Best Emergency Loans: Top 4 Online Bad Credit Loan Companies For No Credit Check Loans & Installment Loans To Improve Bad Credit Score

MetaThe main implication of the word “emergency” is that it comes unannounced and requires immediate action to eradicate its repercussions. A financial emergency is no less of a crisis as it requires you to instantly need to pay for it, which may be difficult if you don’t have access to funds at the right time. So since these emergencies arise out of nowhere, it is important to access services that can get you emergency loans for bad credit.

However, suppose you’re someone with a stellar credit score, a clean credit history when it comes to debt payments, a consistent source of income, and excellent financial standing. In that case, you are likely to have access to numerous loans at your disposal for any potential financial emergencies. The real challenge arises when someone with a mediocre to bad credit profile has a financial emergency to deal with but does not have access to quick loans.

For such situations, online lending services are available that have a network of online lenders who do not discriminate against those with bad credit histories; they give you an equal chance at acquiring a loan. They do so by expanding their requirements to factors beyond the loan applicant’s minimum credit score and profile.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a service that offers emergency loans for people with bad credit. It can be a difficult and tedious task to research all the online lending platforms when looking for the best one. Therefore, we reviewed the top four lending services to make choosing the right one easier and faster.

List Of Best Emergency Loans with Bad Credit

  1. MoneyMutual– Overall Best Company For Emergency Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans– Loans For Low Or No Credit Score
  3. CashUSA– Best Interest Rates
  4.– Multiple Direct Lenders For Personal Loan

#1. MoneyMutualOverall Best Company For Emergency Loans



The owners of MoneyMutual recognized the implications of the fact that up to 40% of Americans do not have access to basic funding of 400 dollars when they are met with a financial emergency. As a result of this realization, MoneyMutual was founded in 2010 to provide different borrowers access to instant loans by connecting them to a vast network of lenders. Since its establishment, it has successfully managed to aid more than 2 million customers to obtain emergency loans from various lenders.

This company is essentially an online lending portal that acts as a middle-man between lenders who have funds saved up and borrowers who seek to acquire these funds in the form of loans. This fast funding service is ideal in financial emergencies when customers need instant access to loans as MoneyMutual deposits funds into the borrower’s bank account within 24 hours of approval. Moreover, same-day approval for loans is common for this online lending portal too.

MoneyMutual also grants access to 60 lenders which are directly within its network for its customers. Therefore, the process is simplified as a single loan application filled on the website is shared with numerous lenders. Moreover, these emergency loans are also offered to people who suffered from delayed payments in the past, which have weighed their FICO credit score down. Therefore, since customers with bad credit are worse off when on the hunt for quick loans, MoneyMutual is surely a solution to their problem.


· The platform is easy to use and largely convenient for its users.

· The process of applying for a loan is fairly simple. The customer is meant to fill out an easy online application form on MoneyMutual’s website, circulated among its network of lenders (up to 60).

· Once the customer’s loan application is shared with multiple lenders from within the network, one or more lenders are likely to make an offer to the potential borrower, which includes all loan terms and conditions such as the interest rate, the repayment plan, the monthly payments, and any other associated fees or terms.

· This offer is then meant to be scrutinized by the borrower to align it with their particular financial needs and capabilities. It is integral to ensure that they can afford the overall cost of the loan and that timely payments will not be a problem. Especially if they already suffer from bad credit, taking up more debt that is impossible to pay back can further damage their already stained credit reports.

· It is important to note that MoneyMutual itself does not control or set the loan terms and conditions, and these are entirely the lender’s decision. Therefore, customers cannot negotiate the terms with the lending service as it only plays the role of a bridge between the lender and the borrower.

· This online lending portal also does not charge additional fees if the customer rejects any particular offer. Thus, it gives them complete freedom to decide which loan offer they want to accept.

· The overall range of loan amounts that MoneyMutual offers is 250 dollars for small financial emergencies and 2,500 dollars for relatively larger investments. The amount made accessible to the particular borrower entirely depends on their financial qualifications.

· Once a loan is approved and the loan agreement is signed, the funds are likely to be deposited into the borrower’s bank account within one business day.

· MoneyMutual is a completely free service for its customers. Therefore, it does not take away from the customer’s budget, despite offering such a complete service.

· Mostly, borrowers with immensely tainted credit histories are quoted much higher interest rates by the lenders.

· MoneyMutual has an array of loyal customers who repeatedly return to the platform to opt for its services.

· Moreover, numerous new customers are also attracted to its services because of good customer reviews and various positive testimonies.

· Customers mainly appreciate MoneyMutual’s easy format and its affordability. Despite the simple process, the service itself being free is a bonus for the customers.

· On the other hand, customers often complain about the increasingly high interest rates quoted to those with bad credit histories.

· MoneyMutual has an excellent overall rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.


· MoneyMutual’s website has an easy and user-friendly format.

· It has a vast network of 60 lenders associated with it who offer loans to borrowers.

· It offers its services completely free of charge and, therefore, is affordable.

· Through this network,emergency loans are offered to borrowers regardless of their credit type or score as numerous lenders within the network expand their requirements beyond a credit check.

· The process of applying for a loan is simple and quick through its online application form.


· High interest rates are a common cause of complaints, which has also led to lawsuits in the past.

· The lender himself sets the loan terms and conditions, and MoneyMutual cannot influence the interest rate, monthly payments, or loan length.

· MoneyMutual plays the role of a middle-man and cannot cater to any concerns regarding the loan itself.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. – Loans For Low Or No Credit Score



Being one of the oldest online lending platforms, was established in 1999 to connect lenders with borrowers. This platform has multiple lenders at its disposal through its vast network of loans to customers across all credit types without discriminating against those with low credit scores. They do so by keeping their requirements beyond a credit check, such as a consistent source of income, etc.

Numerous customers are highly satisfied by the services of this online lending service. However, it’s only responsibility is to connect borrowers with lenders and does not offer loans directly. Therefore, it does not influence the loan terms and conditions as the lender himself sets them.

Moreover, accommodates its customers as it does not bind them to accept any loan offered by charging additional fees. Customers have the complete freedom to reject any loan offer which may not align with their needs or financial capabilities. However, analyzing whether or not a particular loan and its terms suit the customer is entirely their responsibility.


· comes with a website with a fairly easy format which makes it convenient to navigate through.

· The application process is fairly simple and similar to MoneyMutual’s; it requires the customer to fill in an online application form present on the website, collecting personal information.

· This online application form is then shared with this online lending platform’s vast network of lenders. Among these, one or more make a loan offer to a particular customer, including the loan terms and conditions that the lender sets.

· The terms and conditions present in the loan offer include the interest rate, the monthly payments, and the repayment term.

· This offer is meant to be scrutinized by the customer and then accepted or rejected according to their needs and financial capabilities.

· If the borrower accepts the offer, the loan will likely be deposited into their bank account within 24 hours. On the other hand, if the loan terms do not appeal to the customer, they can easily reject the offer without additional fees.

· This online lending portal also excels in offeringemergency loans to customers who have bad credit. Since its network is so vast and diverse, many lenders do not conduct credit checks before making a loan offer. Instead, they take note of factors beyond the customer’s credit, e.g., a consistent source of income.

· One of the best features of this online lending portal is that one simple loan application is circulated among numerous lenders. This saves time and saves customers from the headache of having to pursue each lender or financial institution individually to fund a loan with bad credit for a financial emergency.

· offers emergency loans of various amounts falling in the range of 500 to 10,000 dollars.

· This online lending platform also quotes various repayment terms, which fall in the range of three months to as much as 60 months.

· Since the loan lengths vary and are largely flexible, customers have the convenience of paying back these loans according to their capabilities without any additional pressure. Moreover, a flexible repayment term ensures timely payments, which can improve the customer’s credit score.

· This online lending portal has various interest rates, depending on the customer’s credit condition. The general range of the interest rates is 5.99% to 35.99%.

· The overall customer reviews for this lending service are positive as customers appreciate the quick access to funds once a loan is approved. Moreover, the approval rate for loans offered to customers with bad credit is a bonus.

· On the other hand, customers have expressed concern regarding the online application form present on the website as it requires the customer to provide detailed personal information. This can be time-consuming and a cause of concern for various customers who wish for a less transparent online application form.

· has an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Therefore, being one of the best.


· The website has an easy and user-friendly format.

· One online application form is shared with multiple lenders. Therefore, the process of applying is simple and convenient.

· Since the loan application is forwarded to numerous lenders, this online lending portal saves customers the headache of approaching different financial institutions or lenders to obtain loans.

· People with low credit scores and stained credit histories are offered loans through this online lending portal as many lenders within this network don’t conduct credit checks.


· offers a restricted range of loan amounts with a maximum limit of 10,000. Therefore, this does not accommodate customers who have relatively more expensive financial emergencies to deal with.

· This online lending portal has received a low rating from the Better Business Bureau.

· The online application form is detailed and extensive. Therefore, it can be time-consuming and tedious to fill it. Moreover, it requires a lot of personal information, which may cause concern for many customers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA



CashUSA was established in 2002 as an online lending platform that connects multiple lenders to borrowers through its vast network. Therefore, these are the lenders that offer emergency loans to borrowers to cater to any financial emergencies that may occur. However, CashUSA offers relatively smaller amounts of loans as opposed to other online lending services.

The loan amounts offered to various customers depend on the customer’s qualifications and their specific loan requirements. The general amount offered to borrowers from CashUSA falls in the range of as low as 500 dollars to 10,000 dollars.

This online lending platform also does not discriminate against people with low credit scores or bad credit histories by enhancing their requirements to aspects beyond their credit condition. These factors include age, a consistent source of income, a valid checking account, etc. Therefore, CashUSA works best for those who suffer because of their low credit score due to a lack of access to adequate loans in times of emergencies or unexpected expenses situation.


· CashUSA has a fairly simple process of applying, similar to other online lending platforms.

· The first step to apply is to fill out the simple online application form available on the platform’s official website.

· Once this form is filled, it is shared with multiple lenders from within CashUSA’s network. Out of this network, one or more lenders make a loan offer to the customer depending on their loan requirements and needs.

· The customer is then responsible for analyzing the personal loan offer by reading through the loan terms and conditions set by the lender. Accordingly, the customer is meant to accept or reject the offer after aligning it with their financial needs.

· CashUSA offers its services completely free of charge.

· The lenders associated with CashUSA offer loans to customers across all credit types, regardless of their bad credit.

· Customers with poor credit scores are most likely to be quoted exceedingly high interest rates.

· The general range of interest rates offered by CashUSA is 5.99% to 35.99%, depending on the customer’s financial standing or credit. The better the credit score, the lower the interest rate.

· The funds are deposited into the customer’s bank account upon the approval of the loan within 24 hours.

· CashUSA also differs from its competitors because of the array of educational sources it offers on its website. These sources are largely beneficial for customers who wish to be informed on various finance-related topics, including credit maintenance and building, budget to expenditure ratio and alignment, debt calculation, etc.

· CashUSA also largely prioritizes the security of its customers’ personal information.

· Customers are satisfied with CashUSA’s services and especially appreciate its offering loans to people with bad credit. Moreover, the educational sources present on the website are also a source of immense appreciation.

· CashUSA is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is an accomplishment. However, the official website contains several complaints, which has led BBB to give CashUSA an F rating.

· This online lending platform has a great overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.


· Customers are often provided with multiple loan offers due to the vast network of lenders at CashUSA’s disposal. This allows them to compare the loan terms and conditions and choose the best offer.

· CashUSA offers its services without charging its customers any fees.

· Customer reviews reflect customer satisfaction.

· The loan offers are normally instant and are accompanied by the funds being deposited into the customer’s bank account within 24 hours. Therefore, the service caters to emergencies.

· The vast network of lenders associated with CashUSA has access to all 50 states of the U.S.

· CashUSA is non-discriminatory against customers with bad credit.


· CashUSA requires its customers to have a monthly income of 1,000 dollars at least.

· The loan amounts offered are restricted as they have a maximum limit of 10,000 dollars.

· Most customers with low credit scores have to pay exceedingly high interest rates.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA



Introduction is one of the best online lending services for emergency loans. This lending service embarked upon its journey in 2015 to connect borrowers with its vast network of lenders to give them access to funds in financial emergencies. It also does not discriminate against customers with bad credit as it offers them loans by expanding their requirements to factors beyond credit.

Similar to other online lending platforms, the website has a simple online application form requiring customers to add their personal information. However, prioritizes the security of this personal information. Moreover, it has a quick process of approval which leads to funds being deposited into the customer’s bank account within 24 hours. offers its services without charging any fees to its customers. Therefore, its use is not only affordable but also beneficial in times of financial need. Furthermore, the success rate of this online lending platform has faced an upward trend as it has managed to connect numerous borrowers with lenders who offer loans across all credit types and offer quick access to these loans.


· offers an array of personal loans that vary in terms of their loan amounts. The general range they fall into is as low as 500 dollars to as high as 35,000.

· This lending service differs from its competitors because the maximum loan amount is much larger than other online lending platforms. Therefore, the customer can potentially cater to larger investments through this lending service.

· offers different types of loans, including peer-to-peer loans, bank loans, and installment loans.

· The repayment terms set by the lenders associated with this network range from 90 days to 72 months. This flexibility can contribute to improving the customer’s credit because it ensures timely payments.

· The interest rates quoted by the lenders associated with this network fall in the range of 5.99% to 35.99%. Mostly, the higher the credit score, the lower will be the interest rate quoted.

· has a variety of requirements that need to be fulfilled beyond a basic credit check. These include proof of the customer being a U.S. citizen, a social security number, a constant source of monthly income, a valid checking account, etc.

· In some cases, multiple lenders from within the network offer loans to the customers. This allows them to compare the loan terms and conditions and opt for the best one.

· offers instant access to funds by depositing them into their bank accounts within 24 hours.

· Since customers have direct access to the lender, they also can negotiate the terms with them directly. For example, in case they need an extension to the deadline of repaying the loan.

· Customer reviews reflect overall customer satisfaction, with the speed of deposit of funds being a majorly popular factor.

· has a good overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.


· This online lending platform caters to financial emergencies well because funds are deposited into the borrower’s account within a day of approval.

· The process of applying is fairly simple and easy.

· The website has an easy-to-use and user-friendly format.

· Customers have access to a wide network of lenders who offer loans of different varieties.

· grants loans to borrowers with low credit scores too.


· Since lenders expand their requirements beyond a credit check, these are rather extensive.

· The application form requires the customer to share detailed personal information, which may concern some who prefer to stay private.

· Bankruptcy cases or a long history of bad credit may cause some lenders within the associated network to disapprove of them entirely.

=> Click here to visit the official website of PersonalLoans

How We Shortlisted the Best Emergency Loan Services For People With Bad Credit

Whenever you’re looking for a particular service, the best thing to do is complete research awareness of its features, safety, and overall customer service. Similarly, we considered some of these factors when shortlisting the best emergency loans, especially for people with bad credit histories.

Overall, there were multiple factors that we researched and analyzed when reviewing the top lending services to ensure that our top picks were reliable, trustworthy, and efficient. These included:

· The brand overview of the particular online lending platform.

· The various features offered by the lending service.

· The interest rates quoted by the lenders are associated with the particular lending platform.

· The range of loan amounts offered by lenders is associated with the lending portal.

· The number of years since its establishment.

· The overall rating of the company.

· The customer reviews of the online lending portal.

· The pros and cons of opting for the particular service.

· The repayment term quoted by loan lenders is associated with the network.

· The extent of accessibility of funds for people with bad credit histories.

· The safety of its customers’ personal information.

· Whether or not the website offers educational sources.

Therefore, based on the factors mentioned above, we were able to list down the top four online lending portals that provide emergency loans to customers who are suffering from a financial emergency and are non-discriminatory towards those who suffer from bad credit histories.

Factors to Consider When Opting For Emergency Loans with Bad Credit

Naturally, when on the hunt for a particular service, there are multiple factors that you should consider to ensure a smooth process and a fruitful result. These may include various features that the online lending service offers or factors that define your credibility. Therefore, the following factors should be analyzed when deciding on a specific emergency loan service for bad credit customers:

Your Credit Profile

As much as you would wish for a bad credit profile not to weigh down your ability to acquire a loan, it might negatively affect your credit score. Therefore, before applying for a loan through an online lending platform, it is best to visit your existing credit reports and remove as many negative items as you can. These platforms may guarantee you a loan despite your stained credit histories, but they may come with exceedingly high interest rates, which will increase the overall cost of the loan.

The Interest Rates Associated With the Lending Service

The interest rates associated with a particular loan are among the most important factors as they add to the overall cost and monthly payments of a loan. Therefore, a high interest rate means that you will have to give expensive amounts to acquire this loan. Moreover, the length of the loan is also impacted by the interest rate. The longer the loan is, the higher the overall interest payments will be because these are charged every month.

The Total Amount You Need in the Form of a Loan

Recognizing your needs when applying for a loan is very important. This helps you decide which online lending platform is the best for your particular financial emergency. For example, if you need a loan amount of 2000 dollars, you must ensure that the network associated with the specific online lending platform has a maximum limit higher than 2000 dollars.

The Annual Percentage Rate

This is an important factor when deciding on an emergency loan with bad credit service as it accounts for any additional costs besides the interest rate. These may include origination fee or any advance fees.

The Total Length of the Loan

Each online lending service has variable repayment terms. Some are largely flexible as they permit loans to be repaid up to 72 months. In contrast, this makes it easier to repay the loan as it lowers the monthly payment and extends the deadline, the overall interest payments increase. All in all, the repayment term is an important factor to consider when opting for a particular emergency loan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Loans

Q. How do I get an emergency loan with a poor credit score?

Regardless of your credit score, the only way to acquire a loan is by applying to a lender. In such circumstances, online lending platforms work best because they have a vast network associated with them. Furthermore, since they have multiple lenders at their disposal, it is likely for the customer to get loan offers regardless of their credit type.

However, poor credit loans are normally accompanied by excessively high interest rates. Moreover, various companies offer loans for bad credit, which may be your go-to in such a circumstance.

Q. What is the easiest loan to get approved for?

The easiest loan to acquire depends on your specific circumstances. For example, if you own a house, it may be easy to acquire a secured loan with your house as collateral. On the other hand, if you suffer from bad credit, guarantor loans might be the right payday loans for you. However, these depend on a family member or friend vouching for your credibility and honesty regarding the loan’s repayment.

Q. What interest rates should I expect if I have bad credit?

Interest rates normally vary according to the customer’s credit condition. However, the most logical approach is that the lower the credit score, the higher the quoted interest rate. The general range of interest rates is from 5.99% to as high as 35.99%. Therefore, if you have a subpar credit profile, the chances are that you will have to pay an interest rate on the higher end of this range.

Wrapping Up

It may be a taxing process to find emergency loans if you do not have the right tools to contact lenders or don’t have the right profile to qualify for one. Such situations require instant access to funds, which are made available by the various online lending platforms reviewed above.

These are ideal because not only do they offer instant loans to customers who need them for an emergency, but they also make it a point not to discriminate against customers with low credit scores.

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