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Best Delta 8 Flower: 2022’s Top 5 Delta 8 Brands For Weed Strains & THC Buds| Most Popular D8 Brands To Buy THC Flower In the Cannabis Industry

You probably came across this article when you were searching the web looking for a good place to get some delta-8 flowers. Well, good news!

We wrote this article especially for people who are looking to get their hands on some of the best flower buds out there for the best possible prices.

We will tell you all about how we made this list after going through the top three. After that, we will also give you a short buyer’s guide and answer a few common questions regarding best delta-8 flowers.

With that said, let’s get into it!

The Top 3 Delta-8 Flower Brands of 2021

We divided the review into five sections for all three companies that we discussed. In the first section, we will give you a general introduction to the company and give you all the things you need to know about them.

Then we will delve into their manufacturing methods, followed by how honest they are about those. We will then also give you a few quick words on how the user experience of the site is and summarize the experiences of other customers.

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Flower
  2. BudPop – Most Potent Weed Strains
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Best Value Delta 8 Brands For THC Flower

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Flower


Brand Overview

When it comes to providing the best in both customer service and products, you do not need to look any further than Exhale Wellness. This company has been around for a while, and they lead the pack when it comes to providing great quality flowers.

You also get to choose from quite a selection of different flowers from 10 different strains. They have a good mix of strains ranging from classics like OG kush and Sour Diesel to more rare strains like Sour Space Candy.

Not only is it very easy to get in touch with the company, but they also have some of the cleanest growing and farming methods to make sure that the quality of the cannabis remains at a high level.

They have some excellent customer service as well. It is very easy to get in touch with the company if anything ever comes up. They also have some very customer-friendly policies, such as a money-back guarantee and free shipping.

They also have used some top-of-the-line manufacturing methods in order to bring you some very clean and well-cured flowers. They also have some great prices and provide you with plenty of ways to get a discount.

Manufacturing Methods

To make sure that the flowers are of the best quality possible, the company makes sure that a few things are in order so that nothing can go wrong on that front.

The first thing they make sure of is that all of the cannabis they use has been grown from a specific farm in Colorado. This gives them a couple of advantages. It helps to ensure that the cannabis is grown under organic conditions, and it also ensures that the company does not use any pesticides when growing.

A second advantage is that this also helps cut down on the illegal trade. One of the big problems that are often associated with that is the fact that the people who are growing are often not treated well. So, by making sure that it is grown in the USA, the company can also guarantee that it is all done cruelty-free.

There is not a whole lot that goes into producing there beyond the drying process, but this too is done in an FDA-registered cannabis plant that has also been fully certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices program. You will not find many companies out there that can match the level of care that went into this manufacturing process.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

One thing you cannot fault the company for is a lack of transparency. The company provides lab test results of all its products on the website. In addition, they have a page dedicated to providing links to all of the studies that have been conducted on their products.

These lab tests have, of course, also been done in a third-party lab. That helps ensure that there have not been any bad business practices employed when curing the flowers or growing them.

The company really does go the extra mile by also providing a blog. In that blog, you will find all sorts of articles that go into quite a bit of detail on the growing process.

Not only is it an excellent resource for people who are looking to learn more about the world of delta 8 thc products, but it is also a great place to pick up some extra tips and tricks when it comes to the usage of delta-8 products.

All in all, this company provides pretty much everything that you can ask for when it comes to transparency. There are very few out there that can match the fact that they provide you with the level of insight that Exhale well does.

User Convenience

Exhale Well makes it very easy to place an order with the company. Their entire website is very easy to use, and the interface makes it very easy to place an order. Every product also comes with a review section that makes it easy to reference the experiences of other customers.

They also have a lot of options when it comes to buying in bulk. Not only that, but they also even provide free shipping with every order that you place with the company. That means that there will be no hidden or extra costs that will be added during checkout.

The company also has a bunch of ways to get discounts. We already mentioned that they offer discounts with bundle deals. But the company also has a subscription service that will help you save even more money on everything you purchase there and can even set you up with regular delivery.

To top it all off, the company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of its customers. Through that, you have an opportunity to test out any product that you like, keep it, and still be eligible for a full refund. All you need to do is shoot the company a message, and the refund will be on its way.

Customer Reviews

Most of the products they sell have at least 5 reviews or so. These reviews are generally fairly brief, but they do also tend to be extremely positive. In fact, we only found one review that could be seen as negative.

The company uses a 5-star review system, and to start with the most interesting one, the lowest score we found had 3 stars. That customer complained of a bitter taste to their buds and noted that the company was extremely responsive when issuing a refund.

Apart from that lone example, we literally have not seen a single review that had less than 5 stars. They all tend to praise the same things, like the fact that the company has free shipping or the great prices on the bundle deals.

Many of the customers seem to have quite a bit of experience when it comes to using delta 8 products, and the fact that these are of extremely high quality is not lost on them. The quality of the buzz that the flower provides in conjunction with the spectacular flavor pallets many of the strains can illicit make these strains a great hit with their customer base.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Latest Offers

#2. BudPop: Most Potent Weed Strains


Brand Overview

Now we would like to introduce another company that is known for providing some of the best quality hemp flowers on the market. BudPop makes sure that all of the CBD products are completely natural and organic.

In that mission, they also provide some of the highest quality flowers that you will find on the market anywhere.

They are a bit more limited when it comes to options, but the four options they have available are still all great strains. BudPop offers the choice from Northern Lights, Cookies Tangie, and Zkittlez delta-8 infused flowers.

Regardless of the somewhat lesser selection, the company still manages to provide you with all the information and know-how required in order to get your start with these products.

They provide some excellent services outside of that as well with their great shipping options and money-back guarantee. They also allow you to buy all the way up to a pound of flowers with a bundle deal.

All in all, if they had a little bit of a better selection, they may very well have taken first place on this list thanks to their overall quality of products and services.

Manufacturing Methods

While this company holds itself to the same standards as the company that we previously mentioned, they do so with a little bit of a twist.

Our previous entrant only sourced their cannabis from one particular farm in Colorado. BudPop, on the other hand, sources and hand-selects all of their flowers from farms all around the USA.

They also make sure that they get the best buds out of the lot. This is all before they have been dried so that they can also make sure that the farms all use proper organic growing methods.

They also make sure that there haven’t been any pesticides or other harsh chemical fertilizers involved in the growing process and even make sure that all the strains are GMO-free.

After that, the drying process takes place in professional facilities that have been registered with the FDA. The personnel there have been well trained and know exactly how to dry the flowers so that they burn well while still providing a good taste.

These same facilities have also been GMP certified. That combined all makes this a manufacturing process that can rival that of our previous entrant. Both companies will ensure that you get the highest possible quality of flowers to smoke.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

We mentioned before that very companies could match our previous entrant when it came to transparency. Well, BudPop is one of the companies that not only can but does rival Exhale Well on this front.

They provide lab results for everything they sell and provide a helpful index page that links to all of the analyses that have ever been done on their products.

This company also runs a blog. You can catch many further interesting glimpses of how the proverbial sausage is made. It is another recommendation for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge on the topic of delta 8 products.

They also feature company-wide reviews on their page, and these have been uncensored (perhaps to a fault). You can easily filter out the negative reviews if you like (and we will discuss them in the following sections), and only 2% of the total reviews are 3 stars or lower, out of a scant 650.

User Convenience

This company could use a bit of a redesign with their website as far as user convenience goes. It is not anything horrible or anything, but there is something about the design that just makes everything feel a little bit barren.

That is not to say that the website lacks features or information. On the contrary, we mentioned that they are quite transparent with their testing and the like. So, it is more a matter of aesthetics, but the overall functionality of the website is very good.

The company also has user reviews for all of its products, and these can be very useful to help you figure out if a particular strain is going to work well for you. Every strain has at least around 20 reviews, so there is plenty to read.

Placing an order is very easy and should hardly take you any time at all. The company also makes it easy to calculate how much it all is going to end up costing you because they do not have any shipping costs that they charge, so no worry about getting extra costs during the checkout.

You can also get yourself an extra discount by either being a first-time customer or taking out a subscription on a product.

There are also no worries about making a wrong purchase with the company. They offer a money-back guarantee that is good for 30 days. Using it will get you your money back and even allow you to keep the product.

Customer Review

We mentioned before that it is extremely easy to filter out the reviews for this company, and with that in mind, we thought it would be educational to summarize a few key ones.

First of all, over 97% of these reviews are 4 stars or higher. That being from a total of 5 stars. In other words, the vast majority of customers seem to be very satisfied with their experience.

But what about the other 3%? Well, if we look at the singular 1-star review, they seem to be looking for a stronger product. Ok, that is interesting.

If we look at the 2-star reviews, we find a different story, it seems. There are three in total, one is gibberish, but the other two complain about the products being too powerful.

So, as far as it not being powerful enough, we literally only found one person with this complaint. Looking at the positive side, a lot more people are just very happy with both the prices and the overall customer service experience.

One person noted that they had a malfunction with a vaporizer that got solved within a few days—all in all, a very positive overall consensus.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of BudPop for the Latest Offers

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Best Value Delta 8 Brands For THC Flower


Brand Overview

To start closing out our list, we would be remiss if we did not include Hollyweed CBD. This company is a relative newcomer to this already young industry, but they have already made their mark by providing some of the best products out there when it comes to taste.

They also have quite the selection of strains for you to choose from. Regardless of your preferences, the company ensures that they have a product that will suit your taste. The thing about all of these strains is that they do seem to taste just a little bit more sharply than you might be used to.

Top all of that off with some pretty reasonable prices and some great delivery options, and you have a worthy third-place pick.

There are a few downsides to this company, and we will get into those, but on the whole, this is still an extremely solid pick to go with if you are just looking to get a small number of flowers.

You will have plenty of great options to choose from, but those looking to buy in bulk will be better off with either of our previous two entries.

Manufacturing Methods

The previous two entrants set the standards extremely high for their manufacturing methods, and we are happy to report that Hollyweed CBD also meets these standards.

To start with, all of the cannabis that the company uses is grown in Colorado. So, they make sure to avoid any sort of use of pesticides there in their hemp plants. The company also makes sure that the farmers do not employ the use of GMOs or other unnatural growth-promoting agents with their cannabis. They just want the organic hemp plant & cannabis plants .

As for the drying and curing process, this is all again done in facilities where that have been registered with the FDA. In addition, the Good Manufacturing Practices program has also certified this facility for the production that they do.

They, unfortunately, do not go into great detail on how they manage to get such a great taste out of their products. However, you do not need to worry about anything untoward being down here, as the company makes sure that all of its products have undergone independent lab-testing.

All in all, this company meets the high standards set by our previous two entrants, and that is an impressive feat to manage.

Honesty and third party lab testing

There are two things here that we should mention with regards to transparency here. The first is that it was a lot harder to find the lab results than it should be.

Interestingly, this fact did not seem to be because of an effort to hide them, but rather an oversight in the overall website design.

It took us a call with one of their people to sort it out, but the company definitely provides lab results. To find these on your own, you would need to scroll all the way down, go to the sitemap, and scroll through the giant list of pages to find the one where they have the lab results. Instead, you can also just click here.

Apart from their strange placement (a big button on the front page would work fine, just saying), the lab results themselves are fine.

Another thing to note is that while the company does host review sections for all of its pages and the company itself, these currently do not seem to have been used yet. That means that they are not very useful right now and is probably because of the fact that this is a pretty new company.

User Convenience

We mentioned in the previous section that finding the lab results was a bit more of a quest than it needed to be, but that is really where most of the design issues stop. They could stand to use their space a little bit more efficiently, but that is mostly nitpicking.

The actual experience of placing an order works flawlessly. Every product also comes with more than enough information to ensure that you have everything you need to use it safely.

The prices are generally pretty good, but what is lacking is the option to buy in bulk to the same extent as with our previous entries. The most you can get is a 7-gram jar, which is not quite the 1-pound deal we saw earlier.

The company does still provide all of its orders with free shipping. They also have a discount option available when you take out a subscription for a discount, and like all the other entries, they have the now famous 30-day money-back guarantee.

While not as ideal for those looking to stock up, they still offer a great selection of products that should fit most people’s needs just fine.

Customer Review

This is where we had to get a little bit creative. The company does have a dedicated review section on its website, as well as on the individual product pages, but the problem is that none of these seems to have seen any use as of yet. Unfortunately, that means that we cannot rely on the website itself to get the feedback of other users.

That is not necessarily a problem. You should never just look at a singular source when doing this type of research anyway. So, what could we find online?

Well, it turns out that many people have also picked up on the fact that this company has some of the best-tasting flower buds at the moment.

Beyond that, the company is also generally praised for being fairly quick to respond to any messages or questions. The fact that they ship for free is another thing that a lot of people really seem to appreciate.

All in all, most people seem to be quite satisfied with the brand reputation, but a few idiosyncrasies do make it a bit more difficult to get the full breadth of feedback that you might like to have before making a purchasing decision.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD for the Latest Offers

How We Choose These Brands

When you make a top three like this, there are a lot of concerns that come up that will not be immediately obvious to anyone who just sees the finished list.

Now we were lucky that most of the companies here managed to keep on par with each other in terms of both prices and customer-friendly policies, but that does not mean that this is the standard in the industry by any means.

Quite the contrary, in fact, most companies have not been featured on this list because they did not meet most of (forget about all) of the criteria that we had.

To give you an idea of what we meant, keep in mind that only really these three companies will all provide you with the following:

  • A money-back guarantee: Reading this list, you may get the mistaken impression that this is something that every company offers. We can assure you that this is not the case, and we were already quite lucky to find these three.
  • Free shipping: This is another thing that you will find that a lot of other companies do not seem to be able to manage to do. All of the companies here will provide that, though.
  • Bundle deals: Every company on this list offers at least some form of a bundle deal, and we do recommend that you make use of these because they simply help you save a lot of money.
  • Lab-tested products: This is perhaps one of the most important points because it is what ensures that all of the high quality products are safe to be consumed. We did not get into this in great detail, but there are a lot of companies out there that will use all sorts of methods to cure their organic hemp flowers that are not good for the end-user. So, with that in mind, never buy from a company that does not conduct lab tests or cannot provide these for you to see.

Buying Guide

You may still have a few questions as to which company is going to work best for you. While you really cannot go wrong with any of the companies on this list, we do think that it might be useful to give you a few pointers so that you can more easily come to a final decision.

  • How Much Are You Going to Buy?

If you are looking to get anywhere up to a pound of high quality hemp flowers, you will want to go for either Exhale Well or BudPop.

This is because they have several deals that especially cater to this and offer you a discount when you go for these amounts.

That is not true for Hollyweed, and while you can eventually get thereby adding 7-gram jars, it is far from efficient.

  • How Important Is Flavor?

If you really care about the flavor of the cbd hemp flower you are smoking, you owe it to yourself to give one of Hollyweed’s strains a try.

If you do not care that much about the flavor, the other ones should work just as well for you. Their flavors are far from bad; they just do not pop in the same way that Hollyweed’s do.

  • Do You Have a Preference for A Particular Strain?

Make sure to check whether the company has the strain you are looking for. BudPop is somewhat limited in this capacity, so if they do not have what you are looking for, be sure to check with the other two.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delta 8 Flowers

Q: So, All of This Is Legal, Right?

A: Yes, both selling and consuming all of these high quality hemp products is completely legal in the United States. Besides, According to the 2018 Farm bill , all plants that contain less than 0.3% THC are legal on a federal level – that is, all plants that have less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC are federal farm bill compliant .

Q: How Should I Smoke These Flowers?

A: There are a few ways. The most popular ones are generally to roll them into a joint or use a vaporizer. However, Urine screenings & drug tests can detect THC metabolites consumed 30 days prior, and more sensitive hair or nail drug tests cover a range of 90 days or more.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have gone through all three companies, you should have plenty of options to satiate your needs for delta 8 flowers in any way that you see fit.

We recommend that you go with either of the first two entrants, i.e., Exhale and BudPop if you plan to buy a large amount. Those discounts will help you to save a ton of money.

You should also always remember to use those money-back guarantees when you can. It is effectively a free testing sample that you get to use. With all that said, we wish you good luck and happy shopping.

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