Birch Gold Reviews – Legit Gold IRA Provider to Use?

Birch Gold is a gold and precious metal IRA provider, allowing consumers to improve their investment portfolio with a long-time store of value. The company offers ways to hedge against the dollar and prevent volatility from impacting the user’s retirement savings.

What is Birch Gold?

Everyone has different methods of investment that they prefer to ensure that their retirement money is protected from potential threats. With a gold IRA, consumers can safely keep their wealth in one of the oldest stores of value that the world has known. Birch Gold is one of the biggest brands to offer gold IRAs today, and everything can be found at BirchGold.com.

With Birch Gold, consumers have the option of purchasing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, allowing them to invest in IRA-eligible coins and bars. Users still get the benefits associated with an IRA, including the tax advantages. However, offering these different precious metals as investment vehicles gives more diversity to customers in their accounts.

Along with the ability to store these assets, users can take possession of them physically. Unfortunately, consumers who store their assets themselves aren’t eligible for an IRA. In the nearly 20 years since Birch Gold was established, they now serve over 13,000 customers with Ben Shapiro as the brand ambassador on their team.

What Makes Birch Gold Unique?

Many companies offer gold and precious metal IRAs, so how is Birch Gold different from the rest? Some of the perks include:

Longevity. Birch Gold was originally founded in 2003, giving them plenty of experience with customers who want to invest their assets in a gold IRA.

Celebrity endorsement. Using a partnership with Ben Shapiro, the company is regularly previewed on the Ben Shapiro Show.

Run by professionals. The team at Birch Gold has years of experience and incredible rapport. The collective resume of the team members goes back to major financial institutions, including Citigroup, Dun & Bradstreet, and IBM. With the information at their fingertips, the team easily brings users through the precious metals IRA setup process. They can also help users to fund accounts and rollover other assets.

Personalized care. With Birch Gold, consumers will speak directly with a precious metals specialist that makes account setup much easier. It also provides users with the ability to ask questions about their account.

Trustworthy. None of the customer data submitted to the creators is ever sold to a third-party vendor. The data protection and privacy of Birch Gold is a priority.

Excellent reviews. Though their customer database isn’t that broad, their performance has already elicited many positive reviews.

Free information available. Even if the user is unsure whether these types of accounts are going to work for their needs, they can get a free information kit about the different accounts offered. This information kit helps users learn about their ability to diversify their account.

Offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. While most precious metals companies allow users to invest in gold and silver, opportunities to invest in platinum and palladium are important. Birch Gold makes it possible for consumers to choose whatever precious metal they want to take advantage of.

Ability to hold precious metals as a physical possession. Though the safest place to keep gold and other assets is in an IRA account with Birch Gold, this company allows users to also take physical possession if they so desire.

Setting Up An IRA with Birch Gold

The best part of Birch Gold is that it is relatively easy to create, allowing users to rollover funds from other IRAs or purchase new assets from the company. These funds can even come from 401(k), 403(b), 457, and other retirement plans.

Every precious metal IRA from Birch Gold is self-directed, which makes it possible for users to hold more than just stocks and bonds. Precious metals and other assets are commonly included, though users have to establish a partnership with a custodian to create it.

Here’s how the IRA setup process works with Birch Gold.

Start the account and choose funding sources.

To establish the self-directed IRA, the user has to start by transferring from another IRA or rolling over their 401(k), 457, or other retirement plans. The users can move over parts of their retirement account. This first stage requires the help of a precious metals specialist.

Find the right precious metal.

With funding sources available, consumers can start by deciding what precious metal they’d like to take advantage of. There are four precious metal options available, and they must be IRA eligible. To be eligible, certain fineness requirements should be met and subsequently stored with a custodian. For consumers who aren’t quite certain if their asset falls into this category, Birch Gold offers an entire list.

Purchase the precious metals.

A specialist from Birch Gold will help users review their purchase and make their final decision.

Watch the results of the IRA.

Once the user has set up their assets and their gold IRA established, they can see how their IRA works. Plus, individuals who still have questions can reach out to their specialist to check on the way that the assets have performed or if they want to make a change.

How to Buy Physical Precious Metals with Birch Gold

With Birch Gold, consumers have the ability to take advantage of custodial services to store their precious metals in an IRA. When the precious metals are held by the consumer, they cannot be eligible for an IRA. However, any asset purchased from Birch Gold allows users to be eligible for an IRA. For any personally stored precious metals, the custodian will have to convert them to store them as a precious metal.

To buy precious metals to self-store, consumers will need to follow this process:

  1. Choose the precious metal to be physically held. This step requires a specialist for processing.
  2. Send the payment, which will require an electronic transfer or personal check.
  3. Receive the metals via insured shipment to protect the user’s purchase from damage or loss.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

There is no store of value that is quite as old as gold, which has been used for centuries. In times when the market is unstable, gold retains its same value. Some people have kept their wealth stored in gold bars and coins to keep their wealth from being lost from one generation to the next.

Some reasons that consumers invest in precious metals is because it:

Provides security. Unlike stocks and other assets, precious metals seem to be guarded from the penalties that these options offer. Having this protection makes precious metals more secure.

Offers protection. Since precious metals keep primarily the same store of value, it helps consumers to eliminate the stress of political or economic issues. Even if the stock market crashes and the US dollar, users will still have the value of their assets in gold.

Offers greater diversity. By having a diverse investment portfolio, users manage their risk more effectively. Birch Gold claims that the use of precious metals as part of a financial portfolio reduces the risk that comes with making every asset the same.

Supports privacy. Anyone who wants to purchase through Birch Gold can use cash, and they can even take over physical possession of the precious metals they choose. No government or financial institution needs to account for these assets.

Is liquid. This tangible asset can be purchased and sold at the user’s leisure.

Has growth potential. Many experts believe that the current prices that consumers are paying is a great deal and that the value of gold will soon rise.

Is in high demand. Since 2010, central banks around the world have been purchasing between 400 and 500 tons of gold annually, suggesting that the demand is rising.

Is decreasing in overall supply. Part of what gives gold its value is the imbalance between supply and demand. Even though more people are buying gold, the total amount available is finite, giving it a bit more value.

Products from Birch Gold

Birch Gold wants to make the options plentiful for customers, which is why they provide gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. These options each come with coins, bars, and bullion, even if the product isn’t eligible for IRA storage.


With both IRA-approved and IRA ineligible options, Birch Gold offers the following gold products:

  • American Gold Eagle
  • Gold bars and rounds
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Gold Rose Crown Guinea
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Valcambi Combibars


The available silver products from Birch Gold include:

  • America the Beautiful silver series coins
  • Silver bars and rounds
  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • 2021 Australian 2oz Silver Florin
  • Silver Rose Crown Guinea


Platinum sets itself apart from other precious metals because it has historically had a higher price per ounce than what users can get for gold. There are only two main types of platinum products offered by Birch Gold are all IRA-approved assets, and they come in 5g, 1oz, and 10oz sizes.

  • American Platinum Eagle
  • Platinum bars and rounds

Unlike silver and gold, platinum is only minted privately. They aren’t made by the Royal Canadian Mint or the Royal Australian Mint. Users can store platinum assets if they have a fineness level of no less than 0.9995.


Palladium is privately minted in the same way that Platinum is. It is often used in catalytic converters, medical products, and electronic products. It is mined in Russia, South Africa, and North America, though the only eligible products with this IRA have a fineness of no less than 0.9995.

The available palladium products are:

  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf
  • Palladium bars and rounds

Pricing and Fees with Birch Gold

The actual pricing for products is rather difficult to find without signing up or speaking with a specialist. After reaching out to a specialist, users will learn that there are setup fees, fees for monthly account maintenance, and storage fees.

  • Initial setup fee: $50
  • Maintenance fees: $0 monthly
  • Storage fees: $180 annually

Other fees at the time of service may be charged, including fees for transfers and rollovers. However, before the services are charged, the specialist will explain all of the fees the user will be subjected to. When setting up the account initially, users must deposit no less than $10,000 in value.

Contacting Birch Gold

Even with all of this information, consumers may want to reach out to Birch Gold to speak with a professional about their options. The team can be reached by phone call or email.

Final Thoughts

The Burbank-based Birch Gold company offers precious metals IRAs, allowing customers to invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Users can add new precious metals or take over other precious metals. Potential customers can learn more information about Birch Gold from the official website by clicking here! >>>

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