arrived in America before World War 2 from Ukraine. After settling in America, Davis’ grandfather started a small farm in Texas. However, when he was 12 years old and still living in Ukraine, the nation was hit by a large spell of drought and famine. The horrific famine claimed the lives of thousands of people.

In a personal journal written by one of Davis’ grandfather’s neighbors, the writer bitterly asks where all the bread went. A statement in the diary indicates that maybe the authorities have confiscated the bread. He continues to write that the government forcefully took everything edible from the garden and cellars. Each passing day was heart-wrenching; corpses lied in the open as people were too weak to bury their own. The awful stench of the dead filled the air. Worse still is watching as acquaintances and neighbors succumb to hunger.

So how did they survive? According to the neighbor’s journal, the remaining people learned to eat goose-foot, grass, rotten potatoes, and burdocks. They also made pancake soups from nettles or rotting beans.

They also ate gley from trees, pigeons, dogs, cats, and whatever animal they set their eyes on. Worse still, some individuals ate their children. One elderly neighbor wrote a petition to the authorities. An excerpt from the journal reads, “Please return the grain you have confiscated from me. If you do not return it, I will surely die.” However, this petition did not go through. In times of crisis, it is usually “everyone for himself.”

After the winter, there was absolutely nothing to eat. Davis’ grandfather and his mother made their way to the nearest town (25 miles away), where the authorities established a soup kitchen. However, his mother could not complete the long trek. After 5 miles, the mother begged her son to rush to town and save himself. Davis’ grandfather writes in his journal that he was reluctant to leave his mother alone. Finally, however, his mother implored him to leave for good.

According to Davis Claude, never take anything for granted. Not your job, retirement, and a daily income. History shows that the things you value can disappear in a split second, and the worst mistake is believing that this cannot occur to you or America.

If you cannot remember the past, then you are condemned to repeat it.

Our ancestors contributed to how America is today. According to Davis Claude, we enjoy peace, tranquility, abundance, and much more thanks to what our ancestors stood for. It is the work of our ancestors that America is considered a superpower. Also, Davis Claude believes that numerous people must have suffered or died before any inventions and discoveries.

However, most people do not know how their forefathers lived. Some of the skills had been lost and maybe lost forever if something is not done. Most individuals become powerless when their refrigerators, phones, and any technological device breaks down. Can you survive without a supermarket? What would happen when you cannot buy anything?

You have the power to survive!

Davis Claude believes in two things: God and free will. As a person, you are the master of your destiny. The decisions you make daily give shape to the rest of your life. Davis agrees that we all had different beginnings. But, most American-born citizens had a decent early life. There was water, food, and access to better health care compared to other countries globally. For that, we should be thankful and ensure we have something set aside for darker days. According to Davis, should something happen to America, do not blame the president of the authority. Instead, he urges that you should take charge of your own life and learn to survive.

Additionally, Davis Claude shares that no amount of prayers can yield your desires. God will only help you when you learn to work hard and do things independently. Your destiny lies solely on your willpower, determination, and hard work.

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How did Davis equip himself for the inevitable?

According to Davis Claude, he invested in learning old-fashioned survival tactics that could help him survive in the house in case of a crisis. So, he went to his grandfather and sought knowledge on staying alive should a calamity strike. His grandfather’s cognitive and physical health was still in good shape despite his advanced age. So, Davis got oral and practical lessons from his grandfather for three weeks, including making an old-fashioned storm shelter and root cellar.

Also, they prepared and preserved winter foods and made traditional ham and lard.

When his grandfather passed on, Davis regretted not spending enough time with his grandparents. So, for five years, Davis sought new knowledge and documented it so that the next generation may learn from it. Today, he aims to find and save knowledge and skills from the old folks.

What made Davis take so long in collecting data and information?

According to Davis, You cannot find the source and wealth of our ancestors’ secrets from just one source. There may be a few people or families that perform a specific skill in an old-fashioned way. Therefore, it was important for Davis to reach out to numerous individuals to gather as many materials as possible.

Davis claims that finding some people was difficult. Unlike today when you can quickly look for a person or group from the internet, Davis shares that some of his informants live in remote areas; thus, it took a lot of time to find them.

Davis was looking for solid and practical skills. Additionally, he wanted to know how our forefathers built, ate, and preserved anything practically.

Davis had financial and time challenges as he still had to fend for his family and cater for his traveling.

So, to cut the publishing cost and to make this book available to anyone on this planet, Davis edited his manuscripts and compiled this survival handbook naming it ‘The Lost Ways”.

What can you expect to read from The Lost Ways?

The Lost Remedies

According to Davis, The Lost Ways contains vital medical details that can help you in times of crisis. The lost remedies are not the rare and complex pieces of information only known by botanists. Instead, you get information on how practical weeds that grow around your house can manage various medical emergencies. For example, wild lettuce is an old weed that can elicit the same effects as morphine. For this reason, it’s traditionally referred to as “opium lettuce.”

According to Davis, wild lettuce was usually used as a painkiller. None of the compounds in the wild lettuce contain opiates, but when ingested, it directly stimulates your brain to lessen pain. Davis claims that most people today are using wild lettuce to replace pharmaceutical painkillers. You can grow and consume your wild lettuce without a license or prescription in all the American states.

The Lost Ways ebook provides you with a wealth of knowledge on other indigenous weeds that offer medical relief. There are numerous colored pictures of these weeds and how you can identify them, and the medical function of each weed. Similarly, the lost remedies section gives you simple recipes to prepare and consume these wild medicinal plants. So, should you find yourself without access to modern medicine, The Lost Ways survival guide gives you details on how to heal yourself the old-fashioned way.

Surviving a physical attack

How did sheriffs in the old times manage to protect their people even when outnumbered? This section is written based on Ruff Simons, a former deputy and an expert of history. According to Ruff Simons, it takes more than the sword to win a battle. The former deputy claims that The Lost Way gives you practical skills and techniques to help you survive a physical battle. Additionally, this section enlightens you with philosophical wisdom that can help you protect your home and loved ones from the enemy.

What if you become homeless?

The third section is based on the writings of Erik Bainbridge. Erik is a Native American with vast information on constructing an underground house that can offer shelter against extreme weather conditions. He took part in the reconstruction of the traditional village of Kule Loklo based in California. Similarly, Eric offers practical skills and tactics on how you can build a hidden bunker and hideout enough to fit your family members and still act as a food reserve.

How can you preserve water?

Today, we drink clean and chemically treated water. So, what happens if you find yourself without clean water? Shannon Azares has studied and practically learned how the sailors managed to preserve clean water while out in the sea. Voyagers spent many months cruising in their ship. Shannon Azares gives a free water treatment trick that can help you preserve water traditionally for many months.

What do you do when you run out of ammunition?

Mike Searson is a firearm expert and a professional of Old West history. In this section, Mike provides you with invaluable knowledge on how to keep your ammunition in constant supply. According to Mike, the ancient Westerners could hunt and shoot eight deer using only six rounds of ammunition. In 2013, when terrorism was at its peak, America witnessed panic buying of ammo. So what happens when you no longer have a place to buy ammunition? According to Davis Claude, The Lost Ways can provide you with candid solutions.

How can you make your Poultices?

According to Susan Morrow, you can efficiently prepare your antibiotics using simple ingredients and equipment. The Lost Ways give you the formula of making your poultices that can help you and your loved ones survive a crisis. Some poultice recipes on The Lost Way include Soothing poultice, cataplasm aromaticum, mustard poultice, and numerous other recipes that can treat infections.

What foods can survive inclement weather?

Davis claims American soldiers took this superfood during the independence war, and George Washington ate it at various times. According to Davis, you can make your superfood that does not need refrigeration but can remain fresh and nutritious for many months. In addition, this superfood takes only ten minutes to prepare and contains various nutrients. Also, the ingredients for making this superfood are easy to obtain, and you probably have them in your house right now.

The Lost Ways bonuses

Apart from The Lost Ways eBook, Davis claims that you will get several other bonuses after purchasing. An old adage says, “Once in your lifetime; you will need a lawyer, doctor, preacher or policeman. However, you need a farmer daily.” Davis offers you a report titled What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard based on this old saying. What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard is a detailed report on some of the most nutritious crops that you can grow to cushion yourself against ever running out of food. According to Davis, the crops on this survival guide can grow in inclement weather and poorly lit areas. Similarly, this special report offers you knowledge on how to plant, harvest, and preserve them.

How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way is another bonus for purchasing The Lost Ways. Today, almost every American is hooked to electronic devices. We are so dependent on electronics that some people would practically fail to survive when you can longer use the TV, dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. According to Davis, How to Outlive an EMP, the Early Pioneer Way is a daily guide on how you can survive in case of an EMP. This survival manual guides you on how to survive an EMP for thirty days so that you never run out of the basics like food, heat, and water. According to Davis Claude, in case of distress, panicking causes you to make dangerous and costly decisions, but with How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way, you will be able to survive.

A Step-by-step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System

According to Davis Claude, you can make your can rotation system that can hold about 700 cans of dimensions. Additionally, this homemade can rotator saves you from checking the expiry date on each can daily. As a result, you will no longer have to throw away cans because the food has gone wrong. Hence, a can rotator can significantly help you to save time and money.

As per the official ‘The Lost Ways’ video, this can rotator uses a simple mechanism to load new cans. However, you need to check the different expiration dates of each can during the purchase to ensure you arrange the cans from the one nearest expiration date to the oldest. Davis Claude claims he used less than a hundred dollars to make the rotation can, while a similar rotator retails at more than four times that price.

Also, a similar rotator in the market can only hold about 450 cans compared to the homemade one, which has about 700 cans. To assemble and make your rotator can is simple and not time-consuming. The A step-by-step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System provides you with a plan and step-by-step guide complete with pictures to help you make your rotator in less than a day.

Davis Claude asserts that apart from the three bonuses you get after buying The Lost Ways, you will have unlimited access to the ‘members-only area. The members’ area allows you to interact with Davis Claude directly; thus, you can now ask him anything, and he will reach out to you in less than 24 hours. Similarly, Davis assures customers that you can ask for any clarification when accessing the members’ zone.

Should you invest in this Survival eBook? What are the benefits of The Lost Ways?

According to Davis Claude, getting survival tactics from the 18th-century people is valuable. The Lost Ways will save you from spending money on unnecessary and unreliable machines and equipment.

During a crisis, you need to survive with minimal resources. The Lost Ways provide you with reliable but straightforward survival techniques that can help you stay in dire situations where money or technology cannot. According to Davis, this book gives you all the information on how you and your loved ones can survive without a supermarket, hospital, or even government.

Davis Claude claims The Lost Ways is a survival guide that equips you with survival tactics during a crisis. Today, most people are working several shifts to make their ends meet. The cost of most products, including food, medical care, and even education, has escalated rapidly. Davis claims The Lost Ways can help you save thousands of dollars on food, utility bills, and even medical care. When you know medicinal plants that you can grow on your background, you may no longer need to buy pharmaceutical drugs. Similarly, when you learn about foods that you can grow in any weather condition, you need not visit the grocery shop for your vegetables. Also, traditional methods of food preservation ensure you have a constant food supply throughout the year while also reducing your utility bills.

Lastly, The Lost Ways can help you preserve the extraordinary and valuable knowledge from our fathers. You will be able to confidently answer your children and grandchildren if they ask how their ancestors managed to survive without technology.

The Lost Ways is a tribute to the older generations. According to the author, you will be able to look back and appreciate the great works of your ancestors. Similarly, Davis Claude claims that creative minds invent and come up with solutions in the face of a crisis. For example, it took thousands of people to die from infections before an antibiotic was developed. Essentially, the author claims that America would not be this great without our forefathers’ blood, sweat, and tears.

The Lost Ways is a comprehensive and easy-to-read book. The writer uses a familiar language that most people can comprehend. Davis Claude’s style of writing is also simple yet intriguing.

The Lost Ways steps are practical and easy to follow. The author provides readers with pictures that make each step easy to implement. As a result, most readers will find the step-by-step instructions and recipes reasonable and practical. The recipes for producing ancient dishes are easy to follow, while the ingredients are obtainable. Similarly, making some of the equipment mentioned in The Lost Ways is easy as the materials are cheap and can be found in the supermarket near you.

After reading The Lost Ways, readers will understand the need to stay prepared in all situations. The survival tactics in this book ensure you stay sane and in control when a calamity hits. According to Davis Claude, many people perished during the Donner party (one of the greatest American history tragedies) incident, as they were not proactive. When you apply proactivity in your daily life, you can save money, time, and energy.

What are the disadvantages of The Lost Ways?

The Lost Ways is a book that can benefit people living on the American continent. The survival tactics in this guidebook are not effective for people in any other continent like the African and Asian continents. Thus, it is true to say that The Lost Ways is written for the American audience only.

Some of The Lost Ways writers deviate from offering survival tactics to giving historical accounts. Therefore, some readers who are not fond of history might find some chapters boring.

Some people might find The Lost Ways time-consuming. To get maximum benefits from The Lost Ways survival handbook, you have to invest your time in performing some of the practical aspects of this book.

Who can read The Lost Ways?

Survivalists and people who love history will find this book fascinating. However, each individual has a unique book genre that interests them and keeps them flipping through the pages. If you love fictional books, then, The Lost Ways might not interest you. According to Davis Claude, this book is based on his own experiences as a survivalist. Thus, some readers might find some situations in this book absurd.

Also, if you feel like there is no way we can revert to manual labor, The Lost way will not interest you. According to Davis Claude, this book extensively covers historical periods between the 18th and 19th centuries when there were no electricity, roads, or technological advances. People at that time performed most of their work using simple tools and hands. So if you have no wish to steer away from a sedentary way of life, then, The Lost Ways might not interest you.

What are some of the interesting chapters in The Lost Ways Survival guide?

The Self-Feeding Fires

According to James Walton, this section gives the readers basic skills to build a self-feeding fire. The ancient Americans built fires that could keep them warm overnight without making unnecessary trips to tend it or add more logs. Today, you can make your self-feeding fire during winter on the balcony.

The 18TH Century Pioneer Recipes

According to James Walton, modern recipes allow you to cook foods with ingredients from your local grocery. The 18th-century formula provides details on how you can prepare nutritious yet straightforward foods using ingredients that naturally grow on American soil. You will find a wide array of recipes that cater to both vegetarians and people who love meat.

How to purchase The Lost Ways

You can only purchase The Lost ways exclusively from the official website. After making the purchase, you will be sent a link to download The Lost Ways. There are three purchase options:

  • The Lost Ways Digital Product: $37
  • The Lost Ways Physical Product: $37 plus $8.99 S&H
  • The Lost Ways Digital and Physical Product $37 plus $8.99 S&H

If the user finds that The Lost Ways doesn’t work for them, they can request a refund within 60 days of purchase. For further information, customer service can be reached via:

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The Lost Ways Final Thoughts

The Old Ways eBook is a comprehensive survival guide that can help you survive the worst calamities in America. For example, you will get information on how you can build a fire using simple tools, prepare and preserve foods and beverages, as well as how you can keep yourself safe by building underground bunkers.

Similarly, you get a step-by-step guide on how you can save money in the modern world by planting simple foods in your backyard. Likewise, this book provides you with practical methods to preserve food when there is no refrigeration. In addition, The Lost Ways provide you with valuable information on how the Native Americans shaped our modern society.

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