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Best Kratom Strains Reviews & Where to Buy Them in 2021?

Kratom can offer everything from pain relief and relaxation to energy and mood enhancement. The benefits you enjoy will depend on what strain you pick.

Not sure where to start? Check out this guide in which we highlight the best kratom strains. We’ll go over their strengths as well as the practices for mixing strains. We’ll even recommend our favorite vendors so you can start buying the best kratom strains ASAP.

Comparing Different Strain Color Effects

Seeing as there are so many kratom strains, it’s easiest to categorize them by one component: color.

The colors of kratom greatly influence its effects. Growing location does play a role in determining a strain’s characteristics. However, more often than not, a red variety will have more in common with another red variety than with another strain from the same place.

As we discuss further in the next section, strains of the same color tend to have similar properties. They balance energy, pain relief, and other effects in a way that sets them apart from other varieties.

Different Effects of Kratom Strains & Colors

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You will find three colors of strains most often for kratom: red, green, and white. The color itself will tell you a lot about what you can expect from each strain.

Sedating Red Varieties

Red varieties are famous as the go-to for pain relief. If you are suffering from chronic pain or a current injury, red varieties may be the best strains of kratom for you. Red varieties also have more potent sedative properties, making them ideal for inducing sleep.

Balanced Green Varieties

Green varieties are great for first-time users as they’re very balanced. If you looked at kratom’s effects and couldn’t decide which you wanted more or less of, try a green variety. You’ll love how you feel thanks to the blend of stimulating and relaxing effects.

Stimulating White Varieties

White varieties mean energy, energy, energy. Users praise it as a coffee replacement that will also give you a clear mind, positive attitude, and productive day. The euphoric effects and energy boost will leave you feeling ready to tackle whatever’s on your to-do list.

This info is crucial not only for understanding what you can expect from an individual strain. It will also help you mix strains to make the most of your dose. For instance, many users blend red and white strains to balance pain relief and energy.

What Are the Best Kratom Strains?

Above, we’ve made it simple. Red is sedating, white is energizing, and green is in the middle. These generalizations are helpful, but they don’t tell the whole story. Strains of the same color have similar effects but subtle differences.

To help you choose the one that’s right for you, we’ve put together a list of the best kratom strains. Read to learn about their benefits and decide which is right for you.

1. Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is a specially crafted strain. Bred to withstand Indonesia’s extreme weather, it has a high concentration of alkaloids that result in potent effects.

Like most strains, Maeng Da is available in three forms: red, green, and white. While all are fantastic options, kratom experts at Juneau Empire recommend Red Maeng Da.

Red Maeng Da delivers what red varieties usually lack: energy. It can provide you with a steady burst while offering pain relief. It can also reduce anxiety to help you feel calm and focused. Choose Red Maeng Da if you want a strain that is potent and versatile.

2. Red Borneo Kratom

Are you feeling down lately? Does your depression or anxiety keep you from enjoying everyday activities? Then Red Borneo is worth a try. Known for its anxiety relief and mood-enhancing properties, many people use this strain to manage their mental health.

Red Borneo also heavily features relaxation benefits. It is one of the best kratom strains for unwinding after a long day. Next time you’re looking for a way to relax, sit back, and enjoy your evening, give Red Borneo a try. Along with its relaxing and anxiety-relieving benefits, its sedating properties will leave you ready for a great sleep.

3. Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is like other red strains in that it offers powerful pain relief. However, unlike typically sedating red strains, Red Bali is more stimulating. Your dose won’t make you feel overly tired; instead, you’ll feel a sense of calm alongside a slight burst of energy.

With a blend of balanced energy, pain relief, and traditional red relaxation effects, Red Bali is one of the best kratom strains for overall feel-good energy.

4. Red Horn Kratom

Horned kratom comes exclusively from the island of Borneo, which makes for a prized commodity. There is some debate over whether the horned variety provides much of a difference, but with Red Horn, there is no doubt. The relaxing properties of this variety are intense.

Red Horn ranks well for its intense sedation, pain relief, and anxiety relief. If you’re having trouble relaxing, unwinding, or sleeping, Red Horn kratom may be your new best friend.

As the opposite of Maeng Da, which packs a significant energizing punch, Red Horn is a high-intensity variety for sedation and pain relief. It’s best to take your dose in the evening. If you consume Red Horn too early in the day, you might find yourself feeling tired.

5. Green Borneo Kratom

As a traditional green variety, Green Borneo is the shining example of balance. It combines pain relief with slightly stimulating effects to help you clear your mind and reduce anxiety.

Note that Green Borneo isn’t as energizing as other green strains. Its stimulating properties can wake up your mind without sending your brain into overdrive. As a result, Green Borneo is perfect for users who find extremely energizing strains to be overstimulating. Especially in higher doses, Green Borneo can even offer mild sedating effects. Users report that the strain helps them relax and improve their mental state.

In short, we recommend Green Borneo for someone who wants the balance of green without too much energy.

6. Green Malay Kratom

We mentioned before that green vein kratom offers balanced results. As a green strain, Green Malay does not disappoint. It provides one of the most leveled experiences possible.

Users love that this variety offers pain relief that is usually exclusive to red strains. You can use it to manage symptoms such as headaches and joint pain. However, unlike many red strains, Green Malay isn’t overly sedating. It offers stimulating effects that will increase your energy levels. In addition to feeling more alert and focused, you can experience an increased sense of pleasure.

One of our favorite parts about Green Malay is how long the effects last. When you take your dose in the morning, you can expect it to last all day.

For beginners, Green Maly is a great place to start. Get a perfect balance of everything kratom can offer while enjoying the benefits for as long as possible.

7. Green Bali Kratom

Bali strains tend to feature anxiety relief and stimulation. Green Bali offers these typical effects and balances them with a soothing sensation. The strain contributes to feelings of ongoing comfort and refrains from heightening one’s anxiety.

As a result, Green Bali is one of the best kratom strains for people seeking relief from anxiety or depression. You’ll also appreciate that this variety’s effects are steady and can last for hours at a time.

8. White Indo Kratom

Interested in the pain-relieving effects of a red strain but not so interested in its sedative properties? You need to check out White Indo Kratom.

This strain has recently skyrocketed in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. It offers powerful pain relief while giving you a bit of an energy kick. Users also experience euphoria, increased focus, and other stimulating effects.

We recommend White Indo as one of the best kratom strains for people who suffer from pain but are ready to go out on an adventure. Take it to get the boost you need before going for a hike, working out at the gym, etc.

9. White Borneo Kratom

Look for the best of pick-me-ups? Consider White Borneo.

Known as the euphoric mood-booster, White Borneo can give you the new positive outlook you’ve been seeking. This strain takes the traditional energy of white veins and brings intense mood-enhancing and anxiety-relieving properties.

White Borneo is one of the best kratom strains for people looking for natural ways to cope with their innate worries. People find it beneficial for managing a stressful day at work, unwinding in the evening, etc.

10. White Thai Kratom

White Thai gives you precisely what you can expect from white strains — energy. As one of the most stimulating kratom strains, it gives you the kick you want in the morning along with mood enhancement, pain relief, and anxiety relief.

White Thai users report that their dose doesn’t wear off right away. The energizing effects can last for several hours and won’t culminate in a crash.

Give White Thai a try if you want a stimulating boost along with a significant mood enhancer. Trust us when we say that it’s hard to get this steady, focused energy from anywhere else.

Mixing Kratom Strains Best Practices

Long-time kratom users may notice that individual varieties don’t feel as potent as they once did. If you’re in this boat, consider mixing kratom strains. Mixing different kratom strains, as reported by, helps you overcome your tolerance and experience the effects you desire.

However, before you start mixing strains, you should keep some pointers in mind. One of the most important? Always watch your dose for both kratom capsules and powders. Users who combine strains tend to overdo it as they don’t divide their dose. For instance, if your typical dose is 5 grams, don’t take 5 grams of all the strains you’re mixing. Instead, take 2.5 grams of each (if you’re combining two).

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Another important tip is to avoid mixing random strains. Be mindful by considering what you want from your blend, and pick strains that will help you achieve your goals. For example, you may want to enhance the effects of one color (i.e. pain relief). Or, you may want to mix-and-match the effects to get a spectrum of experiences (i.e. pain relief and energy, relaxation and euphoria, etc.).

Where to Buy Best Strains of Kratom?

After all this research, you must be ready to purchase the best kratom strains. But where to buy kratom strains? Here we have listed the top online vendors we recommend for purchasing.

Kona Kratom

Kona Kratom offers incredible products as well as variety. In Compare Kratom’s review, Kona Kratom is mentioned to have fantastic pricing thanks to a deal they’ve worked out with growers in Southeast Asia. Kona Kratom is a registered member of the American Kratom Association that offers the best value for selection and affordability.


  • Superb selection with wide-ranging choices
  • Competitive pricing
  • AKA membership
  • Third-party testing for products ensures quality

Star Kratom

While a relatively new vendor, this small family-owned business has attracted many customers thanks to its fast shipment times. Star Kratom can get you orders 2-3 days faster on average than other companies. As an approved American Kratom Association vendor, you know you’re getting a great product when you shop here. They also have a money-back guarantee on all orders, no questions asked.


  • Great selection
  • Speedy shipping
  • AKA membership
  • Third-party testing for products ensures quality

VIP Kratom

VIP Kratom guarantees all their products are grade-A kratom. The company uses a third-party lab to test every sample for potency, purity, and consistency. Also, VIP Kratom has a selection of niche, rare strains that you can’t find anywhere else, making them one of our favorite suppliers for the best kratom strains.


  • Top-shelf, premium quality strains
  • Rare and exotic strains
  • AKA membership
  • Third-party testing for products ensures quality

Conclusion — Start Consuming the Best Kratom Strains Today

While kratom strains tend to follow a pattern (red is sedating, green is balanced, white is stimulating), remember that these are just generalizations. Varieties from different regions have subtle differences that are worth recognizing.

In this guide, we’ve helped you out by going over the best kratom strains. You can use our recommendations to find the one that’s right for you. Feel free to choose more than one and follow our advice for mixing.

Ready to try the best kratom strains? Order from Star Kratom, Kona Kratom, or VIP Kratom today. These reputable vendors will sell you safe, potent products every time.

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