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Best Psychic Readings Websites Online: 2021’s List of Top 5 Reliable Psychic Readings Near Me

The unpredictability of life often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and terrified. In the era of COVID-19, more people than ever are experiencing this sort of doubt. People deal with such problems in several different ways, including consulting online psychics.

Now, who exactly is a psychic? A psychic or medium claims to possess powers related to supposedly unexplainable phenomena, especially clairvoyance and extrasensory perception.

Psychics may tap into their customers’ energy through tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves, and other means to give minute details about them and their future – to allow clients to adjust and improve their lives. They may also confirm something the customer may already know.

And if you don’t have a thriving fortune teller business nearby, luckily, several companies provide online psychic reading services to do just this. We’ll be covering five of the best online psychic reading sites in this article.

5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites:

  1. Kasamba – Best Online Psychics For Life Guidance
  2. Keen Psychics – Best Psychics For Love Readings
  3. AskNow – Best Site For Career & Money Advice
  4. Oranum – Love Psychic Readings By Phone & Live Chat
  5. Mysticsense – Website Specializing In Tarot Card Readings

#1. Kasamba – Best Online Psychics For Life Guidance



Ever since its conception in 1999, Kasamba has become a staple for online psychic readings. And under the watchful eye of their current parent company, Kasamba continues to grow to three million subscribers. Phone and video sessions aren’t available just yet.

Still, Kasamba offers a wide range of other services over live sessions and emails, such as psychic readings, relationship advice, fortune-telling through tarot readings, dream analysis, palm readings, and predicting financial fortunes.

Kasamba has over 70 top-ranked professionals from all over the world to provide these psychic reading services. Before scheduling their consultation session, customers pick a category and specialty from the ones we have mentioned. Their chosen expert will then provide valuable details to help them make small changes and improve their lives.


  • Affordable
  • A very comprehensive online psychic reading service catalog
  • A vast roster of consultants
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Only members can avail of services like mobile app use


The folks at Kasamba value their customers, and the list of features available to beginners reflects this. Their concern has prompted them to offer complimentary advice on a service of your choosing to newbies. And they’ve gone even further, with first-timers getting their consultations half off.

To top it all off, you can use those three minutes on all your first appointments to let you figure out if the psychic gets you, so basically giving you a free psychic reading online. In this vein, the company hires numerous online psychics in the same role. So, if you don’t like someone’s method, consultation, or personality, that doesn’t mean you have to move on to a different type of psychic reading. During our research, we discovered that the company employs over a hundred tarot card readers.

Customer Reviews

First and foremost, it comes down to money and the first point on our pros list – affordability. Kasamba is probably the most cost-effective option out there for folks who believe in the paranormal or want to delve into that psychic world.

The platform charges customers on a minute-by-minute basis and does not often hand out free minutes, but the consultants have to abide by its limitations when setting their rates. Kasamba has a one-of-a-kind introductory offer with a three-minute free, accurate online psychic reading with a 50% discount on all first-time sessions regardless of type.

Regardless, we would recommend you keep the rate in mind as your psychic of choice can cost anywhere between 1 to 5 USD per minute, depending on their qualifications. Therefore, paying special attention to how much an online psychic reading session costs per minute is essential.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for the Best Offers

#2. Keen Psychics – Best Psychics For Love Readings



Keen Psychics is the second most established online psychic reading service we evaluated. The company has been an industry leader since its inception around 20 years ago.

However, despite being a seasoned veteran of the online psychic reading game, the organization has not let itself stagnate. Instead, they constantly keep things fresh and exciting.

You can see this in the way they are consistently improving and refining their website – a website, by the way, that is not only always up to date but also frequently brought up in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Bustle, and Refinery 29.


  • Been proven reliable for online psychic readings
  • Variety of ways to get online psychic readings
  • A vast number of available online psychics means you never have to wait
  • The general public evaluates all the psychics


  • Do not provide a free psychic reading online trial even for newbies


Once you’ve gone through their super handy psychic reading website and picked one of the psychics on their massive roster, you can get to them via chat, email, call or even schedule a session for later. Alternatively, you can use their almost equally handy mobile application psychic reading – which like all successful applications, runs on both iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, like Kasamba, they do their best to give people a chance to experiment and see what works for them. So, like all the other top psychic reading sites, they offer the first three minutes of every session for free.

Unlike other top psychic reading sites, Keen Psychics also offer ten-minute readings for under $2. And for those a little overwhelmed by the variety on display, here’s a little tip: We’ve found Keen Psychics expertise to be in relationship advice.

Customer Reviews

When you account for the quality of services available, the prices for Keen Psychics services are pretty reasonable. For example, a single online psychic reader on the platform only costs $1.99 for ten minutes. In addition, as we discussed previously, their website is incredibly user-friendly and efficient. As a result, it lets customers quickly get psychic reading results through their home page.

Additionally, Keen Psychics is just the place to go if you want to bring some peace into your life. And these days, peace is a much-needed commodity.

This focus on bringing their clients peace is why Keen Psychics is recognized as one of the most effective online reading platforms. It is fully capable of assisting people with any issues they may be facing, with readers who have significant expertise in psychic readings aimed at aiding individuals at critical moments in their lives.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keen Psychics for the Best Offers

#3. AskNow – Best Site For Career & Money Advice



This is another top notch online psychic reading site out there and if your primary concern is your relationships and professional success, AskNow should be your go-to online psychic reading destination. Trust us, whether it’s love, career, relationships, or money; AskNow has a psychic to get the job done.

It’s easy to access as you can get the psychic reading done on the phone and via chat in two languages – English & Spanish. Moreover, AskNow only hires specialists for their psychic readings.

These specialists can handle anything from horoscope and numerology readings to tarot cards and dream readings. You may filter the list of the best online psychics by the type of session (online chat or phone call), rate per minute, and category.

The company is also famous for how detailed its psychic reading results are. Not to mention that you can read up about the psychic before you contact them for a reading. As a result, you can access information about their experience, the type of psychic reading they specialize in, and other details regarding their skills and reading style. All of this gives you a chance to pick the perfect psychic for your needs.


  • Background checks and extensive screening processes for all consultants
  • Psychic information is easily accessible
  • Accessible from anywhere and at any time
  • Available in several languages


  • Mostly known for its phone service


So far, the sites providing psychic reading online have offered three minutes or ten minutes off to first-time clients for their psychic reading online – AskNow takes this to the next level. This company is currently offering brand new clients the opportunity to talk to one of their psychics for just a dollar for a 30-minute long psychic reading session (or shorter if that’s your jam).

Furthermore, if you go for a shorter session of psychic readings, you can use your spare minutes later in a different psychic reading session regardless of category. Though outside of not gelling with one another, it’s unlikely you won’t find what you need, considering the company only hires experts.

However, the offer is only available to redeem for the first year. But if you had the chance, why wouldn’t you take it? And that is not all! If your first psychic reading doesn’t work out within the first five minutes, you can pick another one, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Well, first up, there is a lot of experience on the table to consider. AskNow has helped out tens of thousands of people in need of spiritual intervention.

As we previously discussed, not only is the company comprehensive when hiring people, they hire specialists, some of whom have over 35 years of expertise in their fields. And you can access all of them for a range of prices through different media. Like Keen, they focus on innovation and now have a mobile application along with their psychic reading website.

This application also comes with a free horoscope. Moreover, the company goes out of its way to cater to first-timers with its introductory bundle. This bundle has a dollar per minute for psychic readings and five free minutes with a psychic reader. So what are you waiting for, ask them? (Pun intended.)

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of AskNow for the Best Offers

#4. Oranum – Love Psychic Readings By Phone & Live Chat



Now, you have certainly noticed a few similarities in the experiences provided by the companies mentioned previously. So how about a change? Oranum gives its clients an experience like no other.

A primary reason for this is that, unlike other online psychic reading services that aim to provide communication through as many mediums as possible, Oranum focuses on creating the perfect video chat reading experience. Not to mention, they offer users the chance to observe the psychic readers they want to work with in live psychic reading sessions. Moreover, you can search for psychic readers using various filters to narrow down the overall list.

Furthermore, there is the added benefit of having hundreds of online psychic reading options available to users. Among these are some you won’t have seen us mention before, such as sound therapy. Additionally, like AskNow, their consultants speak multiple languages.


  • Live psychic reading sessions give clients a more complete and dynamic experience
  • Offer numerous unique psychic reading specializations
  • Client inquiries are entertained seriously in a free chat room
  • New members get $9.99 in free credits
  • Psychic readings available in several languages


  • No standard free trial for any type of psychic reading


Well, let us start with the obvious. If you want a face-to-face experience, this is the place for you. But far be it for us to claim that this is Oranum’s only strength. For example, their clients have almost unparalleled access to psychics while researching. You can talk to the psychic reader you are interested in before a consultation, look through their reviews, or even observe them in action before you have to go in for a psychic reading session.

This approach makes it almost meaningless that they don’t offer clients those first few minutes for free like other companies. It primarily allows you to see what the experience will be like for you, whether it will be worth it, and develop a repertoire with the consultant that intrigues you.

Undoubtedly, this connection will allow them to read you better, giving them a greater understanding to draw upon during your psychic reading session. This understanding will no doubt result in a more comprehensive solution to your problem.

However, those worried about initial affordability need not fret. Oranum does not just shove you into the swing of things straight away. Instead, they offer new customers a $9.99 credit to get them started.

Customer Reviews

The company’s approval ratings are relatively positive. Clients often go out of their way to recommend individual psychic reading sessions. And with so many people taking such psychic reading sessions due to word-of-mouth recommendations, there are countless reviews for each reader, making it easier to figure out the best psychic reader for you.

These reviews also give the customers an idea of what to anticipate. Live psychic readings are an even better way to do this. If you value doing as much research as possible when purchasing something, this is the ideal choice for you.

However, we did observe some clients’ concerns that a few of the psychic readers were too vague or provided psychic readings that were too broad. This concern indicates that they aren’t as extensive in verifying their psychic readers as other websites on this list.

Moreover, the lack of clarification of their recruitment and selection procedures on their website supports this conclusion. Regardless, further research tells us that the company does claim to run background checks. The problem isn’t unsolvable, though. All you have to do is check out the reviews available regarding the psychic reader’s sessions that interest you.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Oranum for the Best Offers

#5. Mysticsense – Website Specializing In Tarot Card Readings



Now you may think of psychic readers as up in the air, but when it comes down to services and quality of work, Mysticsense is undisputedly solid.

The company offers a vast range of reliable psychic services provided by several recognized and vetted psychic readers. Their psychic reading website is user-friendly, letting visitors explore what they want with easy navigation and a filtration system. Whether you search for a psychic or type in psychic reading doesn’t matter.

Their range of services is also excellent – providing all the classic features like life predictions and love advice along with a few unique things you won’t have heard of before, such as pet media. So overall, we would say you can’t go wrong with this one.


  • A reasonable variety of services, both new & old
  • Multiple mediums of communication with online psychics
  • Bonus minutes for first-timers
  • Access to group discussion forum
  • Active, up-to-date social media presence


  • Only accessible via the website
  • Only service that does not offer a staple like horoscopes


Mysticsense, as a whole, is the closest thing the industry has to an expert in object psychic readings. Their online psychics excels at it and can give you a fortune based on any card or crystal. Of course, they’ll also read dowsings, ruins, and any other objects we’ve yet to mention.

So if you want the old-school Hollywood experience with a crystal ball and everything, we suggest you pick these guys. They will undoubtedly give you something to ponder. And who knows, you might come away from it with a brand new perspective on life, love, and their trials and tribulations.

Also, since they are all about your experience, they’ve taken personalization in a completely different direction than anyone else. At Mysticsense, they let clients control the nature and tone of their sessions. Strange, we know. But if it gives people what they are looking for and it works, who are we to question it? Especially considering this might enable the psychic to be more straightforward with you, providing the result in a more easy-to-understand manner for your psychic readings online.

Customer Reviews

As we covered in the introduction to this psychic reading service, it grants clients a reliable, consistent experience. So, we know for a fact that their psychic readers are talented, their advice is generally solid and well-intentioned, and that you’ll have an easy time reaching the readers and accessing the services.

Additionally, they let you almost completely personalize the experience by picking the nature and tone of your psychic session along with the instruments the psychic reader will use. Simple but effective, so we recommend you try it now!

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense for the Best Offers

Things To Consider When Choosing A Free Psychic Reading Online

As with any online purchase, research is essential. In this case, you need to consider free psychic reading trials, accessibility, the experience of the online psychics, and customer reviews.

This business is full of scammers and fraudsters eager to manipulate a person desperate for some happy news. They can charge through the nose for such psychic readings, and setting people up for fraud is a horrible thing. It’s even worse when you fall victim to it.

No one wants to experience such heartache, so you should avoid it. However, the best way to avoid scammers and find the real deal is to do your research as diligently as possible.

While psychics are not regulated as harshly as other professions, they still need to abide by certain laws within the United States. Different states have different laws, so you should find out about your jurisdiction. Some demand psychics obtain an occupational license before they can legally work. Others demand a background check and a strict licensing process to ensure they are above board and qualified.

These are necessities when looking for a reliable psychic. Other certainties you should look for in your search include previous customer reviews. As a result, the more chances you have to experiment and shop around, the safer you are from fraudsters.

If the medium asks for money upfront, that’s an aspect that should make you suspicious. If you are careful with your money, you will likely find a genuine psychic reader.

Online Vs Offline: Why Online Psychics Are Better

Why choose an online psychic? What is the benefit? As we discussed, almost all of these online services offer some version of a free trial since psychic readings are dependent on customer requirements, so that’s always a plus.

We all lead busy lives, and in this time of COVID-19, we don’t have many options to sit at a table for an extended period, in close contact with another person. Online psychic reading websites save you all of this trouble. A simple chat, psychic readings by a phone call, or video meeting can answer all the questions you have about your life and the future.

Do you just want some in-depth advice and a more extended conversation? If so, such a method exists, and it should work fine for you. But be warned, if you want this method, you will have to research diligently to find the service you need. Professionals will have a service that provides a video chat option. If not, they are probably scammers, and you should avoid them.

Everything is geared towards you and the time you have to spare. This beats physical offline psychics every time as it allows you to work on your schedule!

FAQs On Psychic Readings

Q. Why Should You Try Online Psychic Readings?

As we talked about in the introduction, people seek out psychics to get some peace of mind. Such sessions also allow you an opportunity for self-reflection, as you can review your decisions and see if you need to move in a different direction.

As such, it can help you decide your plans for the future, see what makes you happy or motivates you, and what you want to do. Similarly, it can help you get closure on your past.

Q. What Are The Various Tools Used In Online Psychic Readings?

The tools readers use depend on the sort of result the customers want. So they might use some cards, crystals, or astrology. For example, these could be tarot cards, oracle cards, crystal balls, star charts, or something different like runes and pendulums.

Q. Which Subjects Can I Ask About In An Online Psychic Reading?

Psychics can help you out in all aspects of your life. For example, you can discuss your relationships with your friends and family, even those that have passed on. On that last point, you can use psychic reading methodologies to get closure with these loved ones.

You can even discuss the end of your own life. You can even get more technical by discussing your financial future, career success, health, and wellbeing. So if you have a topic in mind, there is a psychic for you.

Q. Why Go For Psychic Reading Online?

The same reason you opt for any other service online, convenience and variety. The pandemic raging throughout the world has emphasized the importance of shopping online. And when you have a service that is much rarer, like psychics, having the opportunity to benefit from it online is always a plus.


So there you have it; the comfort you might hope to achieve from consulting this medium is sure to be compromised if you do not pick the right one. Therefore, we hope that this list of psychic reading websites provides you with all the details you might need to adhere to your specific needs at the time. However, we suggest you go for either Kasamba or Keen Psychics for your online psychic reading experience, as these two are by far the most trusted and accurate psychic sites.

Psychic readings may seem bizarre to some individuals, or they may say that there is no truth to them, but if these sessions are reassuring to you, they might be just what you need regardless of whether you are a skeptic or a believer.

So, be diligent in your research, know what psychic to reach out to in what circumstances, and see if their approach will work for you. Similarly, we encourage you to take full advantage of the numerous deals for first-timers available in the industry and find someone who understands you and is easily accessible – in an affordable manner, of course. We wish you the absolute best on the spiritual journey you are about to take! Bon Voyage!

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