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Metabolic Renewal Reviews – Worth the Money to Get or Not?

Are you a woman who can’t seem to gain control over hormonal fluxes? Has it gotten to the point where your mental, physical, and emotional health are constantly battling one another? In most diet and exercise plans gathered online, alleged fitness gurus and experts sometimes forget to factor in the female body and its unique features compared to men. In turn, women are either struggling to see results or only see them for a short time before things go haywire again. Fortunately, this can now be avoided, and according to Dr. Jade Teta, it all starts with Metabolic Renewal. The following review will shed light on everything that one can conceive about Metabolic Renewal; let’s get started:

What is Metabolic Renewal?

Metabolic Renewal is a hormone-focused body transformation program designed specifically for women. Compiled by Dr. Jade Teta, this program is allegedly founded on the expert’s clinically proven “4M” framework, which may keep the heart and bones strong and the skin supple. Furthermore, this program may tend to some of the most common hormonal imbalance issues that women face. Specifically, they can expect to see improvements in their energy levels, sleep patterns, mood, cravings, and overall weight management.

This program motivates Dr. Teta’s firm belief that women do not simply have to deal with PMS, cramping, bloating, and mood swings, among others. Creating Metabolic Renewal hopes women can finally overcome them and find comfort in their respective bodies. Now that we have a general idea of how Metabolic Renewal took form, let’s take some time to reflect on more important details.

How has Metabolic Renewal been structured?

Metabolic Renewal has been structured surrounding the female metabolism. As explained by the expert, this program is intended to turn women’s natural hormonal rhythms into a metabolic advantage, adding that the goal is to work with the hormones rather than ignoring them. This is where the “4M” framework comes into action.

Earlier, we introduced the “4M” framework as a clinically proven approach, well, it is, and it covers “the best foods, the best workouts, and the best relaxation and healthy living activities for you.” Simply put, the “4M” stands for Metabolics (exercise), Meals (diet), Movement, and Mindset.

A major benefit of considering Metabolic Renewal is that each program can be adapted to ongoing changes within the hormones. Hence, inside this program, women will be able to familiarize themselves with:

  • A simple assessment that determines which of the seven hormones best describes them
  • Tools that help women customize how they eat, exercise, and live
  • Mindset: Why the female metabolism is sensitive to stress and how to use the “Resting, Relaxing and Recovering” aspects in the program
  • Movement: The significance of Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis on the effects of the insulin hormone
  • Meals Part 1: Why it is essential to identify what foods the body needs at the correct times and how the cyclic eating method determines the former
  • Meals Part 2: Why it is a must to change meal plans according to hormonal changes
  • Metabolics: How just 15 minutes, three times a week can go a long way with four workout phases to help upgrade the body and metabolism
  • The advantage that stems from the female metabolism and how the human growth hormone (HGH) plays a vital role

What’s included in Metabolic Renewal?

There are a series of resources found in Metabolic Renew. Here is a sneak-peek into each one:

1. The Complete Female Optimization Program

The entirety of Metabolic Renewal will be found here, whether it be in terms of nutrition, workouts, mindset, and healthy living. Dr. Teta insists that this program will ensure women get in shape, feel great in the process, and maintain results over time. All the tools needed to create a personalized program will be listed here as well.

2. The 12-Week Body-Sculpting Workout Plan

The goal of the 12-Week Body-Sculpting Workout Plan is to educate women on how to train smart and not complicated. Aside from the “work smarter, not harder” philosophy, Dr. Teta’s “goldilocks rule” will be employed so that the metabolism is not excessively stressed. This approach is deemed super-efficient, compelling, convenient, challenging, and adaptable as required. The 12 weeks have been broken down into four phases of various workouts. As for the 4 phases, they entail:

  • Phase 1 (Weeks 1 to 3): Activates hormone-signaling systems and helps restore the brain’s “command and control center”
  • Phase 2 (Weeks 4 to 6): Activates the metabolism and motivates the body’s cellular system to burn fat for fuel
  • Phase 3 (Weeks 7 to 9): Heightens the metabolic rate further by introducing intense movements to the program.
  • Phase 4 (Weeks 10 to 12): Increasing intensity one more time to tap into the human growth hormone (HGH) advantage

3. Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

The Metabolic Renewal Roadmap should be treated as one’s metabolic instruction manual. Inside this roadmap, detailed information on Hormone 101, the 4M Framework, Hormone Type, Metabolic Toggles, the “AIM” Protocol, and Fat Loss Acceleration will be introduced and simplified.

4. 12-Week Metabolic Meals Plan

All the necessary meal plans have been prepared so that women do not have to spend time figuring out what and how much to eat, yet these can be tailored to fit one’s weight needs. Inside it, women will find recipes, weekly plans, shopping lists, and other customizable options.

5. Female Transformation Tracker

The Female Transformation Tracker has been created to help women keep track of their progress. To fully understand how far into the journey one has reached, it is essential to keep a record of the following numbers:

  • Metabolic Score – A measure of how optimized the metabolism is
  • Vitality Score – A measure of how optimized one’s health is regarding digestion, brain, heart, and lung functions
  • PMS Score – Trends in pre-menstrual symptoms like mood swings and cravings
  • Menopause Score – A measure of how severe menopausal symptoms have become
  • Body Shape & Weight – An overview of how sculpted, tightened and toned the muscles have become

6. 5-Minute Body-Sculpting Burnouts

The 5-Minute Body-Sculpting Burnouts are workouts expected to be done as extras after the 15-minutes a day, three times a week exercises have been completed. This is recommended to help women kick things up a notch. In this DVD, steps to making workouts slightly more challenging, how to get the body sweating and burning fat at a fast rate will be laid out. Additionally, women are reassured that the thyroid will not be affected in the process.

7. The 5-Step Female Flat Belly Formula

Destroying belly fat is no small feat, and so, this formula is trusted to list the fundamentals of burning fat, especially for women who are beginning to transition into menopause. Other crucial pieces of information worth delving into include:

  • Dr. Teta’s five simple steps to reducing belly fat
  • A special body measurement that hints whether someone is at risk of specific health implications
  • The two hormones that need balancing to avoid fat accumulation
  • The “belly fat multiplying” hormone that needs to be in check to prevent weak bones and soft muscles
  • The two vital factors essential for burning stubborn fat
  • A specific type of exercise that directly targets deep belly fat
  • Why going extremely “low carb” might lead to increased belly fat and stubborn body fat

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Metabolic Renewal safe?

Yes, Dr. Teta believes that targeting hormones is the safest and effective for women. Other factors that tick the safety box include healthy meal plans that don’t encourage starvation and simple and easy-to-execute exercises that prevent the risk of injury.

How is Metabolic Renewal different?

It is different because it aims to leverage women’s unique hormonal profile for ideal results. Moreover, all plans can be personalized based on their respective profiles, preferred over a one-size-fits-all program.

Does Metabolic Renewal force bland food consumption on women?

No, Dr. Teta strongly believes that many of the recipes found in Metabolic Renewal are fan favorites. The only difference is that they have been tailored to promote weight and fat loss. Some examples of meals include Pesto Chicken Salad and Chicken Marsala.

Is 15 minutes, three times a week, really enough?

Yes, 15 minutes, three times a week is deemed enough because the workouts contain specific 45-second, 3-in-1 exercises that combine cardio, resistance, and fitness training. Forget training each muscle group individually, as this plan targets them all simultaneously.

What equipment is needed to complete the Metabolic Renewal workouts?

The only equipment needed is bands and dumbbells. Aside from the duo, body weight will go a long way.

Is Metabolic Renewal easy on women who haven’t worked out in some time?

Yes, there’s a plan in Metabolic Renewal that tends to all and no fitness levels.

What if I have heart disease, diabetes, thyroid, and other health problems?

Regardless of the listed health conditions, the Metabolic Renewal can still be followed until the end. Ideally, though, women should take the time to sit down with their health practitioners to see if low to moderate intensity workouts can be included in one’s day-to-day lives.

How long will it take to see results with Metabolic Renewal?

Dr. Teta insists that women will start to feel changes within 48 hours. This includes enhanced energy, a better mood, and high sleep quality. The following signs of changes entail regulated appetite and cravings. Weeks will be needed to see physical improvements, with the added benefit of weight loss and leanness, among others. It is important to note that results vary depending on hormonal fluctuations, consistency, and effort.

Does A money-back guarantee protect metabolic Renewal?

Yes, Metabolic Renewal has been protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. Should women see slight to no improvements in their weight management journey even after consistently following Dr. Teta’s program, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. To see if you are eligible, consider the following points of contact:

  • Email:
  • Toll-free: 1 (800) 316 8556
  • Return Address: 5200 Bear Creek Road Winston-Salem, NC 27106.

How much does Metabolic Renewal cost?

Metabolic Renewal is currently offered at $37.00, reduced from a retail price of $97. Women can choose the Online Version for instant access or the Hybrid Version, which includes DVD and online versions. It is important to note that the Hybrid Version is likely to incur shipping and handling fees due to the physical copies mailed out.

Meet Dr. Jade Teta

Dr. Jade Teta is the creator of Metabolic Renewal and happens to have served as a personal trainer for 25 years. To date, he produces video-based workouts that are used by thousands of people across the globe. Regarding credentials, Dr. Teta claims to have completed a degree in biochemistry and is a physician by profession specializing in naturopathic medicine and, more specifically, integrative endocrinology, i.e., the study of hormones and metabolism.

He is also a licensed physician in California and Washington states who can prescribe anything but schedule I and II drugs; however, he would stick to natural approaches before considering pharmaceutical drugs. Another little fact about him is that he is an author who has written books and educational products on metabolism, fitness, and personal development, with emphasis placed on the areas of the mind, muscle, and metabolism.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Metabolic Renewal is a body transformation program devised explicitly for women and considers their bodies and hormones. Given that there are seven hormone types to reflect upon, Dr. Jade Teta made sure that each program is customizable to the body’s needs instead of issuing one-size-fits-all programs. This means workouts, meals, and other listed instructions will be as unique as possible across different programs. In turn, women can anticipate long-lasting and maintainable results without fear of having to start all over again.

Besides its customizable nature, Dr. Teta’s emphasis on mindset should be applauded, seeing how equally daunting it can be on the body as hormonal flux and poor metabolic function, among others, are. Failing to nurture the mind can give rise to a series of mental and physical ailments, but these can finally be controlled through Metabolic Renewal. Our editorial team was also pleased by the different types of resources made available through this program, i.e., it isn’t as simple as directing women on what to do; instead, it instructs while educating women on the process so that they can make independent decisions regarding weight management goals in the future.

Finally, Dr. Jade Teta’s credibility as a personal trainer, author, and physician, among other roles, makes him fit to create and lead women closer to their goals. The knowledge found in this program reflects his education and the support he has provided to thousands of current and former clients combined. For these reasons, the suggested price is realistic, if not very beneficial for interested people. To learn more about Metabolic Renewal, click here>>>.

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