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Best Fat Burners That Work: Top Fat Burner Supplements to Use

Fat burners are familiar weight loss supplements that make it significantly easier to reduce weight. Fat burners work by sending signals to your body to break down fat into usable energy. If used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine, you can lose a significant amount of weight.

While fat burners can be incredibly helpful, there are hundreds of fat-burning supplements on the market right now. It may be challenging to pick the best fat burner or discover which fat burners are worth buying. After all, every fat burner claims to help you reduce weight. However, not all fat burners are made the same.

If you’re in the market for the best fat burner, then you’re in luck. Our editorial team has spent countless hours researching high-speed burners to help you burn fat and reduce weight. We even personally tested dozens of these fat burners as well.

The Best Fat Burners for 2021 & Beyond

If you’re looking for the best fat burner, then any of the following products can help you reduce weight:

  • Exipure
  • Java Burn
  • BioFit
  • PhenQ
  • Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic
  • Meticore
  • Beyond 40 Lean Belly 3X
  • Leanbean
  • Burn Lab Pro
  • NitriLEAN
  • Hunter Burn
  • Cellucor SuperHD Fat Burner
  • Powher Fat Burner
  • cAMP Boost
  • Instant Knockout Cut
  • PhenGold
  • CircadiYin
  • Resurge
  • CarboFix
  • Biotox Gold
  • KetoCharge



Exipure supports healthy weight loss by burning fat and targeting the root cause of unexplained weight gain, low brown fat levels. The exotic Exipure ingredients are some of the rarest plant-based herbs and nutrient extracts you will find on this list and gets the number one spot for the best fat burner supplement to try.

The clinically proven tropical loophole solution sourced from Cat Ba Island is one of the unique formulations ever to hit the natural fat burner supplement. It is 100% safe, natural, and plant-based.

Because these healthy weight loss support ingredients act as a calorie-burning catalyst to boosting brown fat levels due to their unique ability to target brown fatty tissue levels. It is hard to pass up on this best fat burner formula today.

DosageTwo capsules daily
Money-back guarantee180-day money-back guarantee
IngredientsKudzu, Perilla, Holy Basil, White Korean ginseng, Oleuropein, Quercetin.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Java Burn


Java Burn is a revolutionary new thermogenic fat burner that uses a powderless formula to supercharge your metabolism to burn fat. Simply mix one single-serve packet of this potent tasteless formula to enhance coffee’s natural fat-burning effects.

Java Burn contains some of the most potent fat-burning ingredients known to man – ingredients like caffeine, chlorogenic acid, green tea extract, Chromium, and several others. These ingredients work quickly to supercharge your body’s metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories) to help you burn more fat all day long.

DosageOne sachet daily
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsGreen tea extract, L-theanine, L-carnitine, Chlorogenic acid, Chromium,
Side effectsFree from side effects.



BioFit is a unique fat-burning supplement that doesn’t contain ingredients to enhance your metabolic function. Instead, BioFit uses a blend of probiotics to optimize your digestive tract. According to the manufacturer, you can lose 20, 30, 40, or even 50lbs over several months by using BioFit.

Although it isn’t a traditional fat burner to burn belly fat, the results speak for themselves. Thousands of happy BioFit customers have honest video reviews on their websites. One bottle of BioFit will cost you $69, and it is backed by a complete refund if you don’t lose 50lbs over the first few months of use.

DosageOne capsule daily
Money-back guarantee180-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsBacillus subtilis (DE111), Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium breve
Side effectsFree from side effects.



While many fat burners target one aspect of weight loss, PhenQ targets weight loss in five ways. This is why it remains one of the most popular and well-respected weight loss products on the market.

PhenQ contains ingredients that block fat storage, suppress your appetite, enhance your metabolism, and boost your mood and energy levels. By taking PhenQ every day, you can reap the benefits of one of the best fat burner supplements on the market.

Some of the ingredients in PhenQ include Capsimax to enhance thermogenesis, chromium picolinate to curb your appetite, nopal to block new fat storage, and a-lacy reset to supercharge your metabolism to burn stored fat.

If you’re looking for a top-quality fat burner backed by science and honest customer reviews, then you can’t go wrong with PhenQ.

DosageTwo pills every day
Money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsCapsimax powder, Chromium picolinate, Caffeine, Nopal, L-carnitine fumarate.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic


Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is a powdered fat burner supplement that purportedly takes principles from the people of Japan to enhance longevity, metabolism, and reduce inflammation. According to the manufacturer, Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is one of the best fat-burning supplements to improve overall health and wellness.

To achieve better health and metabolism, Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic contains over 50 ingredients, including 25 fruit and vegetable extracts, prebiotics and probiotics for digestive support, and a metabolic blend consisting of 8 potent natural fat burners. These ingredients all work together to fight inflammation, support digestion, supercharge your metabolism, and enhance overall health.

If you’re looking for the best fat burner to lose fat that can also support your overall health and wellness, then Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic may be suitable for you.

DosageOne scoop daily.
Money-back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsShilajit extract, Ginger root, White tea extract, Green tea extract, Bitter melon extract.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



Meticore has been the most popular fat burner supplement on the Internet for the last few years. Even today, it remains a popular weight loss product and is well-reviewed by its’ customers.

Meticore contains several potent fat-burning ingredients, including fucoxanthin, African mango extract, ginger root, bioflavonoids, Chromium, and turmeric. These ingredients burn fat by stimulating the process of thermogenesis, which requires your body to burn calories to burn body fat.

DosageTwo capsules
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsAfrican mango seed, Ginger rhizome, Moringa leaf, Citrous bioflavonoids, Chromium picolinate, Vitamin B12, Fucoxanthin.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Beyond 40 Lean Belly 3X


Lean Belly 3X from Beyond 40 is a fat-burning supplement marketed towards older adults who want to lose weight safely. According to Beyond 40, Lean Belly 3X can help reduce inflammation, support better blood sugar levels, and help you raise your metabolism.

Unlike thermogenic fat burners that include dozens of ingredients at low dosages, Lean Belly 3X does the exact opposite. Its’ main ingredient is 1,500mg of CLA derived from safflower seed oil. This is a fat burner for men to lose fat faster than your expectations.

If you’re looking for a simple, no-nonsense fat burner, then Lean Belly 3X from Beyond 40 might be the right fat burner for you.

DosageTwo capsules a day.
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsSafflower seed oil, BioPerine black pepper, Glycerine.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



Leanbean is a potent fat burner marketed explicitly towards women who want fat loss. Each serving contains some of the most powerful fat-burning ingredients and appetite suppressants currently available.

Glucomannan is the main appetite suppressing ingredient that helps you feel fuller for longer by absorbing water in the stomach. Chromium, green coffee bean extract, and Garcinia Cambogia are potent thermogenic fat burners known to stimulate your body’s natural metabolic rate. Piperine was also added to enhance the bioavailability of all of the other ingredients in Leanbean.

DosageSix capsules daily.
Money-back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsKonjac fiber, Chromium Picolinate, Chloride, Zinc, Green coffee bean extract.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Burn Lab Pro


Burn Lab Pro is the top thermogenic fat burner targeted towards athletes and bodybuilders who want to cut weight without losing muscle mass. According to the manufacturer, Burn Lab Pro works through a four-step process it calls ignite, burns, boost, and build.

This is one of the thermogenic fat burner supplements that make burning fat more convenient. This is undoubtedly the best belly fat burner to make your body burn fat. Besides losing body fat, you can prevent weight gain and retain muscle mass to pace up your weight loss journey.

It claims to achieve these by including safe, natural, and stimulant-free ingredients. It possesses elements like forskolin, Capsimax, HMB, Chromium, and other potent fat burners. These ingredients are backed by several clinical studies and are proven to torch fat to help you in your fat loss journey.

DosageTwo capsules daily
Money-back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsForslean, Capsimax, Black pepper extract, Chromium.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



NitriLEAN is a reasonably new fat burner that claims to boost your metabolism and targets excess belly fat with an all-natural formula. It claims to work by enhancing nitric oxide production in the body, which purportedly helps improve your metabolism and blood flow.

NitriLEAN contains some of the most potent fat-burning ingredients currently available, including cayenne pepper, green tea extract, and Garcinia Cambogia. It also contains beetroot extract, L-citrulline, and grape seed extract to enhance blood flow by improving nitric oxide levels.

If you’re someone who suffers from high blood pressure and wants to lower blood pressure while you go through natural fat loss, then NitriLEAN may be the perfect fat burner for you.

DosageTwo capsules daily
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsGarcinia Cambogia, Bioperine, Cayenne, Beet-root, Green sed extract.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Hunter Burn


Hunter Burn is a potent fat-burning supplement designed to torch belly fat through its’ powerful blend of natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer, Hunter Burn is the most effective weight loss supplement because it torches fat and helps suppress your appetite.

Each six capsule serving contains 3,000mg of konjac root extract, a type of fiber that absorbs water in your stomach, making you feel fuller for an extended period. It also contains potent fat-burning ingredients such as cayenne pepper, green tea extract, white kidney bean extract, and other powerful ingredients that have been directly linked to weight loss.

Overall, Hunter Burn is a fantastic stimulant-free fat burner backed by thousands of positive reviews from customers worldwide.

DosageSix capsules a day
Money-back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsVitamin D3, Konjac root extract, L-theanine, Cayenne Pepper, Matcha green tea.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Cellucor SuperHD Fat Burner


Cellucor is arguably one of the most well-known names in the supplement space, and their top-selling fat-burning product is SuperHD Fat Burner. Like many other supplements on our list, it acts as a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

If you don’t mind a stimulant-based fat burner with ample health benefits, then SuperHD from Cellucor is a solid choice – especially if you’re already a customer of Cellucor.

DosageTwo capsules a day
Money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsCaffeine, Green tea extract, Fruit extract, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Amla (Emblica Officinalis) fruit extract, Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) root extract, Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Yohimbe) bark extract
Side effectsFree from side effects.



Powher is a popular fat-burning supplement explicitly designed to help women lose weight, burn excess fat, reduce food cravings, and support normal fat metabolism. According to the manufacturer, it is one of the few products that can specifically cater to the needs of a woman’s body.

Like many other fat burners on our list, Powher contains many of the most potent natural fat-burning ingredients. It contains natural caffeine extract from coffee extract, green tea leaf extract, chromium picolinate, choline, magnesium, and calcium to help absorb. It also includes 3,000mg of glucomannan to help you feel satisfied for a more extended period.

DosageSix capsules daily
Money-back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsTaurine, Beta-alanine, Tyrosine, Lysine, L-citrulline malate, Coconut water.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

cAMP Boost


cAMP Boost is a unique weight loss supplement that promises to boost fat burning by deactivating PD4-enzymes. According to the manufacturer, PD4-enzymes are responsible for slowing your metabolism, and halting these enzymes can significantly enhance your weight loss results.

CAMP Boost only contains four individual ingredients, unlike other fat burners for men on our list with dozens of components. It contains grapefruit extract to accelerate your metabolism, guarana seed extract to activate your brown adipose tissue, grains of paradise to stimulate fat burning, and black pepper extract to help your body absorb all of the other ingredients in cAMP Boost.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective fat burner supplement, then cAMP Boost may be right for you.

DosageTwo capsules daily
Money-back guarantee365-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsSinetrol, Guarana seed, Grapefruit extract, Bioperine.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Instant Knockout Cut


Instant Knockout is one of the oldest fat cutters on our list, having been around since 2014 in various forms. Cut is the newest and most advanced formula from Instant Knockout, and it may maximize your weight loss efforts with its potent formula.

Some of the most potent fat-burning ingredients are in each capsule of Instant Knockout Cut. Ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and glucomannan all work together to support your weight loss goals. Not only will you experience thermogenesis and improved lipolysis, but you may experience reduced food cravings to help create a more significant caloric deficit.

DosageFour capsules daily
Money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsGreen tea extract, Cayenne pepper seeds, Glucomannan, L-theanine, Vitamin B6, B12, D3.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



PhenGold is a “multi-action” weight loss supplement that promises to burn fat, reduce cravings, boost your metabolism, and enhance your energy levels and mood. It claims to use only “clinically proven” ingredients to achieve such results.

PhenGold contains some of the most potent fat-burning ingredients clinically proven to support weight loss. These ingredients include green tea extract, caffeine, green coffee extract, cayenne pepper extract, theanine, DMAE, Rhodiola Rosea, and tyrosine which support your mood, cognition, & energy levels.

DosageThree capsules a day
Money-back guarantee100-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsCayenne Pepper, BioPerine black pepper, L-tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine, Green coffee, Green tea leaf extract.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



CircadiYin is another unique thermogenic fat burner on our rankings because it optimizes your circadian rhythm, the natural sleep/wake cycle in your body. Studies have found that sleep is essential to produce hormones and enzymes that influence your metabolism, which is why CircadiYin was developed for those with sleep & weight issues.

According to the official website, those taking CircadiYin have lost up to 65lbs. in just a few months. While this seems a bit extreme, better sleep has been linked to weight loss so that you may see a significant amount of weight loss. The fat burner for men makes your body burn fat.

DosageOne capsule daily.
Money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsMelatonin, L-Tryptophan, Chamomile, Magnesium, Valerian, Goji berry.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



Resurge is a unique fat burner supplement because instead of directly improving your metabolic function, it activates the production of hormones like HGH, which influence the metabolic process. This stimulant-free fat burner also supports better sleep when these hormones are produced.

It’s not your typical fat burner, but studies have shown that HGH influences metabolic function & that sleep influences HGH production. Therefore, it may be a decent fat burner supplement – especially if you want the other benefits of HGH.

DosageOne capsule daily.
Money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsMelatonin, L-Tryptophan, Chamomile, Magnesium, Valerian, Goji berry.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



CarboFix is a newer weight loss supplement that claims to “turn on” your metabolism in just 3 seconds to burn stubborn belly fat. It also increases fat burning, decreases hunger, balances blood sugar levels, increases weight loss, and supports longevity.

According to the manufacturer, CarboFix works to activate your “metabolism switch,” which is a generic name for a mechanism known as AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPk for short. CarboFix claims to activate this metabolism switch to help you burn fat like never before.

It may be the ideal supplement for those who want a fat burner that takes a broader approach to weight loss.

DosageTwo capsules a day
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsBerberine, Naringin, Chromium, Alpha-lipoic acid, Cinnamon bark.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

Biotox Gold


Biotox Gold is arguably the best thermogenic fat burner on our list in a liquid tincture. Each serving of Biotox Gold contains 20 individual detoxifying vitamins, minerals, or plant extracts like green tea leaf extract and green coffee bean extract. You can lose up to 50lbs. in a more extended period, at least according to reviews on the official website of the fat burner for men.

Although not the most potent weight loss pill on our list, Biotox Gold is great if you want the detoxifying benefits in addition to a fat burner.

DosageTen drops daily.
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsMalabar tamarind, Panax ginseng, Guarana, Grape seed extract, Capsicum extract, Maca root, Green Tea extract.
Side effectsFree from side effects.



The keto diet is arguably the most popular diet currently followed by adults, and it has been for some time now. KetoCharge is a natural fat burner designed to help you enter ketosis to help you melt away fat without relying on your diet strictly. Many experts consider this thermogenic fat burner as the best belly fat burner.

Each serving of the weight loss pill contains a blend of ketone salts, which elevate levels of ketone bodies in your body for losing weight. Your body responds by using these ketone bodies for energy instead of glucose. Eventually, these fat burner pills begin to burn stored fat by converting it into more ketone bodies so your body can function.

DosageTwo capsules a day
Money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.
IngredientsSodium BHB, Magnesium BHB, Calcium BHB.
Side effectsFree from side effects.

These are the best fat burners and dietary supplements that we consider potent among thousands of fat burners for men.

How We Ranked the Best Fat Burners?

Ranking the best fat burners wasn’t easy. Every fat burner claims to help you burn the fat and lose the most weight. However, as you may be well aware, many fat burners are ineffective, poorly dosed, or simply don’t work. Most thermogenic fat burners boost metabolism and fat oxidation while providing other health benefits.

To separate the most effective fat cutters from the imposters, we used the following ranking factors:

Clinically Proven Fat Burning Ingredients

Many natural ingredients have been clinically studied and support weight loss and fat burning. For example, caffeine is one of the most effective best fat burners known to stimulate thermogenesis and metabolic function. It’s backed by 50+ studies as well. Green tea extract contains catechins like EGCG, which have been shown to support metabolic processes and lipolysis in dozens of studies. We preferred products that used the most clinically proven fat-burning ingredients.

Clinically Proven Dosages

Clinically proven ingredients were only a tiny piece of the puzzle to determine the effectiveness of a product. After all, a product could have the right ingredients but the wrong dosages. This is why we preferred products that used clinically proven ingredients and used dosages that were found to be effective in clinical studies.

Ingredient & Labeling Transparency

Too many products hide their ingredients behind “proprietary formulas,” so they don’t have to disclose their complete list of ingredients and dosages. Other products clearly label their ingredients and each dosage. We preferred transparent companies with precisely what was in their development and dosage of each element instead of hiding both.

Backed by Medical Professionals

The weight loss industry has had several products cause serious health problems for users over the years. That’s why many fat cutters can be dangerous when not used properly. However, some fat burners on our list were backed by medical professionals or formulated by a medical advisory board. We preferred fat cutters that had the backing of one or several medical professionals.

Honest Advertised Benefits & Marketing Tactics

Some fat burner supplements claim to help you lose weight, sometimes up to 30lbs, without any diet or exercise in a month. These exaggerated claims attempt to lure customers in and are virtually impossible to deliver. Other companies use legitimate advertising and marketing tactics and make reasonable claims about what their products can do for you. We preferred companies that followed the latter practices.

Manufacturer Record & Reputation

The weight loss industry is ripe with scams and ineffective products. Many fat burners are mixed with low-quality, poorly dosed products. Other companies have a history of formulating high-quality products that are both safe and effective. While we didn’t discriminate against new companies, we still gave extra credit to companies with a long history of producing quality products.

Ease of Use

Some natural fat burners require you to take several scoops of their product every day to help you lose weight. Others simply need you to take two capsules per day. We preferred fat burner supplements that were easy to use and easily implemented in your daily routine. We also included flavor and mixability and some products that require preparation to work.

Price & Overall Value

Many people are willing to pay upwards of $100 per month to buy the best fat burners. However, many fat burners only cost a fraction of that cost. We factored in the ingredients and dosages of each product to determine which products provided you with the best value at various price points. This is why we offer different weight loss pills at around $20, $50, and 70+.

Money-Back Guarantee

No type of supplement can guarantee 100% effectiveness, and fat burner supplements are no different. No fat burner can ensure that it is going to work for everyone. Therefore, a company should stand by its’ products’ effectiveness by backing their product with an explicit money-back guarantee. We preferred products that offered a money-back or a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all customers.

Customer Reviews

The final factor we considered was the customer reviews of each product. After all, what better way to determine whether a product can genuinely work than to read the average experience of each customer. We looked at what customers generally thought about the product – whether it was effective, caused side effects, the product’s taste, how easy it was to use, and whether they would ultimately recommend the product to their friends and family.

Who Should Use a Fat Burner?

People can take fat-burning pills for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons some people use fat burners:

  • To try to break through a weight-loss plateau
  • When starting a new weight loss program or diet
  • When going on a detox or cleanse
  • To cut fat without losing muscle mass
  • Athletes looking to make weight
  • To lose weight for any reason

Regardless of why you want to lose weight, a good fat burner can help. Whether you’re looking to break through a plateau, start a weight loss journey, or need an extra boost to lose weight, any of the fat cutters on our list can help.

What Does Science Say About Weight Loss Supplements?

Although fat burning may seem like a complicated concept, the truth is that it is more straightforward than you may expect. Many ingredients are clinically proven to support fat burning through thermogenesis or supporting metabolic function. Science has told us that fat burner supplements can signal to your body that it needs to burn stubborn fat for energy, making it easier to lose weight.

Caffeine, for example, is one of the most popular and most studied fat burner supplements readily available today. Tens of millions of adults consume caffeine every day in the form of coffee. Dozens of studies have shown caffeine is an effective belly fat burner to reduce stubborn fat. It raises your body’s metabolic rate, which is the rate you burn calories when at rest and when exercising. This ingredient is present in most fat burners for men to boost metabolism for shedding stubborn body fat.

In a study conducted back in 1980, researchers found that metabolic rate and fat oxidation increased significantly for up to 3 hours after consuming caffeine. This means that caffeine could effectively help you break down fat and convert it into usable energy, whereas the placebo group saw no noticeable changes.

Other studies have found that as little as one cup of coffee can be linked to stored fat loss. According to one study conducted by Harvard University, four cups of coffee per day could reduce excess fat and lower the risk of developing diabetes. This study found body composition improved in all 126 overweight adults over the 26 weeks.

Green tea is another popular natural ingredient added to the best fat burners. Green tea contains catechins and caffeine, which are said to support metabolism. In a 2013 study, researchers found that green tea consumption led to a significant drop in body mass index, blood pressure, and body weight over two months. Another study found that green tea extract could increase metabolic rate by 12%. Studies have shown that catechins, specifically EGCG, can reduce blood pressure and support healthy body weight – especially in overweight individuals.

Seaweed could be the secret to fat burning, according to some studies. Researchers found that kelp extract or brown seaweed extract possessed powerful fat-burning properties in one study. Seaweed is rich in antioxidants that induce a metabolic process called thermogenesis, which increases fat burning to raise core body temperature.

L-carnitine is a popular ingredient in weight loss pills and is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders. Carnitine has been shown to stimulate fat burning, support muscle recovery from workouts, reduce muscle damage, and reduce soreness after working out, which is ideal if you follow a healthy diet and exercise program.

Many fat burners contain a natural-occurring fatty acid similar to omega-6 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. In a 2000 study published in the popular medical publication Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that CLA supplementation reduced stubborn fat mass in overweight or obese adults.

Yohimbine is a lesser-known fat-burning herbal extract, which comes from the bark of the Yohimbe tree. One study found that yohimbine extract leads to significantly more significant fat loss in trained soccer players than a placebo.

Choosing a reputable belly fat burner is always essential because most weight loss supplements are ineffective, poorly dosed, or just outright scams. In 2012, researchers tested hundreds of individual fat-burning supplements and found that virtually none were backed by evidence that they led to significant weight loss. Even worse, many of these products had adverse side effects as well. However, researchers did note that green tea, fiber, and low-fat dairy supplements could help support weight loss.

Other fat-burning supplements backed by actual science include fiber (glucomannan, inulin, guar gum, etc.), capsicum, Chromium, forskolin, Garcinia Cambogia, and more.

Most fat burners purportedly work by raising your body’s metabolism. Your metabolism is a series of bodily processes that control your body’s most crucial functions. Your body’s metabolism handles things like breathing, circulation, and digestion. Some people have what is referred to as a naturally “faster” metabolism than others, which means their bodies burn more calories than someone with a slower metabolism.

You’ll find it easier to lose weight if you have a fast metabolism. Most fat burners, including the products on our list, aim to boost your metabolism to help you lose weight faster. However, the easiest way to boost metabolism and burn body fat is to exercise. Your body needs about six calories a day to maintain a pound of muscle – yet only two calories to keep a pound of fat. Therefore, by building muscle, you can enhance your metabolism long-term.

Exercise is also a great way to force your body to burn body fat. In a 2011 study, researchers found that only 45 minutes of physical activity could raise metabolic rate to 14 hours post-exercise. In other words, your body will burn calories at a higher rate for up to 14 hours after exercising just one. By working our every day, your body can keep your body’s metabolic rate in an essentially permanent state.

Side Effects of Thermogenic Fat Burners

Although fat-burning pills are predominately safe, it isn’t to say they cannot cause any side effects. Some weight loss supplements contain stimulants or herbal extracts, which can lead to potential side effects like:

  • Higher blood pressure
  • Sleep issues
  • Anxiety
  • Mood or behavior changes
  • Digestive discomfort or stomach issues
  • Diarrhea or constipation

According to the label, most healthy adults will not experience any side effects of stimulant-free fat burners, especially when taken at standard dosages. However, if you are on prescription medication, have a severe medical issue, or are unsure whether a fat burner may be safe for you. You should consult your medical doctor before trying a fat burner.

To minimize the risk of side effects, it is recommended you follow the exact instructions on the label of any fat burner you purchase. This will ensure you consume ingredients at safe and proper dosages because supplements are legally required to use components and dosages that have been recognized as “Generally recognized as safe,” or GRAS.

Failing to adhere to the instructions on the label will only increase the chances you experience side effects, which is why it is not recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Burners

We’ve gotten dozens of questions about fat burners, the fat burning process, and metabolism. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about all of these topics:

Q. Do I still need to diet and exercise when using a fat burner?

A: While a belly fat burner supplement can provide you with potent fat-burning effects, you’ll still want to diet and exercise if you’re going to reduce weight. This is the only way to ensure you remain in a caloric deficit so you can reduce weight each week.

Similarly, you should not expect to eat anything and everything you want when using a fat burner. To reduce weight, you have to have a caloric deficit. Eating healthy foods will limit your caloric intake to maintain this deficit and keep sugar consumption low to help you lose weight faster.

Q. Can fat cutters work?

A: Studies have found that specific ingredients can stimulate the fat-burning process. Therefore, fat-burning products with these ingredients and proper dosages can support weight loss.

Q. How much will I lose with a fat burner?

A: Some fat cutters advertise that they can help you lose 30lbs. in the first month with no diet or exercise. However, the truth is, most fat burners will only help you lose a few extra pounds per month. Your physiology, diet, exercise habits, hormone levels, and several other factors depend on how much you lose.

Q. Are fat cutters safe?

A: For the most part, fat cutters are considered safe for most adults to take. However, if you’re on prescription medication, have a medical condition, or are under the age of 18, then fat cutters may not be safe for you. We always recommend you speak to a doctor before trying a fat burner if you fit any of these categories.

The Best Fat Burners for 2021 & Beyond Final Word

Fat burners are a great complement to a healthy diet and exercise routine if you’re trying to reduce weight. This popular and fast-growing industry is filled with quality products with clinically proven ingredients to help you reduce weight.

If you’re looking to get slimmer, want to smash through a weight loss plateau, or need to make weight, then a thermogenic fat burner can help. If you’re in the market for a fat burner right now, then any of the supplements on our list can help. These best fat burner supplements have been thoroughly researched and proven to use clinically studied ingredients and proper dosages. They are backed by rock-solid customer reviews and a money-back guarantee.’

If you’re searching for the best fat burner supplements for burning fat and losing weight, these are the best dietary supplements available.

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