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Tarot Card Reading Online Top 4 Platforms Offering 100% Free and Interactive Sessions

‘My life is sorted.’ – said no one ever. Almost everyone we come across is either already going through an existential crisis or on the verge of having one. We cannot blame them, can we? These are testing times, and everyone is busy fighting their own battles, trying to survive this deadly pandemic. Life will never be the same for so many of us after this is over; there is no denying this fact. The pandemic took too much from us, from our loved ones to our hard-earned money to our mental health; everything has changed over the past several months.

Everyone is trying to cope up with these changes in their own way. Some channeled all their energy into working on their health, while some suffered at the expense of their mental well-being and sought online therapy. There was another chunk of people that turned to online tarot card readings as their first choice and last resort.

When we talk about any kind of mystic session, be it psychic readings, tarot card readings, or dream analysis, you will come across all sorts of reviews. Many people do not know that there is a huge market that thrives solely on online tarot card readings and psychic services. Not to forget that tarot card readings are not a new phenomenon. Since the beginning of time, they have been a part of our society and have only evolved through the years. At present, the online tarot card reading industry stands strong with several millions of customers from all over the globe.

Mystic services like tarot card reading got better with time, both in size as well as market reputation. People do not perceive tarot card readings as just another means of predicting the future. It also adds as an outlet to help people find comfort and rejoice in these testing times.

If you wish to find out more about the benefits of tarot card reading online and the best online platforms offering these services, keep reading further as we take you through a detailed guide.

The Big Reveal – The Best 4 Online Tarot Card Reading Websites for You!

We have rounded up the top 4 tarot card reading online platforms for you to choose from. Here is a summary table outlining their top features:


  • World-renowned for Expert Love Tarot Card Readings
  • Free 3-minute-long tarot reading session for new users
  • Mobile Application option available

Keen Psychics

  • Affordable Tarot Card Reading Services for All
  • Low pricing of $1.99 per minute for the first 10 minutes
  • Round-the-clock Customer Support services

Psychic Source

  • Holds 3-Decades Legacy in the Tarot Reading Industry
  • Free tarot trial + Additional 75% Discount for new users
  • Transparent tarot reader portfolio

California Psychics

  • Top Choice for Love and Career Tarot Readings
  • Easy-on-the-pocket pricing starting from – $1 per 60 seconds
  • Professional and cordial 24/7 customer care support

Let’s Dive Deeper: Detailed Overview of the Top 4 Tarot Card Reading Platforms Offering Free and Interactive Sessions!


#1: Kasamba: World-Renowned for Expert Love Tarot Card Readings and More


Kasamba is a name valued by everyone in the online tarot card reading fraternity. Most of you must have seen Kasamba’s name pop up at the top when searching for ‘love tarot card reading’ on the web.

Looking back to when Kasamba was founded in 1999 and where it stands now, it is safe to say that Kasamba has successfully managed to earn a strong rapport in the field. From love tarot readings to career advice to future predictions to dream analysis, there is nothing that Kasamba doesn’t do. This is the reason why Kasamba stands out from the crowd of mediocre online tarot readers and continues to grow and flourish.

How effective your online tarot card reading is all dependent on your tarot card reading experts. It’s their expertise, knowledge, and attitude that can help gauge the success of an online tarot reading session. But finding the right tarot reader for yourself could be a menial task. Thanks to Kasamba, you can now take a sigh of relief. This is because Kasamba brings the best tarot readers all under one roof. Whether you are looking for a love tarot reading or career counseling, the tarot readers at Kasamba are well-equipped to do complete justice to the job.

If you are still not convinced, you can visit the portfolio and review each expert’s profile yourself. By offering a crystal-clear portfolio of their psychic experts and tarot readers, Kasamba has successfully earned the trust of millions of faithful clients. You can also use this information to your advantage by scanning and filtering out multiple tarot reader profiles. You can see the qualification, experience, area of interest and choose a tarot reading expert that matches your preference. In addition to this, you can also rely on the word of old Kasamba users. You can review the reviews and ratings of each tarot reading expert and shortlist one with the most positive reviews.

Apart from this, you can access and avail tarot reading online free services of Kasamba in the palm of your hands. You only need to install the mobile application of Kasamba on your iPhone or Android phone. You can also use the live chat option to reach out to a Kasamba customer care representative for support and assistance. Kasamba lays great emphasis on customer support services and takes pride in providing round-the-clock assistance to all their customers. If you get stuck in between or need to gain clarity on any of Kasamba’s services, a customer support representative will be delighted to help you.

In addition to this, Kasamba also follows strict data protection laws, providing a secure and trustworthy platform for its users. All payment methods are verified by the law and are entirely safe and confidential. Moreover, the sign-up process also asks for a few specific details only, which means that users can trust Kasamba with their information.

Exclusive Tarot Card Reading Offers by Kasamba

If you are yet to try online tarot card readings, Kasamba is a great platform to start. This is because Kasama brings in some exclusive tarot card reading online offers that both new and existing users can benefit from.

First of all, you can avail free tarot card reading services from Kasamba. Yes, that’s true! Kasamba has an exclusive free tarot reading offer where new users can experience a 3-min free trial of their first online tarot card reading session. Additionally, if they are happy with the trial session, they may continue the session and avail another discount of up to 75%.

Last but not least, if you take an online tarot card reading session at Kasamba and you are not satisfied with it, you also have the option to claim a full refund. What other online tarot card reading platforms offer these many benefits for their customers? We are yet to find another one showing the same quality of service at such affordable prices!

Key Highlights – Plus Side of Choosing Kasamba

  • Popular for their certified tarot reading experts
  • Free 3-minute-long tarot reading online trial for all new users
  • Secure payment solutions and data protection policies
  • Millions of satisfied customers
  • Affordable tarot readings online starting from $1 per 60 seconds
  • Full refund claim policy
  • Mobile application available for all users

No more counting stars. Gain better control of your life with accurate tarot card readings from Kasamba. Click here to avail a free 3 min tarot reading trial.

Affordable Tarot Card Reading Services from Experts in the Field


If you have reached a dead-end in life and cannot seem to find a way ahead, an online tarot card reading from Keen Psychics can help you see things more clearly. After the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of people turned to online tarot card readers for accurate future predictions on matters of love, finances, health, mental stability, etc. Keen Psychics was one of the top choices for such services. They have been an integral part of the online tarot card reading fraternity for several years.

The platform began its operations in the 1990s and has since enjoyed a reputation as one of the industry leaders. They successfully acquired a huge clientele of more than 40 million loyal users that sing praises of their authenticity and excellence. Keen Psychics established a strong place in the world of online tarot card readings by focusing on their service quality and being consistent with it.

Keen Psychics is extremely proud of the online psychics and tarot card readers on their panel. They are known for their strict screening process that ensures that each psychic profile meets the set quality standards. Their psychic’s portfolio had earned them recognition and appreciation from industry experts and helped improve customers’ trust in Keen Psychics. By sharing all important details regarding their tarot readers and online psychics on the platform, Keen Psychics enables its customers to do a thorough analysis to get an idea of what’s in store for them. Moreover, this open policy also gives users the opportunity to get more familiar with their tarot readers prior to the session.

In addition to this, Keen Psychics offers multiple options for its users for how they wish to conduct their tarot card readings. For instance, there is the option to choose tarot reading on the phone as well as live chat. If you are not comfortable with a face-to-face session, you can opt for a phone or call tarot reading. On the other hand, if you wish to have a more interactive tarot reading online session, you can also connect on a video call with your tarot expert. Your comfort is given utmost priority at Keen Psychics, and you can always pick and choose things according to your preference. There is a 24/7 customer care helpline that is ready to serve you at whatever time you need. The customer care representatives are well-trained and highly professional in their field. Their cordial behavior further helps Keen Psychics earn positive reviews from old and new customers.

Keen Psychics is not only popular for its tarot reading services but also various other mystic services. If you are not 100% sold on the idea of tarot card readings, you can avail other mystic services like angel card readings, psychic readings, spiritual healing, fortune-telling, dreams analysis, and more. Keen Psychics offers an extensive range of services that can cater to all your needs.

Exclusive Tarot Card Reading Offers by Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics offers incredible free tarot card reading services for all its new users. This offer comprises a $1.99 rate for the first 10 minutes of a tarot reading session. Ten minutes is a long time for anyone to get a taste of online tarot readings and decide if it’s their cup of tea or not. With an offer, this exclusive, Keen Psychics aims to make online tarot card reading and online psychics services more accessible for everyone and not bound them because of monetary constraints.

Key Highlights – Plus Side of Choosing Keen Psychics

  • Impressive clientele of more than 40 million satisfied customers
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • Free tarot card reading services available on phone and chat
  • Affordable services starting from $1.99 for first 10 minutes
  • Offers data protection and security
  • Professional and courteous staff

Life in jeopardy? Let Keen Psychics help you turn things around. Click here to avail expert tarot card readings starting from $1.99 per minute!

#3: Psychic Source: Holding a Legacy of More than 30 Years in the Tarot Card Reading Industry


Psychic Source is one of the key players in the online tarot readings community. They take great pride in boasting excellent love tarot reading services and other mystic services for the past several decades. The company was first established in 1989, when online tarot readings and psychic readings were still a new concept. Through their initial years, Psychic Source fell victim to extremists who strictly opposed the idea of tarot readings and psychics. Despite all the backlash, Psychic Source managed to stand its ground and emerged as one of the champions in the field several years later. Psychic Source is known for its legacy, and it is one of the primary reasons why millions of customers put their faith in them.

Even though Psychic Source is best known for its love tarot readings, users can also explore other areas like career advice, future predictions, psychic readings, spiritual healing, and more. The platform offers a large variety of mystic services for anyone and everyone.

Moreover, apart from its legacy, Psychic Source is also popular in the industry for all the tarot reading advisors on their panel. They feature only the industry’s most renowned and experienced tarot reading experts certified in their respective fields. You can also pick and choose an online tarot reader of your choice based on their areas of expertise to make the most of your tarot reading session.

Besides this, if you are still indecisive about which tarot card reading expert to choose, you can refer to user reviews and ratings for honest feedback. This helps users make a sound choice when opting for their first tarot session and ensures that they are fully satisfied with the service.

If you are new to Psychic Source, you can connect with a customer care support member to guide you every step of the way. The support staff is available 24/7 to guide and assist all new and old users, making the whole experience extra convenient for everyone.

Psychic Source provides tarot readings online by phone, live chat, or video call. This gives users the flexibility to choose a communication method that they are comfortable with. So whether you wish to stay low-key and carry out an online tarot session on the phone or get one-on-one with your tarot reader on a video call, you have the liberty to choose whatever may please you.

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable online tarot card reading platform, Psychic Source is one name you should definitely consider. They are not only experienced in the field but have also maintained their reputation for so many years. Look no further as Psychic Source offers everything that you are looking for in an online tarot reading service provider. If you still do not believe us, you can browse through the thousands of customer reviews and have their word for it.

Exclusive Tarot Card Reading Offers by Psychic Source

When it comes to offering exciting deals and discounts on online tarot card reading, Psychic Source knows how to lure its customers. They offer an exclusive free tarot card reading trial for the first three minutes of the very first session. This gives new users a chance to experience supreme tarot card readings from Psychic Source without spending a single penny. The cherry on the top? New users are also offered a further online, encouraging more and more users to try out their services.

Psychic Source believes in making online tarot card readings more inclusive by offering competitive pricing options. Their services start from a rate as low as $0.66 for every minute. Considering the quality of their online tarot readings, Psychic Source offers are definitely a steal deal!

Key Highlights – Plus Side of Choosing Psychic Source

  • Free 3 minute tarot reading trial for new users
  • 75% concession on first tarot reading session
  • More than 30 years of legacy in mystic services
  • 24/7 customer care support available
  • Tarot card readings by phone, live chat or video

Experience the greener side of the grass with online tarot readings from Psychic Source. Click here to enjoy the first session at 75% discount.

#4: California Psychics: Top Choice for Authentic and Reassuring Tarot Card Readings


Finding the right tarot card reading online can be a daunting task. The internet will show you millions of options that may offer unbelievably low pricing or value-added services, most of which are actually scams. Fortunately, California Psychics makes this whole process fairly simple for you. You are looking for a reliable and trustworthy platform offering tarot card reading services and more, California Psychics has it all. From free tarot card reading online to psychic readings to aura reading to crystal healing, etc. The platform is not new to the world of mystic services.

California Psychics dates back to the 1990s, when it first began its operation. Today, after more than two decades-worth of success, California Psychics stands top of the line in tarot card reading online service providers. If you are still not convinced, you can visit their website and check out the plethora of positive reviews and ratings that they are so proud of. California Psychics has had the honor of serving millions of tarot card reading and online psychic reading customers to date. From first-time users to brand loyalists, all California Psychics users vouch for their authenticity and quality.

In addition to this, California Psychics is also praised in the online tarot card reading community for its exceptional faculty members and tarot card reading experts. They have rightfully earned this reputation by maintaining their quality standards and setting an industry benchmark for others to follow. No matter the demand for online tarot card reading services, California Psychics ensures that each expert reader on their panel is chosen on the basis of merit. This helps California Psychics maintain the same excellence in quality standards that they are famous for. The recruitment process is not an easy one, but it ensures that each shortlisted tarot reading expert on the panel is exceptional. From their qualification to their professional experience to their specialty, all these factors are considered in the recruitment process.

The best part, we all have access to this information. Yes, California Psychics believes in keeping transparent and honest with all their customers; hence their psychic expert’s portfolio is available on the platform. This not only speaks volumes of the authenticity of California Psychics but also gives an opportunity to new users to explore all their options. You can screen the entire tarot card reader’s portfolio and pick an expert of your choice and preference. How convenient is that!

If you face any troubles operating the platform or have some questions regarding tarot card readings, you can get in touch with any California Psychics customer support member for assistance. They offer above-par customer support services. Their representatives are present 24/7 to help you with anything and everything. Moreover, their friendly and courteous nature greatly helps California Psychics stand out from the crowd. If you wish to try your luck with online tarot readings from California Psychics, you can do a live chat with their support staff to get clarity on everything. You will not be disappointed, and we can assure you that!

Exclusive Tarot Card Reading Offers by California Psychics

Even though online tarot reading services have existed for a while, a lot of people still are unaware of platforms like California Psychics. In order to encourage more people to try online tarot readings, California Psychics took the initiative of offering affordably-priced online services as well as a few free offerings.

If it is the first time you are setting up an online tarot reading session with California Psychics, you can avail yourself of the first 5 minutes of the session absolutely free of cost. Besides this, the regular pricing plan also starts from a low rate of $1 for every minute. You can browse through their three pricing plans and pick the one that offers you the best value for money.

Key Highlights – Plus Side of Choosing California Psychics

  • Reliable tarot card readings from experienced readers and professionals
  • Round-the-clock customer care assistance
  • Tarot card reading available via phone, video, live chat
  • Free 5 minute tarot reading trial for new users
  • Easy-on-the-pocket tarot services, low rate of$1 per 60 seconds

Let California Psychics be your guide. Click here to experience your first 5-minute tarot card reading session absolutely free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does a Tarot Card Reading encapsulate?

A tarot card reading is performed to get clarity on your future and help those struggling with a rough patch in life. In a typical tarot card reading session, the tarot reader performs a specialized tarot reading routine by using a set of 78 tarot cards. This is further categorized into two major categories:

Major Arcana

This deck contains 22 cards that depict the significance of several aspects of life. They help with critical decision-making and help users see things with more clarity. You may also see these cards in various mainstream movies and TV shows wherever tarot card readers are involved.

Minor Arcana

This deck occupies a larger chunk of tarot cards and holds great value for the user. These cards help you gain insight into everyday life matters and the common obstacles that we all face along the way. The tarot readings based on Minor Arcana reflect the momentary situation of your life and are subject to change.

A tarot card reading expert begins the session by laying out a set of 10 cards from their deck to answer the burning questions that will define your destiny. Only a tarot reading expert is able to decipher the hidden meaning behind each tarot card and what significance it brings for you.

With reliable platforms like Kasamba and Keen Psychics for a free tarot reading online, accurate results are guaranteed.

Q2. How to take advantage of your first free online tarot reading?

How to take advantage of your first free online tarot reading?

The online psychic sessions are always flexible when it comes to your preferences. The multiple sessions offered for free can be in any specifics that you want to have a session regarding. You have to make sure that your choice is perfect for the answers you are looking for. It would be best if you used the opportunity of free sessions to connect with the right mystic reader for yourself.

Bearing all the factors in mind, remember that the first choice of your tarot reader may not be the right or best choice for you. You may need to consult few different tarot readers to find the one who stands out and fits in for your requirements perfectly. Kasamba and other platforms likewise offer free trials with various practitioners. You must take as many free sessions as you require before choosing to go on with a paid session.

In your tarot reading session, a deciding factor could be your comfort level and understanding of the tarot reader. If you feel that a particular online tarot reader is perfect for you, there you go! You may book your paid session with this one!

The method is quite simple. You fill in all the required data in the forms and choose to enter the world of psychic readings. Your doors for the magical world of tarot readings will unleash your future for you!

Q3. How to prepare for your first online tarot reading?

When you are entering a free online tarot reading session at , please keep in mind that your head should be clear of any thoughts, and you must enter a session with a very open mind. You must be in a form where you can accept and understand whatever is being told to you and let it sink in. Your mental state plays a significant role during a tarot session; you must not be confused or think about anything that makes you restless. A key to accurately assessing your tarot reading session involves your mind to be free of any stress or anxiety.

Another essential factor contributing to your free online tarot reading session is your personal belief in the mystic powers. A factor that should never be missed in such sessions is the consideration that people with natural and gifted psychic abilities are susceptible to negativity and negative emotions. They can feel the energy and reciprocate in the same manner if you walk in with any negative thoughts in your mind that may affect your session. This outflow of negative energy may also result in an overwhelming experience for your tarot reader resulting in a disturbing session.

You must also make sure that the internet connection you are using is stable and secure. You must use a room that has positive vibes and relaxing energy. You may create an ambiance that’s soothing for you to enhance your experience of the free online tarot reading session. Considering all these steps will result in a successful tarot reading session for you.

The Bottom Line

After reading this blog, we hope that you will develop a newfound love for tarot card readings or at least be curious to attend your first online tarot session. This applies specifically to those who are going through a rough patch in life and cannot seem to find a solution.

If you are having a hard time finding your true calling in life and wish to take better control of your future, online tarot card readings are ideal for you. The experience and expertise of an online tarot reading expert can help you look at things from a positive perspective and improve your decision-making skills with time. It will allow you to stay a step ahead in the race of time and plan things accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your phone and get in touch with any of the top 4 tarot card reading platforms that we discussed in detail today. These platforms come with multiple years of successful experience with millions of satisfied customers. With their free online tarot reading offers, you are bound to score a winning deal. So, hurry up and get ready to avail your first tarot reading session. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed; we can bet our tarot cards on that.

Good luck!

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