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Best Online Psychic Reading In 2022: Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites For Real & Accurate Readings by Phone or Chat| Expert Psychic Readers For Love, Destiny & Future Prediction

Guidance is required at nearly every stage of life. There is always concern about what should be done now to ensure a bright future. The majority of the time, the right road is lost, and everything appears to be alright. This is where psychic reading might help because it entails reading cards to provide insightful advice.

These are the best online psychic readings that are now available to you, in the privacy of your own home. You are not required to travel to anyone’s location to receive your psychic reading. Because they are convenient, quick, and safe, many individuals turn to online psychic readings.

It allows consumers to acquire expert psychic guidance without draining their bank accounts. However, if you’re unsure which website to trust because there are so many, you’ve come to the perfect place.

After conducting extensive research, we have produced a list of the best online psychic reading services available right now. We will give you crucial information about these services, as well as a purchase recommendation. By the end of this article, you should be well prepared to choose an ideal psychic reading service for your needs.

Top 5 Most Reliable Online Psychic Reading Sites For Accurate Prediction:

  1. Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading For Life Guidance
  2. Keen – Best For Psychic Advice on Love & Relationships
  3. AskNow – Best Affordable Services For Guidance On Life Decisions
  4. Oranum – Best Online Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading
  5. Mysticsense – Best Platform For Live Psychic Readings

#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading For Life Guidance



Kasamba is a well-known online psychic reading service that offers tarot cards and astrology readings. Since its establishment in 1999, it has served over 3 million customers. The app is one of the key benefits of using this site since it allows users to get psychic readings and help no matter where they are.

Another feature is a large number of professional psychics and the variety of services they provide. Every psychic on the site has a profile page that includes their experience, skill, and ratings from previous customers, so users can select the appropriate psychic to fit their needs.

You can also check reviews of previous customers to learn about their experiences with a specific psychic to help you make a better decision. If you’re still having problems picking a psychic, Kasamba has compiled a list of the best psychic professionals.

Kasamba provides prospective clients with a 3-minute complimentary psychic reading, followed by a 70% discount on the service fee. This deal allows you to try out each new psychic expert for free to select the ideal medium for your needs. Most importantly, you can utilize the three free minutes for each new psychic reader you find.


Expert Readers

Kasamba only recruits genuine and effective psychics to provide consumers with the most accurate and dependable reading possible. To ensure that the readers are genuine, professional, and qualified, they are extensively screened. Even new hires are well-trained, experienced professionals who adhere to Kasamba’s high-quality requirements.

Profile Page

Every advisor has a profile page, which assists customers in selecting the reader of their choice. That profile page contains information, such as the psychic’s experience, qualifications, fees charged per minute, ratings and reviews from previous clients, and so on.


  • A wide range of services are available
  • Thousands of knowledgeable advisors
  • Three minutes are complimentary for each new advisor
  • Each psychic has an individual profile


  • Only registered users have access to the mobile app

Customer Experience

As you can see, Kasamba has been in operation for over two decades and is considered one of the most steady online psychic reading services. Kasamba places a premium on its clients’ privacy and security, and the platform ensures complete anonymity and confidentiality of personal information through secure and safe SSL payments.

Additionally, it provides free horoscopes to all site visitors. Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes are available for each zodiac sign, along with extensive descriptions of the love and career sections.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#2. Keen – Best For Psychic Advice on Love & Relationships



Keen psychics should be your first choice if you’re seeking online psychics who specialize in free psychic readings. Keen’s matching procedure is lightning fast. Thanks to the filters on the webpage. You may filter by price, availability, and form of contact on the website.

Keen psychics have years of experience guiding individuals down the right path and making sound decisions. Online psychics have their pages with extensive bios and information about their specialty and experience on the platform.

People can also see the reviews and ratings to help them locate the most significant match possible. The website aims to do online psychic readings as inexpensively as possible. They offer a free three-minute trial session if you’re still on the fence about getting a psychic reading.

If it seems to be working, you can proceed by paying $1.99 for a 10-minute online psychic reading session. Users can also select their favorite modes of communication, such as video, chat, or telephone reading.

There is also a division that lists the top-rated advisors available to help customers identify the greatest psychics. Furthermore, whatever of the questions you have, all Keen psychics reading are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. You can contact live customer service if you see anything wrong.


Detailed Profile

When someone visits the website’s homepage, they may see glimpses of all of the psychic readers currently working for it. Every psychic reader’s complete profile is prominently displayed on the portal. To see which psychic reader is best suited to their wants and desires, one can quickly scan several profiles.

Classified Information

Along with hiring the top psychic readers, Keen psychics ensure that the specialists they choose are appropriately validated. They do not share their clients’ private information with competitors or even marketing firms whose sole purpose is to acquire data.

So customers may rest assured that they will receive the most private and off-the-record psychic readings possible, allowing them to share all of their problems without fear or reluctance.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Various modes of communication are accessible
  • They have been offering reliable psychic readings for over 20 years
  • Ensures complete transparency


  • Famous psychics cost a lot

Customer Experience

Keen psychics are well aware that there are a number of websites to pick from when it comes to the best online psychic readings. As a result, Keen goes to great lengths to stand out and shine brightly among the crowd.

They provide a strong network of professionals, top-notch support, and the opportunity for patrons to converse with their advisers, all while ensuring one’s security, perfection, and providing excellent patron service.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keen

#3. AskNow – Best Affordable Services For Guidance On Life Decisions



AskNow is a psychic reading service specializing in love, career, relationships, and money. They’ve been around since 2005 and offer both English and Spanish phone and chat readings. AskNow’s psychics are experts in various fields, including horoscope readings, tarot card readings, numerology readings, and dream analysis.

Furthermore, each psychological profile has a wealth of information. Years of experience, the kind of psychic readings they perform, and other important information about their skill and reading style are all included. You have the option of filtering the best online psychics by kind of session (phone or chat), rate per minute, and category.

Once you’ve found a psychic you like, you may take advantage of AskNow’s first-time user discount. You can obtain up to 5 minutes credited to your account if you think the present psychic is ideal for you. You can then try again, perhaps finding a psychic who is a good fit for you.


Website Design

The design and quality of a website are two of the most critical components in constructing first impressions. AskNow does an excellent job with the overall look. The green color dominates the web and aids the platform in gaining client trust.

Green represents harmony, freshness, growth, and progress; therefore, it produces visitors’ relaxing and welcoming environment. The website’s quality is likewise acceptable, and it appears to work pretty well.

Value For Price

In a word, AskNow is one of the most cost-effective online psychic reading platforms available. Although psychic readings online begin at $3.99 per minute, promotional deals and ongoing reductions keep the costs down. Furthermore, you have access to world-class psychics, and the readings are still worth it even if you pay a little extra.

However, this does not necessarily imply that low-cost readings are incorrect. It all boils down to how much you’re willing to spend on reading. You can spend as little as $3.99 per minute and yet get highly detailed readings.


  • Readers can be filtered using a variety of characteristics
  • The most effective choice for phone readings
  • Positive consumer feedback is extremely high
  • For new users, the first five minutes are free
  • Well established website


  • No video call option

Customer Experience

AskNow is perfect for anyone looking for help or advice through difficult times in their lives or difficult decision-making circumstances. The platform employs the most up-to-date security procedures and industry best practices to maintain its users’ information security. As a result, they take all necessary steps to ensure your data’s technological and physical security.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#4. Oranum – Best Online Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading



Oranum sets itself apart from other psychic services by allowing you to speak with a psychic in real-time. This is accomplished through a live video conference. It is, however, optional if you do not want your identity shown to the reader or if you desire to stay anonymous.

When looking for a psychic to fit your needs, you can utilize a variety of search filters. You can even find a psychic who can communicate in a language other than English. Tarot readings, astrological readings, love readings, dream analysis, and sound healing are among the psychic services provided on Oranum.

When it comes to new users, Oranum takes a slightly different approach than most psychic websites. Instead of the standard free three minutes, they allow you to speak with a psychic of your choice before spending any money.

Anyone can sign up for Oranum for free by providing a username, password, and email address. New members should save their login information in a secure location and use alphanumeric combinations that are secure and easy to remember.


Free Live Credit

Oranum provides a free 10-minute chat psychic reading session with any online psychic reader on the web. Customers can redeem the deal with the $9.99 free credits merely for joining up, according to Oranum reviews.

On Oranum, new members can choose from hundreds of psychics and use the 10-minute time limit for individualized readings. Once the free credits have run out, users can purchase extra credits for each minute of reading time.

Mobile App

The App Store and Play store both include the Oranum app. The app is entirely free and includes nearly all of the features found on the main website, including live video broadcasts, video and voice readings, and the opportunity to favorite and filter the best psychics for you. One of the app’s excellent features is that it will notify you when one of your favorite readers logs in.


  • Readings are conducted using a live webcam video feed
  • Every week, each psychic hosts a live public session that is open to the public
  • Several specialties are available
  • Sessions of free conversation are offered


  • Reading on a mobile device is not possible

Customer Experience

Oranum is a trustworthy source for anyone looking for expert psychic help with any difficulty. Customers can connect with the appropriate spiritual counselors via various methods because of the many filtering options and the ability to try out a live psychic reading before committing to a private psychic reading.

The video chat option on the site also allows you to see the person with whom you’re chatting, allowing you to get the most out of your discussions.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Oranum

#5. Mysticsense – Best Platform For Live Psychic Readings



At Mysticsense, you can choose from a wide range of psychic readings. Your searches can be filtered by specialty, topic, expertise, and reading style. Whatever you’re looking for, Mysticsense will have a medium that is an expert in that industry. Pet mediums, love psychics, and some of the top fortune tellers may all be found here.

You can also search by subjects like love, friendship, family, sexuality, dream interpretations, work-life balance, and much more. Whatever you’re going through in life, Mysticsense psychics can help you find answers and overcome your obstacles.

Because you all interpret information differently, Mysticsense allows users to search for psychics based on their nature and tone. It’s critical to select a psychic who can give you a reading that you can comprehend.

Mysticsense is an online psychic service available throughout the day, so you may get aid whenever you need it. Sign up, and your first session will be free psychic reading online for five minutes. You’ll also get a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your current session.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mysticsense guarantees you complete satisfaction. If the reading is unsatisfactory, the service provider provides a cash return within two days following the reading. The time spent in the disappointing reading is reimbursed back to other consumers, allowing them to speak with another advisor simultaneously.

Customer Support

Unlike many other psychic websites, Mysticsense is noted for its excellent customer service, available throughout the day. In addition to receiving accurate readings, you may share your experiences with other members of the community.


  • Connection via video is also possible
  • Simple to use
  • Readers can be sorted using powerful filters
  • A diverse range of psychic mediums


  • No mobile app

Customer Experience

With a vast collection of highly qualified psychics delivering readings on extremely particular specializations and categories, this site gives excellent value for all of their services.

Mysticsense makes use of its extensive database to provide you with a system of sophisticated filters and search algorithms that help you rapidly locate the perfect match for your specific needs. At Mysticsense, first-time guests will receive a free five-minute psychic reading.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Online Psychic Reading Services

Screening Process

Websites are essential platforms for psychics conducting online readings to interact with paying customers. Customers are especially susceptible when getting a psychic reading online since they cannot know if the psychic reader is genuine.

To prevent fraudulent psychics from tarnishing their reputations, high-end psychic reading platforms employ various screening techniques. Before joining the forum and promoting their services to the platform’s users, psychics who want to offer their services on these platforms must complete the screening requirements.

The psychological screening process varies from platform to platform. Applicants are required to present verifiable information about their expertise, qualifications, and success rate in most circumstances.

Candidates may be asked to undertake a live reading to assess their talents on a psychic reading website. All of the websites in this guide have a screening process in place for new psychics. If you wish to become a customer with a site that isn’t on this list, be sure it has a good screening policy.

Free Trial Minutes

Participating in a reading session with online or psychic readings by phone psychic reading is one of the most efficient ways to evaluate genuine ones. Nobody wants to pay for a reading that doesn’t suit their personal needs. A free trial is equivalent to a psychic reading preview and can help you decide whether or not a psychic is right for you.

To assist users in finding the best online psychics for their needs, most platforms provide free psychic readings. In most situations, free psychic readings last three minutes or less. However, depending on the platform, they can last for a longer period. You must pay the price if you want to continue reading after the three minutes have passed.

A three to five-minute free psychic reading online is generally enough to decide if the psychic is suited for you. If you plan to arrange regular reading sessions, free psychic readings are especially useful. All consumers have access to free psychic reading alternatives. However, if you are a new customer, you may be qualified for an additional complimentary psychic reading.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s always risky to schedule the best online psychic readings by phone, online chat, or video call because you never know if the psychic is genuine. Even if you’re dealing with a reliable online psychic, an accurate reading may be tough to come by.

Most reputable online psychic reading sites provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantees to ensure that customers do not lose money. If you are not pleased with your reading, you may be eligible for a refund under this guarantee.

Guarantees of satisfaction vary from one website to another. For example, you may only have 30 days from the reading to request a refund, and you may be required to provide a reason for your dissatisfaction.

All of the psychic reading websites listed in this directory provide a money-back guarantee. Review a reading site’s money-back policy before joining up as a new customer to reduce your risk of financial loss. A satisfaction guarantee may not cover a free psychic reading conducted via the internet. Customer satisfaction is rarely guaranteed in free psychic chat forums.

Price Per Minute

Psychic readers can usually determine and charge their fees on psychic reading websites. As with any other service, you may expect to pay a premium for high-quality services. A psychic with a strong track record of inherited abilities and decades of experience will charge substantially more than a novice psychic who is just starting in the field of online psychic readings.

Beginner psychics will frequently provide a free psychic reading online in exchange for feedback, and these offerings are often worth it. It will only take you a few minutes to get a free psychic reading online, and the reading might be beneficial.

Expect to spend anywhere from $10 per minute for the top psychic readings. Readings from the finest psychics are usually worth the extra money, and most of these readers have a following of dedicated consumers who are willing to pay the higher price.

You could be able to get a reading for as little as $1 per minute if the online psychic reading business is running a particular campaign. You may save roughly $90 on a 10-minute psychic reading by taking advantage of this offer.

Contact Methods

Psychics that provide online readings do not have the same personal and physical connection with their clients as psychics who provide in-person readings. Talented psychics, on the other hand, may give accurate readings despite communication channel limits.

Live chat, video conferencing, and email are the most typical ways to get a psychic reading online. Phone readings are usually available from online psychics. You should look at each website’s contact methods when selecting a particular service.

Individual psychics on platforms don’t often provide all of the contact options that the company advertises. For example, a website might feature readings by email, phone, live chat, and video call, yet some of its online psychics may only be available for live chat and phone readings.

Customers frequently believe that video conversations are the most effective means of interaction for psychic readings. Customers who are concerned about their privacy, on the other hand, often choose live chat or phone readings.

If you have a hectic schedule and find it difficult to set up 30 minutes to read, email may be the best alternative for you. Consider the availability of online psychics when making your decision. Some advisors are only available during the evenings or on weekends.

Some Ways Online Psychics Can Transform Your Life


People who are coping with life, financial, or romantic issues want emotional assistance. They seek someone to help them get out of their problems and provide insight into their concerns. They can chat with someone and explore potential solutions for what their future holds through free psychic readings.

Aside from that, individuals can always opt for more sessions after implementing one piece of advice to receive another. Instead of being there only once, online psychics can accompany you on a journey.


One of the most crucial matters in a person’s life is seeking clarity because everything becomes extremely confused and complicated without it. You may clear the fog from your life and see the right road ahead of you by gaining advice, insight, and assistance on crucial problems.

This can also help you in determining where you need to go to fulfill your life’s objectives. Expert psychic readers can assist you through difficult times, especially when things appear very dark and frustrating. Put another way, their services can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


It’s critical to believe in yourself and your ability to make things happen since no one can do you right like you. The essential goal is always to consider what obstacles you must conquer to make life easier for yourself.

Psychic readings might help you increase your faith in yourself so that you can overcome your current and future challenges. They can also teach you about the future through their skills and abilities, so you believe in yourself to attain them.

FAQs About Online Psychic Reading

How Does It Feel When You Make Contact With A Psychic?

Every session will be special. Before your first session, it’s a good idea to do some online research. If you’re nervous while meeting a psychic for the first time, attempt to convey your feelings to them so they can make you feel more at ease by describing the entire procedure to you.

The reader’s ability to understand the message shown by the cards is what gives the psychic readers its power. Your reader will explain the messages they receive as the reading progresses. They may ask relevant questions to understand better, and you will both uncover the genuine meaning of the reading if you work together.

What Can A Psychic Reading Tell You About Yourself?

A psychic reading is used to provide answers to people’s queries regarding their lives and futures. Some people want to learn about love or money, while others want to discover their soulmate or connect with a deceased loved one. For the best results from the reading, prepare a list of questions beforehand.

What Questions Should You Ask A Psychic?

When it comes to psychic readings, there are no limits on what you can inquire about. You can make the session as open or as closed as you want. You should get right to the point because you may be paying for every minute of your reading. Consider asking open-ended questions for the greatest outcomes.

Rather than asking, “Who will be my spouse?” you could instead question, “When will I meet my future spouse?” or “How will my partner be?” As a result, your psychic will be able to give you correct answers. As a result, you are free to inquire about any aspect of your life, including relationships, love, education, profession, finance, health, or destiny.

To receive dream interpretations, you can also connect with a psychic. Finally, you should prepare the questions ahead of time to avoid spending time during the session. You can interject any additional questions that come to mind throughout the meeting.

How Can You Avoid Fake Psychic Encounters?

Do careful research before picking a psychic to get accurate, insightful readings and avoid being duped. If a psychic tries to get you to buy things or tells you that you’re cursed and need to schedule another session, they’re probably a scammer.

Conclusion – Choose The Best Online Psychic Reading Platform For Yourself

As you all know, life may be difficult, especially if you have a demanding job, a complicated relationship, or financial issues. A psychic reading can be pretty beneficial and can help you enhance your quality of life. Getting a reading can also help you adjust your viewpoint on a situation and make the required changes to solve it.

This is now more accessible than ever before, owing to the expansion of the best online psychic reading services. Fortunately, every website we’ve featured today is wonderful, and they all provide a free psychic reading online to determine whether they can assist you. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t test them out right now.

Also, when looking for a psychic on one of these sites, think about your specific needs and budget – you can go for sites like Kasamba and Keen. While paying a premium for a quality reading may be worthwhile, there are various ways to save your reading costs. Also, make sure that the psychic you hire is capable of providing you with a reliable and accurate reading.

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