Best Mushroom Supplements (Review, Compare & Buy Products)

There’s no denying the fact that medicinal mushrooms have continued to gain an increasing amount of mainstream traction over the last few years. Even today, researchers continue to find new use cases for psilocybin and other critical active ingredients in many mushrooms.

That being said, most mushroom supplements avoid psilocybin altogether because it’s a controlled substance. Instead, most products come packed with a host of other active ingredients that help provide the body with a wide range of productive benefits ranging from better physical health to improved cognition to enhanced understanding.

In this article, we seek to list out some of the best mushroom supplements available in the market today. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the heart of the matter.

The Best Mushroom Supplements in 2021

  • Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT
  • Four Sigmatic
  • Real Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Defense
  • Organixx 7M+
  • Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane
  • The Genius Brand Genius Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Revival
  • Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus
  • FreshCap
  • VidaCap
  • Shroomy
  • Ceremony Mushrooms
  • GundryMD Mushroom Vitality
  • Circadian Wellness
  • VitaPost Immune Support
  • MycoPhyto Complex
  • Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Goldmine Supershroom Powder
  • Magic Mushroom
  • Spore
  • Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery
  • The Drug Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms
  • Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract
  • Plant People WonderDay
  • 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend
  • MindHoney
  • Vital Plan Brain Boost

Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT


Onnit is probably one of the biggest and best-known supplement manufacturers in the world today, thanks in large part to the brand being promoted by Joe Rogan. In essence, Shroom Tech SPORT markets itself as a daily energy supplement that can help users in various ways. For example, the product comes replete with natural enhancers that the manufacturer claims can help users increase their bench press reps by 12%, increased bench press and back squat reps by 7%, and cardio output by nearly 9%.

In terms of its compositional status, each serving of Shroom Tech SPORT works comes loaded with a range of natural ingredients such as vitamin B12, a mushroom complex consisting of niche derivatives such as cordyceps (1.2 gms), an adaptogen blend of ashwagandha, green tea leaf extract, Rhodiola, and astragalus root extract (930 mg combined).

Lastly, price-wise, each bottle of this supplement is available for a base sum of around $25.

Four Sigmatic


Throughout the last few years, Four Sigmatic has continued to garner increasing attention from supplement users worldwide. The company’s products have become so popular that they have been featured across several popular publications, including Women’s Health, TIME, etc.

Ingredients-wise, Four Sigmatic supplements come loaded with several fantastic mushroom extracts along with certain other plant-based derivatives. In this regard, Four Sigmatic has divided its mushroom-enteric medicinal products into a variety of separate ranges, i.e., ‘Think’ for mind support and increased mental sharpness, ‘Defend’ for general well being, immunity enhancement, and digestive maximization, and ‘Chill’ designed to provide users with immediate relaxation.

The company is based out of Finland, which has traditionally used many different mushroom strains such as Chaga and Lion’s Mane to prepare various medicinal solutions for many centuries. That said, most of Four Sigmatic’s products feature an efficacious, proprietary mushroom blend mix, ground mushroom coffees, and a plant-based protein derivative.

Last but not least, all of Four Sigmatic’s products are USDA Organic Certified, something that has helped transform the firm into one of today’s most prominent and well-loved mushroom supplement manufacturers.

Real Mushrooms


Real Mushrooms, as many of our regular readers may be familiar with, is a family-run business. The company has nearly half a century’s worth of experience in mushroom supplementation and sports nutrition. In this regard, some of the company’s most potent formulas include a wide range of capsules and powders.

The company enables its users to choose from several ingredients known to deliver precise results in one’s system, including chaga, tremella, turkey tail, reishi, and cordyceps mushroom. Not only that, you can choose a blend of multiple mushroom extracts such as’5 Defenders’ or ‘Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix.’

Lastly, it is worth highlighting that the company is based out of Vancouver, Canada, offering interested customers a wide array of top-quality mushroom supplements that don’t cost a fortune. All of the company’s products are available in a price range of $25 to $35.



Even though the name may sound a bit strange at first, MUD\WTR is a herbal beverage that has been designed using a variety of different organic ingredients. From a clinical perspective, the product can deliver many targeted benefits such as:

Increased energy and mental acuity.

No sensory shocks are commonly observed as a result of drinking caffeine and other similar concoctions.

Additionally, MUD\WTR features a variety of natural ingredients such as cacao, chai, turmeric, sea salt, and cinnamon. These ingredients work in conjunction to help provide the body with excellent benefits (minus the jitters or unpleasant side effects of caffeine).

Last but not least, all of the ingredients contained in the product have been certified USDA organic. Not only that, each serving of the product features under 15% of the caffeine content that is usually present in a cup of cappuccino. Price-wise, MUD\WTR’s basic starters pack is currently available online for a base sum of $40.

Mushroom Defense


The firth entry on our list is Mushroom Defense. This supplement has a unique compositional mix that can help increase individuals’ energy levels and provide them with a range of mental and mind-related benefits such as Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, and decreased brain cell production.

Another facet of this product is that it is designed to help provide users with increased immunity, allowing individuals to help secure themselves against a wide array of infections, bacterial threats, and other similar issues.

Each unit of this efficacious formula comes backed by a massive sixty-seven-day, full-money back guarantee. Ingredient-wise, the product comes loaded with several natural ingredients, including potent herbal derivatives such as cordyceps, lion’s mane, turkey tail, and shiitake.

The mushrooms in the mix have been obtained 80% from fruit bodies and 20% from mycelium. A single bottle of this formula is available for a base sum of $60.

Organixx 7M+


Organixx 7M+ is another immunity enhancer that is designed using a range of fermented mushrooms. The manufacturer claims that every serving of this formula comes replete with a range of seven potent mushrooms that have been known to provide users with various benefits.

Compositionally speaking, Organixx 7M+ has been designed using turkey tail, chaga, shiitake, maitake, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms. These ingredients are fermented to help enhance overall utility and overall bioavailability.

Each mushroom has been fermented for maximum nutrition and bioavailability, making the product extremely potent from a pricing standpoint. However, compared to many other supplements on our list, Organixx 7M+ is relatively more expensive as a single bottle currently priced at around $55.

Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane


Lion’s mane mushroom is one of the most highly touted products on our list, mainly because it has garnered a massive online following due to its word-of-mouth hype. When used regularly, the supplement can deliver a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Improved brain health and sensory maximization.
  • Enhanced immunity response and cellular repair.
  • Heightened sense perception and brain function.

In addition to this, the manufacturer also claims that the product is designed to help users with other peripheral issues related to memory loss, mood swings, decreased cognizance, and improved heart health.

Some of the other core facets of Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane include:

  • Improved nerve growth and repair
  • Increased mental sharpness

Price-wise a single bottle of this product is priced at a base sum of just $23.

The Genius Brand Genius Mushrooms


Even though the name may sound a bit outlandish, the company’s track record over the years has been solid. In this regard, regular use of Genius Mushrooms can help provide users with a range of productive benefits such as increased energy release, stress relief, memory enhancement, and liver LDL/HDL support.

Each serving of this bottle is available for a base sum of $22. In all, the product has nearly 25k reviews on Amazon, with the supplement holding an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. Lastly, from a purely compositional standpoint, the product has been designed using unique mushroom variants such as cordyceps (designed to increase muscular and athletic output), lion’s mane (helps provide users with augmented mental cognition), and reishi (for longevity), with each of these organic ingredients being carefully packed into veggie capsules.

The supplement is currently available for a base sum of $22.

Mushroom Revival


As the name seems to quite clearly imply, Mushroom Revival is a supplement that helps harness the various positive abilities of several different mushroom extracts. All of the company’s products come packed with certain niche extracts, including:

  • Reishi Calm Tincture
  • Mushroom Mix Daily 10 Tincture
  • Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture
  • Cordyceps Energy Tincture

The product is currently available across several retail outlets for a highly affordable sum of $35.

Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus


As the name suggests, one of the more recent products to have made its way onto our list, Earth Nutri Performance’s Energy + Focus, has been designed to help maximize one’s mental and physical capabilities. Each product serving comes packed with a blend of highly efficacious mushrooms (cordyceps, reishi, king trumpet, shiitake, lion’s mane, and turkey tail) and certain other nutrients such as citicoline, alpha-GPC, and theacrine.

Some of the core aspects of this product include:

  • It is designed to help stimulate a person’s peak power production capacity.
  • It can help reduce many of the visible signs of exhaustion that tend to affect most individuals.
  • It may allow for a more sustained release of energy within one’s system, primarily via burning any excess calories stored in one’s body.

To use, all one has to do is mix one stick of the supplement into a glass of water and consume it early in the morning. On a more technical note, Each serving of Energy + Focus comes loaded with a total of 2,000mg of mushroom extract.

Last but not least, the product is currently priced at a base sum of $40.



FreshCap is another popular supplement manufacturer that allows users to buy a wide array of mushroom-infused products, including mushroom-based mind/body enhancers, mushroom coffees, and mushroom powders. Using these products, users can acquire a wide range of benefits such as:

  • It can allow users to obtain more morning energy
  • It enables users to get seamless nighttime relaxation as well as other targeted benefits.
  • Some of the core active agents in the mix may help support an individual’s general physical health and immunity.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, the supplement can also help maximize one’s mental clarity and focus levels and boost stamina. From an options standpoint, users can buy niche’ products like Lion’s Mane Capsules and Turkey Tail Capsules, both of which are priced at $35 apiece. Alternatively, users can purchase other synergistic blends such as THRIVE, which comes packed with a total of six mushroom extracts, Unwind, Mushroom Coffee, and Focus.

All of the products come packed in attractive/trendy containers and are extremely easy to consume. In terms of pricing, all of the company’s products are available for $35+. The most accessible and most convenient means of making a purchase is via the company’s official website.



VidaCap is one of the more popular mushroom supplement manufacturers on our list today. The company has offered a wide array of supplements designed to target specific goals such as improved sleep, increased mental acuity, heightened sharpness, etc., using certain mushroom extracts, including Reishi, Lion’s Mane.

All of the company’s products are priced at $24 and above. Furthermore, all VidaCap’s supplements are designed to help users enjoy the benefits of various mushrooms at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, every VidaCap supplement ingredient has been devised using premium-grade mushrooms sourced from closed greenhouses in China and Russia. The manufacturer claims that all mushroom extracts are sun-dried, screened, and milled after harvesting — to ensure that users are getting maximum benefits from their purchases.

Last but not least, every VidaCap supplement is made to undergo third-party lab testing to ensure that the products are entirely free of any harmful metals, fillers, binders, and other unwanted substances.



Shroomy is one of only two mushroom supplements featured on our list that comes in edible gummy bears. To be more specific, the product is marketed as a nootropic mushroom blend that can help users with a wide array of cognition-related benefits. Each gummy comes packed with a host of specialized mushrooms such as lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms.

Some of the core benefits afforded by the supplement include:

  • When taken regularly, Shroomy may be able to help users maximize their cognitive abilities.
  • The supplement can help users achieve greater mental clarity all while maximizing one’s learning capacity.
  • The Reishi extracts contained in the product are designed to help boost an individual’s native immunity levels.

Last but not least, it should be highlighted that there are many research studies that quite clearly allude to the fact that the cordyceps contained in Shroomy can help improve the production of ATP in our bodies. For those unaware, ATP is a critical compound known to assist in the faster generation of energy within our bodies.

From a pricing standpoint, it is worth highlighting that a single bottle of this supplement is available for a base sum of $30.

Ceremony Mushrooms


Ceremony Mushrooms is a supplement manufacturer that currently produces a wide range of health and mental wellness blends. However, the company’s most popular offerings include various mushroom-based tinctures such as:

  • Stress Relief Tincture
  • Sleep Tincture
  • Digestion Tincture

All of the above-stated products come loaded with a potent blend of particular mushrooms and specific adaptogens, herbs, and other plant-based extracts (all of which have been clinically shown to affect the human body positively).

In terms of how much the product costs, all of the company’s core offerings are available for $45+.

GundryMD Mushroom Vitality


GundryMD is a California-based supplement manufacturing firm that has recently launched a mushroom-centric offering called Mushroom Vitality. Even though the product’s pricing is a bit on the higher side of things, it is well rated and is designed to help provide users with healthy immune function.

Some of the other benefits afforded by the product include:

  • It can help in the faster, more efficient release of energy in our bodies.
  • It is designed to proceed users with more physical and mental vitality.

Furthermore, Mushroom Vitality is just a handful of products that come in a liquid tincture. To make use of it, all one has to do is simply add 4ml of the solution into a glass of lukewarm water and consume it early in the morning.

Compositionally speaking, every serving of this product comes packed with a wide range of productive nutrients such as reishi mushroom extracts, Chaga mushroom mycelia, and Coriolus mushroom.

Last but not least, Mushroom Vitality has been devised by well-renowned physician Dr. Gundry, who claims that the supplement has been clinically validated for its overall efficacy and medicinal potency.

Each bottle of this supplement is available for a base sum of $66

Circadian Wellness


One of the more unique products on our list, Circadian Wellness’ various offerings have been designed using the company’s proprietary “Quicksome” technology that allows users to obtain a host of targeted benefits. In terms of what benefits one can expect, the manufacturer claims that Circadian Wellness’ products can help promote one’s regular sleep patterns as well as provide other advantages like:

  • Improved energy production and release
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved cognition and heightened mental acuity
  • Heightened libido and improved bedroom performance

On a more technical note, all Circadian Wellness products have been designed to help realign one’s natural circadian rhythm, which, as many of our readers may be well aware, can help rejuvenate one’s mind and body soul. Also, according to the official company website, Circadian Wellness’s Quicksome technology is designed to help promote the overall bioavailability of the mushrooms contained in its various products.

VitaPost Immune Support


VitaPost’s Immune Support is a natural health maximizer made using a wide array of plant-based extracts. When consumed as prescribed, the supplement can boost one’s immunity levels in various ways, primarily via the use of niche’ mushroom species.

On a more technical note, it is worth highlighting Immune Support comes replete with nutrients such as beta-glucans and arabinogalactan that have been derived from advanced herbal extracts. Not only that, but the product also features antioxidants thanks to the presence of highly touted ingredients like quercetin and green tea.

Some of the other benefits that VitaPost Immune Support affords include:

  • Thanks to its unique blend of shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushroom, the supplement affords users to maximize their immunity levels.
  • It may spur the faster metabolization of calories present in our system, allowing users to feel active, vital, and fresh through their daily activities.

Lastly, VitaPost Immune Support is one of the most affordably priced products on our list. In this regard, a single unit of the supplement is available for just $14.

MycoPhyto Complex


One of the more clinically oriented products on our list, MycoPhyto Complex, is a mushroom supplement that has been designed using a total of six different mushroom extracts, all of whom have been medically recognized for their efficacy and over utility. The product comes in the form of a convenient capsule, with each unit containing a careful mix of reishi, cordyceps, turkey tail, Polyporus, royal Agaricus, and maitake mushroom extracts.

In addition to this, MycoPhyto Complex also comes replete with an additional dose of peripheral health optimizers such as beta-glucans. This compound has been clinically proven to support the cardiovascular health of its user.

The product was created by Advanced Bionutritionals, a fast-growing company that has made a big name for itself within the budding nutraceutical market over the last few years. To further elaborate on the matter, the supplement’s creator, Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, recently revealed in an interview that a wide array of medical literature backs her supplement.

In terms of pricing, a single bottle of MycoPhyto Complex is available for a base sum of $40. The product is readily available from the official company website.

Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom


Brain Forza’s Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a health optimizer that uses USDA Organic certified ingredients that have been grown under controlled conditions. As a result, the product is highly potent but also a bit on the pricier end of the supplement spectrum.

To be more specific about the product, the manufacturer claims that the lion’s mane mushrooms used to devise Brain Forza are completely lab-grown, making them extremely powerful, especially when compared with regular, wild-grown mushrooms.

When used regularly, the supplement may be able to deliver benefits like:

  • It contains certain active ingredients that may be useful in optimizing an individual’s brain health primarily via the faster generation of cells in and around one’s cranial centers.
  • It may help improve the memory retention capacity of an individual.
  • One of the more underrated aspects of Brain Forza is that it can help bolster the health and strength of our neural pathways, allowing for faster sensory processing.
  • It may allow individuals to feel relaxed, calm, and happy by triggering the release of certain neuroreceptors in our system.

Additionally, per some reviews currently available online, Brain Forza is anywhere between two to six times stronger than most other lion’s mane-based supplements — thanks in large part to the fact that the supplement contains over 1g of polysaccharides per serving.

Lastly, the team behind Brain Forza claims that their product features the purest hericium available in the market today. The formula has been devised using USDA Organic certified ingredients, and the supplement is free of any unwanted additives such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides.

In terms of pricing, the supplement is available for a base sum of just $40.

Goldmine Supershroom Powder


One of the most recognizable names on our list today, Goldmine Supershroom Powder, has built a solid name for itself over the years. Despite its widespread popularity, the product is still priced at just $28, making it widely available across the globe.

In terms of its compositional profile, Supershroom Power comes packed with a whole host of antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory mushrooms and herbs such as lucuma, ginger, astragalus, reishi fruiting body mushroom, turkey tail fruiting body mushroom, and maitake fruiting body mushroom, amongst others.

According to the manufacturer, daily use of the product can help users obtain tangible benefits such as :

  • It may be able to help strengthen an individual’s immune system by supplying it with essential antioxidants.
  • It may help ease out any inflammatory symptoms that one may be suffering from.

To derive maximum benefit from the supplement, the manufacturer recommends that users take anywhere between 0.5 to 1 teaspoon of the powder — between one to three times a day — depending upon their personal needs and requirements. From a pricing standpoint, a single bottle of Goldmine Supershroom Powder is available for $28. Magic Mushroom

image29 recently started selling its very own version of a Mushroom Super Product. The name seems to quite clearly imply that Magic Mushroom is a powder-based supplement that utilizes a unique blend of cacao, chaga, ashwagandha, reishi, lucuma, and cinnamon. These six ingredients that sit at the core of this product have been certified organic by USDA.

In fact, as per the official company website, all of the supplements are made to undergo third-party testing before any unit is shipped out, thus ensuring an extremely high level of quality. In terms of consumption, the manufacturer claims that the supplement should be ingested alongside one’s daily food items such as oatmeal, health shakes, etc.

Lastly, the powder features a nice chocolate flavor, making it highly palatable from the get go, all while allowing users to acquire all of the benefits of various medically proven mushrooms. Lately, each bottle of this product has been available for a base sum of $35.



Even though the supplement may not be as popular as some of the other entries on our list, Spore is a mushroom-centric product that seeks to help deliver users with a host of benefits such as:

  • Improved cognitive capabilities.
  • Reduced brain fog and enhanced mental clarity.
  • Improved mental and physical energy
  • Enhanced focus and mental acuity
  • Improved creativity, primarily via the enhancement of certain neural functions within one’s system

It is also worth pointing out that the product comes backed by a full 30-day guarantee in case users are not entirely satisfied with the quality of the supplement. Each formula serving comes packed with a range of highly productive nutrients such as cordyceps, ashwagandha, Ginkgo Biloba, lion’s mane. Not only that, but it also packs in a healthy dose of popular adaptogens that have been clinically shown to support one’s health in multiple ways.

The manufacturer claims on the official company website that if used as advised, Spore will be able to deliver a range of peripheral benefits such as libido enhancement, improved neural protection, reversal of apparent signs of aging (such as fine lines, wrinkles).

Last but not least, from a pricing standpoint, each formula unit is available for a base sum of just $50.

Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery


Vital Plan’s Adaptogen Recovery is designed primarily as an immune support formula Dr. Bill Rawls has developed. He is exceptionally well-known in the supplement world thanks to his various adaptogenic herbal formulas that have helped thousands of individuals with immunity-related issues.

To help provide users with its various benefits, each capsule of Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery comes packed with controlled doses of multiple ingredients, including Chinese skullcap extract, cordyceps extract, reishi mushroom extract, and Remannia extract.

All of these extracts have been clinically shown to help provide the human body with a host of excellent benefits such as improved immunity, decreased pain-related sensations, removal of chronic illnesses, and decreased cognitive stress.

Also, each bottle of the supplement comes fully backed by a 90-day moneyback guarantee, making Vital Plan’s Adaptogen Recovery one of the safest supplement buys in the market today. That said, the product is quite expensive, currently retailing online for a steep price tag of $72. Each bottle comes replete with 60 servings (180 capsules).

The Drug Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms


At press time, The Drug Store offers more than 12 adaptogenic and medicinal mushrooms that have been designed to target different aspects of one’s physical and mental health. Some of the company’s most popular and well-loved medicinal mushroom supplements include Wunder Workshop, Glow Bar, and Anatome. The company is based out of London, and most of its products are designed to help maximize an individual’s native immunity levels.

In addition to its various mushroom-based supplements, the company has offered different health-enhancing supplements ranging from CBD oils to nootropics to mushroom blends. In terms of pricing, all of the company’s products are pretty competitively priced, with most items laying in the $20+ range.

Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract


Botany, another firm offering high-quality supplements has made a niche for itself within the mushroom derivative market. One of the company’s most popular offerings, i.e., Cordyceps Militaris Extract, has been designed using 30g of cordyceps extract per jar and 1% cordycepin concentration. Each jar is made to undergo thorough UV testing to ensure high quality and maximize the product’s potency.

The PET single-wall jar that the supplement comes in is designed to ensure that the supplement stays fresh and usable 24/7 without any drop in potency. All of the company’s products are third-party tested, ensuring that users are only getting the best quality supplement possible.

If that wasn’t enough, the company publishes all of its reports online, allowing anyone to quickly examine the purity aspect of the cordyceps used to formulate its various products.

Lastly, from a pricing standpoint, a single bottle of this product is available for a base sum of $24.

Plant People WonderDay


The second gummy bear entry on our list, Plant People’s WonderDay, has been designed to help provide users with a fast-acting supplement that also comes in the form of a powder, tincture, and capsule. According to the manufacturer, each cap of this supplement comes packed with a total of ten functional mushrooms, including some prominent names such as lion’s mane, chaga, and reishi mushroom extracts.

The gummies have been formulated using a wild raspberry flavor that is relatively mild and natural in its palate distribution in terms of the product’s taste profile. When used regularly, Wonderday can help provide users with a range of benefits such as:

  • It may be ale to regulate an individual’s natural stress response mechanisms in a highly efficient manner.
  • The supplement can help improve the functional capacity of one’s energy release centers.
  • It may help elevate one’s mood levels, thanks to the active agents allowing for the release of certain neurotransmitters.
  • It may allow users to maximize their peak performance levels, allowing for a higher overall immunity and energy release level.

The supplement is also designed to optimize one’s digestive functionality. Price-wise, a single bottle of Plant People Wonderday is available for an affordable sum of just $30.

5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend


As the name quite obviously implies, 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend is a highly concentrated mushroom supplement that has been designed using a complex mix of various active strains such as reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, and chaga. The supplement can provide users with many benefits ranging from prominent physical enhancement symptoms to improved mental health when used as advised. Not only that, but the blend also helps target an individual’s immunity.

Some of the core aspects of this product include:

  • It may help improve one’s natural cognition levels without the need for any chemical supplementation.
  • It can help maximize one’s brain health by allowing for the fast regeneration of one’s cranial cells.

Lastly, the supplement manufacturers claim that the product can deliver a host of additional effects such as mood elevation, nootropic benefits, etc.

From a purely pricing perspective, it should be noted that each bottle of 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend comes packed with 30 servings and is priced at $30. In terms of daily consumption and usage, 1-2 caps should be ingested regularly along with a glass of lukewarm water.

In closing, 5 Mushrooms offers some of the best value for money of any product on the list. This is because each serving of this highly potent supplement comes packed with 1,750 mg of pure mushroom.



The penultimate entry on our list MindHoney, which as the name seems to allude to, is a nootropic supplement that helps provide users with a range of holistic benefits. Dose Nomadic Nutrition has devised the supplement and, when taken as advised, can allow users to reap a host of benefits such as:

  • Improved mental cognitive capabilities and alertness
  • Enhanced energy production and overall vitality

According to the manufacturer, MindHoney contains powerful ingredients that have been clinically shown to improve one’s overall productivity and stabilize one’s general mood levels. Mindhone comes packed with various efficacious nutrients such as Neurofactor, Coffeeberry, NALT, DMAE, L-theanine, ashwagandha, and ginseng.

Lastly, thanks to its nootropic content, it is advised that users take just two capsules of the product daily. Each unit of this supplement is available online for a base sum of just $32.

Vital Plan Brain Boost


The last and final entry as part of our comprehensive list of mushroom-based supplements is Brain Boost. Much like many of the other high-quality offerings listed above, this product too comes replete with several unique active ingredients, including adaptogens that are designed to help provide the body with a vast array of benefits such as:

  • Increased mental clarity and reduced cognitive fatigue.
  • Improved clarity and overall insight
  • Enhanced immunity

The product has been formulated by Dr. Rawls, who believes that his creation was made using lion’s mane, cat’s claw, bacopa monnieri, ashwagandha, and Ginkgo Biloba, and can deliver tangible health benefits within a matter of weeks if not days.

Lastly, the product can help support brain health as well as bolster one’s immunity levels. The product is priced at $48 and can be purchased quite easily from the official company website.

FAQs About Mushroom Supplements

Anybody looking to buy mushroom-based supplements would have at one point had some doubts outlined in the questions listed below. So without any further ado, let’s jump straight into them:

Q: How are mushroom-based health optimizers supposed to work?

A: While there is no one single answer for this question, in general, most mushroom supplements have been designed using natural derivatives as well as plant-based compounds such as beta-glucans, sterols, etc. As a result of this unique compositional profile, these products can deliver a whole host of excellent mental and physical benefits.

That said, it should be highlighted that every mushroom comes packed with its very own share of natural chemicals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Q: How are mushroom supplements best consumed?

A: There are several ways in which users can ingest mushroom supplements. For example, these products come in the form of powders, pills, tinctures, etc. Thus it is entirely up to an individual how they choose to ingest the mushrooms. That being said, some medical data suggest that if taken in the form of a tincture or as a pill, the product may deliver excellent benefits within a brief period.

Q: Are mushroom supplements legal?

A: This is a tricky subject because most regular mushrooms consumed by individuals across the globe are pretty safe and are even approved by the FDA. However, several psychedelic mushrooms are criminal to own. Therefore users need to understand the distinction between psychotropic substances and clinically validated health enhancers.

Q: Is it possible to make mushroom-based supplements easily?

A: As many of our readers may already be well aware, the term ‘Medicinal mushrooms’ is only meant to be an umbrella adjective used to describe any medicinal product that features mushroom extracts. Such products are widely available in the market and can even be purchased over the counter quite easily.

Any products with psychoactive ingredients (like psilocybin) are not legal for sale in many parts of the world, including the USA.

Q: When is the ideal time to consume mushroom-based health enhancers?

A: There is no real-time window when such products deliver the most benefits. These products work best when taken in the morning since the stomach is empty and ready for action.

Q: In terms of dosage, how much mushroom extract should be consumed?

A: Since the amount of mushroom content varies from product to product, it is best to go by the label of the supplement one may be ingesting. As a general rule of thumb, most manufacturers devise products that require individuals to consume anywhere between 1-2 caps per day.

Q: What side effects can I expect to face when using these products?

A: Mushrooms that are typically included in most supplements being sold today are safe to consume. That being said, there have been reported cases of people being allergic to certain mushroom strains. Therefore it may be best for people to consult their GP before starting with any health enhancer.

Q: How do you define medicinal mushrooms?

A: In their most basic sense, medicinal mushrooms are fungi species that come packed with a wide array of antioxidants that have been clinically verified and found to have several positive effects on one’s body and mind.

Q: What are magic mushrooms?

A: As many of our readers may be well aware, Magic mushrooms are a specific strain of shrooms known to induce a sense of spiritual euphoria in an individual. They are not commercially available and, more often than not, tend to contain a psychoactive substance called psilocybin.

Q: So what exactly is psilocybin?

A: Psilocybin is a highly potent psychoactive ingredient that is widely found across certain niche mushroom strains. Owing to its psychedelic capabilities, the substance has been classified as a Schedule I illicit drug in the United States for more than 50 years. Even though psilocybin was used for actual lab research during the 1960s, there are currently no accepted medical uses of the substance in the USA. Over the past decade, a growing forum of researchers seems to be pushing for the legalization of psilocybin for specific controlled experiments.

Q: How does psilocybin work?

A: To be honest, there isn’t much clear-cut evidence suggesting how psilocybin works. However, enough medical data indicates that the compound triggers specific neural pathways in the brain, resulting in intensely personal, life-altering experiences. In addition to this, some recent papers have alluded to the possibility that psilocybin may even facilitate the growth of new neurons and neural pathways, allowing for a more efficient data relay.

Q: Could mushrooms be addictive?

A: Plain and simple, mushroom-based medicinal supplements are not addictive. It may come as a surprise to many, but even psilocybin and magic mushrooms, in general, are not considered to be highly addictive substances.

Q: What are mushrooms classified as — i.e., are they fruits or vegetables?

A: Neither. Mushrooms come from a family of plants scientifically referred to as ‘fungi’ classified as fungi.

Q: Where do mushrooms come from?

A: On average, most mushroom supplement manufacturers tend to source their harvest either from India or China. However, some companies have grown their mushrooms within the United States in recent years, particularly strains related to maitake and shiitake mushrooms.

Q: Which regions in America are most hospitable for mushroom growth?

A: Even though different strains of mushrooms can be grown pretty much across the length and breadth of the United States, at the time of writing this article, more than 60% of the country’s entire mushroom harvest comes from the state of Pennsylvania.

Q: What are some of the most apparent benefits of using mushroom supplements?

A: Different people take mushroom supplements for different reasons. For example, many people consume these products to enhance their immunity levels, while others may use them to detox their systems.

Q: Are mushrooms considered to be superfoods?

A: In recent years, several research scholars have started to classify certain mushrooms as superfoods because they are fat-free, low-calorie, nutrient-dense, and come packed with a wide range of antioxidants.

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