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Best Online Tarot Card Reading Services A Free Session is Just a Click Away

There are two types of people in this world; believers and cynics. The first kind considers tarot reading a medium to converse with the universe and spiritual powers. In contrast, we have the naysayers that associate tarot card readings with occult rituals and black magic.

If you’re looking for the best sites for a tarot card reading online, then you belong in the first category. You are someone that has faith in divine intervention and doesn’t mind a touch of whimsy in their worldview. Having this faith has helped you overcome countless hurdles in life. You can enrich this experience with psychic guidance via online tarot readings.

We help you get a head start in the game of life with the right tarot card reader by your side.

Here’s an overview of the best tarot reading sources available online:

The Fantastic Four: Best Online Tarot Reading Sites in 2021

Your quest for the best tarot card readers and accurate psychic predictions ends here. These websites tick all the boxes when it comes to receiving personable and reliable predictions.

Here’s a brief preview of our favorites:

1. Keen Psychics: Best Rates and Reliable Experts for Online Tarot Readings

Connect with psychic consultants who are eager to guide you in all aspects of life with goal-oriented tarot readings. You can begin your journey with a free tarot reading online and then pay $ 1.99 for 10 more minutes of mystic consultation.

2. Kasamba: A Popular Pick for Online Love Tarot Readings

Find the one and regain lost balance in your relationships with love tarot reading online. Kasamba creates the ideal environment to introduce users to different types of psychic readings and personalized predictions.

You get all that and more with a free trial and a discounted rate for a full consultation.

3. Psychic Source: Get 75% Off and 3 Free Minutes for Your First Tarot Reading Online

Experience tarot readings online with extraordinary customer services at Psychic Source. Its well-vetted team of practitioners and compatibility tool makes each interaction with mystic advisors more meaningful.

Receive 75% off after you decide to continue our 3-minute trial.

4. California Psychics: The Best Choice for Transformational Tarot Readings Online

Change your life after an enlightening tarot reading with California Psychics. Enjoy their five-minute trials and affordable packages to delve deeper into the art of mysticism.

Each of these platforms gives you a sneak peek of the future. Choose service providers that do the most by making mystic experiences more personable.

The Real Deal: How to Choose the Right Online Tarot Card Reading Service?

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from our favorite four:

Keen Psychics: Get High-Quality Online Tarot Card Reading at Budget-Friendly Rates


If you’re worried about the pricing and the technical aspects of online tarot ready, then Keen Psychics has our covered. It’s got a user-oriented interface that makes your first mystic experience in the virtual world go a lot smoother than other psychic hotlines. You can receive tarot readings by phone, chat, or even email.

Moreover, they offer various other psychic categories for further consultation. You can use their psychic hotline to receive guidance from intuitive readers, empaths, and gifted psychic mediums who can help you reach out to the spirit of a loved one. Each of these tarot readers has gone through a tough recruitment cycle to secure a place in the psychic network. It proves that they have the experience, talent, and passion required to become an excellent mystic guide for registered clients.

Then there’s the Life Questions category that deals specifically with life-altering decisions. You can use Keen Psychics for online tarot card reading services related to answers that can influence your personal and professional choices.

In addition to that, it manages to fall well within your budget range with its affordable price plans. High customer ratings and authentic testimonials support its credibility.

All these features make it an excellent choice for tarot reading online.

Keen Psychics Price Plan: How Much Does Online Tarot Reading Cost?

Keen Psychics offers free tarot card reading online for 3-minute long trial sessions. Interested participants can pay $1.99 for a more detailed reading. These extended consultations last up to ten minutes. After that, clients can subscribe to a monthly or minute-based package for future readings.

Having a ten-minute extension within a reasonable price range makes the follow-up session worthwhile. It allows you to gain more clarity and form a better understanding of what the future holds for you. Not to forget that longer sessions mean more time to build a good rapport with your tarot reader.

These deals do apply to other types of psychic readings. The only noticeable difference lies in the price point as it may change according to the expertise, skill, and rating of the chosen psychic.

The Best Features: What Do We Love About Keen Psychics?

  • It’s an affordable online tarot card reading service for beginners
  • The client-friendly interface makes virtual consultations easier for first-timers
  • An impressive customer support system with self-help options, search bar, and screening
  • You can connect with psychic experts via multiple contact methods (i.e. phone, chat, and email)
  • Enjoy tarot reading services online 24/7 with an always-on customer support team
  • 100% accuracy in love tarot readings, live psychics, and career forecasts via tarot card readings online
  • All new users get three minutes of free tarot reading online
  • You can upgrade your trial session for a 10-minute long tarot reading by paying only $1.99
  • They offer secure payment methods

On the whole, it’s a solid choice for all types of tarot reading online. You can count on Keen Psychics to provide you with an excellent experience without putting a dent in your savings.

Visit Keen Psychics for a Free Tarot Reading Online + Extra Ten Minutes for Only $1.99!.

Kasamba: 20+ Years of Expertise in Online Tarot Reading


Kasamba plays the role of a pioneer in the online world of tarot reading and mystic advice. It has more experienced tarot card readers than any other website. Some of these psychics have been working for decades in this industry. Their expertise is enhanced with its modern mode of communication and an all-accessible psychic service. That means you can use it to connect with psychic experts around the world via phone, chat, email, and video sessions.

Clients appreciate the privacy and security offered on Kasamba for virtual mystic consultations. Starting from its quick and easy registration process with encrypted log-in details to confidentiality chat options for a unique tarot card reading experience. The latter keeps your identity under wraps when talking to your designated psychic expert. You can maintain this anonymity by only using initials and astrological details to receive accurate readings.

More importantly, strives to recruit the best tarot card readers online with its rigorous screening process. All psychic experts registered on this platform are certified practitioners with credible referrals, years of experience, and niche-based skills. You can trust them to bring their A-game during every consultation.

The excellent customer feedback supports this through positive reviews and online ratings. According to many client testimonials, it’s the best choice for love tarot readings and relationship tips. Other users recommend Kasamba for alternative psychic readings via crystal gazing, astrology charts, numerology, and career forecasts.

Lastly, having a variety of options within reach enables you to try a combination of mystic services. In turn, this gives you more flexibility and control over the readings you choose.

Kasamba Price Plan: How Much Does Online Tarot Reading Cost?

Kasamba offers free online tarot card readings to newcomers. Consider it a virtual platform to try and assess different mystic specialists without paying a dime. There’s only one condition; these free-of-charge services are limited to 3-minute sessions. After this, you can pay $1 per minute to continue your consultation.

Despite the short duration, most users gain sufficient details about their future within the free tarot reading. You can upgrade the prediction by opting for multiple services via adjustable packages. These can include different psychic reading styles to meet your needs. Plus, every new client receives a 50% discount during their first complete session.

That said, the base price per minute varies from one psychic to another. Some premium psychics might charge extra dollars due to their high rations and experience. Always read customer reviews to ensure that you pick a tarot card reader that makes paid psychic services worthwhile.

The Best Features: What Do We Love About Kasamba?

  • It was established over 20 years ago
  • Connect with experienced tarot card readers across the globe
  • You can choose various modes of communication for your online tarot readings (i.e. phone, chat, email, and real-time video sessions)
  • 24-hour service for daily horoscopes and psychic readings
  • An ideal choice for tarot readings about love and relationships
  • Precise predictions and satisfactory readings with compatible online tarot card readers
  • Try your luck with free tarot reading online ( Maximum time: 3 minutes)
  • They offer a mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Get a full refund if the psychic consultation doesn’t meet your expectations

In short, Kasamba is the whole package deal. It has 5-star reviews, reliable psychic advisors, and a wide range of psychic services to choose from. You can use it for different types of readings without going anywhere else.

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Psychic Source: Home to the Best Tarot Card Readers Online Since 1989


Psychic Source entered the mystic industry as a psychic hotline for tarot card readings. Customers could call in and ask for daily predictions , love tarot reading, financial advice, and other life-related queries about the future.

Years later, Psychic Source continues to maintain its successful streak with thousands of psychic experts. Their gifted team includes several specialty-based tarot card readers, mystic advisors, psychic mediums, etc. In addition to its diverse range of services, this online directory promises complete privacy and security to its users.

They achieve these goals by practicing strict recruitment policies that evaluate applicants before confirmation. All the candidates get judged on credibility, professionalism, and skills. As a result, Psychic Source always manages to rope in top-tier practitioners in every field of mysticism and psychic reading.

These efforts are supported by a commendable team of customer support representatives who guide new users and recurring clients alike. You can trust them to resolve technical glitches, registration queries, invoice inquiries, and other problems you may face in real-time.

What’s more?

Psychic Source features a compatibility tool called ‘Psychic Tool’. The well-integrated automated search engine asks you a few specialized questions regarding your expectations and consultation choices. The data you add gets analyzed for you to get matched to three potential psychics. Only practitioners with good performances, high customer ratings, and positive client feedback appear on this personalized list.

Consequently, having a customizable feature elevates experiences and connects users with genuine mystic advisors. It does this by saving time and energy wasted on the wrong psychic.

Overall, Psychic Source presents customers with a safe and secure platform for their mystic journey. Millions of users vouch for this through positive feedback, likes, and 5-star ratings.

Psychic Source Price Plan: How Much Does Online Tarot Card Reading Cost?

Like its competitors, Psychic Source offers free tarot card reading services to new users. You receive 3-minutes for a trial session with your chosen psychic expert. After that, you can continue the reading by paying $0.66 per minute to receive a complete consultation. Newcomers can benefit from a 75% discount offer when they move onto paid services.

On the other hand, Psychic Source keeps loyal customers happy with seasonal deals, exclusive discount offers, and value packages.

The Best Features: What Do We Love About the Psychic Source?

  • Over three decades of expertise in tarot card reading online
  • A wide network of globally recognized tarot card readers and mystic experts
  • Amazing reviews and even more incredible prices
  • You can sign up for free tarot readings via phone, chat, and live video sessions
  • 24/7 customer support service to resolve real-time issues and address urgent queries
  • Top-rated tarot readers, psychic mediums, and fortune tellers at your fingertips
  • Receive in-depth tarot readings, dream interpretation, and spiritual advice from accredited mystic advisors
  • Learn everything you need to know on matters of love, life, and death via a tarot reading online
  • Free tarot readings for no more than three minutes
  • It charges $0.66 for other types of psychic services and mystic interpretations
  • Enjoy an all-exclusive discount deal for new clients (75% Off)
  • It incorporates safe and verified methods for online registration and transactions

In short, Psychic Source covers a lot of ground with its exceptional tarot reading and assorted psychic services. Book a consultation to take advantage of its low rates, credible consultants, and personalized customer journeys.

Face the Future with 100% Confidence At Psychic Source.

California Psychics: A Top-Rated Psychic Service for Accurate Tarot Readings

image 3

California Psychics opened its virtual doors in the 90s. They have become a force to be reckoned with since then when it comes to online tarot readings. The online psychic platform takes great pride in personalizing psychic experiences for each customer. Its customizable tarot reading services attract wandering souls who want a nudge in the right direction.

Clients can log into this platform to seek personal and professional guidance from mystic near and far. From love psychics, career forecasts, spiritual interventions to life questions, California Psychics has an online tarot reading category for all your worldly woes. You can make the most of these services by selecting a contact mode that works for you. Online tarot card reading options include consultations by phone, chat, and live video.

Moreover, it conducts a detailed background check on each practitioner. These recruitment strategies maintain client trust and offer experienced psychic services online. They also eliminate security risks by choosing secure payment methods for all transactions. Adding to this, are its encrypted user-authentication process and confidentiality chat options. Both techniques ensure that nobody besides you can access your account details.

Apart from this, California Psychics sets itself apart by bringing the best tarot readers on one platform. Every user has the option to upgrade subscriptions to add other psychic tools such as i-Chings, crystal balls, and angel card readings into the mix.

You can browse through psychic profiles to select online tarot card readers that have the highest customer ratings, multiple specialties, and good customer feedback scores. The user-friendly search system makes it easier for you to choose the right psychic expert for consultation.

If you have trouble navigating this virtual space, you can give customer support a call. They will lend a helping hand and clear all tech-based problems. You can also ask them for tarot card reading recommendations. Alternatively, you can use its psychic match tool to streamline your search.

California Psychics Price Plan: How Much Does Online Tarot Reading Cost?

If three-minute trials seem short, you can head over to California Psychics for a five-minute introductory session. Use this free online tarot reading to get interesting insights into your future. You can opt for a longer consultation with a $1 per minute fee.

Besides this, it makes online psychic reading affordable with its three-tier price plan. The flexible offerings have three categories of psychics; preferred practitioners, popular, and premium. Factors like experience, customer ratings, and performance quality determine the budget of each package. For instance, a tarot card reader with decades of experience might charge more compared to a newcomer. You can look at user reviews and availability to determine which psychic can offer the best value for your money.

The Best Features: What Do We Love About California Psychics?

  • It’s an established online platform for an online tarot reading
  • Connect with a global community of tarot card readers and psychic exports
  • 100% accuracy and unique psychic reading sessions
  • An always available customer support service for real-time assistance
  • Top-rated tarot readers for phone readings, chat psychics, and video consultations
  • A variety of psychic reading choices
  • The 24-hour customer support team for quick support (i.e. tarot readings, pendulums i-Chings, crystal gazing, psychic mediums, etc.)
  • A three-tier pricing system for adjustable packages
  • Enjoy a free five-minute session with a $1/minute fee for paid minutes

In a nutshell, California Psychics paves the way for reliable mystic readings and opportunities with its versatile services.

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to Book the Best Online Tarot Card Reading?


If you’re new to tarot readings, we can help.

This section covers general queries, presents modern perspectives, and explains techniques concerning online tarot reading services.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Q1. How Do Tarot Readings Work?

Real psychics use tarot cards as a divination tool to learn the truth about your past, present, and future. Most professionals use a traditional tarot deck consisting of 78 cards that are further divided into two categories; major arcana and minor arcana.

The first group consists of 22 cards, called the trumps. They are part of the major arcana, while the minor arcana has 56 cards. Each card features vivid illustrations that can be based on Piedmonsteste or Venetian tarot designs.

Gifted tarot readers answer your question by interpreting symbols and images from the selected cards to answer your question. Beginners can ask for a traditional three-card spread where each card represents your past, present, and future.

If you want something more specific and detailed, you can choose a Celtic spread. It allows tarot readers to share more in-depth readings with the aid of ten cards instead of three.

Q2. How to Book a Free Psychic Tarot Reading Online?

Sometimes finding a real psychic online can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. You might hit some dead ends or come across fake psychics who impersonate gifted tarot card readers to make some money. You can cut through the noise by choosing a trustworthy platform to connect with verified psychics online.

However, before you reach that point, do your research to streamline the selection process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to seeking the right live psychic advisor:

Step 1: Find Your Niche

These days, online psychic readings are available in various forms and through different psychic tools. In this instance, tarot readings can be done by empaths, psychics, holistic tarot card readers, and other mystic advisors with unique abilities.

Do your research on these specialties before you sign up for your first free tarot reading online. Having an understanding of how each type of tarot reading works will help you choose a technique that feels comfortable and relevant to your goals.

Step 2: Choosing a Legitimate Tarot Reader Online via Credible Platforms

The websites we mentioned above have a large following with a well-vetted network of psychics near you and across the globe. Signing up for free tarot reading online through any one of these platforms can get you a step closer to getting some insights into your past and future.

If you have trouble making a decision, don’t hesitate to dig deeper. Having an online database makes it easier for new clients (like you) to clear their doubts via research. You can read up on their terms and conditions, pricing plans, and reviews to opt for a website that seems feasible for you.

Step 3: Read Customer Feedback

Client testimonials give you a glimpse of how each registered tarot reader practices their calling and what others have gotten out of readings with them. Use it as a guide to select a practitioner that has a great success ratio and a personable approach to tarot readings.

Remember to take psychic profiles and ratings into consideration before you finalize your decision.

Step 4: Make the Most of Your Free Online Tarot Reading

Many psychic hotlines offer compatibility tools and multiple free introductory sessions to ensure you pick the perfect mystic advisor. Utilize these online resources to connect with the right practitioner.

However, keep in mind that the first tarot reader you choose might not be right for you. Feel free to consult with a couple of other psychics if required. Platforms like Kasamba offer free trials with each new practitioner. Use this opportunity to test the waters before you move onto paid sessions.

You can base your decision on how online tarot reading makes you feel or the accuracy of each reading.

That’s it!

Once you have filled up the registration form and selected a psychic you can enter the mystic world with genuine tarot card readers ready to share their knowledge about what lies ahead.

Q3. How Should You Prepare for an Online Tarot Card Reading?

Preparing for a free tarot card reading online looks like any other important meeting or appointment you’d participate in your life. Once you have done some research to get a general idea of what you’re going to expect, make a list of what you want out of the reading.

To do this, you can compile a list of questions you’d like to ask. These queries can be about everything from your personal life, love life to your career.

To give you an idea, here are some sample questions to ask an online psychic during your first reading:

  • How will I find my soul mate? / Am I with the right person?
  • Is this the right time to switch careers?
  • Have I chosen the right field?
  • Is my (relative/friend/partner who has died) okay?
  • Will I achieve my dreams?

A good tactic will be to be more specific when you ask life-related questions. Try to keep things open-ended so that you don’t receive vague ‘yes or no’ answers. If you have multiple concerns about the future, you should create a priority list to ensure that the reading doesn’t go off track. That way, your free tarot card reading online will not feel like a missed opportunity to ask the main questions.

What Else Can You Do To Get A Good Tarot Reading?

Apart from this, keep a clear and open mind before and after your session. Try your best to keep anxiety-ridden thoughts at bay. Having faith in mystic powers and accepting the guidance you receive plays a pivotal role in the whole process.

Gifted psychics are sensitive to negative emotions and they can pick up on your doubts and negative emotions. At times, overwhelming feelings can be felt across the screen and it can disrupt the connection between you and the designated tarot interpreter. Consequently, the weak connection can lead to inaccurate or incomplete readings.

In addition to this, you should consider your physical space too. Sit in a room with a positive vibe and relaxing energy. You can burn sage, light a sweet-smelling candle, or use a scented humidifier to uplift your spirits. The steps you take to prepare for your tarot card reading will reflect positively in its outcomes.

Q4. What Does an Online Tarot Reading Look Like?

Many psychics begin their session with a short intro to put you at ease. They will spend a few seconds getting to know you and vice versa. Some might want to learn why you decided to approach them. These questions allow them to connect with you and interpret your aura (or energy) before proceeding to the actual tarot reading.

After that, they will focus all their spiritual energy on your question. Depending on the psychic type you selected, it could mean reading tarot cards through different types of spreads to search for an answer. Alternatively, some psychic mediums might use their gifts to communicate with their spirit guides and receive signals or cues about the information you requested.

Then some mystic advisors can channel the spirit of a loved one you have lost. You can use this particular session to reconnect with the dearly departed and receive an important message from them.

No matter what spread they choose, the standard technique remains the same. Your tarot card reader will shuffle the deck as they speak to you. They will then cut the deck and choose a pile for the reading. After that, they will select a designated number of cards on the table, depending on the chosen spread. Some tarot readers might ask you to point at cards you’d like to select.

Next, the tarot card reader will interpret the meaning behind each card in light of your question. You may ask follow-up questions to receive a more in-depth tarot reading.

Word of Caution:

Know that the free tarot readings come with a time limit. That means your session might end midway. You may request the operator to continue the session if you’re satisfied with what you’ve heard within the time constraint or want to learn more from the same tarot reader.

Q5. Can Online Tarot Reading Be Accurate?

You’ve probably heard that you have to be in the same room as the tarot card reader for the reading. It’s a misconception that undermines the power of psychic mediums working virtually in this non-conventional space.

In reality, it does not matter whether you are sitting face-to-face or across the globe. Your virtual presence will be enough for gifted tarot readers to provide an accurate reading. They can rely on spirit guides to read your aura and feel your energy despite the physical distance between you.

Moreover, all the tarot card reading sites mentioned in this article have a strict screening policy. You can trust them to appoint only the best psychic experts in the industry. Hiring qualified specialists for the job ensures that you receive an accurate reading from an experienced professional. In turn, this leads to satisfactory outcomes on both ends as readers become experienced in mastering the art of interpreting an online tarot reading.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, online tarot card readings are an accessible medium to connect with gifted psychics and seers. You can ask them for spiritual guidance, dream interpretations, and visions of events and experiences you have not witnessed yet. In other words, it’s the sign you need to prepare for your future.

Use our shortlisted sites to encounter psychic readings in a safe and trusted space.

May the mystical force be with you as you unfold the next chapter of your life!

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