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NAD+ Boosters Review – Best NAD Supplements to Buy in 2021

For years, people have searched for a unique formula to combat aging. Although there is no magic solution to make you 25 years old again, there are some anti-aging supplements to slow the effects of aging. These are known as NAD+ booster supplements.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) boosters fight aging by targeting cells. The supplement promotes anti-aging effects within the body. Most NAD+ supplements contain nicotinamide riboside (NR) or nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

NAD+ booster supplements are safe for most adults and can be purchased from reputable online sellers. In the following article, we have compiled a list of the best NAD+ boosters available in 2021.

We also offer an informative guide on NAD+ boosters. We discuss how NAD+ boosters work and how they can boost your overall health. Also, see the safety of NAD+ boosters and find out what science has to say about the supplement’s effectiveness.

Best NAD Supplements to Buy in 2021

Our team of experts evaluated several NAD+ supplement manufacturers. We contacted each company, reviewed label information, and tested the products to conclude the top NAD+ boosters available on the market. In the following section, see a catalog of our favorite NAD+ boosters for 2021:

Tru Niagen


Tru Niagen is one of the most popular NAD+ boosters on the market. With a trustworthy reputation, it’s easy to see why. Tru Niagen promotes cell production and repair. It contains 500mg Niagen nicotinamide riboside (NR) per dosage.

A study on the effectiveness of dosages between 100mg and 1,000mg has shown that one Tru Niagen capsule daily can raise NAD+ levels by up to 80%.

Tru Niagen made it to the top of our list because its benefits are backed by science. Most users trust this brand to fight aging, improve cellular energy, and promote overall health.

You can purchase Tru Niagen as 300mg capsules or 500mg capsules in bottles of 30, 90, or 180 tablets each. Tru Niagen offers bulk deals as you pay less when purchasing large amounts.

Cymbiotika NMN


Cymbiotika NMN is also a familiar name on the NAD+ booster market. Each dose contains nicotinamide mononucleotide. The label also lists other complementary additives like green tea extract, green coffee bean, apigenin, and resveratrol.

The supplement is known to provide your body with nutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants, and other precursors vital for boosting NAD+ levels. Cymbiotika suggests two tablets daily for maximum benefit. The health benefits include a boost in energy, anti-aging, DNA protection, revitalization, and cognitive health.



When it comes to NAD+ boosters, Elysium is a frontrunner. Elysium capsules contain a clinically tested B-vitamin that has been shown to slow down brain atrophy in aging people. According to a study, the B-vitamin compound slowed grey matter decay in regions linked to memory and learning by more than 80%.

In addition, Elysium capsules also contain anthocyanins, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. The Elysium manufacturers are pretty confident that their product will work. They also offer a test kit to measure your biological age at home.

The idea is to measure your biological age before and after using the supplement. Elysium claims that the capsules promote anti-aging by using them daily.

The Elysium formula contains two fundamental NAD+ boosters. The first is Matter which improves cognitive health, and the other is Basis, which supports DNA health and anti-aging.

Besides containing vital ingredients, the supplement is a top choice as the benefits of Elysium are backed by human clinical trials.



RiboGen is a one-of-a-kind contender on our list. The manufacturers claim that the RiboGen formula is the only NAD+ booster that contains NR in the same pure form as NR used for clinical testing and trials. RiboGen holds 300mg NR per capsule.

RiboGen works similarly to most NAD+ boosters on our list. The supplement provides specific elements to promote health and improve NAD+ levels. RiboGen is a top-quality product as it features a concentration of 99.5% NR and 0.5% Nicotinamide (NAM).

RiboGen sells at $330 per bottle. Although the price is much higher than most products in their review, it’s worth mentioning that the bottle holds 300 units. So, when comparing the quality and price of RiboGen, to other NAD+ boosters, the value for money is excellent.

Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator


Like the name of the supplement suggests, Life Extension NAD+ aims to promote longevity. The supplement works by raising NAD+ levels and regenerating cells within the body. Like many other NAD+ supplements on our list, Life Extension NAD+ Cell regenerator features capsules containing 300mg NR.

Each dose also contains trans-resveratrol, which also improves and raises NAD+ levels. The supplement also lists other benefits that include cellular energy improvement, increased mitochondrial health, supports cell production, and several others.

A bottle of Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator will cost you less than $50. We’re pretty impressed with the price range, as this supplement contains the same ingredients as many of its rivals on our list. NR Chloride Powder

image9 features one of the most potent NR formulas on the market. Although the content isn’t in capsule form, you can use the powder to make your own. When purchasing from, you can buy NR powder in 10g doses at less than $30 each.

All batches of NR Chloride Powder feature a lab report that guarantees product transparency and quality. The powder is packaged in a UV protective jar that keeps degradation to a minimum. In this way, buyers receive a high dose of NR without fillers and additives listed by other NAD+ supplements suppliers.

Alive By Science


Alive by Science features a unique approach to NAD+ boosters. Instead of NR capsules or powders, this company offers liposomal gels. The best sellers include the NMN Resveratrol Gel and the NAD+ Resveratrol Gel. It’s recommended to place the gel underneath the tongue, and you can choose from a range of products priced at $50 to $80 per unit.

The Alive by Science website also features NAD+ and NMN supplements in capsule form with various products. From all the NAD+ supplement companies on our list, Alive By Science offers the best range for people who seek unique products.

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal


Another reputable company, Quicksilver Scientific, features an NAD+ booster that goes by the name NAD+ Gold. According to the manufacturer, the booster benefits aging by improving energy in cells and cognitive health.

Similar to the products of Alive By Science, NAD+ Gold is also a liposomal product, allowing more vital ingredients to enter your bloodstream. Taking NAD+ Gold is straightforward. Simply pump two servings onto your tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. The intense formula contains NMN to raise NAD+ levels within the body.

The Quicksilver Scientific NAD+ Gold liquid tincture is a well-known NAD+ supplement that will cost you $60 per unit.

HPN Supplements NAD3


HPN Supplements features a unique NAD+ booster supplement named NAD3. The manufacturer advertises NAD3 as the “fountain of youthfulness,” and each serving delivers a dose of 311mg.

While most NAD+ booster supplements contain NMN, NR, or both, HPN supplements took a different path. The company’s formula contains wasabi, copper nicotinic acid, and theacrine. These ingredients have all proven to improve NAD+ levels.

HPN Supplements claim that the NAD+ booster can reduce cell inflammation, activate NRF2, boost mitochondrial function, and slow aging. Additionally, you will receive 60 capsules for $60, making it a top-value choice.

Toniq NMN


We are fond of Toniq NMN’s attractive packaging. Toniq NMN is a no-nonsense manufacturer that features an NAD+ booster supplement with NMN. In addition, each NAD+ booster batch contains 99% pure NMN to effectively boost NAD+ levels.

What’s more, Toniq NMN is reasonably priced. You can purchase 60 capsules for $45, which is much less than most suppliers on our list. With bulk deals, you can buy a large bottle that contains 180 servings. Like NP, NMN also provides the body with vital elements to enhance NAD+ levels.

Liftmode NMN


Liftmode promotes its NAD+ booster as a supplement that can increase cognitive functions, boost cell energy, and provide regenerating effects. Plus, the company stores the NMN capsules in a sealable, transparent jar to preserve potency.

Each Liftmode NMN batch contains 10g of nicotinamide mononucleotide. In this way, you can customize each dose however you prefer. Although both NR and MNM are proven to boost NAD+ levels, NMN is not linked to vitamin B3. NMN is a nucleotide that is produced synthetically.

How We Picked the Best NAD + Boosters for 2021

There are several NAD+ boosters on the market, claiming to improve NAD+ levels. However, not all NAD+ products are of high quality.

To ensure we select the best products available, our team measures each product based on the following quality standards:

Tested Ingredients

Although NAD+ booster products feature a list of ingredients, two ingredients are proven to be most effective for boosting NAD+ levels. There are NR(nicotinamide riboside) and NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide).

Top-quality NAD+ boosters will contain at least one of these ingredients, as both NR and NMN are vital to the production and improvement of NAD+. When concluding our list, we valued products with clinically tested ingredients.

Dosage Strength

After evaluating the NAD+ product ingredients, we zoomed in on the dosage. Although some products contained all the needed ingredients, the dosages were weak. The most effective NAD+ products will include the correct elements with high dosages. All products on our list feature both these qualities.


Several NAD+ boosters on the market aren’t transparent about the supplement’s content or formula. However, we prefer companies that are transparent about the content. In this way, we don’t have to worry about unwanted or dangerous content.

Supporting Ingredients

We’ve already mentioned that there are two proven ingredients to boost NAD+ levels. Yet, according to studies, several other complementary ingredients like resveratrol and turmeric also contain anti-aging properties. Although we didn’t consider supporting components a must, we highly ranked products containing these additives.

Brand Reputation

When it comes to trusted NAD+ brands, Cymbiotika, Niagen, and Elysium are some of the most respected names on the market. These manufacturers have produced top-rated NAD+ supplements for years.

Some companies have also tested their products through human trials. So when it comes to selecting the best brands, we preferred companies with a reputable and trustworthy reputation.

Value and Cost

Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on NAD+ booster products. Therefore, we included NAD+ supplements at different prices. Although some NAD+ supplements are cheaper than others, we ensured to only list products that offer genuine value for money.

Advertised Benefits

When shopping for NAD+ boosters, you’ll find that some companies exaggerate the benefits of the products. Some claim that the anti-aging booster can make you 20 years younger or promise a quick solution for weight loss. Although NAD+ boosters have proven benefits, we were careful not to add companies on our list that make exaggerated claims.

Human Clinical Trials

On our Best NAD+ booster product list, we feature some companies that invested in clinical trials. We value products backed by science. In this way, we can ensure that the product is safe and works as advertised.

Four Health Benefits of NAD+ Boosters

With several benefits, many people use NAD+ boosters daily. Here are four of the main benefits that you can expect when using a top-quality NAD+ booster:

Improves Memory in Older People

As people grow older, they might experience memory loss. NAD+ is crucial for rebuilding DNA and reduces neuronal stress. Several NAD+ users have claimed that the booster improved their memory.

Weight Loss

According to various studies, NAD+ boosters have weight loss properties as it fights the effects of diets high in fat. In one study, scientists studied two groups of mice. One group received NR-containing supplements, while the other group received a placebo supplement.

Both groups of mice followed a high-fat diet, and the NR-using group gained more than 50% less weight than the mice using the placebo supplement.

Reverse Aging Effects

Many NAD+ boosters users claim that the supplement can reverse or reduce the effects of growing older. Although NAD+ boosters can’t make you physically younger, several studies imply that the supplement can help your system combat particular impacts associated with aging.

In an experiment, scientists fed NAD+ boosters to mice. Within one week, scientists couldn’t distinguish differences between tissues from two-year-old and four-month-old mice.

Improves Muscle Strength and Performance

Some people use NAD+ boosters to improve exercise endurance. Several studies have claimed that NAD+ boosters enhance performance and increase muscle strength. Some studies have also linked these supplements to improved muscle growth, DNA repair, and cell performance.

Five Natural Ways to Improve NAD+ Levels

Boosting your NAD+ levels is possible without taking any supplements.

Although NAD+ boosters can improve your NAD+ levels, studies have shown that a low-calorie diet and a healthier lifestyle can also enhance your NAD+ levels. Science suggested these five ways to strengthen NAD+ levels without taking NAD+ boosters.

Eat Fewer Calories

Studies have shown that a diet containing up to 30% fewer calories can boost NAD+ levels in the body.

Fasting or Intermittent Fasting

People who practice fasting can improve natural NAD+ levels. Research has shown that a low-calorie diet combined with intermittent fasting can boost NAD+ production, promoting longevity.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

When you’re experiencing high levels of sun damage, your body repairs the skin with the help of NAD+. By avoiding severe sun damage, your body preserves NAD and makes it available to other areas of the body. You can protect your skin by wearing sunscreen daily. You can also opt for sun-protective clothes to minimize sun exposure.

Practice High-intensity Interval Training

Several studies suggest that HIIT workouts can enhance NAD+ levels, hormone growth and have many other health benefits. Although HIIT workouts are well-known for their mitochondria health boots, new research shows that HIIT improves NAD+ and helps the body utilize NAD+ better.

Follow a Balanced Diet

Without getting the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, your body cannot produce vital compounds such as NAD+. When following a balanced diet, you can enhance NAD+ levels and manage the effects of growing older.

Five Healthy Foods to increase NAD+ Levels

Research has identified specific foods that enhance NAD+ levels in the body. Fasting, lo-calorie, and keto diets have also been shown to enrich NAD+ levels. Add the following foods to your diet to increase NAD+ levels:

  • Milk: Cow milk is a rich source of NR. Consuming milk daily can improve your health and make you feel younger.
  • Fish: Salmon, sardines, and tuna are well-known for combating the effects of aging. Fish products are filled with precursors that lead to high NAD+ levels.
  • Mushrooms: A mushroom-rich diet is ideal for managing the adverse effects associated with aging. Mushrooms also help the body to improve NAD+ levels naturally.
  • Green Vegetables: Your body needs minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to produce NAD+ compounds. A diet rich in green vegetables gives your body all the right ingredients to boost NAD+.
  • Whole Grains and Yeast: Unlike processed grains, whole grains contain vitamin B3. Yeast is also vital to NAD+ levels as it is rich in NR. This is excellent news for all people who visit bakeries on the regular.

NAD+ Boosters Side Effects

In healthy adults with no severe underlying conditions, there are no side effects linked with NAD+ boosters.

The FDA has listed the ingredients and doses of NAD+ boosters as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). That means that the content and quantities of NAD+ boosters are harmless when using it as suggested.

However, suppose you suffer from chronic diseases or use prescribed medication. In that case, it’s recommended to talk with a health practitioner before using NAD+ booster products.

Recommended Dosages for NAD+ Booster

Most NAD+ enhancers are available in a dose of 300mg. And contain Nicotinamide Riboside or Nicotinamide Mononucleotide.

Several studies support the evidence that a dose of 300 mg NR or NMN can increase NAD+ levels. Other studies have suggested that a smaller amount of 100mg offers effects similar to a dose of 300mg. In contrast, some researchers suggest that a dose of 1,000mg is most effective.

As scientists perform more studies on the effectiveness of NR and NMN, we gather more information on the correct dosage of these compounds. With the information already available, it’s clear that a person needs a 300mg minimum to raise NAD+ levels.

What Does Science Say About NAD+ Boosters

NAD+ enhancers are relatively new on the market, and there are already various studies that confirm the benefits of using NAD+ boosters. Studies have indicated that NAD+ boosters can provide anti-aging results within the body.

On the other hand, more scientific research needs to back these benefits, as there aren’t any large-scale studies in humans. So far, the effects of NAD+ boosters have proven to be successful when tested on animals.

Researchers bred mice specifically to develop age-related loss in memory (similar to humans). Scientists then split these mice into groups. One group of mice had access to NR-infused water, while the other group drank regular water.

After three months, researchers noted the following in the group of mice who had access to NR:

  • Increased neuroplasticity
  • Decrease in DNA damage (in hippocampus section of the brain)
  • Higher production of newly developed neurons
  • Decrease in neuron damage

In the study, both groups of mice were placed on a high-fat diet. The research found that mice in the NR group could better manage a high-fat diet as they gained 60% less fat than the group of mice not exposed to NR supplements. The research team noted a Higher oxidative metabolism and Increased energy levels in the NR group of mice.

When people grow older, their muscles become weaker, and they lose strength. Some believe that the NR compound in NAD+ boosters can build and improve muscle strength. In other studies on mice, researchers found that mice exposed to NR showed more strength than mice exposed to a placebo.

In addition, many believe that NAD+ boosters have DNA repairing properties. Although this benefit might seem vague or poorly defined, some studies have validated the DNA repairing effects of NAD+ enhancers.

One such study linked NAD+ supplements to improved DNA repair and better health in muscle tissue after one week of using NAD+ boosters. After one week of giving mice of different ages NAD+ boosting supplement, scientists could find no specific differences in the tissue of two-year-old mice and mice of four months old.

Research also shows that NAD+ boosters benefit longevity by enhancing sirtuins protein activation (SIRT1). For example, when giving mice NR supplements, the mice lived longer due to mitochondrial function improvement.

According to science, NAD+ booster products aren’t the only option for improving your NAD+ levels. A healthy lifestyle, fasting, and a lower calorie diet have all proven to raise NAD+ levels naturally.

A 2014 study showed that people consuming 20% to 30% fewer calories had better NAD+ levels. The research also suggested that people who fast or follow a low-calorie diet had increased NAD+ levels.

Although many people believe that intermittent fasting and keto diets are vital to raising NAD+ levels, more data is needed to back these claims.

Most NAD+ booster studies have involved animals. Yet, a human clinical trial has also been performed. In these studies, scientists found evidence that NAD+ boosters increased NAD+ levels of healthy adults.

Additionally, another study found NAD+ booster products to boost ADPR (adenine diphosphate ribose).

Although many people claim the benefits of NAD+ boosters to be effective, more research is needed to confirm these claims. However, according to studies on humans and animals, NAD+ boosters might be the best anti-aging supplement available.

FAQs About NAD+ Booster Supplements

Q: What does NAD stand for?

A: NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme found in cells. NAD is crucial for cell metabolism and exists in two forms, namely NADH and NAD+.

Q: What are the differences between NAD, NADH, and NAD+?

A: NAD refers to a coenzyme present in cells. NAD is an important role player for cell metabolism, and there are two types in which the coenzyme exists. These are NAD+ and NADH.

Q: What effect does NAD+ have on the body?

A: NAD+ is a critical aspect of how cells digest nutrients. NAD+ helps the body metabolize the food we eat. It then changes the nutrients into (ATP) adenosine triphosphate. Your cells use this fuel to produce energy.

Q: What does ATP mean?

A: ATP stands for Adenosine triphosphate. It refers to the energy consumed by cells within the body. When eating food, NAD+ transforms the food into ATP. The cells then use it as energy.

Q: What is sirtuin?

A: Sirtuin is a type of protein that is vital for cell processing. Sirtuins, together with NAD+, helps the body with repairing DNA, preserves and stimulates mitochondria, and several other effects.

Q: Why does NAD decrease when people grow older?

A: The body must produce NAD continuously to ensure healthy cells and energy. As you grow older, your body needs to work harder to make healthy cells. In this case, NAD production slows down naturally.

Q: What are some of the symptoms when NAD levels decrease?

A: Low levels of NAD in the body don’t allow the cells to produce and utilize ATP energy effectively. Low NAD levels can cause less cognitive and physical activity. So, this is why older people might feel tired and become less active. NAD is vital for cell function and energy.

Q: How do NAD+ booster supplements help?

A: According to research, NAD directly applied to cells can reduce or slow specific aspects of aging. In a study on mice, scientists applied NAD to cells. After three months, the scientist claimed that the mice receiving NAD showed no age differences to mice of a much younger age.

Many NAD+ booster supplements on the market claim to work similarly and have the ability to decrease cell stress and aging.

Q: What is an NAD+ supplement?

A: NAD+ boosters are supplements that increase NAD levels to feed cells. When you become older, NAD levels decrease and cause cell production to slow down. NAD+ supplements claim to slow the effects of aging by raising NAD+ levels.

Q: What does NR stand for?

A: NR is the abbreviation for nicotinamide riboside. NR, like NMN, is a crucial precursor for NAD development. According to research, your body uses nicotinamide riboside for NAD+ production. Most NAD+ boosters will contain either NR or NMN.

Q: What does NMN stand for?

A: NMN is shot for nicotinamide mononucleotide. It is also a vital precursor for NAD production. Studies have shown that NMN can boost NAD+ levels, increasing energy in cells.

Q: What are the main differences between NMN and NR in NAD+ boosters?

A: NMN and NR are both ingredients found in NAD+ booster supplements. According to research, these compounds play a vital role in raising NAD+ levels. However, the NAD+ supplement industry is relatively new.

As more studies are done, we can learn more about how well NR and NMN works. More research is needed to settle the question of which works most effectively.

Q: How do I raise NAD levels without using supplements?

A: Recent studies have shown a link between a healthy diet, exercise, and increased NAD+ levels. Some studies suggest that a keto diet that is high in fat and cuts carbs can increase NAD+. With an increased level of NAD+, your body is protected from oxidation. Other studies have shown that fasting or intermittent fasting can boost NAD naturally.

Q: Do HIIT exercises boost NAD+ levels?

A: Some studies have suggested that HIIT, also known as high-intensity interval training, can improve NAD+ levels. High-intensity exercises practiced in short bursts can also enhance hormone and NAD+ production.

Q: Why can’t I take an NAD+ supplement with NAD?

A: You’ll find that most NAD+ booster supplements don’t contain NAD, but instead NMN or NR. That is because studies have proven NAD+ too large for entering cell walls. Unfortunately, NAD+ can’t be consumed as your cells can’t absorb it. Although NR and NMN aren’t NAD, research suggests that these components are vital precursors to NAD+.

Q: Do niacin supplements also boost NAD+?

A: Niacin, also called nicotinic acid, is a variation of vitamin B3 proven to boost NAD+ levels. However, the effects of niacin are not as strong as those of NMN and NR.

Q: Is NMN better than NR for boosting NAD+?

A: Most NAD+ supplements contain NR instead of NMN. Some believe that NMN like NAD+ can’t be absorbed by the body, as it is too large. According to several studies, only three vitamin B3 versions are small enough to enter the human cell wall. These are niacin, NR, and nicotinamide.

Q: Are there any side effects when using NAD+ boosters?

A: Some have claimed that NAD+ booster supplements with increased levels of niacin can cause red skin, itching, and burning. However, when using NAD+ boosters according to the dosage suggestions, healthy adults won’t experience any adverse side effects.

Q: Which foods boost NAD+?

A: According to a study, fish, dairy milk, yeast and mushrooms can enhance NAD and raise NAD+ levels naturally.

Q: Is sun damage harmful to NAD+ levels?

A: Your body uses NAD+ to heal any damage done by sun exposure. When exposed to severe sun damage, it can decrease NAD+ levels within the body. So, when you have sun damage, your system takes up much NAD that could have been beneficial elsewhere.

Q: What are the health benefits of using NAD+ booster supplements?

A: Some studies have shown that NAD+ boosters can improve muscle strength, boost energy, and increase stamina. Some claim that the supplement can also strengthen immunity, improve sleep cycles, sharpen memory and activate DNA repair.

Q: What are the implications of having low NAD levels?

A: Cell death, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, slow metabolism, decrease in memory, and brain function, are all factors linked with low NAD levels.

Q: What is NAD IV therapy?

A: While NAD+ boosting supplements work for most people, some prefer taking a NAD by intravenous injection. In this case, a doctor will inject NAD and other crucial vitamins into your bloodstream.

Q: What is the most effective NAD+ booster supplement?

A: The three most popular choices include NiaGen, Cymbiotika, and Elysium.

Best NAD Supplements to Buy in 2021 Conclusion

Taking NAD+ supplements has several benefits. The booster can raise NAD+ levels, enhance cellular endurance, energy, and cognition. Some people also use these NAD+ supplements for their weight loss properties.

With thousands of NAD+ booster supplement suppliers available on the internet, we understand how challenging it can be to select a product right for you. That’s why our editorial team has taken the time to put together a list of the best NAD+ supplements available. Our list features several products to fit each budget and niche.

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Please note that any guidelines, advice, or recommendations given here should not be considered a substitute for advice from a professional medical practitioner. Before purchasing any products on our list, consult with your doctor, especially if you suffer from other medical conditions or have questions about the supplements discussed in this review. Each individual may experience different effects, as the benefits of the NAD+ booster supplements are not FDA-approved (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA has not verified the efficacy of NAD+ boosters. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

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