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Online Psychic Reading: Most Trusted Psychics Websites of 2021

Considering our fast-paced lifestyle, a psychic reading online can be a game-changer when things seem out of control. We’re surrounded by so much information that we often misread and misinterpret situations and actions. Experienced psychics use their intuition to help people see things clearly and understand their true meaning, no matter how distressing the current circumstances are.

The best psychic reading paves the way for a brighter future by giving hints. It doesn’t obey your desires. Instead, it tells you what you must know to improve your life. Mystic guidance has helped millions of people approach life in a better way and make fruitful decisions.

Thankfully, you don’t have to visit a local shop to see a psychic today. You can get powerful readings at home within minutes. The only catch is that you must weed out fraudsters from authentic psychics.

We understand that it’s not easy to share your personal life details with someone over the internet. If you end up connecting with a scammer, you’ll only waste your time, energy, and money.

But don’t fret.

Our detailed reviews will bridge the gap between you and the right psychic.

This guide features four online platforms known for offering the best psychic readings.

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A Rundown of the Most Prominent Psychic Networks

After rigorous analysis, our team has compiled a list of websites you can use to get the most reliable psychic readings.

Instead of typing “best psychics near me” and trusting your gut, you should consider taking the first step on the mystic path with any of the service providers below.

After reading this guide, you’ll have an accurate idea of their interface convenience, customer service, and reading quality and reliability.

A trustworthy reader base will get you out of the “helpless” mode and empower you to take charge of your life. These sites offer a free psychic reading to newbies to gain their trust.

These platforms ensure a seamless, comfortable, and flexible experience. Both new and existing users can expect top-notch service.

Discover our carefully curated selection of psychic sites below.


  • Life-altering advice and predictions on different themes
  • Accurate answers to love and relationship questions
  • A universal psychic directory of talented experts
  • Caters to the requirements of 3+ million users day in and night out.
  • Live chat, video call, and phone psychic readings
  • Free psychic reading online after sign-up for three minutes
  • Discounted first session
  • Kasamba mobile app for extra flexibility

Keen Psychics

  • User-friendly portal to bring real psychics in one place
  • Straightforward navigation with shortcuts and categories
  • Various options to suit users’ budgets and availability
  • Readings via phone, chat, and email
  • The most preferred option for financial tips
  • $1.99 per-minute charges for a 10-minute session
  • Free reading for three minutes after registration

Psychic Source

  • Enlightening sessions on critical matters
  • Expert psychics providing insights 24/7
  • Unsurpassed customer support
  • No geographical limitations for customers
  • Free three-minute mystic experience
  • Introductory discount of 75%
  • Prompt responses from the customer care team

Mystic Sense

  • A group of 500 mystics at your service
  • Available experts featured on the main page
  • A simple four-step registration process
  • Five minutes for an unpaid consultation
  • Service testing made easy for new users
  • Boasts 14,000 reviews on the site
  • Cheap psychic readings on all subjects

Now is the time to go into the details of the offerings of these platforms so that you know what to expect.

#1. Kasamba – Dependable Psychics with Exceptional Qualifications and Expertise


Kasamba prides itself on assisting people in accomplishing their goals with experienced psychics’ guidance. The platform moderators double-check their credentials and ratings to ensure you converse with trusted advisors only.

How it Works

Kasamba manages to provide all members with enlightening psychic experiences by keeping its interface up-to-date. It is a reliable destination for anyone looking for love psychics or other mystic specialists. It also has a tarot reader base that allows individuals to communicate with the deceased through psychic mediums.

All profiles are displayed on the website. You can create a list of selected candidates from which the final choice can be made. A wide array of subordinate categories simplifies the process and introduces a solution adapted to your requirements.

The moment you click to chat with a psychic, you’ll be directed to the login or registration section. After feeding your information, you’ll become a Kasamba member. You can request notification if a professional is unavailable. They’ll return your call or message at their earliest.

Furthermore, on Kasmaba, you’ll find trustworthy, honest reviews that enable you to stay away from psychics with poor ratings.

Reading Variety

A classic mystic experience involves a psychic rendering predictions about your overall life and well-being.

In addition to tarot readings, Kasamba readers can seek explanations of repetitive dream clues. They can also get astrological interpretations on varied topics by sharing their birthdate. Your planet’s alignment will reveal important future insights.

Want your mystic specialist to expound on your love life and extramarital affairs?

They’ll help regain your lost love and achieve emotional fulfillment using their innate powers.

Apart from this, you may opt for elucidation regarding your financial struggles and career milestones. Lastly, Kasamba members can have a psychic read their palms and answer questions about intimacy, paranormal activities, and the like.

Free Psychic Reading Online

Kasamba supports newcomers to engage in a dialog with multiple mystics before taking money out for their wallets. You get three minutes with each new psychic. If a reading appeases you, the price of your first detailed session will be cut to half.

Communication Options

For people avoiding in-person meetings, Kasamba offers phone and chat psychic readings. On each psychic profile, you can check the available communication option. More often than not, experts are okay with either option. This ensures zero compromises on your personal choice.

Customer-Focused App and Portal

Kasamba has an intuitive portal that promises seamless registration and psychic finding experience for everyone, including inexperienced users.

The mobile app has made psychic readings accessible for people looking for mystic guidance during the commute or when at work. It has taken user convenience up a notch to ensure top-class service.

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Keen Psychics: A Psychic Platform That Has Maintained the Highest Reading Accuracy Standards


Keen Psychics has received 10,000+ raving reviews from people worldwide. It’s a prominent name in the psychic industry today. Incredible customer support and service quality are the cornerstones of this network’s success.

Millions of individuals have found the peace, comfort, and support they had been missing in life on this platform.

How it Works

Keen Psychics aims to make hassle-free psychic readings the industry standard. It has an uncomplicated portal with advanced functions to help you connect with a psychic near me.

As soon as you register on the site, you can enter relevant keywords in the bar with the microscope icon to view psychic profiles in your desired genre and budget bracket. Moreover, you can divulge in the exchange of vital information via online chat or call.

Keen Psychics sets itself apart with a psychic locator tool available on its website. This feature captures the essence of users’ interests and choices and introduces three potential matches. You’ll have the highest chances of receiving personalized results with these psychics.

Reading Options

Expert psychics on this creditable platform have years of training and experience under their belts. They are capable of expounding the challenges you’re facing and propose foolproof solutions to get them out of the way. They’ll spell out the problems and help you make head or tail of the issue at hand.

Keen Psychics is particularly famous for forecasts related to finances and jobs. If you want to lead a financially secure life, you can pin your hopes on their mystic potential.

Communication Methods

If you’re a “texter”, you can chat with live psychics on the website without any privacy concerns whatsoever. Alternatively, if you think speaking to the mystic will help build a stronger psychic-user attachment, you should opt for phone psychic readings.

Free Try-Out

Following Kasamba’s footsteps, Keen Psychics incentivizes customers to test their service to see whether they find it satisfactory and pleasing. The free try-out is in the form of three un-paid minutes with any specialist on the portal.

If the session doesn’t delight you, you can show your displeasure to the client support team and get them to settle accounts with you.

In contrast, if the reading fulfills your expectations, you’ll be encouraged to get an exhaustive one starting at a rate of $1.99/min.

Contentment Guarantee

Keen Psychics puts in a lot of effort while curating a list of expert psychics who’ll use their intelligence and mystic energies to share facts, recommendations, and other valuable info with you. They pledge to satisfy you with the readings at all costs.

If something flusters you during the session, you can get Keen Psychics to make up for it with a $25 reimbursement. This amount will be sent to your wallet, meaning it can be used for future sessions.

This service provider also willingly returns money to users who wish to part ways with the platform after the ordeal.

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Psychic Source: The Best Psychic Reading Website With a Worldwide Reach


Psychic Source has been a key industry player since 1969. It brings psychics from differing backgrounds on one forum.

How it Works

Psychic Source website shows hospitality to newbies with its “New Customer Offer” tab.

You can indulge in a conversation with a psychic for half an hour by paying $30. If that’s too much, you can pay $20 and $10 for a 20 and 10-minute session, respectively.

You can get the ball rolling by feeding personal details (name, gender, email, and date of birth). Then, an end-to-end encrypted password will be set for your account.


You can now navigate the portal and scrutinize diverse psychic profiles. Clicking on your desired category (phone, chat, or video readings) will push you to the next stage. You may then appoint a professional to help you discover what’s next in the whirlwind of your life.

To play safe, make sure you skim through the reading style, specialties, schedule, and user endorsements of each reader.

Newbie Consultation on the House

Every new member is greeted with a complimentary reading lasting 180 seconds. It is your chance to form an opinion of the psychic’s approach and style. The decision to continue or go forth with the reading is yours. The full session will be paid sans any hidden costs.

Slashed Rates

An elaborate session starts at $0.99/min. For novice members, the prices are further slashed by 75%. Whatever amount you’ve set aside for the introductory session, cheap psychics will make your experience worthwhile.

Information Transfer Ways

In addition to offering chat and phone psychic readings, Psychic Source allows individuals to interact with their favorite psychics via video call. Video sessions pave the way for stronger bonds between the user and reader.

Safety Accountability

Psychic Source aligns its policies, intentions, and schemes with user safety. It leverages the power of top-quality security software to ensure no bits of information are leaked to anyone. Customer anonymity isn’t something to be compromised.

At Psychic Source, the squad follows stringent practices for scam prevention. There’s no concern for users about having to deal with third parties.

Customer Relations and Mobile App

The help desk at Psychic Source comprises talented and friendly professionals striving to troubleshoot users’ issues then and there. They work round the clock to hear you out and provide quick fixes. The Live Help option on the site connects customers with staff members within seconds. Much to your rejoice, Psychic Source is willing to return the total payment to discontented individuals.

Additionally, the official app of Psychic Source is well suited for Android and iOS devices. This means you can request elucidation of anything popping in your mind anytime, anywhere.

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Mystic Sense: A newfangled Psychic Platform With Numerous Classes for Psychic Reading Near Me


Mystic Sense is an avant-garde network of psychics that has recently stepped foot in the industry. Thousands of users are living their dream lives today, thanks to the team of live psychics on this site.

With extra psychic reading options, it provides more liberty to customers and appears noticeably different from the competitors.

How it Works

Mystic Sense has a state-of-the-art website with a painless interface. You can view all functions at a glance and will face no hurdles finding a psychic near me.

You can join the Mystic Sense community within minutes. You just have to:

  • Give basic info about yourself
  • Share phone number and email id
  • Confirm account creation

At Mystic Sense, you must enter your location and time zone as well, though. Consequently, you’ll be matched with ideal local psychics. However, you’re not restricted from taking a global approach.

Search Function

Mystic Sense removes complexities from the psychic finding process. You can look into multiple categories and use search filters to find someone who fits your criteria. For example, you may opt for a professional life reading with crystal balls and a direct reading style for clear-cut results.

You can check which mediums particular psychics use before fixing a time for a meeting.

Readings Paradigms

On this site, you can correspond with a transcendental professional via live chat or speak with them on call. However, some users prefer setting up a video session to ensure they face each other throughout the discussion.

With that said, the options of reading types are interminable. For example, in the career category, you can get a psychic to talk about your future path, discuss your aspirations, or suggest the most fruitful track.

Free Session

Mystic Sense offers an experimental five-minute reading for individuals who have just joined the platform. However, to reap this benefit, you must first add some credit to your wallet.

Regardless of the session’s duration, the opening five minutes will be unpaid. In case you’re discontented with the rest of the reading and demand your money back, the client support members will return a certain amount, depending on your psychic’s rates and the numbers in your account.

Satisfaction Assurance

Mystic Sense strives to appoint exceptionally dignified live psychics to transform your vision into reality.

If a reader’s style doesn’t appease you or the revelations made are not to your liking, you can submit a refund request. You’ll soon be compensated with Mystic Sense minutes.

Yes. That’s right.

You will get a few extra minutes in place of the $$. You can use them when setting up an appointment with a new psychic. Make sure you don’t wait 48 hours or more before taking the matter to the client service team.

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What Procedure Did We Follow to Finalize the Best Psychic Reading Websites?


We live in a world where the internet provides access to accurate life predictions on reliable forums. Not just that, you get to avail yourself of some discounts and offers while testing the services.

Unfortunately, some providers have a malfunctioning screening process, which exposes you to scammers and ill-trained psychics. To ensure you don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of unreasonable conditions and limitations, you must find a good psychic reading service with legit specialists.

No matter how much your adversities have tricked your mind into believing you don’t deserve happiness or you’re the unluckiest person out there, you must shoo these thoughts away. Be hopeful that with the right support, you can bag all achievements you’ve prayed for. We suggest seeing a psychic reading session as a learning experience. Go with an open mind and try to learn as much as possible. Most importantly, apply that learning to overcome the toughest situations.

The right psychic will show you how to translate your anguish and hopelessness into rewarding actions that will keep you afloat. Even if you have a habit of brushing important issues under the carpet and ignoring the things that warrant your attention, you must make an exception when you decide to test the waters of online psychic reading.

The networks featured in our guide and at The Mercury News are ideal for investing your money, time, and energy. We finalized these names with the following factors in mind.

Psychic Directory

First and foremost, we validated the credentials and reliability of the psychics on each website. Once we were sure of the accuracy of their readings, we assessed the mystics’ behavior with customers.

We don’t want people to deal with unprofessional and demeaning psychics with poor listening and interpersonal skills. Every mystic on our chosen networks is open to conferring about assorted subjects and replying to your statements with devotion and engagement.

Service Diversity

After forming an impression of the psychic site’s directory, we focused on the reading paradigms they offer.

The networks reviewed herein render a broad selection of services covering your personal, job, and romantic life. From career prognosis and financial projections to romantic life predictions and dream analysis, they offer all sorts of divination services.

Specialists on these mystic floors wield diverse mediums to send messages to receive info from the deceased. Apart from this, we were impressed that these digital forums have experts sharing knowledge by phone, email, chat, and video call.

Genuine Feedback from Real Users

Should you put your trust in a psychic just because you’ll receive a free reading?

Absolutely not!

While it’s nice to experience psychic interaction without risking your money, it isn’t enough for you to sign up on a site.

User testimonials are your best friends when looking for the right psychic. Instead of trusting your guts, you should let this feedback free you from any doubts and suspicion. Our shortlisted contenders motivate clients to write a short note of their experience and how they felt afterward.

You can find these reviews in the psychic’s bio section. Since you’ll get to dive into the character, capability, and prudence of all experts, you’ll be in the best position to use your judgment to make the right call.

Let’s Talk Money

We urge you to look beyond free trials when signing up for a psychic reading experience. You must pay for all-inclusive sessions if you revolutionize your future and remold your destiny.

Luckily, all the psychic websites we’ve reviewed in this guide offer cheap psychic readings online. However, they do employ professionals with extraordinary training and expertise. You may opt for them if you’re willing to spend more money.

These sites empower you to enter your specific budget while fishing around for the perfect psychic. Alternatively, you can track down the pricing on the specialist’s profile.

The Sign-Up Procedure

Lastly, we evaluated the ease of registration offered by psychic service providers. We wanted to ensure that you could set up an account in a snap.

Kasamba, Keen, Psychic Source, and Mystic Sense take pride in letting customers turn into members in no more than a minute or two. You can then swiftly request a trial run with a psychic you deem able and trustworthy.

That’s pretty much it!

We are confident that the parameters we used to vet these psychic platforms yielded phenomenal results. These providers have accumulated years and decades of experience, accomplishments, and reputation under their belts.

There are no other sites you could trust more to get affordable readings at home.

Concluding Thoughts

Online psychic readings promise the highest level of flexibility, comfort, and satisfaction for the universal user base. You can dive into the massive pool of mystic professionals and handpick those whose values and approaches align well with your requirements.

All local psychics on these sites offer customized sessions instead of following a cookie-cutter approach.

So, Kasamba, Keen Psychics, Psychic Source, and Mystic Sense – which one of these platforms managed to win your hearts?

If there’s any confusion, feel free to try different psychics on all these networks. The first few minutes are always free, after all.

However, before embarking upon your mystic journey, keep in mind that a psychic can’t bring drastic changes in your life with a magic wand. Their intuition will push you in the right direction and help you reflect on whatever problem and challenges you’re facing.

So, why wait anymore when there’s no concern about wasted money?

A trial session hurts no one. We are sure that you’ll cross paths with a psychic fully equipped to kick out any variables that may be blocking your growth. Make sure you acknowledge your feelings and showcase the uprightness of your character by speaking the truth.

Only when you’re 100% honest will the mystic be able to find smart solutions for you and help you get through the unprecedented times with persistence. Say goodbye to pointless sorrow and gloomy days and prepare your future self to stay upbeat.

The more precisely you follow a psychic’s instructions and suggestions, the higher chances there will be to turn bad situations around. Consulting with a mystic is a reliable way of breaking all distorted perceptions and shifting your attitude to rise above the circumstances like a pro.

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