Kibo Eclipse Reviews – Fake Success Stories or Real User Results?

Kibo Eclipse is a new e-commerce platform designed by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.

According to their website, Kibo Eclipse is a reliable online sales platform that can help you to set up your online store with minimal effort and guaranteed sales. Even if you have no background in e-commerce or setting up a business, the Kibo Eclipse platform was designed to maximize the amount of profit you can earn while cutting down on the amount of time and work it will take to do it.

The team behind the Kibo Eclipse program both have a proven background in finance, and they have launched previous projects that have achieved thousands in successful sales for their customers. Their combined experience made the e-commerce platform work well and led to creating the Eclipse system.

So far, it has been advertised as one of the best and fastest ways to set up your e-commerce store. Most of the process is automatic, from selecting the theme to choosing the items to make up your store.

How does Kibo Eclipse work? How can users make money from the Kibo Eclipse platform? Is it all that it’s advertised to be, or could you be wasting your time on just another get-rich-quick scheme?

Here’s everything you should know about Kibo Eclipse and how the program works.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is a new e-commerce platform that has been designed for e-commerce sales with maximum profit and as little effort as possible from the customer. Even if you have never set up a successful e-commerce business before, it can work for you.

The Kibo Eclipse program is based on automation and high profit. All users have to sign up for the program, and the system will do the rest. Everything from creating your store to selecting your domain name will be done automatically – and that’s one of the best selling points for the product.

A pre-created online store is set up for you, and all of the items are added for you. The system will adapt and take away items that don’t sell well (while promoting work items). All the hard work gets done for you even with no commerce experience.

A Kibo Eclipse account gives you everything you’re going to need to set up your business. With your account, you’ll get a domain name, pre-created store, and a collection of product listings so that you don’t need to waste any time going to look for suppliers.

Kibo Eclipse has been designed for profitability, even with no sales or e-commerce experience.

Automation makes the Kibo Eclipse system unique. Almost nothing else on the internet works like this or claims to work this well.

How does Kibo Eclipse Work?

The creators of Kibo have seen a unique gap in the market:

  • Their own experience has brought them more than $7 million in e-commerce sales according to their website.
  • Kibo Eclipse’s website has several positive reviews that have had a lot to say about the program.
  • Kibo works because it cuts out middle-suppliers and the need for other commerce platforms like Amazon.

When you create your Kibo Eclipse account, here’s what happens:

Customers get access to a unique domain name that has been registered for you by the Kibo Eclipse system. Domains are guaranteed to be original, high-quality, and are already high traffic. The domain-finder tool used by Kibo Eclipse is made to find you the very best domain to go with your commerce website.

Gain access to an online store that has already been created for you. Kibo Eclipse has an automated platform that does everything for you to ensure maximum profit for your new store. There’s no need to spend hours learning code, navigating a new programming platform, or even choosing a theme for your store.

Next, the Kibo Eclipse platform will select items to fill up your store with: The database contains more than three million specific and in-demand e-commerce items – and the site determines the most appropriate ones, designed for immediate sales and a high-profit system. These items will be automatically added to your pre-created online store from here, and you can go straight to earning.

Kibo Eclipse will automatically generate traffic to your store once set up. There’s no need to spend several weeks trying to promote your website when Kibo does everything for you. Once the store goes live, traffic will flood to your site thanks to the marketing done by the Kibo Eclipse system.

Kibo Eclipse has been designed to save you time while earning you as much money as possible. The Kibo Eclipse platform does not handle sales but other companies who ship the products to customers. This means that there is no need for you to have to deal with shipping or sales at all. That’s the whole point of the platform.

Kibo Eclipse doesn’t just set you up with a store and leave you with it. Once you start to make sales, the Kibo Eclipse system is designed to adapt. Items that don’t sell will get automatically removed from your inventory, while items that sell very well will lead to other similar items appearing on your site inventory. The process will continue along as your store is set up, and it’s all designed to increase how much you can potentially make.

Who Can Use Kibo Eclipse?


Kibo Eclipse has been designed so that anyone can use it. There are no complicated codes to know, guides to read, or information to memorize for the platform to work for you.

Simple login details are all you will need to make it into the Eclipse program.

Just follow the steps outlined in the Kibo Eclipse marketing program, and you should be getting easy online sales in almost no time at all.

The Steps to Kibo Eclipse Marketing

Resources from the website outline the Kibo Eclipse Marketing program in seven simple steps. The creators of Kibo have decided that they’ve seen enough of complex e-commerce programs that take up most of your time before you get to any profit and designed a straightforward system based on their previous experience.

Kibo Eclipse is designed to be automated and fast. All users need to do is sign up, and they will get instant access to the resources provided by the system.

Here are the steps to successful Kibo Eclipse marketing that will help you to turn a quick profit with an automated online store.

Step 1

The first step to successful Kibo Eclipse marketing is domain name selection. The program automatically goes through different available domain names and then registers the one that would be the best for your business. Domain names are guaranteed to be authentic and original, and users don’t have to worry about a thing.

There’s no need to spend hours wondering what you will call your site anymore.

Step 2

The second step of the process is automatically creating your website and selecting your theme. Several themes are available, and the system automatically chooses the theme that best suits your business type and what’s going on in the world of sales at that point. There’s nothing for the user to do at this point, but the program sets all of this up for you on the back-end.

Themes are guaranteed to be eye-catching and easy to navigate for any website visitor.

Step 3

Step three is the identification of the best products to suit your site. The Kibo Eclipse program will automatically choose the best e-commerce products for immediate website sales. Maximum profit is the point, and the system goes through more than 3 million preloaded items to make up a site sales catalog.

Step 4

Items are loaded with pre-chosen product descriptions so that users don’t have to do anything from their side. Once the system identifies the products that are best suited to your website, it will load these items to the platform. This can usually take hours’ worth of product description writing and image selection but takes almost no effort when done through the Kibo Eclipse program.

Step 5

Step five of the Kibo Eclipse program directs automatic traffic to your site. There’s no need to waste time with website promotion: everything gets done on your behalf, and it takes just minutes in real-time.

Getting traffic to your site is one of the most complex parts of an e-commerce business. Kibo Eclipse has been designed to cut out the effort.

Step 6

The sixth step of the Kibo Eclipse program is where your website’s traffic will lead to sales. When someone places an order through your site, the shipping is handled by a third-party company that is guaranteed to have a reliable track record. Shipping can be a potential headache for any other e-commerce business every time a new order comes in. Again, Kibo Eclipse has been designed to save users time and effort.

Step 7

Kibo Eclipse has also been designed to optimize your sales levels by constantly changing your site platform to what sales are doing right now. If an item doesn’t sell, the automated system will remove it from your website catalog and replace it with items that sell better. High-sales items will be moved up in the listing, and it’s all designed to make sure you can optimize your sales to the max.

The Features of Kibo Eclipse

Why should you sign up with Kibo Eclipse in the first place? Here’s a look at some of the essential features advertised with Kibo Eclipse and why some of these features make the platform worth it for anyone who wants to run an e-commerce venture.

Good Reviews

The team behind Kibo Eclipse has been in business together since 2013, and they have launched several great products under the Eclipse label designed to make money for their customers. Most of their previous projects have had excellent reviews and outstanding results.

Maximum Profit

Kibo Eclipse was designed to create maximum profit for its users. This is one of the most essential features of the program. Why else would you sign up for something like this if you weren’t going to make any money? Most of what Kibo Eclipse does is maximize your profit margin as fast as possible.

An Automatic System

The automatic system behind Kibo Eclipse is unlike something you will see anywhere else on the internet. Everything from your domain choice to the item selection for your online sales site will be done by the platform. Even the theme selection is automatic. There’s no need for you to do much other than sign up and pay attention to the statistics when sales are made.

A Good Investment

If you want to start up your own business but don’t have the money to throw at initial sales and hiring an IT professional for the site, Kibo Eclipse could turn out to be a pretty good investment. It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to get started in online sales with Eclipse: that’s the whole point of how it was designed.

Requires Zero Training

The creators have made the Kibo Eclipse program work for anyone, even if you have no previous experience in sales or e-commerce or websites. It has been created so that almost anyone can turn an instant profit. Other than the recommended seminars before the program’s official launch date, you can get right to sales without any experience or training.

Easy to Use

Kibo Eclipse doesn’t require lines of code or complicated guides. Sign up, attend the seminars as recommended by the creators, and get straight to selling once you have your site set up with its domain name and selection of unique items. As far as sales programs go, this is one of the easiest out there – and could be way more profitable than traditional ad revenue programs where you’ll only see fractions of a cent.

Based on Real Experience

The creators of Kibo Eclipse have based the core principles of the Eclipse program on their experience accumulated through years spent in sales, business, and finance. This way, you know that Eclipse is likely to perform just as well as their past projects.

The Countdown to Launch

The Kibo Eclipse platform will be launched in several steps, with each step of the process designed to help you understand the platform and how it works. The official launch date for the Kibo Eclipse platform is set for January 25. Still, there are three great pre-launch seminars and a detailed masterclass right before this recommended for everyone who wants to join up.

The schedule for the launch date, according to the KiboEclipse website, will happen in these stages:

  • Pre-Launch Seminar 1
  • Pre-Launch Seminar 2
  • Pre-Launch Seminar 3
  • Kibo Eclipse Masterclass
  • Kibo Eclipse Official Launch

If you want to know everything you can about the platform before you start to profit from it, attend these seminars and the Masterclass first. Important information on the calculations behind the program will be revealed during these talks, and you can use what you’ve learned to apply almost anywhere in the business.

Pre-Launch Seminar 1

Even though most of the Kibo Eclipse platform is automatic and you don’t have to do much, it still helps to learn more about it first. The first pre-launch seminar is all about the basics of the program and how users can apply it. Users who have signed up will receive a unique book guide to the program – this will teach you all the necessary background about the program and how it works.

This can be considered your tutorial to Kibo and the Eclipse commerce system. If you want to make sure your e-commerce business is successful from the first sign-up, make sure you don’t miss the pre-launch seminar: it sets you up with the most essential must-know details.

Pre-Launch Seminar 2

The second part of the Kibo Eclipse pre-launch seminar is designed to teach users more than the basics. This steps up what you’ve already learned about the Eclipse program and introduces you to more detailed information about the business and how you can make money by using the Eclipse software program.

Online businesses don’t have to take weeks of work to set up successfully. The creators of Kibo Eclipse would like to see business made easier for everyone.

Pre-Launch Seminar 3

The third part of the seminar will introduce you to other users who have achieved success with the Kibo Eclipse platform. Users will get access to a whole selection of user testimonials that have been collected to show the platform really works as well as they claim.

Part 3 will also show you some example stores that have been created for other Kibo Eclipse users.

Kibo Eclipse Masterclass

The Kibo Eclipse Masterclass begins January 24th and is finally the part of the program where you get to become more hands-on to familiarize yourself with the platform. The Masterclass will teach you everything you want to know about how to use it.

If you have signed up for Kibo Eclipse, the makers of the program recommend that everyone attend the Masterclass, and turn up LIVE for an opportunity to win prizes in cash. The creators also state the cash prizes total $5000 and are for listeners attending the four calls. Kibo Eclipse is easy to use already, but you might still need some pointers. A live training session will get you to know more about how the Eclipse program works.

After the live training sessions that take place with the Masterclass, you’ll be able to set up your successful online store in no time. Contact the creators with questions, customers can send an email to:

  • https://support.thekibocode.com/

Kibo Eclipse Official Launch

The official Kibo Eclipse launch will take place on the 24th of January, which is when the whole website will go live for sales – and you can finally set up your online store. This is the point at which you can put all the things you’ve learned into use and set up your online store with Kibo that’s ready-made for high-profit and immediate sales.

While it seems like there’s still a long wait left until the official launch, the website advises everyone to sign up right now to reserve their spot.

Register for the Kibo Eclipse Masterclass

Consumers who are ready to go to the next level in using and setting up their e-commerce online stores can register for the Kibo Eclipse Masterclass and enter their email address, choose the appropriate Masterclass that best suits them, and attend live to receive the cash prizes the creators are giving away.

Behind Kibo

Kibo Eclipse is based on the real commerce and sales experience of the two creators, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. The team of two is said to have sold more than $7 million in successful e-commerce products themselves, and the Kibo Eclipse program is based on methods they have already tried and tested to work.

Other Kibo products like Kibo Code Quantum are what led to the eventual development of Eclipse. After they set up several successful online stores for other customers, they put all their learned experience into the Kibo Eclipse program.

According to online resources about their businesses, the two joined forces in 2013 to start creating successful e-commerce platforms that anyone can use. They have seen many people try to start businesses without success and decided that they’ve seen enough of it.

The combination of Clayton and Booth have created Kibo Eclipse to make creating an e-commerce business easier.

Conclusion: Kibo Eclipse

Kibo Eclipse is set to launch on January 24, 2022, and the hype generated on the internet says that this could be one of the best business models you’ll see this year.

Reviews have proven to be mostly positive for other projects that have been designed by Clayton and Booth. Other Kibo projects have led to sales that shot up well into the thousands, and now is the time to take advantage of the Kibo Eclipse program if you would like to set up your own online store.

All of the Kibo Eclipse systems have been made automatic. The Kibo system does everything for you, including the choice of your unique domain name and the selection of the items that will make up your e-commerce store. There’s no need for you to worry, stress, fuss or put in hundreds of administrative hours for your store to make a profit.

The Kibo Eclipse program is instant, and you can start to earn from the launch date. The creators of Kibo Eclipse have years of proven experience in earning money for their customers, and the rest of their products have done very well by comparison.

To register for the Kibo Eclipse masterclass that starts on January 24, 2022, visit the official website.

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