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Best Bug Zappers (2021) Review Top Portable Mosquito Zappers

Everyone has a problem with the frustrating and cumbersome bugs that can come in during the humidity of summer. They are annoying and potentially harmful, but bug zappers make it possible to eradicate them.

A bug zapper can be used inside the home or outside, though some people will bring them along whenever they go on trips to ensure that they can have a bug-free experience. As the warmer weather approaches, it is more important than ever to be able to provide a way to be free from this possible damage. Using a bug zapper can be incredibly helpful, and this list includes many different options that are available on the market today to help.

In this guide, consumers will learn about the different products they can use in their own home with complete safety.

The Rankings of the Top Bug Zappers

After spending plenty of time to research the different options on the market today, the products that are featured in this guide as the top bug-zapping devices are:

  • Black + Decker Bug Zapper
  • BuzzBGone
  • Flowtron BK-40D
  • Hemiua Bug Zapper
  • Dynatrap DT1050
  • Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper
  • Fuze Bug
  • Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer
  • Moskinator
  • Mosquitron
  • MosQiller
  • 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern
  • MoskiXBand

Read on below to learn why each of these products secured a spot as one of the top bug zappers of 2021.

Black + Decker Bug Zapper


Black + Decker’s Bug Zapper comes from the most recognizable name on this list, which is why it is found on many other top appliances’ lists today. This bug zapper keeps the yard free of pests and insects, and it can easily be used on either an elevated surface or even on the ground. Some people choose to hang it from a tree to keep it out of the way of young and curious children.

As soon as the device is hung up, it can start to protect users from the surrounding insects. It attracts the bugs with an ultraviolet light to tempt them with a false food source, even though there is no food there to speak of. As soon as the bug comes in contact, an electric coil zaps it.

The device is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and it is one of the top-rated devices on the market today. Plus, it is available for just $65.

Learn more about the Black + Decker Bug Zapper.



The next device on this list is BuzzBGone, which has become popular on its own on the Internet. Even though it doesn’t have the same power that more high-tech devices might, its design is incredibly effective for anyone. It attracts the mosquitoes with a purple LED light, tricking them like the Black + Decker zapper.

Once the mosquito is zapped, it will fall to the ground below the device, depending on where it is placed. It is powered by a battery, and it holds mosquitos within it with rotating fans and a collection chamber. Users can remove the mosquitos from the collection chamber whenever it becomes full.

Consumers will probably enjoy this product for the value it offers at just $40.

Learn more about the BuzzBGone.

Flowtron BK-40D


The Flowtron BK-40D uses electricity to kill insects, and it is backed up by thousands of positive reviews from customers. It is found on Amazon, where there are already thousands of verified sales. Over 13,000 customers have left their reviews, earning it a 4.5 out of five stars on the website, which is no easy feat.

It can be used in the backyard or home of any user, standing at 17 inches tall. It also weighs about 5 pounds, making it one of the heaviest items in the rankings. It comes with several attachments that can be added at checkout, allowing users to replenish the bulbs as they lose their power. Users can also add a cartridge to attract more mosquitoes or a timer, but the complete list of all of the options is available online.

With the most power of any zapper on this list, users still only have to pay about $68.

Learn more about the Flowtron BK-40D.

Hemiua Bug Zapper


The Hemiua Bug Zapper comes with an impressive reputation on Amazon with a 4.6 rating and over 19,000 reviews to date. It is a little less expensive than the bug zapper before it, but it is clear that it has fairly similar performance. It is slightly shorter at just 12 inches tall, but the internal electric grid provides 4,200 volts of electricity with every shock. Luckily, to protect any animals or humans from coming in contact with it, it is protected by ABS sensing.

The coverage range of this bug zapper is also impressive, keeping an area of 1,500-square feet free of surrounding insects. It is perfect for any indoor area, though it can also help individuals to keep a large backyard or campground protected. To make this device easier to hang, it includes a hook.

Even though this device doesn’t have quite the reputation of a solid brand name, it is also incredibly affordable at $46.

Learn more about the Hemiua Bug Zapper.

Dynatrap DT1050


The Dynatrap DT1050 is incredibly high powered, offering performance both indoors and outdoors. Part of the reason this product easily makes the list is because it claims to offer coverage of at least half an acre. Keeping the trap available throughout the day can make it even easier to eliminate any insect or pest from the home. Furthermore, it is incredibly durable with a steel alloy structure.

To clean this device, it just needs to be activated. There is no need to touch any of it to get the cleaning desired, and everything is circulated with a fairly quiet fan. The only downside about this product is that users need to have it near a power source to keep it moving. It is not portable, so users will need to decide where it says based on the place that can be plugged in.

This device is one of the more expensive on the lists at $94.

Learn more about the Dynatrap DT1050.

Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper


The Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper doesn’t require a battery or a power source at all because it gets all of its energy from solar energy. It can be charged while it is in the sunlight, and it will run as long as it has access to solar power.

Rather than being specific to mosquitoes, this device can also help with flies and gnats. It is incredibly lightweight, which means it can easily travel along with camping gear or be used on the back porch for a more inviting experience on humid nights. Users can determine how bright or dim the light is, making it easier to use at any time of day. Plus, it only weighs 2 pounds, covering up to 538 square feet. Users can keep it outside in any kind of weather since it offers a waterproof design for $40.

Learn more about the Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper.

Fuze Bug


The Fuze Bug can be used in any backyard or indoors. Covering up to 375 square feet, it is powered by a battery that lasts up to 20 hours while in use. It uses a purple Eli D light, which is activated with a simple flip of the switch. Once the bug is attracted, it is zapped by electric coils. Users are protected from this coil with a layered electric grid, which also makes it easy to clean the device. Furthermore, it protects any young children or adults that may accidentally graze the edge of it.

This device is one of the less expensive items at $40 per unit.

Learn more about the Fuze Bug.

Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer


The Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer may not be the most attractive device on this list, but it is certainly effective. To get the bug to fly towards the unit, it features a bright light, zapping the bug with an electric coil as soon as it is close enough. Every single purchase comes with two replacement bulbs, which means that users do not have to worry about having to replace this device as soon as the power runs out.

Without any chemicals, this device costs $41 as it kills flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Learn more about the Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer.



The Moskinator uses both a light and a fan to draw mosquitoes near and track them. Once they are within the fan’s radius, they are unable to get out of the zapper. Rather than using chemicals, this device essentially traps the insect until they eventually dry out and die themselves. They are constantly bombarded with the air push towards them by the fan, despite being incredibly small. Even with a single use, it is possible for many mosquitoes to build up inside to protect the user.

Though it is a little bit more expensive, users will still only have to pay $73 to purchase the Moskinator.

Learn more about the Moskinator.



The Mosquitron is specifically designed to kill mosquitoes more than any other insect, using a fan and a light system like the device before it. However, the intelligent controls allow users to set the device with a switch to start it up. It is incredibly easy to clean and is powered by a USB connection to an electrical outlet. It is relatively small, making it perfect as a personal unit for any desk or bedroom. It certainly isn’t inexpensive at $89.00, but users are able to reduce the price by ordering multiple Mosquitrons at once.

Learn more about the Mosquitron.



The reason that the MosQiller is effective it’s because of the bright light it uses to attract and dry out insects that go towards it. It removes many types of flying insects, including drain flies, mosquitoes, and fruit flies. It is incredibly quiet, despite having the capability to kill off many bugs at once. It isn’t exactly a decorative piece, but it is compact and easy to keep clean between uses.

This is one of the devices that may be priced high at $79, but users can reduce the overall cost $45 each if they order more than one for the home and office.

Learn more about the MosQiller.

1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern


The 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern is incredibly small, using a 180-lumen to draw flying insects near. It is primarily meant for smaller spaces, though it offers 20 hours of life with the 2,000mAh battery. This device is one of the least expensive items on the list, making it easy to purchase many of them as needed. With real ultraviolet light, it definitely provides value to consumers that want to completely get rid of the mosquitoes and other insects in the area.

Learn more about the 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern.

MoskiX Band


The MoskiX Band is the final product on this list, sold by Hyperstech. It isn’t nearly the same as any of the hanging units or tabletop units offered on the market today, primarily because it is a smartwatch instead. This smartwatch goes wherever the user goes, keeping them protected from bugs as they go on a jog or travel, which is especially helpful for individuals that tend to move around a lot. Users can wear this in humid areas to protect themselves, keeping away the bugs and areas that they may not have control over.

Due to the incredible performance, this bug zapper is more of an insect repellent system for $89 each. Smart technology has grown exponentially, and the smartwatch is just another example of another way that the industry is evolving. Plus, it can be combined with any of the other systems here today.

Learn more about the MoskiX Band.

How the Bug Zappers Were Ranked

Every single bug zapper in the world claims to help users eliminate bugs by killing them with some type of mechanism. However, every product does not do what it says. Devices that are rather small may claim to eliminate bugs from a fairly widespread area when this is not necessarily possible. Other companies claimed to be long lasting when they only cover a few months of use.

Choosing the top bug zappers on the market required some discrepancy and decisiveness. Here are some of the criteria included to determine which products reached this list.

Attraction rating. There are many bug zappers that will use a cheap light in either blue or purple as a way to attract bugs, but that doesn’t mean they work effectively. Ultraviolet lights are typically the most effective, but some aren’t possible to see with the visible spectrum. Every single zapper on this list had to be capable of attracting, zapping, and killing the bugs to even be listed. The purpose of this product is to eliminate bugs, not act as decoration.

Amount of space covered. With a small device, it is fairly difficult to cover a large area. Other bug zappers are specifically made as a way to eradicate the bugs from a large space. Having as much coverage as possible was preferred when choosing a product for this list, which means the power that it emits was also important.

Cleaning. Any device needs to be capable of being cleaned when insects build up after a while. Plus, no one wants to have a device that is impossible to clean up. Some designs will come with a brush that helps to eliminate the bugs that build upon the coils, while others will distract the mosquitoes for easy disposal. While neither fan0based nor electric oil systems earned the priority, having a device that is easy to clean is a priority.

Source of power. The way that the device is powered helped to determine its ranking on this list. Both having a power supply and using a battery were both important, but they need to last. Devices that are expected to offer coverage for a while should not stop working within a few hours. Other devices managed to keep the user protected from bugs for up to 20 hours, which made them a much better deal.

Safety. Since this type of device is often around children and pets, the safety could not be compromised. Many safety features are used on these types of devices to protect humans and animals from ever coming in contact with the fan or electric coil used. The only way for any device to come in contact is to reach the coil, which is why products with certain safety features to protect others from this shock earned a priority.

Durability. Having a device that can go indoors and outdoors was appreciated in the creation of this list. In order to have flexible use, the material has to be strong and durable, like stainless steel. Some devices use cheap materials like plastic or ineffective bulbs that will die after the return policy is no longer effective. Every single product on this list had to include products that endured.

Discreet use. Consumers do not want to have to listen to a loud device buzzing all night in order to get the piece that they want from insects. Furthermore, the light cannot be so bright as to distract or blind the user. Having a discrete device is much easier to work around, and it allows users to easily enjoy their nights.

Price. It doesn’t matter what type of device the user ends up choosing, as long as it provides adequate value. There are many different price ranges offered in this list, but the ultimate factor was the value they offered for the price.

Who Can Benefit from the Use of a Bug Zapper?

Ultimately, anyone can benefit from using your bug zapper in their home or outside. They do not require complicated installment, and the electricity that they use is minimal. Plenty of people use a bug zapper right on their porch to give them a more pleasant experience on hot summer nights, though these bug zappers can also be taken while camping or to combat view humidity that comes from a swamp cooler indoors.

The list of people that can benefit are endless, but the majority of people that tend to take advantage of these devices include:

  • People who like to hike.
  • Outdoorsy individuals that go camping regularly.
  • People who like to enjoy their backyard without the constant threat of being bitten by a bug.
  • Individuals with homes near lake, creek, or swamp.
  • Individuals with allergies to certain insects in their area.
  • Individuals that don’t like to use chemicals or other solutions to protect themselves from bugs.

With all of the options on the market, finding a bug zapper at an affordable price is rather easy.

How Does a Bug Zapper Work?

There are two main systems that a bug zapper uses to eliminate the insects in an area – an electric coil and a light.

The light is typically a blue, purple, or UV light, and its role is to attract the bugs. When these bugs see the UV light, they think they are headed towards a food source that is coming from a living creature. As they migrate towards it, they see this opportunity as a quick way to get a meal. Before they are able to realize that the light is no more than a trap, they have already reached the electric coils and experienced this app that neutralizes them.

To trap insects, some devices use a fan instead, pulling the insect to the center. This mechanism creates a section, capturing the bug when it gets close enough to be pulled in by the whirlwind. The wind created by the fans is overwhelming for the bug, leaving them to be trapped in the middle until they eventually die. With the right power, using a fan can be just as helpful as a light to attract and capture the bug.

Some devices allow users to add certain baits that will help it to attract more index. Using octenol or octenol pads will make the insect believe that they are going towards human sweat. Cat food, tuna, and other foods that have a noticeable odor are also helpful when individuals are looking to attract flies to the bug zapper.

Some people add bait to a bug zapper to enhance its effectiveness. Octenol, for example, is a mosquito attractant liquid that mimics the scent of human sweat. By applying octenol or octenol pads around your bug zapper, you could increase its ability to attract mosquitoes. Similarly, some people add cat food, tuna, or other pungent foods around their bug zappers to attract flies.

Scientific Evidence About Bug Zappers

Due to the nature of this type of device, the majority of companies that produce bug zapper products don’t spend the extra money to go through a clinical trial to prove their effectiveness. Still, there is plenty of scientific evidence to prove that these types of options can help consumers with the bug problems they have.

One such study occurred in 2017, as researchers start to attract and ultimately kill mosquitoes with the use of LEDs. The pulsating lights made it possible to reduce how much power these devices used by up to 40%, and they also found that 250% more mosquitoes were captured with these types of lights.

A study two years later examined the effect that ultraviolet light had on insect traps. The study was based in Thailand, and the researchers took into consideration a month of use. They discovered that using an UV trap what’s significantly more effective, catching approximately 41 mosquitoes nightly. This noninvasive method has become rather effective in the country. Mosquitoes react differently at night than they do during the day. Researchers discovered that different light colors attracted different mosquitoes during these times, which could make a big difference for this industry.

In 2016, a study proved that it was possible to use ultraviolet light as a safe method to reduce the amount of bugs in an area with humans. UV light is completely safe for humans, which has been proven by many scientific studies. There have been no health effects to arise as the result of the amount of UV light emitted by a bug zapper.

Learning to control the amount of insects in an area can be incredibly important to the individual’s health. Mosquitoes can be both frustrating and deadly. The diseases that are brought on by a simple mosquito bite can kill thousands of people. Consumers are probably already familiar with many of the most common diseases, like the zika virus, dengue, and malaria. Humid areas tend to have a greater likelihood of mosquito-borne illnesses, but they are not exclusive to these areas.

When using one of these bug zappers, consumers can also eliminate gnats, flies, and other bugs.

FAQs About Bug Zappers

What exactly is a bug zapper?

A bug zapper is an electricity-focused device that kills insects like flies, gnats, mosquitos, and other pesky insects that fly around and disrupt an otherwise calm ambiance. This term is also used to describe other systems that are known for killing insects.

How does a bug zapper help?

The majority of devices that customers call “bug zappers” will attract the insects with a light while the electric component neutralizes and kills the pest. Ultraviolet lights are a common source that mosquitoes are attracted to because they believe it to be a sign of a food source. Ultimately, by the time that the insect realizes that they are not getting food, the coils have already zapped them.

How can users clean up their bug zapper when it collects too many bugs?

The model chosen for the bug zapper will determine how it is cleaned. Some models clean themselves, requiring no effort on the part of the user to clear out the device as the insects fall. Some designs offer a brush that users clear the coils with as the bugs collect on the surface of the light. Others might have a catcher for the insects as they die that need to be periodically emptied.

Check the instructions for the particular model chosen to determine the best way to keep it clean.

Why should users choose to add a bug zapper to their home instead of wearing bug repellent or using spray?

Insect repellent is an effective way for consumers to keep bugs away, but bug sprays can include many toxic materials that are dangerous for the body. Even though these remedies are effective, many consumers seek to find ways to kill off bugs without putting their family and pets at risk.

A bug zapper can be used in conjunction with a bug spray or bug repellant to improve the number of insects found indoors.

How big of a space can a bug zapper eliminate insects from?

Any of the items described on this list can cover an area of about half an acre, considering that many of these insects simply fly into the area that they’re attracted to. There are some bug zappers that have much smaller range, covering approximately 1500 square feet then. Models that are much smaller tend to only be meant for one room, so users should purchase accordingly.

What is the top bug zapper on the market right now?

All of the units found on this list are excellent choices for a bug zapper. Many of them are backed up by customer reviews, showing the many people that are happy with their results.

Why are mosquitoes attracted towards ultraviolet light and other light sources?

These light sources are often associated with food for mosquitoes. Unbeknownst to humans, the body emits ultraviolet light naturally, which is why mosquitoes are attracted to biting them and drinking blood. A bug zapper typically has an ultraviolet light to bring mosquitoes closer, allowing them to reach a proximity that will cause them to come in contact with the zapping mechanism.

Will a bug zapper be cumbersome to the user’s pets?

No. This device should be completely safe for any child or adult, as well as any pets. They are a much safer alternative to insect control than a pesticide or spray, which would be much more harmful to any animals that come in contact with it. Due to the low decibels of the zapping sound, animals should not even react to it.

Is it dangerous to have a bug zapper that emits 2,000 volts or 5,000 volts?

While it may seem like an intimidating power, these grids have an exceptionally low current that is paired with the high voltage. The shock is similar to what is limited with a car battery or an electric fence, but it doesn’t have enough strength to harm anyone beyond an insect. Plus, many of these devices have safety cages or layered designs though prevent the body from easily accessing the electrical component.

Is it possible to attract more mosquitoes to the device?

Yes. Some people will use octenol, which behaves much like the sweats that humans perspire, as a way to attract the mosquitoes. With soaked pads in the device, mosquitoes will gravitate towards it before they eventually come in contact with the electric coils. While this is not an option for every product, it can boost the effectiveness of any bug zapper with which it is compatible.

Is it possible to attract more flies to this device?

Yes. Using food, sugar, or honey is an easy way to bring more flies to the device. Some people will spread food items like mincemeat or cat food along the cage as a way to bring more flies to it.

Final Thoughts

Finding an effective bug zapper can completely change the way that consumers experience the warmer weather than brings on bugs like mosquitos. These types of zappers are often a combination of several mechanisms, like electric coils, fans, and lights that attract and capture the insects so that they don’t keep flying around. Even though many of these models only take a few minutes to work, the protection they offer through hours of activities indoors and outdoors.

Since there are many different types of bug zappers, it is important to choose one that works for the user’s needs. While some zappers save money by using cheap and ineffective lights, they won’t actually attract the insects that users want to eliminate. Other models use technology that is backed up by scientific evidence, allowing the creators to follow through with the promise of effectiveness. Make sure to understand the mechanism behind any remedy that users choose. With our list of the Top Ranked Bug Zappers For Mosquitoes and other insects, you’ll be sure to enjoy the outdoors a little more.

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