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Best THC Weed Gummies [2021]: Top 8 Cannabis Gummies by Popular Online Marijuana Gummy Brands (Delta 8 THC & CBD Gummy Edibles)

If you haven’t tried weed gummies yet, then you’re probably in a state that frowns upon cannabis. But did you know that in most U.S. states, you can still buy gummy candies legally and safely – and yes, not just the CBD gummies, but the good stuff, the ones that give you a wonderful sense of euphoria.

Yes, even in THAT state, the one you’re thinking that’s never going to allow legal marijuana!

Delta 8 gummies are very similar to what you might call weed edibles but slightly different scientifically speaking. In this discussion, we will review the ten best Delta weed gummies online and what’s the best deal for your first and or second purchase.

Then, we’re going to talk about the differences between Delta 8 vs. marijuana vs. CBD.

Best D8 Weed Infused Edibles: First Look

Delta 8 THC Gummy Cubes


Best Organically Grown Hemp
Rainbow Pack PremiumD8 THC Gummies

Delta Effex

Best THC Gummies for First-Timers
Delta 8 THC Gummies(Original)


High Quality Cannabis Products
Strawberry Gelato Delta-8THC Gummies


Shipping Deals on Cannabis Infused Gummies
Overdose CBD & Delta-8THC Gummies

Diamond CBD

Great Prices on Bulk D8 Cannabis THC
Delta 8 THC Gummies (Watermelon / Black Raspberry)


Best Tasting THC Weed Gummies
Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Extreme Tropical Mix Gummies

Diamond CBD

Most Potent Cannabis D8 Formula
Comfortably Numb Delta 8 THC:CBN Gummies


Best CBD/THC Combo

1. Delta 8 THC Gummy Cubes [Exhale] – Overall Best THC Gummies

What we liked…

Exhale’s Delta 8 THC Gummy Cubes is a new product similar to their top selling weed candy D8 gummies. However, these cubes come in new shapes, colors, and flavors like elderberry, blueberry, guava, and strawberry.

We chose Exhale’s weed gummy snacks because of their health-first qualities (no harmful chemicals), high potency, all-natural ingredients, and the fact that all their products come with a money-back guarantee.

Exhale didn’t have to do much to inch out ahead of the competition…but 20 percent off is just enough to turn our heads.

2. Rainbow Pack Premium D8 [Delta Effex] – Best Weed Gummies for First Time Users

What we liked…

  • Lower dose, at 20mg per gummy
  • Only basic ingredients
  • Solid lab reports
  • More variety of flavors

The Rainbow Pack by Delta Effex is potent and yet made for beginners, coming in at 20mg per gummy. They’re low-dose enough to use any time of day, even at work, for mental clarity and focus.

The selection of delicious flavors, like strawberry, green apple, mango, blue razz, and mystery, is all the more impressive since they don’t use much in the way of filler ingredients.

The Rainbow pack has 10 gummies at 20mg, and it’s suggested that newcomers take half a gummy to start.

The moderate dose and fairly low price make Delta Effex’s Rainbow Pack our top pick for newcomers looking for safer products for their first time.

3. Original Delta 8 Gummies [Exhale] – Fruit-Flavored Marijuana Gummies (Delta 8 Gummy Edibles)

What we liked…

  • More subtle than other Exhale gummy products
  • High potency and lab-tested to the max
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Less than $50 for a 30 count bottle

The original Delta 8 Gummies snack offers the best value purchase, with a 30 count bottle of 25gm gummies, with traditional gummy shapes and flavors.

In fact, the only difference between Exhale’s two gummy products was that the new gummy cubes had a slightly tangier taste.

Otherwise, the products were comparable in that they contain little sugar or artificial ingredients and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Exhale’s Delta 8 gummies are not only guaranteed and potent for relaxation and recreational purposes but also come with a first-timer’s discount.

4. Strawberry Gelato [BudPop]– Best Vegan Edible Gummies

What we liked…

  • Free shipping always
  • Unmistakable strawberry gelato flavor
  • Low dose at 25 per gummy
  • Vegan and non-GMO

BudPop doesn’t always have the lowest prices, but it offers a slam dunk on shipping. Free shipping always, even in the “offseason.”

BudPop is also the younger and hipper D8 alternative, staffed by twenty-somethings and featuring unique edibles besides gummies just in case you want to invite your buds over on game night.

These 25mg Delta 8 THC gummies are moderate strength but potent, ideal for morning focus or nighttime relaxing. If you want to make repeat purchases and stock up later this season, free shipping may be your best bet.

The strawberry gelato gummies are also flavorful and yet vegan and non-GMO.

5. Overdose CBD & D8 Gummies [Diamond CBD] – Low Prices on Bulk Weed Gummy Orders

What we liked…

  • 3000mg for $100 – a fine bulk deal
  • CBD and THC to balance the effects out
  • Delta THC is made from scratch, not leftovers
  • Sitewide sales up to 50 percent off

How can your mouth not water at the suggestion of OD-ing on potent cube gummies – 3000 mg for $100?

It’s the best deal in terms of bulk, and this three-pack comes with both CBD and Delta 8 THC. The THC is also made from scratch, not from residual or leftover cannabis parts.

Three jars of gummies can last a long time and if the euphoric highs scare you, know that the CBD isolate will help keep you calm and in control.

The balancing effect works and keeps you at a subtle but potent high. You’re high enough to be happy but sound in mind even in the office.

6. Delta 8 THC Gummies [3CHI] – Best Candy-Like Marijuana Gummy

What we liked…

  • Candy-like taste
  • $19.99 for an eight pack
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Quality stuff from a trusted brand

3Chi makes everything taste good – even Delta THC gummies that have an off “hemp taste.”

These gummies taste like candy, and with 25mg per bite, they will leave you feeling slightly euphoric, mentally focused, and uplifted. The gummies come in packs of 8 or 16, or respectively, 200 or 400 mg.

3Chi is also a reliable brand, and unlike many other startup companies, experienced in product formulation. Founded by a biochemist in 2019, the company was the first in the U.S. to release a legal THC-dominant product.

They also distribute CBN products, which can slightly complement the effects of Delta THC.

7. Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Extreme Tropical Mix [Diamond CBD] – Most Potent Cannabis Gummies

What we liked…

  • Strong potency
  • CBD added for counteracting effect
  • Frequent special deals, like free two-day shipping
  • Money-back guarantee

They call it Chill Plus, but with high potency and more pieces per pack, we’re pretty sure these gummies will give you the psychotropic high you’ve been missing when sampling CBD only.

The buzz for Chill Plus is strong, and the flavors come in tasty selections of tropical fruit flavors and paradise.

Stronger potency is not necessarily the best effect, however. Compared to a more balanced formula, not to mention more stringent lab-testing, Chill Plus may leave you feeling jittery, especially if you take more than one gummy within several hours.

No wonder the manufacturer also added CBD to calm the user’s nerves.

8. Comfortably Numb D8 THC/CBN Gummies [3CHI]– Best THC, D8 & CBD Weed Gummy Combo

What we liked…

  • A nice mix of THC, CBG, and CBN
  • Low price, at $19.99 for an eight pack
  • Recommended for newcomers
  • Free shipping for larger orders

People should not live on just chill Delta 8 gummies alone – what about complementary effects made from mixing CBN and CBG with Delta 8 THC? The special blend makes Comfortably Numb a brand new sensation altogether.

Each gummy has 12.5mg of D8 and CBN, respectively, with 200mg in 8 gummies or 400 in 16 gummies. If you’re nervous about feeling panic or anxiety from Delta 8 THC, then the numbing effects of CBN can balance things out nicely.

Delta 8 Weed Gummies: FAQ

Is Delta 8 THC Legal, Man?

A few states have banned Delta 8, not because of side effects but because of the unique chemical process required to make potent Delta 8 THC edibles.

Some feel it is an unnatural process, which explains why states like Colorado have banned Delta 8…after all, recreational marijuana is easy to come by!

However, in many states, even conservative states like Texas and the Carolinas, Delta 8 gummies are completely legal and can be shipped through the mail. Be sure to check your state and verify the legality of D8 edibles, preferably dated within the last few months.

What Happens When They Drug Test You for Delta 8 THC

Typically, no one will test you for Delta 8 – unless you enjoy telling your boss about how high THC gummies make you! Instead, employers test for marijuana THC.

Because Delta 8 is a cannabis product, it will usually come back as a positive result, just the same as marijuana or even CBD oil. All cannabis products trigger the same metabolite and report back all traces of THC and CBD – and there’s usually no distinction on the test.

You can either try to explain to your employer that you use legal CBD/Delta 8 products (perhaps with a doctor’s note), or you can simply stop taking all cannabis THC edibles for a few days or weeks if you anticipate a drug test coming up.

Choosing the Best D8 Cannabis Gummies: Guide

The first time you try legal cannabis gummy edibles like Delta 8, you may be surprised at how much it feels like real pot.

Or, if you’ve never tried pot before, how it brings on feelings of chill, relaxation, and euphoria.

Think of it as a similar feeling to chugging cherry spirits or high-alcohol wine, but without the hangover later on. You simply exist and start dancing to the peaceful feelings floating around inside your mind.

What a lot of people don’t understand about Delta 8 cannabis gummies is that it does affect people differently, and the effects can change all the more so, depending on the unique formula the cannabis gummies manufacturer creates.

Some weed gummies are mixed with CBD or CBN in hopes of balancing the high Delta 8 THC content. Other formulas, like the Exhale product line, contain only Delta 8 content but have highly potent properties, making their gummies seem stronger than that of other companies.

Choosing the Strongest D8 Gummies

The most obvious factor is the milligrams per gummy and total gummy count per back. Some companies offer good bulk product prices, up to 3000 mg of gummies.

Taking more than one gummy would definitely leave you reeling, but you actually can overdose on Delta 8 edibles. Some gummies also have 30 mg per gummy, packing even more of a punch.

Dosing Delta 8 Gummies

Most legit Delta 8 brands recommend one gummy for every six hours. In the beginning, however, you may want to slowly expose yourself to Delta 8 effects, splitting a 25 milligram gummy in half.

If you are sensitive to THC (and many people are, which explains the pot paranoia feeling that’s fairly common), then it’s best to start with a half (12mg) dose. After, eat the other Delta 8 gummi half about an hour later.

D8 effects sometimes take up to 45 minutes to peak.

Adverse Effects of THC Gummies

Some claim that Delta 8 gummies have health benefits and can soothe chronic pain and anxiety. Others swear that Delta eight THC levels can relieve stress, decrease nausea, and treat insomnia.

That said, the FDA has not endorsed these statements and still claims that hemp cannabis-infused edibles are untested and potentially dangerous. Yeah, the same guys that still claim marijuana is addictive and comparable to tobacco, so take that with a grain of salt.

Still, few people would argue that there is a euphoric mild high that comes from Delta 8 gummies because of the Delta 8 THC content, along with limited Delta 9 THC.

Just as with other cannabis edibles, the best way to experience the full body and head high is to think of positive things. Watch or listen to something you enjoy. Laugh, eat, or do something fun.

As with marijuana cannabis THC, focusing on negative energy or following catastrophic thought patterns can lead to anxiety. Unlike marijuana, though, you will not trip out or hallucinate, so put that worry out of your mind.

Long-Term or Short-Term Side Effects with Delta 8

Short term side effects of THC gummies might include the usual small dose marijuana symptoms like:

  • Red and dry eyes
  • A spike in anxiety (especially if you overdose)
  • Lethargy
  • Confusion or short-term memory loss
  • Dry mouth and or increased appetite
  • Occasional diarrhea
  • Goofiness (for lack of a better term!)

As for long-term effects, not much is known about the unique process of creating Delta 8 edibles through chemical isomerization, but there are no known issues reported beyond temporary effects.

The main area of concern is the potential of the drug to affect work performance. Some claim they “zone out,” lose concentration, or start over-thinking to the point of anxiety.

The most concerning short-term side effects would be high blood pressure and faster or lower heart rate. If you have heart problems, you may want to ask your doctor before taking regular or high doses of Delta 8 THC.

The Takeaway: Who Makes the Best Cannabis (Weed) Edible Gummies?

Our research, both professional and personal, discovered that Exhale simply had the best of both worlds – quality and price.

They weren’t the cheapest buy, but the D8 cannabis gummies came with an unconditional money-back guarantee, a generous first-time discount, the best reports for third party laboratories testing, and the most consistent user reviews.

Furthermore, they are the only company to highlight their Colorado-grade legal hemp, which speaks to the cannabis gummies potency.

Don’t buy any hemp derived products (whether that’s gummies, D8 vape cartridges, flower, or tinctures) until you determine which company sells the best quality Delta 8 THC, as well as a good price on quantity.

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