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Online Psychic Reading: Best Psychics Websites Of 2021

When you are going through a tough period in your life and want clarity and guidance, the best course of action is to try a psychic reading online. It can give you a clearer picture of your life and give you the resolution you need to tackle your problems. So whether you need help in making a big life decision or have burning questions related to your relationships and love, you can enlist the help of online psychics to get the answers and advice you need.

However, it can be difficult to find psychic reading services online that provide you with reliable and accurate guidance. There are dozens of options available to you, making it difficult to choose between online psychic reading services. It all comes down to your preference when deciding between the multiple websites offering psychic reading online. That can be annoying, confusing, and downright overwhelming for most people.

Therefore, to make that process easier for you, we have reviewed some of the best online psychic reading websites with authentic online psychics and offer trustworthy and accurate psychic reading online. Furthermore, we ensured that the psychic reading websites we reviewed had been in the industry for a long time and offered free minutes, discounted rates, and accurate readings to all customers.

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The Advantages of Getting an Online Psychic Reading

Most people today prefer to have in-person psychic reading sessions over online psychic reading. The main reason for that is they feel more comfortable having a face-to-face session with their psychic. However, there has been a marked decline in the number of searches for a psychic near me in the past couple of months. Of course, that could be due to the global pandemic, but people were opting for online psychic readings even before that.

The main advantage of online psychic reading is that you have time to research and pick from hundreds of different online psychics. In addition, when you visit a psychic reading website, you can use their filters to review the profile pages of different psychics, and you can connect with them through different modes of communication. For example, some people may prefer a chat reading while others want a phone reading.

You won’t get that experience with an in-person psychic reading. You don’t need to set an appointment or visit a physical location with an online psychic, and all you need is a stable internet connection to talk with the psychic of your choice 24/7. You can choose to have a psychic reading during your lunch, before you go to bed, or even when driving to a friend or relative’s house. The convenience afforded to you with an online psychic reading session is hard to beat.

The flexibility afforded to you in an online psychic reading session won’t be available with in-person psychic readings. The internet has improved many people’s lives and made the experience of connecting with online psychics straightforward. You also get to take advantage of free minutes for your psychic readings and can avail discounted rates. If you don’t like a particular online psychic, you can always end the session and choose another psychic instantly on the website.

Best Online Psychic Reading Websites of 2021

We understand how difficult it can be to select one psychic reading website out of the dozens available online. That’s why we have provided a brief overview of the special introductory offers and the price rates of these online psychic reading platforms. That will give you a better idea of which service is best suited for your psychic reading needs. Here is what each online psychic reading website we have reviewed offers users and clients:


  • Best for Tarot Readings and Astrology
  • Mobile App for on-the-go Readings
  • 3-Free Minutes with Every Reading
  • New Clients Get 70% Off

California Psychics

  • Best for Live Psychic Readings
  • $1/minute and 5-Free Minutes
  • 5-Star Reviews for Transparency
  • Mobile App on Google Play

Keen Psychics

  • Best for Guidance on Big Life Decisions
  • Connect Via Phone, Chat, or Email
  • Filter Psychics by Price, Rating, and Specialty
  • 10-Minute Readings for only $1.99

Ask Now

  • Highly Accurate Readings
  • Connect 24/7 Via Phone or Chat
  • Experts on Love, Money, and Career
  • 15-Minutes for Only $10 + 5-Free Minutes

Our Detailed Review: Best Online Psychic Reading Websites Ranked by Accuracy


Now that you have looked at the specialty of each online psychic reading service we have reviewed, we will give you a detailed review of each platform. Our goal is to provide you with enough knowledge so that you can make an informed decision. We hope that you will be able to select a trustworthy online psychic reading website that offers free psychic readings by phone or free psychic love readings by the end of this guide. Here’s what each online psychic reading service provides to its clients.

Kasamba – Free Psychic Reading Online for the First 3 Minutes


One of the best online psychic reading services we came across is Kasamba, which has millions of excellent reviews and is considered the best choice for love and tarot readings. The company has been in the industry since 1999 and has some of the best online psychics with years of experience in delivering accurate psychic readings online. They have served over three million customers in the past two decades and have assisted people in finding their path in matters of love, career success, and self-confidence.

Kasamba has an excellent free psychic reading online introductory offer where customers get the first three minutes of their psychic reading completely free, and the remaining session will be 50% off. People prefer Kasamba due to their best-in-class tarot card readers, who have resolved numerous people’s problems. In addition, their online psychics are experts in answering burning questions related to romantic relationships, finance, spiritual guidance, and love.

What We Love About Kasamba:

The best part is that you can choose from over 200 different online psychics at Kasamba, who are standing by to perform accurate tarot readings. Finding a suitable online psychic on the website only takes a couple of minutes, as you can filter and sort your pet psychics, tarot card readers, and fortune-tellers. There are profile pages for all their online psychics where you can learn about their specialty and book them for a psychic reading session. The filter allows you to easily connect with online psychics, who will provide you with concise and clear answers.

Getting in touch with online psychics at Kasamba is easy as you can choose from various modes of communication, including email, chat, or phone calls. If you decide on a phone reading, the first three minutes of your call will be completely free from Kasamba. The best part is that the offer will apply every time you get a psychic reading with a new online psychic on the website.

Once you cross the three-minute mark, you will be charged the regular rate of that online psychic. There are psychic mediums on the website that charge only $4.00 per minute, and the top experts on the platform can charge you nearly $20.00 per minute. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your psychic reading, Kasamba offers a 70% discount for the first reading session. There is also an affiliate program where users can earn nearly $150 that can be used for online psychic reading sessions in the future. All you need to do is place the banners and text links that promote Kasamba on your website.

If you prefer getting psychic readings on the go, you don’t have to worry, as Kasamba also offers a mobile app that you can download. It has a sleek user-friendly interface that allows you to access your preferred online psychics anywhere and anytime. Thus, you will be receiving the same authentic and accurate psychic reading, with the only difference being that you get to enjoy the convenience of getting it through your smartphone.

The specialty of the online psychics on Kasamba is tarot card reading. There are daily readings offered with cartomancy and three-card spreads that deliver focus and clarity to your life. So if you’re looking for answers about your future and want guidance on your love life and career choices, Kasamba is the best online psychic reading service for you.

Best Features of Kasamba:

  • Connect with an online psychic 24/7 via email, live chat, or phone call
  • The best platform for authentic online tarot card readings
  • All psychic readings come with the three free minutes’ offer
  • New members can get 70% off for their first psychic reading session
  • Over 200 different online psychics to choose from

Get Answers About Your Future and Get Guidance on Your Love Life from the Specialist Psychics at Kasamba

California Psychics – Excellent Love and Relationship Readings


California Psychics is one of our top picks for people who are looking for love and relationship readings online. The company has been in the industry since the 1990s and has gained an impressive reputation. They have experienced online psychics on their platform and have delivered excellent psychic readings to millions of people.

Every online psychic at California Psychics goes through an extensive vetting and screening process before they are hired on the platform. Their rigorous authentication process ensures that every online psychic has the abilities that they claim to have. The psychic readers also have their profile on the website where you can read their bio and book a session from them.

The profile of every psychic includes information related to the psychic’s availability, specialty, and price for each session. You can filter through these options based on your preference and connect with an online psychic. For example, if you want to connect with a psychic experienced in fortune-telling or astrology, you can use the filters to narrow down your options.

What We Love About California Psychics:

California Psychics offers an extensive range of psychic readings to users, including dream interpretation, astrology readings, and energy work. However, the online psychics on this platform are famous for their love and relationship readings. The online psychics will examine intricate details about your love life and look for romantic, fidelity, and compatibility connections between you and your potential or current partners.

As love and relationship readings can be personal and intense, the online psychics at California Psychics offers complete privacy and confidentiality for your reading session. They will discreetly provide you with the support and guidance you need and be with you every step of the way. You can also connect with the love psychics on the platform through video calls, online chat, or phone calls.

Every psychic reading session comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can also get a complete refund for your psychic reading session if you’re not enlightened or satisfied with the online psychic or the answers you were given in your session. The online psychics also charge custom rates, with the most affordable psychics offering $5 per minute, while the top-rated psychics on the platform can charge you up to $20 per minute.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your online psychic readings, you can take advantage of their special promotion, where the first three minutes of your reading session will be completely free. California Psychic is one of the best options for anyone looking for authentic and accurate readings and experienced love psychics.

The growing reputation of the company in the past two decades and their experience in the industry make it an ideal choice for anyone who is after accurate psychic readings online. It has authentic psychics, competitive rates, and free minutes to provide you with answers to resolve your love and relationship problems.

Best Features of California Psychics:

  • Connect with some of the best online psychics in the world
  • Strong reputation with over two decades of experience in the industry
  • New customers get five free minutes for their session
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your psychic reading is free
  • Excellent for a love tarot reading
  • All online psychics are tested for authenticity
  • Accurate psychic readings delivered via video call, phone calls, or online chat

Illuminate Your Love Life and Obtain Accurate Psychic Readings from the Expert Online Psychics at California Psychics

Keen Psychics – Best for Guidance On Life’s Big Decisions


Keen Psychics has established its reputation as one of the leading online psychic reading platforms since 1999. Over that time, it has delivered accurate psychic readings to millions of people at the most affordable rates in the industry. The company is renowned for having some of the best rates for online psychic reading sessions. Whether you want guidance on your romantic past or future or your financial situation, you can rely on accurate readings from the online psychics at Keen.

The best part is that there are more than 1.700 online psychics on the platform, and you can use the filter on the website to connect with online psychics based on their customer reviews, price rates, and specialties. The profiles also have a brief description for the psychic so that you can learn about their life and their experience before starting your session with them.

Finding and connecting with authentic psychics on Keen will only take a couple of minutes. You can search for them based on their specialty and refine the filter based on their price for each psychic reading. The most common specialties offered by the online psychics at Keen include fortune telling, spiritual readings, and tarot readings.

What We Love Best About Keen:

If you don’t want to scroll through the thousands of profiles for online psychics at Keen, you don’t need to worry. An automated matching tool helps pair you with online psychics based on your desired reading preferences, interests, and mood. The algorithm is excellent at connecting you with an online psychic that matches your needs.

You can connect with online psychics at Keen through various modes of communication, including email, online chat, or phone calls. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every psychic reading session regardless of how you choose to connect with them. In addition, all your psychic readings will be confidential and private.

If you prefer getting psychic readings on the go, you can download the Keen mobile app from Google Play or the App Store. The easy-to-use and sleek mobile app provide users with all the features they will find on the website and connect with online psychics anytime and anywhere. In addition, if you have never experienced a psychic reading before in life, you can browse through the extensive resources available on the website.

You can get helpful tips and learn what to do and what not to do in your psychic reading sessions. You will also know what to expect from your psychic reading session. The online psychics at Keen have some of the most affordable rates in the business, and you will be charged between $1.99 to $50.00 per minute.

Keen is a favorite for budget-conscious users who are looking for affordable psychic readings. New customers at Keen can get their fabulous offer where they can get a ten-minute psychic reading for only $1.99, which is one of the best promotional offers in the industry. Anyone looking for live psychic readings at an affordable rate won’t find a better platform on the internet.

Keen Psychics has some of the most competitive rates and experienced online psychics who will provide you with life-changing advice and guidance that will change your life. In addition, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all your psychic reading sessions, so you know you will find the answers you are looking for on this platform.

Best Features of Keen Psychics:

  • More than 1,700 talented psychics to choose from
  • Excellent mobile app for on-the-go psychic services
  • One of the best online psychic reading websites in the industry
  • Connect 24/7 with online psychics via email, phone calls, or online chat
  • The most affordable psychic readings online (Pay $1.99 for a ten-minute reading)

Connect with the Most Talented Online Psychics at the Most Affordable Rates for Psychic Reading at Keen Psychics

Ask Now – Obtain Highly Accurate Psychic Readings Online


Ask Now is one of the best online psychic reading websites, and they have online psychics who are experts in spiritual readings, mediumship, and dream analysis. The online psychics on the platform are talented individuals who can tap into a person’s energy and derive information about a person’s past, present, or future. They can reveal things about a person’s life that they may never be aware of until psychic reading.

The psychic mediums at the platform are experienced in tuning in to a person’s spiritual energy without being in the same room. Ask Now has established an impressive reputation for having some of the most elite and respected online psychics and psychic mediums. The company has been in the industry since 2005 and has an impressive team of spiritual advisors and online psychics.

Ask Now also screens their psychic mediums for authenticity and ensures that their customers get accurate psychic readings. The main focus of the platform is on quality over quantity. There are dozens of psychic reading services like love life advice, tarot card readings, and dream analysis. After picking your desired specialty, you can connect with your professional psychic via online chat or phone calls.

What We Love About Ask Now:

Every online psychic reading on Ask Now has a detailed profile, which can help you make an informed decision regarding your psychic reading. That allows you to learn about your online psychics’ rates, credentials, and specialties before connecting with them through online chat or phone calls. The best thing is that you can also get psychic readings in Spanish on the platform.

Ask Now offers customers psychic readings at only $10 for 15 minutes. You can also avail a five-minute free psychic reading session with a master psychic on the platform. Once you have used this offer, you can book phone and chat readings for only $1 per minute. Due to the impressive range of services offered to you by Ask Now, they are regarded as one of the premier psychic platforms.

All the chat and phone readings offered on the platform come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the psychic reading experience, you will be credited with five free minutes for a psychic reading with an online psychic on the website.

Best Features of Ask Now:

  • Online psychic readings offered in Spanish and English
  • Connect with online psychics through phone calls or online chat
  • All online psychics are tested for authenticity
  • 15 minutes for only $10 + 5 free minutes with their master psychics
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Expert online psychics for dream analysis, spiritual readings, and love relationships

Get Online Psychic Readings from Expert Online Psychics at Ask Now

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Psychic Reading Websites of 2021 Ranked by Accuracy


Even though online psychic readings are in demand today, we understand that most people will be new to this experience. There may be several questions you want to be answered before you decide on a particular psychic reading website. Therefore, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding online psychic reading services. These include:

Are Psychic Readings by Chat or Phone Reliable and Accurate?

The best part about connecting with online psychics over the phone or through online chat is that you can be confident that you will be getting an authentic reading. The online psychics on the platform have been thoroughly screened and vetted for authenticity, so you know that they specialize in the gifts they claim. As a result, you won’t get conned or scammed and understand that the psychic reading you are getting will be accurate and reliable.

Sometimes the online psychic may need further information from you before they can give you a definitive answer, or they may not choose to respond immediately. However, that shouldn’t frustrate you because each person’s life and problems are unique. Therefore, the energy surrounding you may require more time before you are given a concrete answer or solution.

You should let your online psychic guide you through the session instead of side-stepping their questions and second-guessing every answer they give. These online psychics are trained and gifted individuals who know how to find the spiritual answers you seek in your spiritual process. All you need to do is give them plenty of room and time for doing their jobs.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Selecting an Online Psychic?

Most people aren’t aware of the extensive variety that exists in the online psychic industry. There are thousands of experienced and gifted psychics who have been blessed with supernatural powers and gifts. The key to finding an online psychic is to find one that specializes in the ability you need.

For example, you can’t expect a professional pet psychic to provide you with excellent tarot readings, as it is not their specialty. You may find an online psychic with experience in both those fields, but you can’t expect excellence in their readings. Therefore, you should consider your values and goals before you enter a free psychic reading session.

You should ask yourself what you want and expect from the psychic reading session. Are you looking to grow as a person? If you answered yes, you need to connect with an online psychic who can give you advice and guidance on shaping your future. The style and personality of an online psychic can influence your satisfaction and comfort with your psychic reading session.

Pick an online psychic who provides gentle and sincere guidance without being judgmental. The online psychics you choose should make you feel safe during the session so that you’re not hesitant in sharing your deepest fears and insecurities with them. Multiple psychic readers may offer you the same advice, but how they have shared that information with you will be what matters.

For example, an online psychic may say that you have “gold digger” tendencies because you are obsessed with wealth. However, a more experienced and diplomatic psychic may suggest that your insecurity about material wealth and money negatively impacts your relationships. Did you notice the difference in both answers?

You need to be prepared to hear some harsh truths and answers from your online psychic reading session. It may even be uncomfortable for you, but the best online psychics will respect your limits and ensure that you can heal from the truth and get on the right track.

What’s the Difference Between Medium Readings and Psychic Readings?

You may find it difficult to distinguish between medium readings and psychic readings at first. Even though mediums are psychics, you can’t have psychics who are mediums. It’s essential to understand the difference between the two to make an informed decision when you’re choosing a psychic reading online.

Psychics can access the energy of an object or a person, and use that aura to feel or sense someone’s experience, whether it is in their past or their future. In addition, psychics tend to use their natural abilities and intuition to gather information about their clients.

On the other hand, Mediums are experts in medium reading, which allows you to connect with a person who has left this world or has been missing for a long time. They can help you communicate with ghosts, angels, and spirits. Psychic mediums use their abilities to feel and hear messages from other worlds and bridge the spiritual and physical world.

What to Avoid When Getting a Psychic Reading Online?

You should rely on customer reviews when you’re researching an online psychic on any psychic reading website. That will help you separate mediocre psychics from the gifted ones. When you take the time out to research, it can make a big difference to your psychic reading experience. When you’re on a psychic reading website, check if they provide a satisfaction guarantee for their psychic readings.

If they don’t offer you free credits or refunds, it may be a scam. You can reduce your risk by searching for online psychic reading services that offer free psychic readings to new customers. If you don’t like how the psychic reading session is going, you can leave without any reservations. Online psychics can provide you with the answers you need to take your life in the right direction, but they can’t predict everything with 100% accuracy.

You should consider it a red flag if your psychic gives you a prediction about the day you will die or gives you the winning numbers for the lottery. These predictions mean that the online psychic is scamming you and have overstepped their boundaries.

Our Final Thoughts

The best online psychic reading services can change your life for the better by giving you accurate psychic readings. They can provide you with the comfort and direction you need in your life and clear your confusion regarding love and relationships. If you’re feeling lost or stuck in your professional or personal life, it’s worth connecting with an online psychic.

The best online psychics for you will depend on your problems and needs. We have shared our reviews for the best online psychic reading services ranked by accuracy and authenticity. Once you connect with your online psychic, you should trust them so that they give you the answers you need to move through life with assurance and conviction.

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