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Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Sites Which Offer Free Minutes

As you carry on with your everyday life, you are met with the responsibility of making countless decisions – decisions that will ultimately have a drastic effect on the life you are to live in the future. Doesn’t it get tiring?

From figuring out that application for your dream job to taking hints from the boy next door, the dark cloud of mysteriousness keeps a stronghold over your life. The mysteries that remain unrevealed make you curious and even more intrigued. They add to your anxieties of having life all figured out. They complicate life events, making you question every decision you need to make. One wrong move could turn your life upside down.

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Navigating your way from one complication to the next can seem daunting, confusing, and even infuriating at times! With such huge waves of uncertainty in the air, you’d think there is no solution. After all, you’re stuck in life making hasty decisions about circumstances you have no control over.

Well, what if you had a way out? What if the dark clouds of uncertainty burdening you were to be lifted, showing you a path as clear as day? Confused? We’ve got you. A free psychic reading is the best solution for you!

Now you might be wondering what this fancy term entails and which free psychic sites are the best. Below, we clear it out for you.

Best Free Online Psychic Reading Platforms

A psychic reading can definitely feel extremely intimidating. You’re allowing yourself to become vulnerable and trusting someone you have never even met! This may look like taking a blind leap of faith, but it can actually give you hidden meanings behind your life.

A psychic reading’s sole purpose is not just to tell the future, but rather it provides you with answers to things you have always felt unsure of. If a face-to-face meeting or investment feels like too much, you can always go for a free spiritual reading by phone or a free online psychic reading.

It is, therefore, important to explore your options thoroughly. In the post-COVID world, online psychic reading sessions are the best way to go. Here are the top three tried and tested websites that offer amazing services and have great reviews. So, before you explore further, make sure you check them out:

Online Psychic Reading Platform Psychic Reading Features


  • Ideal for Psychic Advice on Career
  • 5 minutes FREE for the first session
  • 24/7 Online Support


  • Best Place for Psychic Advice on Love & Relationships
  • Free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for New Customers
  • Mobile app to connect with psychics at your fingertips

Purple Garden

  • 10$ bonus for the first session
  • User privacy and anonymity guaranteed
  • A mobile application for on-the-go readings for Android and iOS users
  • An impressive network of more than 3000 online psychics


  • Great chat-based readings
  • First 3 minutes are FREE
  • A broad range of prices fits every budget


  • Available over email or phone
  • 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 Minutes for free
  • In-depth psychic readings

1. Mysticsense

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable psychic reading service, Mysticsense will be the perfect option for you.

With its amazing variety of prices, you can select the psychic that best meets your budget with ease. This works out for the best, especially if you’re someone who is trying a psyching reading for the first time.

One thing that makes Mysticsense stand out from the rest of the services in the market is its offer for a free five-minute introductory session as opposed to the standard three minutes. A longer introductory session, free of cost, will help you arrive at a decision properly.

Moreover, even if you choose to start your paid psychic readings after the introductory one, there is a 100% refund guarantee. This means if you are somehow dissatisfied with your service, you can demand your money back then and there!

Mysticsense also possesses a variety of different psychics specializing in various types of readings. The filter option on their website allows you to look for your specific psychic at a mere click. With over 400 psychics to choose from, pick the one that best fits your need.

Lastly, Mysticsense’s consistency has no match. Prime customer service available throughout the day and night ensures that you get the best experience. Signing up for an account is also extremely easy and entails no hassle.

2. Kasamba

For even more intense and detailed psychic readings, Kasamba will be an excellent choice. This site has been renowned for ages, sourcing some of the most experienced and dependable psychics anyone has to offer.

Suppose you feel like availing a free psychic love reading that is reliable at the same time. In that case, you can opt for an introductory three-minute reading session at Kasamba. Everything is available for you, from tarot card readings to astrological psychic sessions. A very unique tool that Kasamba utilizes is its Angel Card Readings that most sites fail to offer.

Kasamba also provides its customers with a 50% discount on their first paid psychic reading, making everything even more cost-effective. Its induction system makes sure only reliant and experienced psychics are available.

The best feature for this site is a portal through which customers can easily access the complete profile of each psychic. The profile section details the type of reading the psychic specializes in, their ratings from previous users, and their overall level of experience.

Prices of each psychic are also mentioned with clarity so customers can inspect profiles and select the psychic according to their preferences.

For an even accessible use, Kasamba’s mobile app is convenient and easy to navigate for customers all the time. It provides timely service and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones.

The anonymity feature is also worth mentioning. Kasamba makes sure that the privacy of clients is always respected, and complete anonymity is maintained during sessions. Only the customer’s name and date of birth are revealed to the psychic.

The enormous number of satisfied clients and positive reviews is enough to determine the authenticity of this site. This makes its services highly plausible.

3. Keen

With a team of over 1700 experienced and skilled psychics, Keen offers a diverse range of psychic readings to its customers, specializing in love psychic readings.

Although it offers no free trials, Keen still provides an introductory offer of a free three-minute reading.

Keen offers its services either through phone or online free psychic chat. Readings can even be emailed to you for your convenience. From a numerology reading to horoscopes, Keen has everything in store for you.

An interesting feature for Keen’s website is its filter which can help you screen through psychics according to their ratings, reviews, price, area of expertise, and other specific considerations.

Keen’s services are also extremely affordable with no compromise on confidentiality. Every single personal detail about the customer is kept private and confidential.

A user-centric mobile app ensures convenience and accessibility for customers. You can easily schedule psychic reading sessions or view the list of available psychics through the app at any time.

The app also allows customers to track information about psychics and keep a record of their favorite ones, allowing for a very user-friendly experience.

You can easily register online to start your sessions with authentic psychics who possess stellar reviews.

There you go. Our top three picks for online psychic reading sessions. These sites will help you become familiar with sessions by offering free psychic reading for first-time callers and through free psychic chat and email.

In a world of uncertainty, where everyone feels troubled and struggles with self-doubt, psychic readings can help waver off that ambiguity and hopelessness. It can allow people to gain a sense of direction by helping them decode their past, improve their present, and prepare them for their future.

So, instead of feeling intimidated by the concept of psychic readings, try them out to see how positively they can affect your life. By following our mentioned pieces of advice and tips, you can be exposed to a psychic reading session that is bound to transform the way you think about the world around you.

What’s A Psychic Reading?

Psychic reading is an intense interaction between you and a psychic who possesses a heightened sense of perception. Psychic exercises their intuitive abilities to give specific details about various aspects of your life. These can range from your career to your marriage, future, and love life. Thus, a psychic opens those doors of uncertainty that always make you doubt yourself.

The psychic mainly pieces together information about you through your ‘energy’. This energy details events that can be from your past, your present, or your future. However, this does not mean that a psychic can put your whole life in front of you. Rather a psychic focuses on highlighting the most significant facets of your life, which then help you get clarity and make future decisions with ease.

Thus, free psychic readings become the silver lining in a cloud full of ambiguity and doubts. From figuring out the amount of effort you must put in a potential life partner to the key choices you must make for an outstanding career, all your problems become solvable through a psychic reading. You can even avail free medium readings online as you get started.

Still not convinced?

Here are some benefits that will help in bringing you on board with free psychic reading:

Reduction In Stress

Overarching ambiguities and complications bring massive amounts of stress to your life. This stress then becomes your number one enemy. You may think stress is doing you a favor, making you proactive as you deal with problems one after the other. In reality, however, the stress that keeps building through complications and uncertainty sets your mood swings at an all-time high!

And that’s not it! Stress can complicate your life even more. From damaging your heart muscles to weakening your immune system, stress only adds to the list of problems you already have enough of. We already inhabit a world that fuels our depressions, making our lives more complicated. With depression, added stress poses a major threat to your well-being. It would help if you desperately had a way to counter the copious amounts of stress. So, look no further. Psychic readings will prove to be the best solution!

Psychic readings help reduce stress by clearing doubts and uncertainties from your life that lead you to make sound decisions. They uplift your mood by increasing your productivity levels. A psychic gives you better direction so you don’t haste your way into making important decisions and remain content with the choices you make.

With reduced stress, a psychic reading will help you steer through your life in the best way!

Prepping For The Future

How many times have you felt unprepared for what life is about to bring you? Isn’t it an unpleasant feeling? How do you know you’re ready for the next chapter of your life?

These questions set the tone for increasing doubts about yourself and your actions. Not knowing what the future brings puts many people in a spiral. And why wouldn’t it? After all, you are always thrown into unchartered territories, having to deal with things you’re completely unfamiliar with.

Thinking about the future can become overwhelming. The lack of preparation for it only adds to the feeling. So, what will equip you with just the right amount of preparation to keep you sane and ready for tomorrow?

You guessed it! Psychic readings. A free psychic chat may not present everything that lies ahead of you but can surely provide you with an insight into the life you are about to lead. Tidbits about your future career and romantic partner will help you establish a good plan of action to tackle what’s about to come.

A deep understanding of your past life decisions can let you know what you can avoid in the future. From potential life partners to lifelong careers, many critical life decisions can become a whole lot easier with psychic readings. No longer will a choice have to burden you as you weigh its pros and cons in the future.

So, keep your future preparation in check once you take a thorough free online psychic reading!

Clarity And Confidence

Some relationships feel like merely a delicate string holds them. One wrong decision can create havoc and lead to a complete loss in the relationship. Therefore, you always feel doubtful when making choices with them in the picture. The anxiety of taking such decisions hangs over your head, making you dread your existence.

Life would become so much easier if you could have even a minor idea about the direction you need to take things in. Only if you could get an opportunity to reaffirm your critical decisions, let’s say that can happen! Psychic readings can boost the confidence you desperately need to confirm your decisions.

Through a psychic reading, you can get valuable feedback about past decisions and the ones you plan to make in the future. With this added sense of clarity, you will always be on top of your game. Clarity will not only improve the relationships you have with other people but will give you a chance to know about your own life in depth.

That path you must take. An area of interest you must explore. Every aspect of psychic reading will allow you to self-improve. You can, thus, positively contemplate your decisions to find out your actual purpose!

A clear mind and confident self, developed through a psychic reading, will give birth to a more enlightened you!

Aspire And Inspire

Sometimes life feels pointless. You lack motivation whilst you’re buried in the depths of procrastination. Friendships, career goals, marriage ideals all become no cause of concern. You find it extremely hard to get over this slump and set your focus on something you genuinely care about. While an inspiration to get you going may sound out of the question, it is extremely attainable.

Through its valuable insight into key areas of your life, a psychic reading can inspire you to be positive and take action. You can even take a free online psychic reading to help you get started. There may be instances where you are faced with dreadful situations consecutively, which may cause you to lose interest in making things better. A psychic reading can, however, fix that.

By talking to a psychic that reveals oblivious truths about your life, you can get inspired to turn things around for the better. This newfound inspiration will lighten up your mood and help you overcome the tides of gloominess. A free psychic reading will prove to be just what you need to make brave decisions and courageous changes in your life and evolve as a person.

Attaining Closure

Have you recently been hit with a life-changing situation? Did you abruptly say goodbye to a loved one forever? Have you had to break ties with a person you have known your whole life?

Disturbing live events often leave you questioned and confused. Even a huge period cannot sometimes fill the void created through the death of a loved one or break up with a partner. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, people often find it impossible to move on and carry on with their life. There are so many unanswered questions, many ifs, and many buts.

This state of confusion can change. A psychic reading can provide you with the answers to questions you have always wanted the response to. When all seems lost, a psychic can tap into your energy to evaluate the positions of certain individuals in your life. A deeper understanding of your relationship with a partner or a response to the million things you have wondered about a late loved one can all be achieved.

Therefore, moving on will become much easier as you find an appropriate closure to your most prized relationships.

Now that you’ve learned sufficiently about the amazing benefits of psychic reading let’s get you prepared for one. You can opt for free psychic reading online or go for a physical one. Either way, it is your first time, so you need to be prepared. Free psychics can also be hoaxes, so make sure you go into this interaction thoughtfully.

A Guide To Your First Free Psychic Reading

Learning is a huge part of the process so, here are a few tips you can follow as you go into your first free psychic reading:

Research All The Way

You must wonder, what guarantees a psychic making accurate predictions about your life, and how must you trust them? Well, there is no sugar coating this. The psychic reading world is full of hoaxes. Out of the millions that claim to do readings accurately, only a few thousand bear the gift of utilizing their intuition and knowledge to give fruitful results to their clients. Not everyone out there can be trusted.

This is where you come in. Research as much as you can. Read reviews thoroughly and check references. You need to realize what you are getting yourself into. Some free online psychic readings may seem attractive and trustworthy but can be completely unrealistic.

Hence, you need to do extensive research and find out about the credibility of free psychics through client reviews. There are also many different kinds of psychic readings available in the market. Some may specifically deal with love; others may utilize one or more mediums. From past life analysis to dream interpretations, each psychic reading has a different purpose.

Find out what best suits you. Figure out its details and have a go at it!

Remain Inquisitive

‘The best way to learn is to ask questions.’ You might remember this from school. A teacher is incessantly nagging you to ask questions during her lecture. After all, that is how she would be sure you gained some understanding of what she was teaching about. Well, this applies here too.

You are meeting your psychic for the first time. Therefore, it is up to you how learning-intensive you want your session to be. The best way to ensure that is to ask questions. Get your laptop. Think about what you want to spend time knowing about. Write questions about the aspects of your life you feel most confused about. Make a list.

This list of questions will help steer the conversation with your psychic fruitfully. Try to make your question as specific as you can. This is your life up for discussion. It would be best if you got to question every intricacy, every minor detail that is revealed to you. Your questions must also be constructive enough to be answered by the psychic.

Instead of random free psychic reading online, a specifically tailored reading will prove more beneficial for you.

Take Notes

A psychic reading may go by in an instant, where you find it difficult to make even a basic sense of what your psychic tells you. Therefore, it can be useful to record the session or make extensive notes of your interaction. Prior permission to record from the psychic must, however, be taken.

Things you don’t understand, things you may benefit from in the future, or things you feel you will forget are important points you should note during your psychic reading. These notes can then be reviewed after the reading. Why may you ask?

This will help you go over conversations and understand them in depth. Many things relayed by the free psychic may not make sense that instant but may reveal themselves shortly. Taking notes can, thus, provide you valuable insight turning your psychic reading into an enriching experience.

Be Optimistic

Optimism can work its magic anywhere and everywhere. A psychic reading is the one place you will need your optimism to get the best results. Hence, try your best to keep an open mind. Only then will you connect spiritually and emotionally throughout your reading.

It is also important to receive information well. Psychics are merely vessels that use their intuition and knowledge by making connections with their energy. Hence, anything they tell you is what they have inferred. It is not meant to harm, embarrass, or demean you in any way. This is why it is so important to keep an open mind during a session.

Setting your expectations too high can also be damaging. While it is good to have a list of questions ready, you should realize that not all of them can be answered. Some answers might be detailed, and others might not even be there.

Do not carry a preconceived notion about your reading. If you have done enough research and read sufficient reviews, have faith, and approach your psychic reading with a crystal-clear mind.

Avoid Distractions

A free online psychic reading is a very intricate process that involves a lot of concentration, both by the psychic as well as the client. Your energy stems from your spiritual connection and requires you to be free from any and every distraction in your surroundings.

This means physical as well as mental distraction. Try to focus on your reading itself and the answers you want to reveal to yourself instead of your mundane life affairs. Physical distractions can affect the outcomes of your free psychic reading, bearing incomplete or inaccurate results.

Try to relax and connect with your free psychic. Even in an online free psychic reading session, find a spot where you’re isolated and won’t be disturbed between the reading. Avoiding all kinds of distractions will help you achieve optimum results.


Like it or not, we can all benefit from a little soul-searching and a little hope for the future! And when it comes to psychic readings, everyone will tell you this: don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

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