Best HGH Boosters

Human growth supplements, or HGH supplements, have grown popular recently. Many people take them for different reasons. Some take HGH supplements to increase muscle mass, others want to enhance their testosterone production with these supplements, and some desire to boost HGH levels.

HGH can be injected directly. It’s available only with a doctor’s prescription and is unlawful without one. However, taking HGH on your own might lead to feelings of discomfort. It can also cause harmful and unwelcome side effects.

As a result, many people use HGH pills to gain muscle growth. Natural components are included in the best HGH supplements to help your body produce more HGH. Rather than providing external HGH, these supplements support your body’s natural cycles.

Which HGH supplements are the most effective? What are the effects of human growth hormone boosters? Every HGH booster claims to help with HGH production. However, a number of them are ineffective.

To help you choose the best supplements per your requirements, we have listed the top HGH boosters available in the market that offer proven results.

The Top HGH Boosters Available in 2022

  • CrazyBulk HGH X2
  • Brutal Force HBulk
  • GenF20 Plus
  • HyperGH 14X
  • GenFX
  • Provacyl
  • HGH Energizer
  • Onnit Total Human
  • CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack
  • Max Gains Bulking Stack
  • Sytropin

CrazyBulk HGH X2


CrazyBulk HGH X2 is one of the best HGH supplements available. HGH x2 is one of the natural HGH pills that boost muscle growth. Among the various human growth supplements on the market, HGH X2 pills advertise to increase HGH production and also help in human growth hormone by targeting the pituitary gland.

These pills work as natural HGH releasers and help users maintain their energy levels because of the amino acids. Opting for HGH X2 will also help you reduce your body fat and reach healthy testosterone levels. HGH X2 can very well be said to be the best HGH supplement because of the anti-aging benefits that it offers.

HGH X2 employs components not seen in any current prescription HGH supplement to achieve these benefits. It supports your body’s HGH production with maca root, hawthorn berry extract, L-arginine (an amino acid), and mucuna pruriens extract.

As per the official website of HGH X2, taking two pills a day regularly can bring you noticeable changes within two months of use.

Brutal Force HBulk


Brutal Force produces several solutions specifically designed to mimic the effects of particular hormones and pharmaceutical medications using natural substances. HBULK aims to minimize recovery time, help you grow quality muscle, and improve performance with no side effects, using 30 pills each bag.

Brutal Force HBulk promises to boost HGH production and work as HGH releasers and help the user reduce unwanted body fat. While several human growth hormone supplements on the market claim to have astonishing effects with few results, Brutal Force HBulk works and helps boost muscle growth and enhance the user’s testosterone levels and energy levels. Suppose someone is looking for muscle gain and muscle development. In that case, this supplement will prove beneficial for them as it targets the pituitary gland and helps the user achieve their goals with its amino acid contents.

Hbulk primarily targets people who desire to increase their muscle mass and performance. HBulk concentrates on muscle growth and development, unlike other natural HGH supplements focusing on anti-aging benefits or immune-boosting effects.

HBulk also seeks to provide these positive results without the adverse side effects of prescription-strength HGH. Instead, HBulk relies on natural substances such as maca, L-arginine (amino acid), Hawthorn berry, and mucuna pruriens, identical to the compounds in the other HGH supplements listed below.

Since L-arginine is one of the most effective ingredients in the best HGH supplements, it had to be an obvious addition to this supplement.

GenF20 Plus


GenF20 Plus is one of the most well-known and widely used supplements. Among other health benefits, the HGH supplement claims to decrease wrinkles, offer you tighter and smoother skin, boost physical stamina, help you lose weight, and increase muscles.

GenF20 Plus, one of the best human growth supplements on the market that helps reduce body fat, has anti-aging benefits, works as HGH releasers, and boosts HGH production in the user’s body. Because of its body fat-reducing abilities, GenF20 Plus works very well for people aiming for weight loss with the consumption of this supplement.

GenF20 Plus also ensures the prevention of weight gain, and these pills boost muscle growth and produce human growth hormones. These HGH pills primarily target people who are into muscle building and want their testosterone production to get enhanced. Since it has so many diverse benefits, GenF20 Plus can easily be named the best HGH supplement available in the market now.

You can employ natural components to assure higher HGH levels in various ways by taking GenF20 Plus every day. L-arginine (130mg) and L-glutamine (115mg) are among the amino acids found in GenF20 Plus. Other amino acids include L-glycine, L-tyrosine, and L-lysine, among various others. These substances are required by your body to develop your muscles and produce essential hormones.

L-arginine considerably boosts HGH levels in the body, making this supplement one of the most effective HGH releasers.

Surprising online reviews validate GenF20 Plus. For example, one man states that after consuming GenF20 Plus, his bald spot shrank. Others report that they could run 50% faster after using the supplement, have much more energy, and have reversed all key signs of aging.

GenF20 Plus is primarily aimed at older men, particularly those who have experienced the impacts of diminishing HGH levels and wish to make a difference.

HyperGH 14X


HyperGH 14x is an HGH product that uses a natural, legal HGH releasing method to maximize pure muscle growth. You can benefit from shorter recovery times, increased muscle mass, and a lower body fat composition by consuming four tablets daily.

With its natural ingredients, HyperGH 14 is one of the best natural HGH supplements featured in almost all the lists of top HGH supplements. HyperGH 14X has made its place in this list of best HGH supplements because it works on natural growth hormone levels, helps with muscle growth and lean muscle mass, and takes care of the HGH production of the user’s body.

HyperGH 14X targets the pituitary gland and helps the user increase their physical stamina and thus proving itself as the best human growth hormone supplement. When taken along with a healthy diet, it does prove itself as the best HGH supplement by providing desired results to the users.

To accomplish these effects naturally, HyperGH 14x takes the help of a unique combination containing 930 mg of 15 potent HGH precursors. Another benefit is that HyperGH 14x has an enteric coating, allowing more active substances to reach your bloodstream. Although most drugs and supplements have an enteric coating, not all the supplements available do.

L-tyrosine, L-arginine, L-glycine, L-glutamine, and L-lysine are among the key constituents in HyperGH 14x’s a unique blend. The combination of L-arginine and L-tyrosine makes it one of the best supplements on the market.



GenFX is an HGH product that is touted as a supplement that helps release HGH and will help you look younger right now. It combats the effects of aging by providing amino acids and other natural components to your body, allowing it to manufacture more HGH.

GenFX is among the best HGH supplements that help with HGH production, growth, and lean muscle mass. Made out of natural ingredients, it is one of the top natural HGH supplements found in any quality HGH boosting supplements list.

GenFX targets the pituitary gland helps with muscle building and weight loss, prevent weight gain and enhances the production of human growth hormones. GenFX, with its myriad benefits, can very well be said to be the best HGH supplement that one can get on the market now.

This HGH supplement, which comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee, has many of the same chemicals as the other products on our list, including L-arginine, L-lysine, L-glutamine, and L-glycine. These chemicals help you look and feel better while naturally increasing your HGH levels.

Another benefit of GenFX is doctor-recommended: Dr. Karen Vieira, Ph.D., MSM, supports the supplement. According to a GenFX study, 99 percent of surveyed clients said GenFX provided positive results. Plus, available at only $50 for a month’s supply, it’s one of the most affordable HGH supplements.



Provacyl is a testosterone booster and natural HGH targeted particularly at men, including those undergoing andropause or male menopause. Hair loss, reduced energy, lack of sex drive, and obesity are common signs of male menopause as men approach their mid-30s and 40s. Provacyl is designed to combat all of these side effects.

Claiming its place in our list of best HGH supplements, Provacyl can be the best HGH supplement with its natural ingredients that work toward working HGH production, muscle growth, and weight loss. One of the best natural HGH supplements, Provacyl, works on natural growth hormone levels and muscle growth.

People interested in muscle building will benefit by using this supplement and getting help with their human growth hormones. Besides these health benefits, this supplement also helps with erectile dysfunction and makes sure that the user does not fall prey to weight gain.

You may reportedly reverse male menopause, enhance your testosterone levels, increase HGH, and increase both your sex drive and energy by taking Provacyl daily, among other things. The supplement is one of the few supplements on our list that claims to increase testosterone and HGH.

Provacyl contains glutamine, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-glycine, GABA, and Ginkgo Biloba to deliver these distinct benefits. The supplement further contains unique herbs and plant extracts not found in other natural growth hormone supplements, even though many amino acids happen to be the same in the formulas.

HGH Energizer


The appropriately called HGH Energizer is a BuyHealth HGH pill that claims to boost your HGH levels. HGH Energizer claims to raise HGH levels rather than supporting them as other supplements do.

This supplement, one of the best HGH supplements, helps the user maintain their natural HGH levels along with helping with the HGH production, muscle building, and muscle growth and works to increase muscle mass.

With its natural ingredients, it can easily be said to be the best HGH supplement for anti-aging that helps in the production of anterior pituitary powder along with assisting the users in reducing weight. Besides all these health benefits, including weight loss, HGH Energizer also enhances the production of human growth hormones and ensures that the consumer does not become a victim of weight gain.

Your natural growth hormone productions drop as you get older. This all-natural HGH pill claims to help you overcome the various symptoms and effects of male menopause. This top HGH supplement improves energy, muscle tone, immunological function, sex drive, and cognitive function.

This is the only supplement on our list that requires an online workout program subscription. When you buy HGH Energizer online, you’re automatically signed up for this program to help you reduce weight, increase growth hormone levels, and improve your overall health.

Onnit Total Human


Onnit Total Human is among the prominent HGH supplements available. Onnit is one of the most well-known and trustworthy premium supplement firms today.

This product, another among the best HGH supplements available in the market, helps the users with their HGH production, which helps in muscle growth, muscle building, and weight loss. Consisting of natural ingredients, Onnit Total Human works as one of the best natural HGH supplements that are sure to enhance the natural HGH levels of the user.

Some significant benefits are its effects on the energy levels and enhancement of the testosterone levels of the consumers. It also helps in the production of anterior pituitary powder and, because of its amino acid contents, can be claimed to be the best HGH supplement available right now.

Total Human uses a combination of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and herbs to address numerous elements of health and wellness. You can utilize this supplement to achieve your desired results with easy day and night packets.

Total Human is one of the most expensive HGH supplements on our list, costing $138 for a month’s supply. It’s much more than simply an HGH supplement: a collection of popular Onnit pills in one convenient box.

Human growth hormone levels can be increased with these growth hormone supplements. Alpha Brain, Stron Bone, Shroom Tech Sport, and Total Human B Complex are included to help with various health and wellness issues, including testosterone, HGH, and more.

CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack


As we approach the end of our list of best HGH supplements and HGH releasers, it is mandatory to mention CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack, which can claim to be the best HGH supplement with its own set of health benefits it offers. This supplement helps with HGH production and enhances the users’ muscle growth, energy levels, and testosterone levels.

Unlike several natural HGH boosters, CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack is made out of natural ingredients and helps one lose weight and take care of the production of anterior pituitary powder. Someone with the aim of muscle building will naturally be interested in weight loss, and this supplement, with its amino acids, help the user to achieve their goal.

Five of CrazyBulk’s most famous steroid alternatives are included in this stack. D-BAL, DecaDuro, Clenbuterol, and Testo-Max are included, and HGH X2 (to mimic the effects of somatropin, a prescription HGH medicine). Rather than addressing HGH from a single perspective, you can target it from numerous angles, allowing you to reap significant benefits.

The Growth Hormone Stack, according to CrazyBulk, will boost your body’s natural growth abilities and testosterone levels. The vitamins work together to boost energy levels, burn fat, and increase strength and muscle, among other things. The CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack has one of the best deals on our list, at $240 for five premium HGH supplements.

Max Gains Bulking Stack


Looking for natural HGH boosters that will enhance the body’s production of HGH, Max Gains Bulking Stack comes up and inevitably works as one of the best human growth hormone supplements on the market. This supplement offers anti-aging benefits and helps to boost muscle growth and enhance testosterone levels, consisting of natural ingredients. It also helps reduce body fat and helps maintain one’s energy levels. With all the benefits this supplement offers, it can be the best HGH supplement one can ask for. With its amino acids, it is a tremendous natural HGH supplement that can very well beat the other available HGH releasers in the market with its quality.

Three of Max Gains’ top hormone pills for growth are included in the Bulking Stack. Plus, for $55.90, you receive three supplements for less than one supplement from other companies.

Clenbulen (for focus, energy, and natural thermogenesis), Anadroxen (for performance), and Venabol are all included in each stack (for high-powered workouts and energy). The supplements are created in the United States using natural components and provide immediate results without prescriptions or injections.

Taking all three pills regularly is said to help with energy and focus, natural thermogenesis, performance, and high-intensity workouts, among other things.



The last one on the list of natural HGH boosters is Sytropin. This natural HGH supplement helps with the body’s natural HGH production and enhances the user’s energy levels, lean muscle mass, testosterone levels, and muscle growth. The supplement works by directly targeting the pituitary gland. It also contains the essential amino acids and thus offers help with HGH and testosterone production.

People who deal with erectile dysfunction can significantly benefit from using this supplement. Besides the mentioned benefits, Sytropin also helps increase the user’s muscle mass. Because of all these benefits of this supplement, it can be said to be the best HGH supplement one can get their hands on at this moment.

It’s also one of the only bodybuilding supplements that combine homeopathic secretagogues with potent releasers of amino acid and certified growth factors to boost each dose’s efficiency. Sytropin is the best non-prescription bodybuilding supplement accessible today.

Benefits Of Taking HGH Supplements

When you opt for the best growth hormone supplements, expect some visible results. Taking HGH supplements will ensure that your HGH levels are taken care of and offer you various other health-related benefits. The amino acids present in a human growth hormone supplement mainly help with the advantages of these supplements, and we will look at some of the top benefits of consuming HGH pills.

Advanced Weight Loss Benefits

One of the primary benefits of taking HGH supplements is that your HGH levels are taken care of; you also lose weight. Since the best growth hormone supplements increase the production of lean mass muscles, your body burns fat rapidly and helps you achieve your weight loss goals. The HGH levels also get enhanced with the presence of amino acids in a human growth hormone supplement.

Improved Muscle Mass and Muscle Growth

HGH stimulates the production of collagen, one of the body’s most essential building blocks. Because it is the most abundant protein in the body, it plays a significant role in the aging of interconnective muscles and tissues.

Taking HGH supplements ensures that your HGH levels are maintained, resulting in lean muscle growth. If someone wants to work on their lean muscle mass, then HGH booster supplements will work wonders on that person. HGH supplements increase an individual’s HGH levels and help grow the muscles and muscle building.

Increased Physical Endurance

HGH booster supplements will help you to increase your physical endurance. You will be able to work out better as your body will have high HGH levels. A hormonal growth supplement with its amino acids will help to boost your cell metabolism. That is why HGH supplements increase the physical abilities of the user.

Increased Exercise Capacity

Human growth hormone/HGH supplements are made to give you a boost and help your body experience the benefits of the growth hormone. These are full of amino acids and are made to increase the HGH levels of your body. These increased HGH levels are excellent for people who are into muscle building and high-intensity workouts. A human growth hormone supplement helps consumers enhance their performance naturally and safely. HGH booster supplements are a great alternative to HGH injections. They boost your overall performance and aid in muscle development.

Lasting Anti-Aging Benefits

HGH booster supplements are also known to provide consumers with anti-aging benefits. Since these growth hormone supplements boost your HGH levels, resulting in anti-aging effects such as improved energy, better muscle strength, and more.

As we grow old, our body cannot naturally produce HGH; this is the problem that the best HGH supplement strives to fight. These supplements aim at restoring your HGH levels so that you can naturally stay youthful and experience all the joys of the same.

Restoration Of Sexual Health In Men

Male menopause is a real thing, and it is generally seen in men in their late 30s and 40s as age increases their body’s natural ability to produce HGH and testosterone decreases. This causes lower stamina and energy and reduces sex drive. Human growth hormone/HGH supplements help tackle this very problem.

The human growth hormone supplement boosts your HGH levels, which counteract cortisol. Cortisol is a stress-causing hormone that causes the kind of stress which affects your sex drive. Some HGH supplements on this list also boost testosterone levels and HGH levels. Testosterone is the male sex hormone; thus, increasing testosterone production can help improve sex drive.

Stronger Immune System

Human growth hormone/HGH supplements safely increase your body’s natural HGH levels. These supplements often come packed with amino acids and additional vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Our body’s natural defense system is our immune system against viruses and diseases. With age, as the HGH levels decrease, the immune system also tends to become weaker, leaving you susceptible to more ailments. Thus a natural HGH supplement with vitamins and minerals is excellent for strengthening your immune system to make your body more robust while facing unknown viruses.

Improved Cognitive Functioning

Another noted benefit of the human growth hormone/HGH supplements is their ability to boost your brain health and cognitive functioning. As we have mentioned, a growth hormone deficiency or lower HGH levels can leave your body weak, which is commonly seen in people as they age. It not only physically weakens them but also impairs their cognitive functioning.

Thus, with the consumption of the proper growth hormone supplement, one can boost and restore cognitive health. These supplements, rich in amino acids, help improve your HGH levels; they also help with brain health and cognitive functioning, which are seen in people as they age.

How Are HGH Supplements Better Than Synthetic HGH Injections?

Taking synthetic HGH injections is one of the many ways to stimulate growth hormone production in your body. But there are several issues with these synthetic HGH injections. These injections are made from artificial chemicals, thus leading to a higher risk-reward ratio. Also, these HGH injections are only available through a medical prescription given by a licensed doctor and are painful to use. You need to take them under medical supervision, and they tend to be very, very expensive. It does ensure maximum absorption, as you are directly injecting it into your veins, but it is quite an unpleasant experience to poke yourself with needles every day.

Owing to these reasons, many people turn to human growth hormone supplements. These supplements do everything synthetic HGH injections may do, just differently. Human growth hormone supplements are made from natural ingredients and can be consumed painlessly for starters.

Since these HGH supplements are consumed orally, their absorption rate is lower than HGH injections. But, HGH supplements are available to purchase for anyone without needing a prescription. This makes them very convenient. Additionally, they are also comparatively cheaper than injections and needles, and you can consume them easily every day as a part of your daily meal or routine. These HGH supplements are natural, safe, make, and painless, making them preferable over HGH injections for many average and everyday users.

How We Ranked The Best HGH Supplements

We ranked the HGH releasers on several metrics such as the type of product (oral spray, pill, powder, etc.), the choice of ingredients such as deer antler velvet, l-arginine, etc., and the backing of an individual supplement by science.

Below is a detailed list of factors we measured in producing our list of the best HGH products on the market.

Backing By Science

One of the main factors in ranking these HGH supplements is understanding if they are backed by science or not. These human growth hormone boosters claim to tweak your body’s natural growth hormone production and boost your human growth hormone levels. The working, effects, ingredients, benefits, and more, that these supplements pertain to must be rooted in actual science and should be backed by accredited resources for us to deem them proper and use them on our list.

Strong Dosages

The strength of the HGH supplement dosages also dramatically affects how good, bad, or effective a supplement is when it comes to human growth hormone production. Some supplements might require taking just one dose a day to increase your human growth hormone levels, while some might need two or even more doses.

What do these additional doses help with, what ingredients and nutrients are present in each quantity and who should consume a strong dosage, are all the questions that we asked while ranking these supplements? Substantial dosages may be ideal for some people to match their bodybuilding lifestyle, but they might not work for your average person. Thus, we have included options to suit different people and their needs.

Price and Value

While making this list, we wanted to ensure that the best HGH supplement is also something that the average consumer can afford. This list has both premium and budget options. We have included a wide range of HGH supplements at various price points to provide you with the best value for money and quality. This list has both premium and budget options.

Honest Advertising

The best HGH supplement wouldn’t need to use exaggerated advertising and fake claims. Thus, we have looked at how these supplements advertise themselves. There are countless so-called “human growth hormone boosters” available in the market today that claim to boost your human growth hormone levels and provide you with crazy benefits. Our team has put all these claims to the test to make sure that only the products that are advertising real benefits reach you.

Refund Policy

Refund Policies are also essential when picking the ideal HGH supplements; they help users try out a product without worrying about losing all their money. The supplements on this list offer different forms of refund, the most common one being a money-back guarantee. These refunds and money-back guarantees keep the consumer from losing money and getting scammed or wasting money on a product that doesn’t work for them.

Company Standing

Company standings and reputation are crucial factors. Any well-established and reputed company is more likely to put out better and higher quality products that can be trusted. We have included some of the industry leaders on this list and ensured to give the newcomers a fair chance in the HGH supplements market. They are playing by the rules and providing high-quality and practical products which are safe for all consumers.

Side Effects

We have tried only to consider the HGH supplements that maintain to be free from harmful side effects. It is advised that before trying any supplement, you should consult your doctor. Pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t consume such products as it may lead to unwanted complications. If you are suffering from allergies or are currently taking any medication, please consult a licensed medical professional before you take any supplementation.

Type of Product

Another small but important criterion was the type of product. HGH is available in many forms, such as HGH injections, HGH pills, oral spray, capsules, etc. This plays a vital role in absorbing HGH in pill form and has lower absorption rates than oral sprays or injections. We have included some products from almost every type to give you the best options to choose whatever works best for you based on your preference.

Choice of Ingredients

Of course, one of the most important factors is the ingredients that make up the best HGH supplement. Gamma-aminobutyric acid, L-arginine, etc., are some of the most commonly used elements. On the other hand, hawthorn berry extract, deer antler velvet, etc., are the rare ingredients that have been used in this supplement. All these ingredients should be able to work together and be present in the right, healthy amounts to help get a lean muscle. If there is too much gamma-aminobutyric acid or too much deer antler velvet, it may lead to undesired effects.

The Top HGH Boosters Available in 2022 Final Verdict

So, to sum up our thoughts, HGH is undoubtedly an essential component that you shouldn’t neglect or overlook, especially as you are aging. The best HGH supplement is the one that works best for you and your needs. Not everyone is made equal, and we all have different needs. Thus, you can pick any HGH supplements on this list to help you with your HGH levels and other requirements and boost your overall health.


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