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Best Maeng Da Kratom: Strain Review, Dosage, & Where to Buy

Because Maeng Da is one of the most potent kratom strains, you need to take extra care when making a buying decision. Only the good stuff will do — you don’t want a low-quality or adulterated version. That’s why we’ve put this guide together.

We’re going to show you where you can find the best Maeng Da kratom available and discuss its best uses and effects. We’ll cover the different strains available and compare their effects so that you know which to purchase. Of course, you might decide you could use them all. That’s not a foul line of thinking.

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

In the early days of your journey into the world of kratom, there’s a name that you’ll keep seeing. You don’t know how to pronounce it, according to, it’s pronounced “Mang-Duh,” not “Mayng-Dah.” You feel like a yokel and make a note to shame the next person you hear mispronouncing it.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, Maeng Da is one of the most exciting kratom varieties on the market today. There are a few reasons:

  • The diverse range of effects
  • Its extreme potency
  • It only requires you to consume small doses

Maeng Da loosely translates to “pimp grade” in English. Though indicative of its potency, this marketing label isn’t appealing to everyone, so remember that it also means “large water bug,” if you’d prefer.

Manufacturers created this strain from Thai kratom by a process called grafting. This technique has been used in botany and agriculture for thousands of years to produce new varieties of plants, often with enhanced properties.

These enhanced properties are undoubtedly present in Maeng Da kratom. The strain’s original proponents were Southeast Asian farmers and laborers who needed the extra power to get them through grueling workdays. However, it has become popular among average Joes who work in office settings and need to unwind after mentally demanding days.

Maeng Da’s most prevalent effects include:

  • Stimulation
  • Analgesia
  • Focus
  • Sedation

So, which strain of Maeng Da should you purchase? It depends on what you intend to use it for. Let’s take a look.

What is Maeng Da Kratom Used For?


Maeng Da kratom has a variety of applications:

  • People who need extra energy and a lift in mood use White Maeng Da. They can use it to complete daily tasks like cleaning or get through a pile of tedious work.
  • Green Maeng Da is a favorite of students and creative types. This is because it helps to improve focus and stimulates the mind. It also has strong analgesic properties, making it practical for those doing long shifts in demanding environments like restaurants.
  • Red Maeng Da kratom offers highly effective pain relief. It is beloved by manual workers and those suffering from chronic pain — it’s much easier to get to the shop after a cup of Red Maeng Da.

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These descriptions are good starting points, but it’s worth noting that they have some overlap.

With many kratom variants, white vein strains offer little pain relief, while red vein strains rarely provide energy.

This isn’t the case with Maeng Da kratom. Even White Maeng Da has potent analgesic properties, while Red Maeng Da possesses more robust stimulant properties than many green vein strains.

This versatility is why so many kratom enthusiasts are discovering Maeng Da kratom as a new favorite.

Where to Buy the Best Maeng Da Kratom?

With any strain of kratom, you should only buy from a trusted vendor. Kratom is potent and shouldn’t go up for sale if it hasn’t passed rigorous testing, and Maeng Da is more powerful than most types.

We’ve put together a list of vendors who are well-known for extensively testing their products. Beyond this, each vendor offers unique perks, so pick your favorite.

Kona Kratom

If you’re relatively new to the kratom community, Kona Kratom is the perfect place to start. One of the most recognizable names in the industry, this vendor is known for its vast range of products and excellent prices.

It’s a great place to dip your toes in and try out a few different kratom strains, including any Maeng Da variety of your choice.

Kona Kratom also sources some exotic types and is the favored vendor of many experienced users.

Kona Kratom is approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA) and has all its products independently tested for quality so that you can buy confidently.

Key Points

  • Endorsed by the AKA
  • All products undergo third-party testing
  • Huge range of products
  • Amazing prices
  • Establishes relationships with its suppliers

Star Kratom

When we first heard of Star Kratom, we were excited about what this fresh vendor had to offer. When we tried its products, we were even more ecstatic, and we’d love for you to learn why.

Star Kratom is another satisfactory, AKA-approved vendor. Though relatively new to the market, its reputation has grown quickly in the community. This is due to factors like fast delivery, unmatched quality control, and diverse offerings.

It also provides a bulletproof money-back policy. In other words, Star Kratom is very confident you’re going to like what you find in its store.

Key Points

  • Endorsed by the AKA
  • All products undergo third-party testing
  • An excellent money-back guarantee
  • A smaller, newer company with even more growth potential
  • Fast shipping
  • An outstanding selection

VIP Kratom

You already know that Maeng Da kratom is one of the most potent strains around. If you want to taste the good stuff at its best, come down to VIP Kratom.

This vendor built its reputation on an uncompromising commitment to quality, meaning its kratom packs a punch. This has made it a favorite among experienced kratom enthusiasts. It tests its products with the perfectionism of a Michelin-starred restaurant because it respects that its customers have come to expect that degree of quality.

While a little pricier than some retailers, you’ll understand why when you try its offering.

Key Points

  • Endorsed by the AKA
  • All products undergo third-party testing
  • Small selection with potent, high-quality products
  • Sells a few rare strains

Different Types of Maeng Da Kratom

As with many kratom strains, Maeng Da typically comes in 3 different strains:

  • Red vein: These strains come from mature leaves and typically contain the most alkaloids of any strain. This gives red vein kratom its potent analgesic properties.
  • White vein: These strains come from less mature leaves and possess potent stimulants and euphoric properties.
  • Green vein: These strains marry the effects of the white vein and red vein varieties.

As mentioned before, Maeng Da kratom resists the trend somewhat, as its red and white vein strains aren’t as “one-trick” as other kratom variants. But, what are you getting when you purchase each strain, and which should you choose? Let’s dive a bit deeper:

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da kratom is a workhorse of a strain.

Inlow to medium doses, Red Maeng Da offers plenty of energy. This is perfect if you have a wearing day ahead of you — whether it’s a hike in the country or a long shift on your feet.

Red Maeng Da kratom has some of the most potent analgesic effects of any kratom strain when you venture into higher doses. For this reason, many people favor it to deal with opiate withdrawal, chronic pain, or recent injuries.

When you take a substantial amount, Red Maeng Da acts as a potent sedative. Its joint sedating and pain-relieving benefits make it an effective way to manage pain-related insomnia. Some users report that the energy boost of a medium dose may also become sedative later on.

Red Maeng Da has more alkaloids than almost any other strain.

The primary active alkaloid in kratom is called mitragynine. The body converts this into a far more potent analgesic called 7-hydroxymitragynine. This, in turn, interacts with opioid receptors in the brain and leads to the ability of kratom to relieve pain.

The leaves in red vein strains are mature and have had plenty of time to develop high levels of mitragynine. If you’ve discovered kratom in your search for pain relief, some Red Maeng Da would be an excellent purchase.

White Maeng Da Kratom

At the other end of the scale, we have White Maeng Da. This strain has a bit of a “wow” factor, as it’s one of the most potent stimulants in the kratom world. Low doses can be effective ways to manage conditions like ADHD and anxiety, as they help to focus the mind. If you have a lot to do, higher doses will cross items off your checklist in a blur of ink.

White Maeng Da also provides powerfully euphoric effects. It’s an effective way of dealing with social anxiety or low mood. Combined with the energy boost, you’ll find everything just a little… easier.

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Have you ever wished a term paper would write itself? We have. We do — every day. White Maeng Da is about as close as you can get to this becoming real. It helps focus your mind on the task at hand and provides a copious drive to get the job done.

White Maeng Da helps you to focus and forge ahead.

White Maeng Da also offers some pain relief, which is never unwelcome. It’s a must-have strain if you find it difficult to focus on tasks and suffer from low energy.

A little goes a long way. White Maeng Da is a powerful stimulant, so even a low dosage will give you plenty of energy.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

The Maeng Da family is famous as an all-rounder. The green vein strain might be the ultimate “can-do” strain.

Green Maeng Da offers heightened focus to help with prolonged study sessions. It frees the mind of distractions and boosts your energy in the process. It’s useful for creative efforts for the same reason, whether you’re painting a portrait or writing a novel.

This strain can also offer powerful stimulation to help you get through a long shift, household chores, or tedious trip to the grocery store.

While not as potent as its red vein sibling, Green Maeng Da can still relieve a significant amount of pain. Combined with its stimulant properties, this makes it a favorite among those suffering from chronic pain.

This green vein strain has some euphoric properties. These properties meld with the strain’s analgesic and stimulant effects to give you a boost on a day you’d rather not face.

Green Maeng Da is a good friend on a hard day.

This strain is of benefit to users suffering from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Creative block
  • Low energy

When you take it early in the day, Green Maeng Da kratom can help you overcome any obstacle. If any of the above apply to you, this could be a life-changing purchase.

Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

Maeng Da tends to require lower doses than other strains owing to its potency. You should especially bear this in mind if you’re shopping with VIP Kratom — the first time you try VIP, you’ll understand what we mean.

1g is the recommended beginner dose. Kratom capsules are a good way of controlling a low dose, so you may want to start with these. The first time you try Maeng Da kratom, don’t go above this level.

After that, you can increase your dose by 0.5g maximum at a time. The ideal amount for most people is usually between 3g and 5g.

Experienced users take doses of up to 7g, but we don’t recommend this amount unless you’re very familiar with the strain. Possible side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches

Also, high doses of White Maeng Da can be overstimulating at these levels. A high dosage of the red vein variant works as a powerful sedative, so stick to a medium dose if you want to stay awake.

Conclusion — Consuming Maeng Da Kratom

We hope you’ve discovered how Maeng Da kratom could be beneficial to you. Its popularity has boomed in recent years as users have experienced its wide range of effects, from pain relief to increased energy.

Our favorite vendors offer quality that you’ll be unlikely to find elsewhere. Purchase your Maeng Da kratom from them today and discover one of the most intense and beautiful experiences in the kratom world.

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