Best Cannabis Seeds: Buy Marijuana Seeds Online 2022

There is little doubt that more producers are sprouting as the rules surrounding cannabis use become more relaxed. If they want to sell high-quality cannabis, they’ll need to get the best cannabis seeds for sale. Cannabis seed banks have risen as a result of this. However, they are still illegal in some states, which is why they may only be purchased from specific sources. Because of the limitations, we have compiled a list of the reputable seed banks in the US you can start to research and take advantage of their promotions.

But before checking what’s on our list, it’s worth noting that because not all seed banks are located in the United States, we only feature seed banks that ship to the United States. You may order cannabis seeds from this list and have them delivered to your address, as simple as that. Of course, reliable seed banks can still be found in the United States, but sometimes you need more variety. As a result, many people should find the list below useful.

Editor’s Choice

I Love Growing Marijuana

  • Fast shipping
  • Free of charge to all U.S. states
  • Additional discount
  • High-Quality seeds with germination guarantee

Best Cannabis Seeds: Reputable Seed Banks In The US 2022

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Editor’s choice
  2. Crop King Seeds – Best Seed bank
  3. Herbies Seeds – Best for beginners
  4. Marijuana-Seeds.NL – Best for medical growers
  5. Seedsman – Best quality
  6. Ministry of Cannabis – Best shipping
  7. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best for bitcoin users

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)



  • Cannabis seeds are covered by germination guarantees
  • Offers replacement seeds
  • Free shipping is available and ships fast
  • Amazing customer service


  • Does not ship to some states
  • May incur more charges for tracking deliveries

Click here to get the best deal on ILGM Marijuana Seeds

ILGM’s founder is Robert Bergman who has over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry, so having his seed bank makes sense. With this seed bank almost always being on top of other reviews for the best cannabis seed banks, it’s just wise to include this on our list. Of course, aside from being hype, we also see it as one of the best based on our own reckoning.

One of the most compelling reasons for individuals to purchase seeds from this seed bank is the company’s promises, one of which is a 100 percent germination guarantee. What does this entail? In the event that the cannabis seeds do not grow, the company is happy to replace them with free seeds. More so, you would certainly enjoy the company’s auto-flowering seeds. They are all about making your marijuana farming experience a lot better.

Even better, ILGM offers a mix pack for people who are unclear about which strains will perform best for them. Three strains are mixed together and classed in several ways, such as by name, growth conditions, bud color, and flavor. Experimenting to find what works best for you is a great way to get a sense of your preferences.

When it comes to their shipping, you’ll get free shipping that’s also really impressive in terms of how quickly they ship your orders. ILGM also offers international shipping, which is a piece of great news. Of course, their products can be supplied to you as long as they are permitted.

Finally, the company’s customer service is excellent. You can always check the company’s Trustpilot rating if you’re ever in question. The customer service team will promptly respond to any questions you may have in order to assist you in selecting the best marijuana strain.

2. Crop King Seeds



  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Offers high-quality CBD strain for medicated patients
  • The company has an extensive growth and plant knowledge base
  • Offers multiple payment methods
  • Accepts global shipping including Canada


  • Has limited stocks of strain selections
  • Does not offer free shipping

Click here to get the best deal on Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds has seeds for both novice and experienced growers, including auto-flowering and feminized varieties, as well as fast growers, normal, and CBD strains. You can also buy a variety of items or go for the best-selling items in the country. Purple Kush, White Cookies, Green Crack, Dark Angel, and Candy Cane are just a few of the high premium and unique strains in their remarkable inventory, which also contains various medical strains. While the cannabis seeds are significantly over market pricing, the great germination rate, according to most consumers, makes it worthwhile.

Moreover, their products are also easy to purchase with alternatives including Paypal, Venmo, and Bitcoin. Before being sent, all seeds are inspected and tested. What’s even great is that this Canadian-based cannabis seed bank corporation has 200 real stores in Canada, making it a reliable business that is totally shielded from US restrictions.

The company, however, does not offer free shipping since the cheapest delivery option costs roughly ten dollars. To make up for that, there are 31 different types to pick from, all of which have an excellent germination rate of at least 80%. Aside from that, in case your seeds do not germinate, they will send you new seeds.

3. Herbies Seeds



  • Stealth shipping is available
  • Guarantees easy transaction
  • Offers free seeds as part of their package
  • International shipping is available


  • Customer support is pretty average
  • Doesn’t frequently offer discounts and promos

Click here to get the best deal on Herbies Seeds

Because of its reputation, Herbies Seeds is one of the greatest online seed banks. Looking at the evaluations of individuals who have tried the brand, it is clear that it is a popular choice for many. This is due to the fact that it provides germination-guaranteed seeds, a diverse selection of strains, and excellent customer service.

What’s even great about them is that they take pleasure in offering a diverse selection of high-quality cannabis seeds for sale. It has over 2,000 different marijuana strains to choose from, each with its own characteristics. Whatever you’re looking for, Herbies’ diverse selection of strains will help you find high-quality seeds that suit your needs.

The website is simple to use and explore to find the strain you desire. Depending on your preferences, you may even arrange it further to locate the best feminized or auto-flowering weed seeds. With over 2,000 cannabis strains on the website, you should be able to discover practically everything you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in its shipment, it’s worth noting that the company also offers international shipping. If the company must ship to the United States, your package will arrive in 5 to 8 days. For the most part, that is a reasonable schedule.

There’s also the possibility of using stealth shipping. This is critical if you want your shipment to be as secure as possible. Some people request stealth shipment in order to protect themselves. Payments can be made using a variety of methods, including debit cards, bank transfers, and more. As an incentive to return for more, you still get free seeds with each transaction.

4. Marijuana-Seeds.NL (MSNL)



  • Their cannabis seeds are proven to be of high quality
  • Sells at an affordable price
  • Ships fast to all locations even in different countries
  • Offers free seeds as a compliment


  • Their stealth shipping is expensive
  • Customer service can be better in terms of customer options

Click here to get the best deal on MSNL Seedbank

The company started small in the United Kingdom, but it has since evolved to become one of the best places to acquire cannabis seeds. This seed bank, like other online seed banks, offers a variety of strains to choose from. Most people appreciate it since it sells over 200 different strains.

Cheese strains, Haze strains, Kush strains, Big Bud strains, OG strains, value seed packs, and more are all available. They also offer a rewards program that gives you credit for each order that you can use to save money in the future.

Moreover, you will like the seed quality whether you get the white widow strain or any other sort. Given that one of the founders is a geneticist, it’s no surprise that the seed bank will provide a germination guarantee. This business continues to collaborate with the country’s finest breeders to ensure that marijuana farmers have access to high-quality seeds.

Additionally, their pricing is cheap for the quality seeds, with special offers always available, even on the most recognized strains. Sale prices can be upwards of 30 or even 50 percent off, and MSNL regularly updates this section of the site. Even better, you will get at least 5 free seeds with every order from MSNL seeds.

Overall, we highly recommend them because of the many positive features they have, which also includes their great customer service. You can safely order from the brand’s website and even pay with Bitcoin because many consumers have pleasant things to say about it.

5. Seedsman



  • Amazing in terms of seed stocks
  • Has over 1,500 strains from 65 seedbanks
  • Provides loyalty points to its customers
  • Includes free seeds in every order
  • Boasts great customer service
  • Provides tons of accessories like hemp bags
  • The breeders are well-organized


  • Delivery charges are too steep
  • Website is hard to navigate due to overwhelming ads

Click here to get the best deal on Seedsman

Seedsman has a large portfolio of top cannabis breeders compared to other seed banks that export to the United States. You can be assured that you will always receive high-quality seeds. Plus, it’s noteworthy to mention that they sell their own cannabis seeds as well as more than 1,500 cannabis strains from 65 other seed banks throughout the world.

You can acquire auto-flowering cannabis seeds, feminized seeds, and so much more thanks to the large number of licensed breeders who offer them. You’ll also receive loyalty points and free seeds if you use the company’s website. Of course, buying cannabis seeds from a company that rewards its consumers is always a plus.

The nicest part about this cannabis seed retailer is a large number of approved breeders available. In fact, they provide a long alphabetical list of all the seeds they sell, as well as the breeders who produce them. If you’re looking for a specific big-name or specialized breeder, Seedsman is likely to have them and their marijuana seeds in store.

You can pay with traditional means as well as cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with Bitcoin users saving up to 15% on their purchases. For buyers who are unfamiliar with acquiring cannabis items through the mail, the company also offers quick delivery and discreet packaging.

6. Ministry of Cannabis (MOC)



  • Sells personalized hybrid strains
  • Provides discreet packaging
  • Offers multiple payment options
  • International shipping is available
  • Boasts a team of experts
  • Amazing customer service


  • Free shipping has a minimum limit

Click here to get the best deal on the Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis (MOC), situated in Spain, offers a diverse selection of strains as well as their own hybridized variants. MOC ​is a popular seed bank and grower of high-quality cannabis strains throughout the world. They have a steady supply of popular kinds on hand in addition to producing and marketing their own strains, such as auto-flowering and feminized strains. MOC, like most internet retailers, sells a wide range of cannabis seeds.

In addition, the brand provides outstanding value for money and occasionally offers discounts on purchases. Furthermore, they provide great customer assistance, which includes self-serving features such as thorough FAQs on their website and instruction during the full seed germination process.

The brand provides worldwide shipping. You can place your order safely and securely online after reading the terms and conditions e-manual on the website. Before doing so, make sure you understand the legal status of cannabis seeds in your area.

More so, all deliveries are covered by stealth shipping assurances, and if you have a tracking number, you should be good. The company will not display or reveal your order data on your credit card bill, and delivery and payment are completely secure. The company accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, Bitcoin, and online bank transfers.

7. Quebec Cannabis Seeds


  • Guarantees 80% germination rates
  • Offers 20% Bitcoin payment discount
  • Provides fast and discreet shipping
  • Has various strain selections
  • Impressive customer service


  • Requires a minimum order amount of $70
  • The website is not appealing compared to others

Click here to get the best deal on Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is based in Montreal and was created in 2012. This Canadian seed bank stocks just the best strains and provides excellent customer service. When it comes to recreational or medicinal cannabis, you can be confident that you’re getting high-quality strains with the right levels of CBD and THC.

Not only does Quebec Cannabis Seeds have 50 of the best marijuana seed strains in the world, but it also offers 50 exclusive species of the world’s largest cannabis seeds, including auto-flowering, regular, and feminized marijuana seeds. Jack Herer feminized, AK47, Quebec gold 2.zero feminized, and QC black gold marijuana seeds are some of their best-selling products. Despite the fact that the seed bank is based in Canada, weed seeds are sent all over the world via a rapid and safe courier service.

Lastly, when it comes to their website, it is simple and easy to navigate. Even if you’ve never used it before, it should be simple to figure out. It’s simple to choose and purchase the proper strain once you’ve set up your account. Of course, this Canadian seed bank also accepts a variety of payment options, such as debit cards, credit cards, and other payment options.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seed in Online Seed Banks?

In the United States, there are a few major exceptions to the legality when buying cannabis seeds. Seeds for use as bait for fish or birdseed can be legally purchased or owned. The catch here is that the seeds that fulfill this criterion are almost always commercial hemp seeds with minimal THC levels. To put it another way, you can’t use the seeds to develop plants with high associativity.

The way legal standards have been interpreted has also altered over time. Legal standards should be interpreted to indicate that cannabis seeds are legal if they are not sprouted. The absence of germination is crucial. To make the legality of cannabis seeds even more complicated, several states allow you to legally own the seeds but not grow them. Only about 20 states allow for the legal cultivation of cannabis plants, so even if you can legally own the seeds in other places, you won’t be able to do anything with them.

Best Marijuana Strains to Grow

A great cannabis harvest, like any other, begins with high-quality seeds, but even experienced producers may find it difficult to select the best. Basically, there is no single best cannabis strain since each of these strains has its unique features that can greatly benefit you, as a user. However, keep an eye on the appearance, color, size, form, hardness, durability, and age of the item.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds For Sale Online

There are numerous seed banks on the market, each with a variety of possibilities, making it difficult to determine which brand is best for you. It’s normal to consider the dangers of obtaining marijuana seeds over the internet and receiving them in the mail. In the United States, as well as elsewhere in the world, laws vary from state to state.

To be safe, always verify the regulations in your state/country regarding controversial products before placing your order. Meanwhile, you may find your best choice by looking into the following considerations.

Cannabis Seed Laws in the USA

According to Health Canal, cannabis being legal in several areas in the United States, the issue is germination, not use. To avoid breaking any laws, always check if your state allows you to cultivate Cannabis. Over time, the interpretation of legal regulations governing the selling and cultivation of marijuana seeds has shifted.

You can simply buy or sell Cannabis seeds, but the most important thing to remember is the germination process. So, even if you own marijuana seeds, you won’t get in trouble, even if marijuana is outlawed in your state.

Stealth Shipping

There are several exceptions to the rule, even though the bulk of online cannabis seed companies ship globally. Naturally, you’ll want to double-check that the seed store ships to your location before making a purchase. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably have trouble even checking out and finishing your order. More importantly, discerning purchasers should perform some investigation into the stealth shipping techniques employed by any seed bank they are considering purchasing from, especially in locations where these products may be considered illicit.

If the item has any identifying markings on the outside, the chances of it being intercepted when passing through your country’s customs agency or equivalent are considerably increased. If this occurs, you will never receive your merchandise, may or may not be eligible for a refund, and may face legal action.

Therefore, it’s critical to make sure that the company’s stealth delivery methods are suitable for your own protection and continued freedom before buying. Check out prior customer reviews to see whether any of them had their packages intercepted and if they were happy with the stealth packaging method.

Payment Methods

Cannabis seed banks allow you to pay for your purchase in a variety of ways. Credit cards are the most common delivery method accepted by most banks. Because of its convenience, cryptocurrency is widely accepted by most banks. Because of its safe payments, PayPal is also widely utilized as a payment mechanism by many individuals throughout the world.

The Strain

The availability of strain kinds is the first thing you should look for in any online seed bank you’re considering purchasing from. If you’re seeking a certain strain, keep in mind that they may not be accessible at every shop.

Even if a strain is available, it may not be mentioned on the website, so if you’re looking for something special, you should contact customer service directly to see whether they have what you’re looking for. If you don’t have your heart set on a specific strain, just make sure the seed bank has a selection of the best cannabis strains. It might be exciting to explore different sorts that you’re not familiar with once you’ve established the degree of quality strains accessible in a certain seed bank.

Customer Service

Remember that a good business takes care of its customers and their specific needs. Customers have a positive experience when they receive good customer service. Researching seed banks before making a purchase, like the previous suggestion, will save you time and the aggravation of being stuck with a business that fails to deliver on its promises.

Final Thought: Top Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to the US

Following our review of the best seed banks above, you should have a good notion of which to consider the next time you want to buy cannabis seeds. Although not all seed banks are located in the United States, they can nonetheless ship to the country. As a result, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about acquiring your cannabis seeds.

Finally, we have taken the time to compile a comprehensive list just for you so you would no longer waste time and money on fraudulent websites. So, go ahead and purchase from the best seed bank you believe can provide you with the results you desire as a grower and user.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to buy seeds online?

Placing an order with an online seed bank usually entails very little risk. Most seed banks provide customers with stealth delivery, which ensures that their orders are delivered even if they are confiscated.

2. Are there any seed banks that ship to the US?

Yes. In the United States, there are various seed banks. All you need to do is do some research and you should be able to find a plethora of choices.

3. Where to buy cannabis seed online?

Generally, the above-mentioned seed banks are your go-to choices. Check each of them and find which works for your needs.

4. Can I get marijuana seeds to any country?

It is possible to get them shipped if a provider offers worldwide shipping. To obtain cannabis seeds, just make sure you’re not breaking the law.

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