Best Kratom Products for Pain: The Most Effective Kratom Pain Relief Strains

Kratom, a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, is increasingly becoming a buzz worldwide. It induces sedation, pain relief, pleasure effects, increased sociability, physical activeness, and alertness when taken in smaller amounts.

But as its fame crosses borders, it is increasingly becoming a controversial product as both fake and legit providers struggle for the same market. Therefore, it might be hard to know where to buy the right and most effective products.

Especially in the online world, scammers might take advantage of

people’s unawareness to scam them. Therefore, our list consists of the best-rated and most reputable suppliers of the product according to multiple forums online.

The Best Kratom Vendors and Top Brand Products

Finding any Kratom product of whichever quality you’re looking for is easier than ever before. Our analysis contacted several best kratom brands and checked lab testing to ascertain that their claims matched.

From the results, here are the top Kratom products of the year 2022:

Krabot:Three varieties of kratom powder are available in this best kratom brand
Golden Monk:Kratom brand products are approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA) This kratom brand offers a wide variety of Kratom strains
Kratom Spot:The best Kratom brand in the world for providing fair-trade Kratom of the highest quality
Just Kratom:The company has been making Kratom products for over ten years
Kratom Life:The Premium Kratom products are available at Kratom Life
Kratom Crazy:Find the highest quality kratom products in the United States at one of the top kratom brands Kratom Crazy
MitraGaia:Kratom products that have been tested for quality
Super Speciosa:Different kratom strains are available in powder and capsule form
Left Coast Kratom:Left Coast Kratom is a family business that manufactures high-quality kratom products
Kats Botanicals:One of the leading Kratom vendors uses the lab tested kratom leaves
Kraken Kratom:Kraken Kratom has existed for decades
Kratom Krates:Each Kratom Krates product goes through a 50-farmer verification process
Craving Kratom:You will never find more powerful and fresh Kratom products than Craving Kratom
Organic Kratom USA:Kratom of the finest quality is available at Organic Kratom USA
Happy Hippo Herbals:Kratom users find it among one of the best kratom brands
Top Extracts:Their Kratom products have been laboratory tested for quality
Triumph Botanicals:Provide kratom shots of the highest quality and intensity
Kingdom Kratom:An exceptionally high-quality Kratom brand

According to the analysis, here are some facts about the top online Kratom products we found:

Organic Kratom USA

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Organic Kratom USA features Green KetaPang Kratom Powder, Red Riau Kratom Powder, Red Horn Kratom Powder, White Kapuas Kratom Powder, and other different kratom extracts
Kratom Source:Indonesia
Price:Starts from $13

Organic Kratom USA is one of the best kratom brands; we described it as young but competitive with more experienced heavyweights. The company was founded in 2017 and went as far as claiming to be at the top in the USA. But what attracts such attention?

Organic Kratom USA offers as many as 56 products in kratom capsules and powder forms and sells various strains, including white, red, green, and yellow vein kratom strains and blends. They are subdivided into potions of 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1Kg. The 50g package goes for $12.97, while the 1Kg package goes for $79.99.

On the other hand, natural kratom capsules at Organic Kratom USA are sold in 250g, 500g, 750g, and 1Kg. The 250g package costs $99.99, while the 1Kg package costs $217.99.

Free shipping starts at orders worth $89.99 onwards. You might also enjoy a 10% discount on your first purchase at Organic Kratom USA, which you may acquire by subscribing to the newsletter.

Kats Botanicals

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Green, red, and white Maeng Da Kratom Powder, The Wedge Kratom Powder, White Elephant Kratom Powder, Chocolate kratom powder, and others
Kratom Source:Southeast Asia
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $5.99

Kats Botanicals is another market giant that has been reputed for claims-accurate quality. Reading their multiple customer reviews online, you notice their satisfaction, mainly due to customer service responsiveness.

Their hand-harvested Kratom is made into different potencies to fit different customer needs. They use lab-tested kratom leaves. They also have various strains, including Maeng da Kratom, Yellow Kratom, and Bali Kratom. Any of the organic kratom strains take between 15 and 20 minutes to start showing effects.

Although most complaints surround their shipping costs, the satisfaction in the speed and efficiency of their delivery methods is unmatched.

Nonetheless, U.S.-based customers can enjoy free shipping on orders above $100. They offer a refund policy that requires at least 20% of the product to be returned and a request made within a month after purchasing the product.


Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Kratom Extract Tablets, Kratom Super-Spec Capsules, Krabot Morning Blend, Evening Blend Capsules, White Maeng Da Kratom, and Krabot Evening Blend, and other
Kratom Source:Worldwide
Price:Starts from $9.99

Krabot deals with ingestible products and provides soaps that have been positively received by the masses online. These soaps come in different varieties, such as Kratom, frankincense, cocoa, and coffee. They claim to make their products from all-natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and olive oil, among others.

Nonetheless, they also sell common Kratom strains and a unique variety in capsules, powder, and Kratom tea. Some common types include red horn kratom powder and green maeng da, while their unique products include Kratom Super-Spec Capsules and krabot rising sun and green Sundanese.

They also sell a variety of Kratom accessories, including measuring spoons and mini pocket gauges.

The Californian-based company accepts payments in credit cards and cryptocurrencies and provides a loyalty reward program for frequent customers.

Golden Monk

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Red vein, white vein, natural Kratom capsules, and Kratom Powders, green kratom vein, Maeng Da kratom, and more
Kratom Source:Indonesia
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $39.99

This 2016 Canadian found kratom brand is one of the best-rated online suppliers of the product. Golden Monk offers one of the best customer services online. They also sell a variety of kratom strains, including maeng da Kratom. They are confident in their lab-tested high-quality products that they offer a money refund guarantee if they fail to deliver.

Some of the acclaimed benefits of kratom products offered by Golden Monk include pain relief, improved mood and energy, and calmness. They are also popular for their deserved prices. You get free shipping for orders surprising $49.99 and a $1 loyalty bonus for every $10 you spend.

Their approval by the American Kratom Association also makes them credible to customers whose trust is in the organization that protects their interests. Golden Monk defines quality from the products themselves to the double-layered quality material packaging.

Kratom Spot

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Indo Kratom Powders, Thai Kratom Powders, Red, white, and green Kratom strains, and other fair trade Kratom products
Kratom Source:Fair-trade farms, USA
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $8

Kratom Spot is a U.S.-based vendor that produces all-natural products free from additives and preservatives. It is one of the few that sells fair-trade Kratom. Some of their kratom strains include red vein, white vein, green vein, Bali, and Indo Kratoms. They sell in the form of capsules, powder, shots, and extracts. Kratom spot offers a range of prices depending on the strains. But you should secure a product with anything between $13.59 and $169.99. However, this depends on the package and kratom strain you choose. They package their products in denominations of 20, 50, 75, 100, and 250 capsules. But your discount also increases with an increase in bulk.

Powdered products are sold in 1, 2, 4, or 8 ounces and a pound. In ounces, the cheapest kratom strain goes for $7.99, while the most expensive costs $24.99. In terms of pounds, the lowest cost is $99.99 while the highest cost is $149.99.

They are also AKA compliant and meet all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements. With any of their products, you get a 30-day money refund guarantee.

Happy Hippo Herbals

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:kratom energy shots, White Thai Elite Kratom (Lightning Hippo), Superior White Hulu Kratom (Chill Hippo), Green Maeng Da Elite (Hyper Hippo), Cotton Candy Hippo, and other high-quality kratom products
Kratom Source:Indonesia
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $12

This Idaho located company claims to be the smallest top bidder in the Kratom market. Unlike most Kratom companies whose focus is on growth, theirs is based on quality. Happy Hippo Herbals has bulk sales but continues to maintain its small scale while investing more in quality. They had to spend $100,000 in a bid to get American Kratom Association (AKA) approval, which sets them apart from other kratom brands of the same scale. All such factors combined with their high employee salaries come at a price for the customers.

They also use a unique categorization style for their kratom products. They include newbies, slow, moderate, fast capsules, and alternative herbs such as CBD. Some of their popular products are White Thai Elite Kratom (Lightning Hippo), kratom energy shots, and Superior White Hulu Kratom (Chill Hippo). Terms such as fast and moderate refer to the effects, while they have also assigned custom names to regular strains, such as green Hulu, which is called harmony hippo.

Nonetheless, their powdered kratom strains include green, red, white, yellow, and gold strains, while they only sell Green Maeng Da in capsule form. Their alternative herbs include CBD isolate, kava, horny goat weed, and shilajit.


Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Elephant kratom, Red Malay kratom powder, Bali Gold kratom powder, Mitragaia Welcome Sampler, and others
Kratom Source:Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and Thailand
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $4.15

MitraGaia is an American Kratom Association-approved company that cooperates with Indonesian farmers, from whom they source various strains. They offer multiple types, such as the Vietnam kratom, Bali gold kratom powder, Horn, and Thai, which come in Yellow, Red, White, and Green versions.

They sell both powder and kratom capsules forms, which sell for as low as $5 per oz. 1Kg of the same goes for $75, which is a reasonable price.

Customer opinions on their shipping services vary across reviews, but most claim they deliver quickly. Deliveries are made via USPS, and rates apply according to your address. They also accept bitcoins payments, although their main payment methods include money orders, credit cards, and savings/checking accounts.

If you’d like to explore their varieties, catching them on one of their social media platforms is a hustle freeway. They have pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Left Coast Kratom

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:50X Kratom Extract, Left Coast Platinum Tea Tablets, OG Bali Kratom Leaf, UEI Liquid Kratom Extract, and other kratom powders and capsules
Kratom Source:NA
Price:Starts from $36

Left Coast Kratom was founded in 2017 to fill a market gap that existed for high-quality products and customer service. Since then, Left Coast Kratom has provided numerous educational materials about Kratom on its official site. They are also AKA approved and GMP compliant.

Left Coast Kratom products range in capsules, powder, and extracts. The kratom extracts cost a little more than the rest.

Some of their best-selling products include the super green Malaysian Kratom powder, Left Coast Platinum Tea Tablets, and the Bali Kratom capsules. Left Coast Kratom strains come in red, yellow, white, and green strains. Some of their top-selling products are OG Bali Kratom Leaf and UEI Liquid Kratom Extract.

If you are a total beginner in the Kratom world, visiting their leading site would be a great way to learn everything you need to know before choosing a product. However, the kratom sourcing is not specified, but they have a large customer base.

The kratom brand also offers one of the best loyalty programs. Once you open a free account, they automatically monitor your purchases and add your points without resetting them throughout the existence of your account. The higher your points go, the more discounts you get.

Kratom Life

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Kratom Life features red dragon kratom powder, green Bali kratom powder, green maeng DA kratom capsules, other kratom extracts, and Kratom strains
Kratom Source:Southeast Asia
Price:Starts from $4.95

Kratom Life is one of the few Kratom companies that accept order cancellation, as long as it has not been disbursed for shipping. They also do not accept returns of products because they cannot resell them. However, Kratom Life is willing to refund funds as long as your reason for the request is reasonable.

They do not have a wide variety of products like other best kratom brands on this list, but they provide some top industry kratom strains you might be interested in.

Nonetheless, in Kratom Life, deliveries around the U.S. are typically completed within 48 hours. The company is based in Wilmington, North Carolina. They only deliver to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska for international shipping due to legal reasons. They also do not ship to Jerseyville – IL, Indiana, Alabama, FL, Oceanside, San Diego, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Vermont, Union County – MS, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., and Sarasota County due to legal matters.

Kraken Kratom

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Kraken Kratom presents Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder (White Vein), Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Powder, and Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules (OG Red Vein)
Kratom Source:NA
Price:Starts from $9.99

Buying Kratom online is easy with Kraken Kratom. Customers can’t get enough of Kraken Kratom because of its loyalty reward program that awards points whenever purchases are made on its website. The Kraken Kratom also offers free shipping without a minimum requirement. However, many customers have expressed disappointment in their delivery efficiency.

Nonetheless, this was the first kratom brand to be verified by the American Kratom Association as a GMP compliant vendor. They sell about 19 different products on their official website, including white, yellow, and red vein Kratom. These products are sold in the form of kratom capsules and powder.

Kraken Kratom is also relatively more affordable in comparison to other kratom brands offering the same quality. Their cheapest products cost as low as $8.15. They are among the few accepting bitcoins payments. You get a straight 10% cut on purchases made with bitcoins.

Craving Kratom

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Craving Kratom features Red Maeng Da kratom Powder, Green Thai Kratom, Green Sumatra Kratom, and other kratom extracts
Kratom Source:Indonesia
Return/Refund:30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Price:Starts from $10.95

As the name suggests, Craving Kratom is the right place for beginners, not for any other reason but for the discounts. First-timers are offered up to a 40% discount on their total purchases at checkout. If you’re new to the Kratom world, you can also try out free kratom extract tablets awarded by the brand.

Craving Kratom makes buying Kratom online an easy task. It offers a variety of strains, including gold and yellow ones. Their products include super indo, red Bali, yellow Kapuas, and yellow Vietnam, among others.

You can catch some of their mouth-watering coupon codes on their social media pages, among which one grants a 25% discount on total purchases at checkout.

The GMP-compliant firm Craving Kratom accepts payments in credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Yet if you prefer Venmo or Google Play, you can also use them to pay. Shipping is typically processed on the same day at no cost, according to customer reviews. The company claims to have the most potent Kratoms and guarantee quality to their customers.

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Kratom Red Thai powder, Kratom Bali Gold powder, Kratom Yellow Borneo powder, any other form of kratom extracts
Kratom Source:NA
Return/Refund:30-day satisfaction guarantee
Price:Visit the official website

Known initially as, Science. bio is US-based according to customer observations, although they do not openly disclose their location. The company was once closed in 2018 due to legal complications around the sale of research products such as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). They launched back in 2019 and since then have earned a reputation for selling some of the highest quality products, attracting purchases from science professionals to research firms across the U.S.

They deal in various nutritional supplements promoting energy, cognitive abilities, and anti-aging effects, among others. also sell over 50 high-quality Kratom products, which you may view from their leading site. Some of their most popular products include Kratom red Thai powder, yellow Borneo, and kratom Bali gold powder. They accept payments in credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Kratom Crazy

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Kratom Crazy produces Red Bali, Super Green Malay Kratom, Maeng Da kratom, and bulk Kratom powder and Kratom capsules
Kratom Source:Southeast Asia
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $20

Kratom Crazy follows up on the growth of their Kratom by independent farmers. Kratom Crazy offers over 33 different kratom strains in the form of powder and capsules. You will find some of the most popular options among their products, such as Red Bali, Maeng Da, and Super Green Malay Kratom. They also have one of the fastest shipping services across the U.S., delivering orders on the same day as long as they are placed before noon EST.

Nonetheless, Kratom Crazy also provides numerous educational materials about Kratom on its official site for beginners who would like to know. They also offer a 30-day refund guarantee.

Just Kratom

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Just Kratom offers Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Bali, and Red Maeng Da kratom powders and kratom capsules
Kratom Source:NA
Price:starting from $6.99

Just Kratom is yet another highly self-proclaimed vendor based in the U.S. They sell their products in the form of powder and capsules. Kratom powders are sold in the denominations of 1Kg and a half kilo. Their cheapest products could go as low as $6.99 and $9.99 for kratom capsules and powders, respectively.

Just Kratom also provides free shipping on orders exceeding $20. However, it may take up to 5 business days for the items to reach a customer within the U.S.

Super Speciosa

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Kratom red Thai powder, Premium Bali Kratom Powder, Green Vein, Green Maeng Da Kratom extract, White Thai Kratom Powder, Red vein Borneo Kratom capsules, and Powder
Kratom Source:Southeast Asia
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $9.99

Unlike other best kratom brands on this list, Super Speciosa supplies a small number of selected strains. But some of their kratom strains are industry top choices. They also sell CBD products.

Their products come in capsules, tablets, powder, and tea bags. They include the likes of super brew, white maeng da, premium Bali, and Kratom red thai powder.

You can buy 20g of powder for $9.99, while 1Kg costs $139.99. For kratom capsules, 5g goes for $7.99, while 100g costs $39.99. Sixty capsules will cost you $16.00, while 360 of them will cost $81.00. Tea Bags are sold in packs of 10, costing $24.99.

They also run a loyalty program that awards 5 points for every $1 spent. Yet you can still get free shipping by contacting them before purchasing.

Top Extracts

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Caffeinated Liquid Kratom Extract, kratom extracts, liquid kratom capsules, kratom powder, flow Liquid Kratom Shot, and kratom sample packs
Kratom Source:Southeast Asia
Price:Starts from $19

Top Extracts is another wholesaler that also sells in smaller proportions to individuals. They deal in a variety of botanical products, including Kratom and CBD. Their products come in extracts, powder, and capsules. Caffeinated Liquid Kratom Extract, flow Liquid Kratom Shot, and liquid kratom capsules are some of their reputable products.

Many customers have praised the brand for selling high-quality products, while some have criticized its delivery services. The Kratom brand is AKA approved and a member of the American Herbal Products Association. Therefore, their products are thoroughly tested before being disbursed for sale.

They also offer unique products you might not easily come across today, such as the Caffeinated Liquid Kratom Extract. They also provide coupon codes for some of these products, which come with discounts ranging around 15%. You can easily get a 15% discount just by signing up for their newsletter.

Kratom Krates

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Kratom Krates features kratom Bali gold powder, Red, green maeng da kratom powders, and other powder kratom capsules and strains
Kratom Source:Indonesia
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $20

Based in San Antonio, Florida, Kratom Krates is a top industry brand whose positive reviews beat the negative ones by far. This is why Kratom Krates is successful as a wholesale supplier, a case that is rare to most other kratom brands. But this does not limit them from selling in smaller quantities.

Kratom Krates products are categorized into regular, ultra-enhanced varieties, and sample packs. The ultra-enhanced ones are meant to attract the most positive noise, but they come at a price about four times that of standard products. They sell powder kratom capsules and extracts, among others.

Kratom Krates is AKA GMP approved and meets its quality claims according to most customer reviews online. They also offer free shipping.

Triumph Botanicals

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Red Vein, Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules, White Vein kratom extract, Green Vein kratom extract, and other kratom powders and capsules
Kratom Source:Southeast Asia

Triumph Botanicals provides dietary supplements that can improve your physical health and mental well-being. Triumph Botanicals supplements reduce dependency on OTC drugs by providing natural pain relief. Kratom and THC are unique ingredients contained in the company’s products, which may not be legal where you live. Despite being legal in many parts of the country, Kratom products are illegal in some areas.

Similar to Triumph Botanicals products, Kratom products can also be used to stop certain behaviors such as smoking, using recreational drugs, and alcohol abuse. Even so, if you have any health concerns, you should consult a physician before using kratom products from Triumph Botanicals. Additionally, Triumph Botanical products are not recommended during pregnancy or nursing.

Kingdom kratom

Key Details
Kratom Products Offered:Green Horn Kratom Powder, Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder, White Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Red Bali Kratom Powder, Red Bali Kratom Powder, Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Custom Kilo Kratom Powder, Kratom yellow Borneo Powder, Kratom Bali gold Powder, and other kratom powders and capsules
Kratom Source:Indonesia
Return/Refund:30-day money-back guarantee
Price:Starts from $19

Kratom businesses such as Kingdom Kratom provide their customers with pure kratom strains in San Antonio’s downtown district. As the company claims, Kingdom Kratom has the most comprehensive line of kratom products in the world. This includes a wide selection of organic kratom products that originate in Indonesia.

If you would like to experience Kingdom Kratom’s kratom products firsthand, you can either visit the company’s kratom store or use the company’s superior online website, which is available to all Americans who are interested in kratom products.

The kingdom is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of kratom products, known for selling high-quality products in bulk at an affordable price.

While the Kratom brand does not provide third-party test results to support its Kratom products’ efficacy, interested kratom users are provided with free kratom sample packs so they can determine its purity for themselves.

How We Ranked The Best Kratom Vendors and Top Brand Products

Here are the criteria that we used to identify the most credible Kratom companies:

Overall Quality

Kratom brands do not emphasize the quality and reputation of Kratom industries; they source their product, whereas others are keen to only make purchases from the most reputable growers and producers. This draws the thin line between high-quality Kratom and low-quality Kratom as per consumer reviews.

Kratom Testing

The majority of customers buy Kratom for its high quality. Everybody craves Kratom, which has been rigorously tested for purity and effectiveness. Some kratom brands source their Kratom from any producer and sell it to clients without deducing its wellness. In contrast, others go a mile ahead and test their Kratom to ensure that only the best of the best reaches their shelves.

Offerings and Variety

Every customer has their unique taste and preference in the variety, formulation, and quality standards they abide by. Some prefer Kratom for tea, capsules, kratom powders, and liquid kratom tinctures. The higher the quality, the more popular the product becomes. We only mentioned the best kratom brands offering a variety of kratom products.


The sourcing of Kratom is a discreet affair, and many Kratom companies prefer to keep their sources anonymous as the majority of them ignore fair trade regulations. Others have nothing to hide and pinpoint the locations and names of the farms they source their Kratom from. Transparent kratom brands were found to be more appealing to customers and us alike.

American Kratom Association (AKA) Approval

To a large extent, the production and sale of Kratom remain unregulated. All Kratom companies dealing in or selling to the United States have to abide by the standards set by the American Kratom Association (AKA). The compliance involves maintaining hygiene and safety by testing and certifying all Kratom on their shelves. The majority of Kratom companies source Kratom in bulk from its native production regions and package it in AKA compliant institutions.

cGMP Compliance

cGMP caters to further certification that goes beyond the safety of the product. cGMP certification requires Kratom companies to meet their manufacturing standards. The most credible Kratom companies are AKA GMP compliant, while others are just GMP certified, citing that they only meet the current Good Manufacturing Practices as set by the FDA (Food and drug administration).

Customer Service & Support

No impression surpasses a customer’s satisfaction in a company than flawless customer service and support systems. Some best Kratom brands have reputable and irresistible customer support systems, while others have shady ones. This draws the line between credible Kratom companies and less attractive ones.

Pricing & Value

Every customer knows the depth of their pockets and the amount they are willing to part with to get quality Kratom. Some will spend hundreds of dollars on Kratom, while others have to work around a restricted budget. The pricing issue becomes ambiguous as everyone has different means, though Kratom companies that are more transparent in their pricing systems are preferred to those who offer shady deals.

Company Reputation and Transparency

The reputation of the best kratom brands depends on the transparency and quality of the product it puts out there. Kratom companies whose intent is to make quick cash do not last as they compromise the quality of Kratom and service delivery to maximize their profits. Sellers with an already established Kratom brand and reputation can easily be vouched for as they have withstood the test of time. However, this does not delegitimize new entries into the Kratom niche as long as their motivation does not only emanate from the desire to make a quick buck.

Advertised Health Benefits

Kratom does not deal with every mystery condition out there, as many will tell you. The FDA does not front the drug as a remedy for any condition. Some empirical studies associated usage of Kratom with risks. Your average dealer may list a ridiculous number of Kratom benefits, while reputable Kratom companies restrict their threshold to only the product’s actual benefits. Do not fall prey to absurd advertising campaigns, but only make purchases from the best kratom brands offering an informed point of view.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an annual tropical tree that originates from Southeast Asia. The medicinal parts of the plant include the leaves, bark, and flowers used by traditional healers for centuries as remedies for pain and anxiety.

Many parts of the western world have embraced its use to remedy pain, depression, and other cognitive-related conditions, while others use the herbs for stimulative purposes. A fair share believes in Kratom’s use as a dietary supplement, but just like other supplements, the FDA is yet to endorse its usability.

Kratom Mode of action

Kratom’s mode of action has been likened to opioids, though its biological and chemical composition is far from it. Others are of the notion that it works similarly to codeine and morphine.

Kratom’s chemical composition comprises mitragynine, a compound that binds to opioid brain receptors in the brain’s active sites.

Due to its ability to bind with opioids in the brain’s active sites, Kratom works perfectly to remedy its related cognitive conditions.

What Does Kratom Do? – Benefits Of Kratom

Every Kratom advert narrows down to many benefits, but there needs conclusive scientific research to watermark them. For this reason, the FDA is yet to recommend the use of Kratom in any manner. However, those who use Kratom owe many benefits to the product. The benefits of Kratom include:

  • Easing joint and muscle pains
  • Maintaining blood pressure
  • Reducing general fatigue and famishment
  • Treating opioid withdrawal syndrome
  • Relaxation against post-traumatic disorders and other anxiety-related problems
  • Improves immunity against diseases and infections

Some reports link the usage of Kratom with suppression of appetite, making it a reliable product to induce weight loss. Most kratom users claim that the product works miraculously to alleviate digestive problems, enhance cognitive development, and maintain a healthy body.

Traditional Uses of Kratom

Historically, Kratom was used in many of its native areas before its benefits became widespread across the globe. Since its discovery, the product has played a pivotal role in developing early medicine in its native regions.

Previously, Kratom was referred to as ketum, kakum, Thom, biak, and thang. The majority of the early medicine men used the plant’s herbs to make teas used to remedy pain, withdrawal syndromes, feeling famished, and enhanced immunity.

The opioid withdrawal was common in that era, and many healers would recommend using Kratom as a substitute to hasten the recovery process. Apart from dealing with opium-related issues, Kratom also served as a very effective stimulant.

Studies show that traditionally, Kratom was smoked, chewed, and ingested, mainly as a powder but also in capsule form. Additionally, the most preferred use was brewing it as tea.

If someone is recovering from opioid withdrawal in Southeast Asia, a traditional medicine practitioner might recommend Kratom as a substitute to help with recovery.

How to Use Kratom

Traditionally, Kratom was prepared and ingested as a tea, but the product’s formulation is mainly in capsule form to date.

Common formulations of Kratom Products:

  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Tablets
  • Liquid Kratom Tinctures
  • Kratom Teas
  • Kratom Extracts
  • Dried and crushed Kratom powder

The majority of the Kratom sold online is dried, crushed, and processed Kratom leaves packaged in the form of tablets or kratom powders. Soon after ingestion, the capsule breaks and discharges the contents into the body. The digestive juices then break it down to release the desired nutrients. The remaining threshold of kratom users prefers to vaporize or smoke Kratom, though the method is seldom used.

The extent of Kratom’s effects depends on the mode of intake, though this truth is yet to be confirmed by any published research.

Legality of Kratom

In many countries, Kratom is illegal, including Southeast Asia, where the product’s use is restricted to traditional use. The federal government of the United States warrants the legality of Kratom, although many states have made the use of Kratom illegal within their areas of jurisdiction.

Some countries have enacted laws to illegalize the production and use of Kratom. A classic case is Thailand’s Kratom Act of 1943, which sought to criminalize the planting of Kratom trees. Other legislations have been drafted to cast the rule in stone. In 2003, Malaysia banned the use of Kratom and gazetted the law under the National Poison Act.

Other European and Asian nations that have made the production and use of Kratom illegal are Sweden, Singapore, Romania, Poland, Malaysia, Lithuania, Japan, Denmark, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, South Korea, Finland, Israel, Japan, and Myanmar.

In the United States, the following states have made the production, usage, and possession of Kratom illegal, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Alabama, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Regulated use of the product has also been affected in Colorado, San Diego, and Florida.

Though the product is widely illegal in Malaysia, Thailand, and some Southern Asian nations, illegal concoctions of the product persist in many cafes.

Different Kratom Strains And Types

Like cannabis, Kratom has different strains growing in diverse ecological conditions, each inducing its unique effects.

Though there is no published research on the difference in effects among the different strains that persist, enough anecdotal evidence among the use indicates that each kratom strain induces a unique feeling upon ingestion.

Below are some of the most pronounced side effects of the various popular strains among many users.

Maeng Da

The Kratom strain belongs to the Maeng Da family and is believed to induce a long-lasting effect on the users. If you crave the maximum and lengthy effects of Kratom, Maeng Da is the strain that you should look out for. Anecdotal reports report that the strain is robust and has a longer shelf life.

The strain comes in different colors ranging from white, green, and Red. Maeng Da induces a wide range of feelings, with many linking its usage with a sense of calmness, pain relief, and a state of euphoria. Maeng Da is native to Thailand, though it is also found in Malaysia and Indonesia.


Indo Kratom is native to Indonesia. Of all strains, Indo is the least powerful. A mild energy shift is reported after the ingestion of Indo that lasts for a shorter duration as compared to the rest. The product is mainly used to calm nerves, relieve pain, and for leisure use.


Bali Kratom originates from the Indonesian island of Bali. Naturally persists as red vein Kratom, with the most vibrant shade termed the most effective pain reliever. Bali Kratom is likened to an Opioid due to its instant action on pain, anxiety, and depression.


Thai Kratom extract originates from Thailand and is readily available in shades of green, red, and white. The use and effects of Thai Kratom vary with the shade. White and green strains are taken for stimulative purposes, while the red one is associated with pain relief.


The name betrays it all; Borneo is native to the Island of Borneo and primarily available in shades of white, green, and Red. Of all the listed strains, Borneo is termed the most sedative strain. The strain is also popular among kratom users battling depression and stress-related conditions.


This is native to Malaysia. The most prevalent varieties of the strain are green, red, and white shaded and are reported effective both in stimulative and sedative forms.

Green Malay

A Malaysian native strain that is green in color, Green Malay, boosts energy levels when used in low doses, but when taken in high doses, the strain offers a sedative relaxation. It is primarily popular for mild kratom users who wish to boost their productivity.

The list of Kratom strains is broad, as you can find many more across the many aforementioned credible kratom brands. You can never go wrong with these less known strains; Red Dragon, Red Santai, Yellow Sumatra, Bali, Gold, Bentuangie, Green Ketapang, Elephant, Red Ketapang, Red Horn, Green Hulu Kapuas, and Red Sandai, among many more.

Kratom Vein Colors

Kratom veins have different shades in the course of their maturity stages. Young Kratom plants possess red veins and acquire white lesions in their middle life cycles. Towards maturity, the veins obtain their signature green color.

Different veins shades induce different feelings. The following are the differences in effects of Kratom as per the vein colors.


Young Kratom plants have red veins, a stage that is characterized by excellent relaxing and pain-relieving capabilities. This stage is popular among users craving the ‘high’ effects of Kratom. It is mainly administered as a remedy for opiate withdrawal syndrome. The tip of the iceberg is that its effects can last up to five hours.


The middle growth stage of Kratom is characterized by the white color, a stage where the plant induces an energetic and robust feeling. Some kratom users claim that white vein Kratom battles depression and insomnia. The effects of Kratom last for a shorter period of three to five hours.


As Kratom reaches its physiological maturity, it gains its green color. At this growth stage, the plant possesses high pain-relieving power, stimulative and sedative effects. Of all strains, green strains last for almost eight hours.

Scientific Facts about Kratom Benefits

Different scientific studies of Kratom differ in conclusions about its effectiveness and safety. Therefore, there needs to be further research on the matter before terming it on either side. Nonetheless, here are some findings from various studies:

A 2017 review study on Frontiers of Psychiatry suggests that Kratom has both sedative and stimulative effects, depending on the dosage. Researchers also found that Kratom may induce antidepressant, counter-anxiolytic, anorectic, and antinociceptive effects on reviewing several other studies.

But another study raised concerns about the safety of the product, which is linked to various health patterns. People using Kratom were found to visit the hospital regularly, although not because of Kratom-related health matters. In some countries, there were a high number of deaths among Kratom users. The lack of professional testing of such effects of Kratom makes these observations more questionable.

Nonetheless, some studies have been conducted to examine the right proportions of Kratom to cause specific effects. Increased interest of researchers on the matter continues to raise the popularity of the product even further.

According to a 2018 dosage study conducted on 8,049 consumers, many claimed to experience the effects of Kratom after taking as little as 5g of Kratom. However, others had to raise the dosage to three times this amount to experience the effects. About 57% of these users were males, most of whom were between 30 and 50.

Most of these users used it to reduce pain, followed by increasing energy and fighting bad moods.

Others claimed to be using Kratom to fight anxiety and to substitute opioid pain-relieving drugs.

Kratom induces both stimulant and sedative effects at different dosages. According to the study, consumers experienced stimulative effects of Kratom with increased energy, more focus, and increased social activity. However, higher doses induced euphoria and sedative effects. Kratom effects could last between 2 and 5 hours.

Kratom Side Effects

Out of the studies discussed above, some consumers reported the following side effects:

The majority experienced nausea, followed by constipation and dizziness.

Other less reported side effects of Kratom include sweating, tongue numbness, itching, loss of appetite, increased urination, and dry mouth. However, the side effects increased with an increase in dosage, whereby those taking more than 8g experienced the most severe cases.

Excessive long-term usage of Kratom also has its unique set of side effects such as an increase in blood pressure, loss of appetite, insomnia, heart palpitations, libido degradation, memory degradation, kidney and liver complications, psychosis, and cognition issues.

It is also worth noting that these side effects become more severe when Kratom is mixed with other toxic substances and could lead to life-endangering impacts. Also, Kratom dosage is critical as an overdose could lead to a coma or death in the worst scenario.

Kratom Withdrawal

Kratom withdrawal symptoms include decreased sexual activeness, anxiety, nausea, depression, insomnia, and mood swings. However, you can only experience withdrawal symptoms after using the drug for an extended time. Yet, people of different ages and usage habits take different periods to stand kratom withdrawal symptoms.

Kratom Dosage

The above studies revealed that most people take 5g dosage of Kratom at least three times daily. However, this dosage is scientifically considered vital, capable of inducing euphoria and pain-relieving effects.

According to most guides, Kratom should be taken as follows:

1g (Entry Level Dose Of Kratom): Enough to induce stimulative and mood-enhancing effects with a lower impact. However, it may not be enough to cause any effects on experienced consumers.

2g (Mild Dose Of Kratom): Suitable for those who do not experience any effects under an entry-level dose. Mild dosage induces stimulative and mood-enhancing effects and pain-relieving benefits of Kratom.

3g to 4g (Moderate Dose Of Kratom): Moderate kratom dosage induces sedation, pain relief, euphoria, and stimulative effects. It is suitable for moderately experienced users.

4g to 5g (Strong Dose Of Kratom): Induces sedative, analgesic, and euphoric effects at significant levels. Most users should feel the impact under this dosage.

5g to 8g (Very Strong Dose Of Kratom): This is a severe dose that most people might not be able to handle. It induces extreme euphoria and hallucination.

Nonetheless, the effects of these dosages do not always work as stated. It all depends on the different body responses to Kratom. Factors such as tolerance, weight, and age play a significant role in the severity of effects induced by Kratom.

But generally, lower doses are recommended for stimulative effects, while higher doses are for sedative, euphoric usage.

Kratom FAQs

Q: What is Kratom?

A: Kratom is an annual tree originating from the Southeastern regions of Asia, traditionally and presently used as a remedy for pain and related cognitive issues.

Q: Where does Kratom come from?

A: Kratom is synthesized from Kratom trees and is mainly found in indigenous plantations in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Q: What does Kratom do?

A: When used in reduced dosage, Kratom acts as a stimulant, while on the higher end, it works as a sedative. Kratom is said to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety. The benefits of Kratom are still a matter of further research.

Q: How do I take Kratom?

A: There are many formulations of Kratom, with every user maintaining their taste and preference. Kratom persists either in the form of capsules or crushed into tinctures and even extracts. Others prefer taking it as a tea by boiling dried and ground kratom leaves. The toss and wash method is also popular, where one mixes Kratom with their favorite beverages and enjoys the drink. Make sure you take a recommended dose to avail the maximum benefits of kratom products.

Q: Can Kratom treat anxiety?

A: At lower doses, Kratom has been found to induce antidepressant and stimulative effects, while higher dosage works perfectly in reducing depression and anxiety.

Q: What are the side effects of Kratom?

A: The most prevalent side effects of Kratom include constipation and dehydration when used in low doses. Higher doses have been found to cause famishment, nausea, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

Q: Can I get a Kratom addiction?

A: Continued use of any product increases the chances of dependence. The probability of Kratom addiction is likened to that of other stimulants like coffee and opioids. Check on your usage and physiology to determine what works perfectly for you. If you are struggling with kratom addiction, consult a medical professional.

Q: Can I overdose on Kratom?

A: Unlike Opioids, a kratom overdose does not overwhelm the respiratory system, and therefore its effects are not as fatal. However, reports have linked two deaths to Kratom overdose in the United States alone, citing that the figures could be much higher if the same were documented in other countries. The information on fatalities of Kratom is rarely recorded, though there is a possibility for fatalities if used in high doses.

Q: Is Kratom dangerous?

A: In truism, there is a lack of enough published research on the effects of Kratom. Fortunately, kratom users have volunteered the information indicating that some have experienced side effects when taken in higher doses.

Q: Is Kratom legal?

A: Many countries have made the sale and use of Kratom illegal. However, the United States government has legitimized its sale, although there are several cities and states where Kratom is illegal.

Q: What’s the best Kratom Company?

A: Any of the Kratom companies that make it to our list of top-rated Kratom sellers.

The Best Kratom Brands – Final Words

With very many kratom brands out there, the sale of Kratom is now easier than ever; Customers can choose to buy from any brand, though their high numbers may reduce their credibility.

Feel free to interact and make purchases from any of the best kratom brands mentioned above. Do not get carried away by hearsay; choose to buy from distinguished Kratom sellers and get value for your money.

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