Best Kratom Products: Top-Rated Kratom Brands on the Market

Kratom has exploded in popularity during the last decade. People all over the world are turning to kratom to help improve their lives in a number of ways. Some claims concerning kratom are certainly inflated by popular media.

No, kratom won’t cure cancer or help you address serious, deadly diseases. But some kratom strains are capable of helping mitigate pain, improve life outlook, and provide a whole host of additional benefits. Kratom has been around for quite a while. In fact, most historians seem to agree that kratom’s first years in the Western world were in the 1800s when a Dutch botanist named Pieter Korthals nicknamed it “precious miter.”

He imported the plant to his home in the Netherlands, and it quickly took off in popularity. The first uses of Kratom in the Netherlands had to do with its powers to aid in weaning people off of opium.

We’ll talk more about this application later; many folks who use kratom do so because it can replicate the effects of opioids without creating the dangerous addictions associated with this deadly class of drugs. Even in 2022, many people use kratom exclusively as a means of avoiding the worst effects of opiate withdrawal.

But there are a number of unique benefits associated with kratom. Some men and women use kratom to improve their mood and energy levels, while others use it to calm down before bed. There are rumors of kratom having pain-killing attributes, although the scientific community is not too sure about the long-term effects of consistently using kratom to deal with pain.

For people who have researched drugs and supplements for a long time, you might have already noticed that there’s something strange about kratom and its effects. While most drugs have a set list of effects, kratom’s impacts on users change based on the dosage given.

At lower dosages, kratom is a mood enhancer; it can improve energy levels, personability, and more. But at higher levels, it functions as a mini-opioid, causing drowsiness, calmness, and a level of euphoria. Dosage is an incredibly important factor when it comes to using kratom. There are few drugs or supplements that provide different benefits at different dosages, so consumers need to be careful to always take the appropriate dosage.

We’ll cover dosages more in a later section. For now, there are just a few things that the average reader should know about kratom. First, the substance is currently federally legal. While there have been legislative attempts to regulate kratom, nothing has stuck nationwide so far. That being said, some states have successfully banned kratom.

If you’re buying kratom online, be aware that many kratom brands might not ship to your state if a ban is in place. As of right now, people can buy kratom at health shops, gas stations, or even over the internet. You should also know that the term ‘kratom’ can be used to describe several different types of this fascinating substance.

There’s red kratom, green kratom, and even white kratom. As you might have already guessed, each of these kratom types comes with its own effects, benefits, and potential side effects.

Kratom is a complex and relatively new popular alternative drug in the supplement market. Today, we’re treating you to a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about kratom.

What is Kratom?

We answered this question a little bit in the introduction to our guide, but our readers might enjoy just a bit more clarification. What exactly is the mysterious kratom? Simply put, kratom is a substance that is naturally extracted from the leaves of a specific plant that grows in Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

People in these countries have used kratom products as a traditional form of alternative medicine. In the olden days, natives in Southeast Asia chewed the kratom leaves. Sometimes, the leaves would be brewed into tea and then consumed that way. This is not dissimilar from the modern setting; many people use kratom tea to ingest their favorite substance.

Kratom is being hailed by some alternative medicine fans as a miracle drug. This might be a bit of an overstatement, but we certainly understand the hype. Kratom offers an absurd number of benefits. The variability of dosage benefits, as well as the unique quirks of the different variants of the plant, make it an especially versatile form of treatment for issues like low libido, diminished energy, and even anxiety.

Frankly, we know very few alternative medicines that are capable of helping people improve sexual energy and mitigate anxiety at the same time. Kratom might not be the miracle drug some fans claim that it is, but the unique Southeast Asian plant undoubtedly does some pretty fantastic things for responsible users.

How is Kratom Used?

There are several ways to use kratom. As most authorities on kratom explain, the dose of kratom you ingest must be high in order to feel the effects. Unless you’re a fan of the taste of bitter dirt, you likely will not like how kratom tastes as you consume it.

To overcome this problem, most people opt to ingest kratom by mixing it into either food or water. Most kratom items you buy in 2022 come in powdered forms. Therefore, mixing kratom powder into food or water is a simple process. Some people have made amazing and delicious recipes for kratom-based cookies, brownies, and other treats.

Drinking kratom in a cold liquid is one of the most popular ways to consume the drug. Kratom can be mixed with orange juice, grapefruit juice, or any other liquid. Grapefruit juice is a particularly popular base to mix kratom into.

Because grapefruit has a strong flavor, it can help to mask the nasty and bitter taste of pure kratom powder. Really, this just comes down to preferences. Take your favorite juice, mix the kratom into it, and drink! You might want to experiment a little bit with the ratio of juice to kratom you can tolerate.

It’s much easier to experience the effects of kratom if you can tolerate the full dose in one drink, but multiple drinks might work better for your sensibilities.

Kratom tea is the traditional way of ingesting kratom, and this method comes to us straight from the Southeast Asian roots of this alternative medicine. If you want to make kratom tea, we recommend going with a kratom brand specifically formulated for this method of ingestion. Some companies on the market now are actually even offering kratom tea bags to make this process even easier!

Dosages are another concern when it comes to how kratom is used. We’ll talk more about this toward the end of our guide; dosing really deserves its own section in any comprehensive guide to kratom.

When it comes to potency and efficiency, the good news is that kratom doesn’t seem to be less effective if you ingest it as a powder in food or drink. The body seems to ingest and metabolize the kratom the same way, regardless of how you ingest it.

This is what current scientific studies tell us, although we might get more information as the subject continues to be studied by researchers.

For the beginning kratom consumer, there’s no need to stress about which ingestion method is going to be the most effective where absorption is concerned. Your main focus as a first-time kratom consumer is to make sure you can tolerate your dose without getting nauseous.

Capsules are an increasingly popular way of ingesting and using kratom. Capsules are great for people who just don’t like the taste of the kratom at all. Mixing it into grapefruit, orange, or apple juice gets rid of some of the nasty taste, but you’ll certainly know the kratom is there.

Capsules are usually powder and wrapped in soft gel, so they couldn’t be easier to choke down. The downside of using capsules is that it usually requires you to take quite a few pills. The average capsule of kratom has about one-half of a gram in it, so you’ll be taking at least ten or twelve pills in order to enjoy a hefty dosage of kratom.

As with all alternative medicines, our recommendation for new users is simple: be careful! Start with a lower dosage, experiment with different methods of consumption, and carefully track the effects of every dose you take.

Because every person’s body is different, you might metabolize the substance differently than your peers. The last thing you want is to sour your kratom experience by taking too much. You can always take more if the first dose wasn’t enough, but you can never take less once you’ve ingested it!

Types of Kratom

Kratom is often compared to many drugs, including marijuana. While we believe that this supplement is unique and should not be compared to existing drugs, the marijuana comparison is accurate in one big way: there are many different strains of kratom. Each strain comes with its own benefits, potential side effects, and dosage concerns.

We don’t quite know whether there are actually major differences chemically between the different strains of kratom. Please note that most of the observations we make below about the differences between kratom strains are based on anecdotal evidence on the internet. Until the scientific community begins researching kratom on a more consistent basis, it’s hard to draw definitive conclusions.

Here are some of the main strains of kratom available in 2021:


Bali is one of the more popular strains of kratom. If you’ve seen kratom at the local gas station, this is likely the strain you’ve seen. Its main benefit has to do with pain relief. Some people claim that using Bali can help ease chronic pain and depression. Kratom Bali gold powder, Red Bali powder, and other variants of Bali kratom powders are available on the market.

It is considered the closest that kratom users can get to a traditional opioid experience, making it a popular choice for opioid addicts looking to avoid withdrawals.


As you might assume from its name, the Thai strain kratom comes from Thailand. There are three main varieties available: green, white, and red. Different effects are associated with each of these colors. Fans of Thai kratom often mix the different colors together to create unique effects.

Green Malay

Green Malay is easy to spot because of its dark green coloring. Its main function is to boost energy, although some people also report that Green Malay kratom can also help to relieve different types of pain.


Care to take a guess about where this strain of kratom comes from? Like Thai kratom, Malaysian kratom comes in three different colors, green, white, and red. Malaysian kratom has been reported to provide a solid balance between sedative and stimulating effects in many users, making it a mellow and popular choice.

Maeng Da

This is likely the most popular kratom strain. This makes sense, considering that the family of Maeng Da includes several different smaller strains. If you’re interested in trying this type of kratom, it might be helpful to dive into one of the many guides online to the family of strains.

Effects may vary; some people say that Maeng Da works best as a pain reliever, while others say that it can boost energy levels and help to address the effects of social anxiety.


The small island of Borneo is the source of this aptly-named supplement. Green, red, and white variants of this kratom strain are available. Most people who prefer the strain of Borneo praise it for its ability to ease stress and anxiety. It also provides some of the strongest sedation of any strain on our list, making it a great call for people who like their kratom to knock them out into a peaceful sleep after a long day.


Indonesian kratom, also known colloquially as Indo, is one of the least powerful kratom strains available. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; Indo is fantastic for men and women who experience a bit too much nausea and other side effects while using stronger kratom strains. Indo provides a brief boost to energy, according to most users who prefer it.

And More! There are hundreds of different ‘strains’ of kratom available from all around the world. Some of these strains are newer, and some have been around for hundreds of years.

Kratom Colors Explained

If you read online about kratom, you’ll read a lot of discourse about color preferences and favorites. After a while, you’ll undoubtedly begin to establish your own preferences for which kratom colors work best for you. We recommend trying all three of the main colors in order to see how they impact your body and mind before making the call.

But what causes the different kratom colors you see on the list of strains above? The answer is relatively simple. The kratom plant develops different colors as it progresses through three main growth cycles.

The first growth cycle, also known as the early cycle, results in a red strain of kratom. It often maximizes pain relief and relaxing effects, making it very popular. The effects of this color last for about five hours, and red kratom is generally the best for people suffering from opiate withdrawals.

White kratom refers to the second or middle growth cycle. Its primary function is to boost energy; its effects last for around four hours. White kratom is exceedingly popular among people with depression, and the strain can provide a great deal of improvement to your productivity if it is used correctly.

In its final (late) growth cycle, kratom turns green. Green kratom strains are most often employed to relieve pain. Some people also report that green variants of kratom are good if you’re looking for a small boost in mood and productivity.

There’s still very little research being done on the different colors of kratom. To put it more simply, we can’t say for sure what the actual effects of these different colors might be. All we know is that anecdotal evidence suggests that the growth cycle stage of your kratom is closely related to the effects that it is likely to have on your body and mind.

Kratom and Scientific Research

While, as we said, there has been very little peer-reviewed research on kratom, some pioneering scientific minds have conducted studies on the subject. Their findings are generally pretty mixed, especially when it comes to the actual effects that kratom has on issues like chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

Some studies have actually concluded that kratom may be dangerous, especially if it is overused by consumers with addictive personalities. One study from 2017 in the magazine Frontiers of Psychiatry found that kratom can provide two main effects: stimulation and sedation.

Stimulation happens when a drug improves your mood, motivation, or activity levels. Examples of stimulants among illegal drugs include cocaine and Adderall. Kratom does not provide anywhere near the level of stimulation these drugs give users, which is one reason it has avoided federal regulation for so long. However, multiple strains of kratom have been reported to provide stimulating effects to users.

Sedation is actually the opposite of stimulation. Drugs that sedate you make you feel sleepy or chill. Sedative drugs, as well as opioids, have a major effect on users. Sedation is a lot different than stimulation, which might cause problems in users who fail to properly manage their dosage.

After all, the key caveat of the Frontiers of Psychiatry study was that the effects of kratom are regulated by dosages. At lower dosages, researchers found that kratom provides significant stimulating effects.

Higher dosages, however, have the opposite effect; they sedate the user. This is one more reason why it remains so important that kratom users carefully track and regulate how much of the substance they ingest in each usage.

The conversation is not over when it comes to kratom, at least not in the scientific community. One study surveyed the available research and concluded that there are far too few double-blind trials of kratom as a drug to make any major conclusions about the supplement’s effectiveness in treating certain conditions.

For those of you who have studied the scientific method, this accusation should be clear. Some researchers believe that a placebo effect may cause people to feel intoxicated or healed by kratom, even if the supplement is actually doing nothing at all.

There are also substantial allegations of risks associated with kratom use. Countries all around the world have had people come into the emergency room complaining that they took too much kratom. At extreme dosages, kratom can even cause individuals to become sick or lose all energy.

Simply put: we don’t really know the long-term effects of kratom, and some evidence suggests that using too much of the drug at one time can lead to effects worthy of hospitalization. Again, this is one reason why it’s so important to make sure you aren’t taking too much kratom at one time.

Self-reported studies are the main scientific research that we currently have access to. One study found that 85% of kratom users reported that they experienced pain relief effects after taking kratom. 83.75% of the surveyed users claimed to have felt increased energy levels, while a “lower depressive mood” was felt by around 80% of the surveyed group.

These results are certainly promising, but it’s tough to take these numbers at face value without a peer-reviewed study to back them up. Many of the reported benefits in this study could have been due to a strong placebo effect.

Research has given us valuable information about some aspects of the kratom experience, however. For example, we now know from available research that kratom takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to become active in your system, meaning that you might wait ten minutes before feeling any effects. Additionally, researchers have given us a few solid insights on appropriate dosages.

Kratom Dosage Recommendations

As always, each body is different. Kratom might influence you in a way that is different from how it influences most people. We recommend starting small with a 1-2g dosage before moving on to stronger doses.

Here is a basic breakdown of popular dosage levels, according to anecdotal reports and limited scientific research:


A dose of one gram is relatively small. To put it into perspective, 1 gram is about two of the small capsules we mentioned earlier. This dosage will feel like nothing to experienced users, and even some first-time users might not feel much. A single gram of kratom might provide subtle boosts to energy and mood.


This is where most users start to feel the effects of the kratom. This will likely result in pretty noticeable boosts to mood and energy levels.


At three or four grams of kratom, even experienced users will start to feel some effects. This dosage turns away from the stimulating effects of the two smaller dosages above. Instead, a dosage of 4 grams will likely lead to mild sedative effects, including euphoria and pain relief.


This is getting into the strong dose territory. Beginning users should be cautious of taking this much kratom. You might experience relatively strong sedative and euphoric effects. The pain-killing potential of kratom is really available at this dosage.


We recommend that new kratom users avoid this dose. The sedative effects of kratom at 5-8g dosages are very serious, and some people have reported experiencing mild hallucinations at this level.

Rankings: Best Kratom Brands in 2022

We’re excited to bring you our list of the best kratom products available in 2022. Many of these kratom products have been around for several years, giving them an unparalleled reputation among kratom users and independent reviewers alike.

Kats BotanicalsA wide variety of exceptional kratom power items and capsules are sold by the brand.
Kratom SpotUses fair-trade kratom to produce best-in-class kratom products.
Kratom CrazyThe kratom brand is incomparable when it comes to customer service and support.
Just KratomThe products from the brand help users get the expected health advantages of kratom.
Top ExtractsThe brand offers sample packages so that users can test the kratom quality before purchasing.
Craving KratomAll the kratom products produced by the brand are safe and hygienic, and that’s why they are impeccably popular.
Science.bioThe kratom powder options and other kratom products from the brand help elevate energy levels naturally.
Kratom LifeThe impactful kratom powder options and capsules from the brand help improve your physical condition naturally.
Kratom KratesLucrative discounts and offers are offered by the brand to please users.
Left Coast KratomThe kratom products manufactured by the brand are produced in certified research facilities.
KrabotThe packaging of the brand gives it an edge over other brands.
MitragaiaThe kratom powder items and capsules from this brand are made of kratom extracts sourced from high-quality sources like elephant kratom.
Super SpeciosaThe products from the brand help attain evident benefits of kratom conveniently.
Happy Hippo HerbalsThe brand sells its kratom products at affordable price segments.
Kraken KratomA reliable brand that aims to deliver value-for-money kratom powder items and capsules.
Golden MonkThe kratom powder items and capsules from this brand help users get the best effects of kratom.
Organic Kratom USAFamous for producing side-effect-free kratom powder items, capsules, and tinctures.
Triumph BotanicalsComes with the best kratom dosage options to help users in the best possible ways.
Kingdom KratomEvery serving of the products from the brand comes with a powerful dose of kratom.

Kats Botanicals


Being one of the best kratom brands, this company sells both kratom and CBD. Kats Botanicals offer a wide variety of kratom products, which is the main reason they won a spot on today’s list of the best kratom companies of 2022. They sell a unique chocolate kratom powder, as well as a long list of different strains and types of kratom to fill any consumer need.

Bali Gold kratom powder, white Borneo kratom powder, and Bali kratom capsules are the best products sold by the brand. The products manufactured and sold by the brand are the best options to get the best effects of kratom. The brand is also the manufacturer of Digital Buddha kratom natural kratom capsules, and these kratom capsules are sold like hotcakes besides the chocolate kratom powder.

We’re also impressed with the reasonable prices used by this kratom brand. Almost all of their bottles of kratom are marked at around $20, which is much cheaper than you’ll find at a local health food shop or gas station.

Top Kratom productsMaeng da kratom powders, White Borneo kratom powder, Bali kratom powders, Bali kratom capsules, Digital Buddha kratom capsules, Chocolate kratom powders
Kratom sourceTrusted Indonesian farms
Guarantee30-day full-refund guarantee
Starting Price$5.99

Kratom Spot


Kratom Spot offers three main kratom strains: red, green, and white. They also actually claim to sell only “fair trade kratom.” For our politically-minded readers, this is an incredibly important point. Kratom comes from Southeast Asia and is generally a plant native to several countries that live in extreme poverty.

Users who consider kratom illegal should visit the official website of Kratom Spot to check out the range of organic kratom products. You can also avoid the possibility of kratom overdose as you use the kratom products manufactured by the company. Almost every organic kratom strain is available here.

Some kratom companies in the kratom sector deliberately underpay laborers in order to make a bit of extra profit. Kratom Spot apparently conducts its business as ethically as possible, paying a living wage to the laborers harvesting their kratom.

Variety is a big plus when you buy from the Kratom Spot. The kratom brand offers kratom capsules, kratom powders, leaves, teas, and kratom extracts. Generally, any method of ingestion you prefer can likely be found on the Kratom Spot website.

Top Kratom productsMaeng Da kratom capsules, Bali kratom capsules and powders, Sumatra kratom capsule, Three strains of kratom leaves
Kratom sourceCalifornian farms, Southeast Asia
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$8.99

Kratom Crazy


We like the bulk deals available on the Kratom Crazy website. Kratom Crazy sells kratom to the biggest fans of the substance in the industry; you can buy massive tubs of kratom or large bottles of kratom capsules or Maeng da kratom powders on this website.

Kratom Crazy offers most of the popular organic kratom strains, including both Bali and Malay. Their educational materials available for free on the Kratom Crazy website also provide an excellent resource for beginning kratom users to become informed before using their new purchases.

We also appreciate the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by Kratom Crazy. That’s right; the kratom brand will refund your entire purchase in thirty days if you are unsatisfied for any reason. Additionally, Kratom Crazy claims that they get all of their kratoms directly from the source, which maximizes both purity and potency.

From kratom extract tablets to kratom yellow Borneo powder, all types of kratom products are available on the site. The organic kratom powder products sold by the brand are the top-notch options to get the best benefits of kratom.

Top Kratom productsMaeng da Kratom powders and capsules, Red and White Borneo Kratom products, Red Bali extracts, Super green Kratom extracts and capsules
Kratom sourceNot disclosed
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$19.99

Just Kratom


As the name suggests, this kratom brand knows exactly what they’re trying to do. Just Kratom sells both kratom powders and capsules of the most popular organic kratom strains. They are known for their large powder and capsule sizes. Just Kratom will sell you up to a kilo or a half-kilo of pure kratom at a time.

You can also purchase from Just Kratom without having to break the bank. Several of their kratom options cost only $6.99. From liquid kratom tinctures to kratom extracts, all types of kratom products are available on the official shop of this brand at affordable ranges. You can also get kratom sample packs to test the quality of the kratom strains offered by the brand.

The natural kratom capsules sold by Just Kratom are the market-leading options in terms of getting the positive effects of kratom. Different kratom variants like Maeng da kratom, Thai kratom powders, and other high-quality kratom powder options are sold by Just Kratom so that users can get the best benefits of kratom easily.

Top Kratom productsKratom powders, kratom capsules of different Kratom strains, Kratom energy shots
Kratom sourceNot specified
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$6.99

Top Extracts


Top Extracts offers an exceptional level of variety, landing it a place on our ranked list of the best kratom brands available in 2022. Being one of the best kratom brands, this kratom brand actually sells liquid kratom capsules, which are pretty difficult to find right now.

They are revered for the company’s in-depth description of their scientific process, which involves several stages of testing and vetting before the distribution process begins.

Caffeinated liquid kratom extract is the specialty of this brand, and attractive discounts are available on bulk kratom powder purchases. If you prefer taking caffeinated liquid kratom, Top extracts is the best choice for you.

The “flow liquid kratom shot” is another unique product being marketed almost exclusively by Top Extracts. For the experienced kratom consumer, finding new ways to use the supplement is one of the most exciting things in the industry. Top Extracts helps users scratch this itch by providing a greater variety of products than its competitors.

Top Kratom productsKratom tablets, Kratom extracts, Kratom-infused honey strips, Flow liquid kratom shot options,
Kratom sourceChicago-based kratom supplier
Guarantee7-day money-back policy
Starting Price$13.59

Craving Kratom


Are you craving kratom extract? This kratom brand might be the right source for you, especially if you’re a fan of GMP certification and AKA approval. Craving Kratom is able to boast both of these certifications.

In addition to accepting Venmo as a unique form of payment, the company provides an exceedingly developed manufacturing process complete with certification from both GMP and AKA. In our minds, this makes them one of the most professional companies on our list.

Craving Kratom comes among the best kratom brands that offer phenomenal kratom capsules, kratom Bali gold powder items, and other variants of kratom powders. Also, the kratom promises to offer attractive discounts on bulk kratom purchases. So, if you’re up for getting the remarkable benefits of kratom, you must purchase the kratom sample packs sold by the brand.

Different kratom strains are marketed by Craving Kratom at affordable price segments, and that’s where the platform beats other kratom vendors present in the market.

The simple user interface on the Craving Kratom website makes it easy for consumers to adequately customize their dosages and order sizes. This makes Craving Kratom stand out from its competitors; every kratom user wants more control over how much kratom they purchase with each order.

Top Kratom productsKratom extract shots, Soft gels, Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, Kratom blends
Kratom sourceIndonesian verified suppliers
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$10.95



This is a truly unique addition to our list. Science.bio’s main interest is in conducting research to find new applications for kratom. They sell several kratom products on their website, including Bali Gold kratom powder, Kratom Red Thai powder, and Kratom Yellow Borneo powder, all of which are relatively rare and popular strains among experienced kratom users in this growing market.

Science.bio is especially popular for its skin and anti-aging applications of kratom. Many of their products, including supplements other than kratom, are used to improve the appearance of the skin while boosting energy levels, confidence, and mood.

Top Kratom productsKratom Bali Gold powder, Kratom Red Thai powder, and Kratom Yellow Borneo powder
Kratom sourceNot specified
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$13

Kratom Life


Kratom Life gains major points with us for its quick shipping process. While many kratom users use the supplement recreationally, a growing number of ex-addicts are using the unique plant to avoid the effects of withdrawal on their bodies and minds.

The kratom products from Kratom Life help users get the best benefits of kratom while avoiding kratom addiction and kratom withdrawal symptoms. Kratom Life is a reliable vendor that produces high-quality kratom products only.

Kratom Life doesn’t have quite the variety of some of the other companies above, but they make up for it with reasonable prices, high quality, and unbearably fast shipping infrastructure.

Top Kratom productsKratom powder variants with different strains of kratom, Kratom capsules, Kratom kilos, Kratom extracts
Kratom sourceSoutheast Asia
GuaranteeNot specified
Starting Price$5

Kratom Krates


Kratom Krates offers both AKA and GMP certifications, which go a long way to demonstrate the safety and purity of their manufacturing and packaging processes. Kratom Krates is based out of Florida, and they offer a significant variety of unique kratom products. For example, their “ultra enhanced” powders are making waves in the kratom industry, especially among experienced users looking for an extra kick out of their kratom.

Kratom Krates also offers completely free shipping and a money-back guarantee. All of these factors contribute to the stellar reputation of Kratom Krates among many consumers in the kratom industry.

Top Kratom productsKratom yellow Borneo powder, White, red, and green Maeng da kratom powders, Green Raiu Kratom Powder
Kratom sourceUnspecified
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$16

Left Coast Kratom


Left Coast Kratom is mostly known for its teas and kratom extracts. Consumers who want to start brewing kratom tea, as we explained earlier, should strongly consider trying a product specially made for tea brewing. Left Coast Kratom tea tablets and pure kratom leaves are especially popular among kratom tea drinkers. Left Coast Kratom also participates in a kratom GMP program called the American Kratom Association GMP.

OG Bali kratom leaf, UEI liquid kratom extract, Caffeinated liquid Kratom extract, Left Coast Platinum tea tablets, White Vein Borneo kratom capsules, and 50X kratom extract are some of the incredibly popular products sold by Left Coast Kratom.

The OG Bali kratom leaf package is the best selling product from the brand. Also, Left Coast Platinum Tea tablets are widely sold as these tablets are easily mixable with tea and other beverages.

This means that Left Coast Kratom meets the requirements for the highest level of cleanliness and quality assurance in its manufacturing and packaging facility. As you might have already guessed, this Portland-based kratom distributor operates exclusively here in the United States.

Each kratom powder item manufactured by the brand offers a potent dose of kratom in each serving. The chances of kratom overdose get eliminated with the kratom powder and capsule options offered by the brand.

Top Kratom productsKratom powders, Kratom extracts, Caffeinated liquid Kratom extract, UEI liquid kratom extract,
Kratom sourceUnspecified
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price7.95



Krabot makes its reputation in the kratom industry by prioritizing ethics above all else. The company makes it possible to become one of the best kratom brands as it ethically sources all of its kratom from Southeast Asia’s jungle, and it markets itself as an ethical and luxury source of kratom. Their packaging is beautiful, and the organization has clearly put more branding into their product than some of the other companies on our list. The Kratom super spec capsules offered by the brand are superb choices to go for.

Krabot also accepts cryptocurrency, which is one reason why they are known worldwide as one of the most respectable brands around. Their unique kratom products include “evening blend capsules,” the “Krabot evening blend,” and more. When it comes to established reputation and ethics in the kratom industry, Krabot is truly difficult to contend with.

Top Kratom productsKratom powder variants (All strains), Kratom super spec capsules, Infused kratom capsules
Kratom sourceNot specified
GuaranteeNot specified
Starting Price$9.99



We were particularly impressed with this company’s attention to detail in the manufacturing process. According to its official product website, Mitragaia independently tests its products several times for cleanliness, potency, and quality before they even begin the packaging process.

All the kratom products manufactured by the brand are produced while adhering to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration. You’re not likely to develop kratom addiction as you go for the products produced by this kratom brand. Also, this is among the few kratom companies that produce effective kratom products that come without kratom withdrawal symptoms.

One popular product sold by this company is the “Mitragaia Welcome Sampler,” which allows new customers to try almost everything this company has to offer with just one purchase.

Elephant kratom, Red Malay kratom powder, and Kratom Bali gold powder are the special products offered by the brand.

This company is actually based outside of the United States; they operate out of Northern Ireland. This might result in delayed shipping times, so we recommend consulting your local post office and the Mitragaia website before making a time-sensitive purchase with them.

Top Kratom productsKratom Bali gold powder, Plantation Red Maeng da, 8-in-1 custom blend, White horn, Red Malay kratom powder, Elephant kratom
Kratom sourceNot disclosed
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$5

Super Speciosa


CBD is the main product sold on the Super Speciosa website. However, anyone who knows anything about the kratom industry should already know how much overlap the CBD and kratom communities have with one another.

Super Speciosa has quickly become one of the best kratom brands in the United States. The kratom brand doesn’t offer an extensive selection of different products, but their kratom powders and capsules come highly recommended by consumers all over the internet.

Their 5kg bulk kratom package is one of the largest packages we can find, making them a solid contender for the most effective bulk kratom distributor on the market so far.

Top Kratom productsKratom powders of different strains, Kratom capsules, Kratom tea bags, Kratom tablets
Kratom sourceNot disclosed
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$9.90

Happy Hippo Herbals


If we’re being honest, the logo for this kratom brand is pretty adorable. But if you look past its cuteness, the company has quite a bit to offer the average kratom consumer. Their product names are all hippo-themed, and they offer a wide variety of the most popular kratom strains on their official website.

Their simple names make it easier for the average new kratom consumer to pick which product would be best for them, which is certainly a user-friendly choice. Be it kratom capsules or other products made of kratom extract, the products of this brand are truly incomparable. Some mentionable products from the brand are Superior White Hulu Kratom, White Thai Elite Kratom, Green Maeng Da Elite Kratom, etc.

Their prices are pretty reasonable, too. Their kratom begins at a price of only $12, making it one of the most inexpensive experiences on our list. They also offer liquid tinctures and bulk kratom sales, meaning that the Happy Hippo Herbals company really does cater to anyone in the industry.

Top Kratom productsGreen, Red, Yellow, White Vein of kratom, Maeng da kratom extracts, Bali kratom extracts, Superior White Hulu kratom, White Thai Elite kratom
Kratom sourceSoutheast Asian countries
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$7.20

Kraken Kratom


Kraken Kratom is one of the best kratom brands that offer consumers a wide variety of different ways to enjoy their favorite kratom. Their available kratom strains vary as well. They have Indo, Maeng Da, Thai, and other forms of kratom. What makes Kraken Kratom truly unique is the fascinating tea soft gels that they offer.

These soft gels make it easy to enjoy kratom tea, while consumers can also enjoy other unique products like a hemp extract for post-workout, a pre-workout kratom supplement, and more. Their prices are also reasonable; several of the products we listed above are extremely cheap, especially when compared to other competitors on the market.

Kraken Kratom beats other brands in terms of kratom sourcing. That’s what makes it one of the best kratom vendors available on the kratom market. All the kratom products produced by the manufacturer are approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA.) Also, you can avail yourself of exciting discounts and offers on bulk kratom powder purchases. All the positive effects of kratom can be obtained easily with this product.

Their official website is currently the best place to buy Kraken Kratom. They are currently offering discounts on a wide variety of different products, making KrakenKratom.com an excellent place to get your kratom fix.

Top Kratom productsKratom red Thai powder, White Thai elite kratom, Kratom tea bags, Super Indo Kratom powder
Kratom sourceNot specified
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Starting Price$7.99

Golden Monk


Golden Monk consistently makes it onto ranked lists of the best kratom brands on the market. Their clean, appealing logo and company name have inspired countless people to get involved with the kratom industry. Their available strains are extensive; they offer red, green, and white variants in multiple forms.

Their purchases always come with a money-back guarantee. This is something we love to see, as explained in our “how we ranked” section. Golden Mink comes highly recommended; they are consistently rated as one of the most reputable and effective kratom distributors on the internet.

Free shipping and a money-back guarantee are just two of the perks available to customers of Golden Monk Kratom. The company offers free shipping on bulk orders of over $49.99 in value.

Top Kratom productsKratom red Thai powder, Green Maeng da, White Maeng da, Super green Malay, White Bali, Red Thai, Red vein Kratom powder,
Kratom sourceTrusted farmers of Indonesia
Guarantee90-day money-back guarantee on unopened products30-day money-back guarantee on all products
Starting Price$39.99

Organic Kratom USA


One of the biggest advantages of working with Organic Kratom USA is the availability of up-to-date lab testing. Organic Kratom USA has guaranteed that all of its batches of kratom are tested in a laboratory to ensure the highest standards of maturity, potency, and purity. They also provide consumers with same-day shipments.

For big fans of kratom, we can’t overstate how advantageous this is. Other kratom companies might wait days— or even weeks— before shipping out their batches of kratom. This can ruin the potency of some kratom shipments, so we appreciate the fact that Organic Kratom USA ships their kratom the same day on qualifying orders.

Organic Kratom USA has launched some splendid kratom powder options to provide every user with a potent kratom dosage in every serving.

Organic Kratom USA also offers a similar level of variety to some of the other companies on our list. They sell Red Horn Kratom powder, White Kapuas kratom powder, Red Riau Kratom powder, Green Ketapang Kratom powder and more. Their unique kratom strains are a big contributor to the positive customer reviews, which litter Organic Kratom USA on the internet.

Top Kratom productsBali Gold kratom powder, Green Hulu kratom powder, Green horn kratom powder, Green Kapuas kratom powder, Mellow yellow kratom powder, Kratom capsules of various kinds, kratom extracts, Green KetaPang kratom powder, White Kapuas kratom powder, Red Horn kratom powder, White Maeng da kratom, Red Riau kratom powder
Kratom sourceIndonesian suppliers
Guarantee30-day satisfaction guarantee
Starting Price$12.97

Triumph Botanicals


When it comes to various types of kratom strains and kratom extract tablets, Triumph Botanicals comes among the best kratom vendors available on the market. If you’re looking forward to buying kratom online, this brand is one of the outstanding options. The kratom extracts used by the company in its products make the products worthier.

Triumph Botanicals uses top-notch kratom extracts to manufacture kratom powder items and liquid kratom tinctures. As you purchase the worthy products marketed by the brand, you can expect to get the best beneficial effects of kratom. Also, you aren’t likely to develop kratom addiction as you use the best-in-class products from this brand.

Top Kratom productsKratom capsules, Kratom green vein, Kratom powder, Kratom Red vein, Kratom shots, Water-soluble, Kratom White vein
Kratom sourceUnspecified
GuaranteeNot mentioned properly on the official website
Starting Price$12.49

Kingdom Kratom


If you’re planning to purchase organic kratom products like kratom leaves, kratom powder options, and kratom capsules, Kingdom Kratom is the best option for you to get high-quality kratom products. No matter what type of kratom strain you’re looking for, Kingdom Kratom has all the options in stock for you.

All the premium kratom products sold by the brand are made of kratom extracts sourced from high-quality kratom sources. Kingdom Kratom’s organic kratom products are better than kratom powders and capsules from other kratom companies present in the market.

Top Kratom productsGreen Maeng da Kratom powder, White Maeng da Kratom powder, Red Bali Kratom powder, capsules, Kratom extracts
Kratom sourceNot specified
Starting Price$8.50

How Did We Manage to Rank The Best Kratom Brands of 2022?

Ranking the best kratom brands was never too easy for use as a wide array of outstanding kratom products from different brands are available in the market at present. New kratom brands are stepping into the market every other day.

From powerful kratom capsules to kratom powders, a variety of products are launched by new brands and experienced brands. That’s what makes it more difficult to rank the best kratom brands. So, let’s check out what our ranking process was-

The Quality of Kratom Extract

The overall quality of the kratom extract used by a kratom brand to produce kratom products is an important factor. Some brands consider using low-quality kratom extract to produce kratom products, and those brands can’t become successful in winning the hearts of users.

On the other hand, a brand that uses top-notch kratom extract to produce kratom capsules and kratom powders manages to become popular in the kratom market within short spans. While ranking the kratom brands mentioned above, we inspected the quality of the kratom extract used by each brand. All these brands manufacture their products with premium and high-quality kratom extracts, and that’s why their products have become popular among users.

Kratom Testing

We screened the kratom testing procedures of the kratom brands listed in the article, as that’s important to check. The quality of the products manufactured by a kratom brand depends on the kratom testing procedure conducted by the brand. All the kratom companies mentioned in the list above come with authentic and high-quality kratom testing procedures.

These kratom companies manufacture kratom powders and kratom capsules with tested kratom extracts, and that’s why they’re included in the list.

American Kratom Association (AKA) Approval

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is the highest authority to check the quality of kratom capsules and kratom powders sold by different brands. So, before you proceed to purchase kratom capsules or powders from a brand, you should check whether the products are certified by the American Kratom Association or not.

Products without American Kratom Association certifications aren’t legit ones to purchase. All the kratom brands listed in the article sell products that are approved by the American Kratom Association, and that’s why they made it to this list of the best kratom brands.

Company Reputation and Transparency

Not all kratom companies are reliable and transparent enough, and going for companies that aren’t transparent about their kratom products is somewhat risky. Before adding each kratom brand to the list, our research and editorial team inspected the transparency of the brand about its kratom powders and kratom capsules. Thereafter, they managed to include reputed and transparent brands only so that users could get the best effects of kratom easily.

The Availability of Different Kratom Strains

Be it kratom energy shots or kratom powder items, a reliable and exclusive brand is expected to offer different kratom strains to users so that they can improve their physical and mental conditions. All the renowned kratom companies mentioned in the list above offer wide varieties of kratom strains to users, and that’s why we considered adding them to this list.

Advertised Health Benefits

Some kratom companies come with unrealistic advertised health benefits, and their products don’t live up to the expectations of users. If you want to get the best benefits of kratom, you should not fall into such a trap.

While ranking the listed kratom companies, our research and editorial team paid attention to the advertised health benefits they claim and checked whether the brands deliver what they claim or not. That’s why we are confident to say that the kratom companies listed in the article are the best ones to deliver the benefits of kratom phenomenally.

Customer Support and Service Facilities

Some kratom companies are not very convenient in terms of offering decent customer support facilities. However, convenient and fast customer service facilities are needed at times to resolve issues related to orders and returns.

All the listed kratom companies offer fast and reliable customer service facilities, and that’s why our research team added these brands to the above-mentioned list.

These are the ranking factors that we used to rank the best kratom brands for 2022. We can assure you that the brands are genuine and authentic in terms of launching the best kratom products. So, you should go for any of the brands mentioned above in you’re planning to buy liquid kratom capsules or kratom powder items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom

We realize that getting into the kratom industry for the first time can be confusing. To address this issue, we’ve created a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions people have about this explosive new alternative medicine industry.

Q: How do you use kratom?

A: Kratom can be ingested in a few different ways. Some people prefer to bake their kratom into treats, such as brownies, cookies, or cakes. Others mix kratom powder into liquids, including juices and water. Some people even go the traditional route of making kratom tea with kratom powder. One popular method of using kratom involves ingesting soft gel capsules.

Q: Does kratom powder or kratom capsules taste bad?

A: Most users report not liking the taste of kratom, at least at first. It is extremely bitter, and it’s almost impossible to choke down pure kratom powder without mixing it into a healthy helping of liquid or food. We recommend experimenting to find out which method of ingesting kratom works best for you.

Q: What are the effects of kratom powder and capsules?

A: The answer to this question depends on how much kratom you plan on taking. Lower doses of kratom generally lead to increased energy levels, stimulation, and mood levels. At larger doses, kratom serves as a sedative and may provide effects similar to popular opiates and opioids.

Q: Is kratom dangerous?

A: As of now, it does not seem that there are significant risks to using kratom powder or capsules in moderation. Taking extreme amounts of kratom or taking the substance for an extended amount of time may result in certain side effects, such as nausea, constipation, or mild depressive symptoms. We recommend caution when using kratom, especially considering how little verified research has been conducted on the effects of the substance over time.

Q: Is kratom illegal?

A: Federally, no laws have been passed to ban kratom. Some states have banned the substance, and possessing it might carry criminal penalties. We recommend consulting your local legal authorities to ensure that you won’t be breaking any laws before you purchase any kratom.

Best Kratom Brands in 2022 Final Thoughts

Kratom is taking the alternative medicine world by storm. All over the world, people are going crazy about this mysterious plant. Today, we provided you with a list of some of the best kratom distributors available in 2022.

This isn’t a complete list; new kratom companies are cropping up every day and providing pure and all-natural kratom products for the community to enjoy. For now, our recommendation is that new users be safe and experiment to figure out how they want to use kratom.

However, you need to consult with your doctor before purchasing a kratom powder or other types of kratom products to determine a suitable dose of kratom for yourself.

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