Best Background Check Services 2021: Top People Search Sites To Get Accurate Criminal Background Check

Background checks are becoming ever more ubiquitous in this less-than-trustworthy world we all move around in. Maybe in the past, the average person would never think about conducting one of these, but the times they are changing. These are not as comprehensive as criminal or credit checks because they gather only information that resides in the public sphere.

All that is needed is a phone number or address and the sites listed below can begin to dig. They are not complicated to use and everybody is welcome to search. The scoop on a person that you wish to know more about is at your fingertips.

Present-day realities have made background checks commonplace. As we become an increasingly digital world, information security is more and more important. In light of this, employers regularly run checks on potential employees.

When a person wants to rent an apartment or even a room within someone else’s home, a background check is a good idea. Are you hiring a college kid to prep your teenager for the upcoming SAT? You will want to have that kid checked out. Or maybe you lost touch with a friend many moons ago and would love to reconnect…what better way to do it than to run a quick check on the last known address.

There are varied reasons for wanting to run a background check. It is a versatile tool that we are lucky to have at our disposal. Are you curious about what information is lurking out there concerning yourself? Nothing is stopping you from running one on you!

Now that you want one, where should you go to get it? That is where we come in. We scoured the Interweb to find the best online background Check options out there. While some of them are free, do not be put off by the ones charging a fee, they often return more information and are worth every penny.

Top 3 Background Check Sites & Services of 2021

  1. TruthfinderBest For Criminal Records & Editor’s Pick
  2. Instant CheckmateBest for Social Media Checks
  3. InteliusBest for Quick Checks and Free Trials

Best Background Check Services [ Reviews]

#1. Truthfinder – Best for Criminal Background Check


Brand Overview

It is a great website that proves itself quite capable of aiding you in your search for detailed information about the subject of your inquiry. Truthfinder has a lot to offer users in their quests to either learn more or track someone down. It does what it purports to do, and it does it well.

The website can access both public and private databases as it seeks to turn over every rock in its hunt for information. It can do this because it is a premium site that collects fees and can leverage that to do a more thorough search. This makes your life a little easier as it does all the hard work for you.

You can also put this powerful search engine to use and discover what is floating around out there about you. The site is chock full of impressive tools that allow you to effectively monitor what information about you is available to the public. The checks you can run are unlimited and included in your membership. It is a fantastic resource if searching for people is the name of your game. Social media, police records, and photos will all be searched.

You cannot go very long these days without hearing a company boasting about their algorithms, and Truthfinder can do so proudly. Relationship data is one of the many details it will uncover, something not seen using other services. Using those public and private databases, residence history is also uncovered. It will report on places they have lived and do so with accuracy.

Mobile apps for both major platforms are offered as well, and they promise convenience as more and more of us do everything on our phones. Of course, if you are old school and still access the Interweb using a browser, you can do that using a clean and quick interface.

Finally, there are people and public record searches, and if you want to comb the netherworld of the dark web, you can do that as well.


  • Great customer support
  • They are upfront about what is allowed with the data they uncover
  • People search generates wonderfully detailed reports
  • Price structure is simple
  • The mobile apps are handy and work quite well


  • Obligatory membership.
  • Lack of a free trial.
  • Phone search is not included in membership.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Truthfinder


The site is upfront about how the data that it uncovers can be used. You can get your info entered, conduct a search, and have the report in your hands in around ten minutes.

The databases that Truthfinder uses to conduct searches are current and are actively maintained. You can get deep and thorough results thanks to its searches of public records and those of social media.

How Much Does It Cost?

Truthfinder rings in at 29 bucks a month. That puts it in the upper echelon of sites as far as expense, although we would argue you are getting good value for your hard-earned dollar. You can also pick up a little discount for ordering two months at a time, getting them for $24 each.

An additional benefit to using Truthfinder is the opportunity to search by name, something most other sites do not offer. If your search is going to be done using a phone number, that is not offered under the general subscription. It requires the purchase of a $5 phone search subscription. While some may find it annoying that this is not included, it is very helpful to those who only want to do phone number searches, as they can do it with just the $5 subscription, they do not need to purchase the general.

A downloaded report will set you back 2 bucks, and Truthfinder lacks a free trial period.

Customer Service

The reviews and ratings indicate that customer service is pretty good. When you see some complaining, it is generally geared toward annoyance with promo emails being sent. If you decide to cancel, you need to do that with a phone call to them. The folks on the phones are quite helpful, so that is not a big deal.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Truthfinder for the Best Discount

#2. Instant Checkmate – Best Background Check For Social Media


Brand Overview

If you intend to just do a few background checks now and never intend to mess with it again, Instant Checkmate will be your best friend. Say you want to find a lost cousin, or you want to just once see what is out there about you, then this is a phenomenal choice. It has the info that Truthfinder does, but you can do it here cheaper if you use the trial period to your advantage.

Arrest records are searched and made available. In seconds, using a simple browser, you can find information about whomever you are curious about. Compare that with the time and effort it takes to have the police do the background check for you. That being said, use caution and always do your research before using any background checking site available today in the market, as the reliability of the information can vary.


  • 5-day trial offers before committing
  • Members get unlimited reports/searches
  • Mobile apps
  • They are upfront about what is allowed with the data they uncover
  • Unlimited searches/reports when you buy a membership


  • Mandatory membership

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Instant Checkmate


The list of goodies included with your membership is long. It kicks off with the people search function. It is easy to use and returns a wealth of information. All you need is the first and last name and some basic information, such as an old address or even a birthday. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with findings related to:

  • Age
  • Email addresses
  • Any sex offender info
  • Social media
  • Marriage and divorces
  • Address history, including current

Reverse lookup searches are an invaluable tool when you are battling unwanted emails and/or phone calls. We all deal with this and what better way to put a stop to it than by finding out who is behind them. Instant Checkmate does a fabulous job of getting to the bottom of this annoyance and helping you put a stop to it.

The search will often identify social media accounts associated with the number/email, name, location, and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Use a little patience when you navigate to the checkout page and just wait. If you sit idle for a moment or two a pop-up appears offering you a 5-day trial for just a buck. You can’t beat that!

Once that golden offer expires the monthly membership fees are on the high end of the scale, but Instant Checkmate offers some bang for your buck. $35 a month gets you into the site as a member, which you can discount a bit if you agree to quarterly options that lower it to $28. If you plan to do searches using a phone number, then $5 a month will get you what you are after.

Customer Service

The online opinion of Instant Checkmate customer service is favorable. One of the nice things about it is that you can cancel your membership online. No need to call in and listen to their pleas to keep your business.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Instant Checkmate for the Best Discount

#3. Intelius – Ideal for Quick Background Check


Brand Overview

It has become the go-to website for locating high school flames and black sheep family members. While it is certainly used for a whole host of reasons, time and again Intelius is the one folks turn to for their personal searches.

The site boasts an enormous database and it promises the most valuable thing to anyone searching…anonymity. You can background search with confidence as there will be zero evidence that it was you that was looking for someone.

The popular options are all here. Level of education and criminal background can be searched, as well as standard reverse phone number and email searches. There is also a trial period that allows you to conduct a search and gather some of the results, but for more specific details and a clearer picture, you will need to upgrade to the premium version.


  • Detailed search results
  • Cheap subscription prices
  • Work and education information provided in results


  • Customer service leaves a little to be desired
  • Pricing structure is not simple and can be misleading

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Intelius


When conducting a background search on Intelius you can get some pretty satisfying results, including financial details like bankruptcies, criminal records, and public record reports. That criminal background info will show you offenses statewide, if applicable.

You can perform a reverse address search and get home values, contact info, current and former addresses, and even area sex offender information.

Public record searches that will highlight marriage and divorce history, reverse phone lookup, and the more general people search are all featured on the site. The people search will return information such as education and employment, age and birthdate, social media accounts, and even email addresses.

How Much Does It Cost?

Remember earlier when we mentioned that the pricing structure of Intelius was not the most intuitive and could be misleading? Try to follow along as we show you why.

Reverse Phone: $1

People Search: $1


Premier Plus- $30

Background Check-$40

Criminal Record- $15 for a single state, $30 for all fifty

Ok, so it is a little convoluted, but not terrible. Why are you asking? Well, when you take them up on their offer of conducting a phone call or people search for a buck, they sign you up for a 7-day Premium Plus trial. When you go to cancel that membership, they hit you with an $8 cancellation fee. Not cool.

Customer Service

It can occasionally be difficult to get a real live person on the phone to help out. Reviewers note that some improvement is needed here. But hey, if that annoys you enough you can always cancel your membership online.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Intelius for the Best Discount

#4. US Search – Best for Background Check Online


Brand Overview

You can perform a background check without the effort and time of becoming a member. If that fact doesn’t wow you, just realize that it is very rare among these types of websites. Almost everyone requires a membership first. Along the lines of doing something that most others do not. US Search also will allow you to print out reports for free. Nada. Zilch.

They started so well, didn’t they? Some areas could use a little fine-tuning. For starters, the returned results are often lacking in information that is fairly commonplace elsewhere. When we tested it and searched our names, information about our education and job history came back, as well as details about the homes we live in. But nothing on our email addresses or phone numbers. Pretty standard stuff for other background check sites.

Some of the association results also need to be accepted with a dose of skepticism. In our test run, the report detailed two associates who were completely unknown to the subject of the search.

US Search posts its explanation of how data can be used in such a tiny font and such an inconspicuous manner, that it is reasonable to suspect that they are not too interested in ensuring that data is only used as allowed by law. This is such a critical portion of background checks that the information about it should be clear, concise, and obvious.


  • Reports can be printed at no cost
  • No membership needed to run searches
  • Lots of detail in the reports


  • Lack of a mobile app
  • No trial period offered
  • Transparency is iffy

⇒ Visit the Official Website of US Search


The options afforded the user here are pretty basic. Nothing that sets it apart from the crowd. If you are desperate to avoid membership somewhere and willing to pay the steep price for an individual background check, this might be the place for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here are your expected costs when using US Search:

Monthly Subscription: $20

Background Check: $40

Single-State Criminal Record Search: $15

Basic People Search: $2.45

Customer Service

Online opinion seems to be that there are some fairly serious issues with the service offered. Reviews are unfavorable and indicate dissatisfaction.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of US Search for the Best Discount

#5. PeopleFinders – Best Choice for Basic Checks

Brand Overview

Refreshingly simple for the user. Navigate there and then type in a name and a city and bag, results are in. Just enter payment info and the report is yours.

Those results aren’t bad either. You get a ton of information, including property holdings, evictions and foreclosures, criminal records, addresses, relatives, and phone numbers.


  • Optional membership
  • Android App available
  • 3-day trial membership is cheap


  • Searches do not include social media
  • Cancellation fee
  • Lack an App for Apple


Some that we enjoyed include unlimited checks with your membership. You can just keep churning them out. A host of options, such as address search, reverse phone, and criminal will keep you busy.

With nothing but a city they once were associated with and a name, you can get a person’s relatives, age, property records, and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing is an area that PeopleFinders shines in. Membership will only set you back 30 bucks a month, and you can get that 3-day trial we mentioned for only $3. Pretty darn good. They do get you when you cancel and hit you with an $8 fee.

Customer Service

Excellent online customer service ratings mean People Finders is doing something right. You can get them by phone, snail mail, or email. They have folks answering your calls seven days a week.

#6. PeopleLooker – Best Value

Brand Overview

There is a lot to like about it. They are transparent about how data can be used and the regulations regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Every person who uses the site to search is protected and their anonymity is preserved.


  • Ease of use
  • Searches are private
  • Mobile Apps
  • Clean interface


  • Customer service
  • Searches are very slow to process


A court runner search that details a criminal past, if there is one. It scours court documents and returns warrant and misdemeanor information, public arrest records, and much more. The standard people search can be painstakingly slow, but the results you get are thorough and detailed.

The info removal tool is wonderful. It searches out all information about you and will aid you in getting rid of it if it is not true. You can also do a property check and determine ownership, year built, tax info, and square footage. It will even paint you a portrait of the neighborhood with demographic information, schools, and local attractions.

How Much Does It Cost?

At $23 a month, it is on the cheaper side of things. Couple that with a 5-day trial costing you a buck and the ability to lower your membership fee to $19 if you sign up for 3 months and you have yourselves a winner.

Customer Service

The general opinion is high about customer service offered by PeopleLooker. You can use their online contact form or get in touch with them directly using phone or email. Anytime from 6 in the morning to 11:30 at night.

#7. BeenVerified – Best for Beginners

Brand Overview

It has some options that you cannot find elsewhere, most notably a VIN record search. Enter the 17-digit code and BeenVerified will return detailed results on that vehicle. With this query you can get estimated value, any accidents recorded, ownership info, and a list of safety recalls.

Another search not included with most other websites is an unclaimed money search. Who doesn’t salivate a little at the thought of having money out there that belongs to them?? This money can be the product of overpaid bills, savings bonds that were forgotten, and even private companies that owe you money. If it comes up with anything, you are provided with contact information to start the process of getting back what is yours!

Finally, their mobile apps are very impressive. You can do everything that you can on the website while on the move and it allows you to store past reports on your phone so they can be reviewed anytime.


  • No limit searches for members
  • Mobile apps
  • They are transparent about how you can use the info
  • Current contact info in results


  • Results can be slow
  • Lacks a free trial
  • Results are occasionally inaccurate

How Much Does It Cost?

Membership pricing is eminently reasonable. You can take the already low $23 a month option, or the even more tantalizing $15 a month if you do a 3-month commitment. That is quite a savings. Both plans are identical in regards to the options you get.

Speaking of those options, your membership provides unlimited searches, lookups, and full background checks.

Customer Service

BeenVerified excels in this area. They are prompt and responsive, kind and courteous. Available 7 days a week, you are never far from having your answers addressed with this customer service team.

#8. GoodHire – Easy To Use

Brand Overview

GoodHire has not been around long, yet already enjoys a robust customer base. Signs that they are doing something right. They offer tiered membership pricing, which is a nice option that caters to the various sizes of businesses out there that need to conduct checks on potential employees.

While any size organization can enjoy the benefits of GoodHire, it is especially convenient for those with smaller HR departments. The ease of use and simplicity allows anyone to quickly master the opportunities available on the site. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the software that many corporations use to track candidates.

With a professional and clean interface, it is designed to be intuitive and simple to navigate. It is equally at home on mobile devices to satisfy the needs of the busy executive.


  • Ease of use
  • Varied pricing structure
  • Extensive resources


  • Inaccurate time estimates


If you’re willing to pay the extra fees, you can get additional features such as health sanctions, drug screening, ongoing alerts, credit reports, DMV checks, and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here are the tiered prices, and what comes with them:

  • Basic – $30/check – 24-hour turnaround, sex offender and criminal database check, and social security number trace.
  • Standard – $55/check – 1-2 business day turnaround, everything above plus country criminal court check and the last 7 years of court records.
  • Premium – $80/check – 2-4 business day turnaround, everything above plus a domestic watchlist search.

GoodHire charges a $50 fee for verification of your account.

Customer Service

Excellent. GoodHire is geared toward the professional and the service it offers its customers reflects that.

#9. RentPrep – Best for Criminal History

Brand Overview

Popular with landlords and those looking to rent out a room in their homes, this site has two distinct membership packages to choose from. The first is similar to the TransUnion SmartMove program with some added perks. The second option is called RentPrep background check and is a pared-down version of the first.

Both options will turn up previous addresses, check the sex offender registry, comb through eviction records, and check for bankruptcies. Only the first provides a ResidentScore, which is a great tool in determining who is and is not a good prospective tenant.

To add a credit report to your results you need to purchase it as an extra option. It will use your provided acceptability score and offer a pass or fail verdict.


  • Thorough nationwide criminal reports
  • Options in membership plans
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Information on income is generic
  • Hard credit pulls have additional costs


Below are some of the more valuable features the packages provide:

History of Evictions: Past evictions are a very strong indicator of future evictions. Read this with care. It uses public databases to provide you with the needed information.

Criminal Reports: A basic and imperative check on any possible tenant. Knowing criminal backgrounds allows you to make a wise decision. This will weed out those that you feel could be a danger to you and yours.

Lease Default Prediction: It uses an algorithm to assign a numerical value that will reflect the likelihood that someone will default on their lease obligations.

Credit Report: You get all the information but not the actual FICO score. As this option comes at an additional cost, some will rely on the ResidentScore generated on the report and forgo collecting a credit report.

And maybe a little less valuable:

Income Info: This report is spotty at best. It missed employer information so was not a reliable indicator of past employment. It does spot bankruptcies that have occurred in the last decade.

How Much Does It Cost?

The scaled-down version will run you $19, while the more robust SmartMove report comes in at $38.

#10. PeopleSmart – Best Customer Service

Brand Overview

Nice number of options when it comes to methods of search. You can use a social media account, a name, or even an email. It was convenient and the variety of options was impressive.

PeopleSmart does a great job of being upfront and transparent in what they do and do not provide. While it may irk you that you can’t get a criminal or background check from them, at least they tell you that immediately and don’t wait for you to pay for a search and spring it on you then.


  • Info comes with a confidence score
  • Well organized results
  • Searches are saved and easily recalled
  • Easy to navigate


  • No criminal history provided
  • Multiple returns for a search, difficult to find the right one
  • No background checking services


There is a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard that will be a delight to use. They have report monitoring so you can keep an eye on up to 10 reports and be notified if anything changes. Setting this up is crazy simple.

You can also organize all your searches into one location, create a PDF of them, and even remove them from your list.

How Much Does It Cost?

Monthly membership runs you 30 bucks, and you can test the waters for a week for only $1.

There are no upgrades or additional fees, which is nice. That $30 gets you everything they have to offer.

Customer Service

I believe this is the only site that boasts 24-hour customer service, which is pretty extraordinary. They are well regarded online.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Background Check Site on The Market?

Background checks are becoming more popular all over the globe and provide you the best way to get accurate information before hiring someone. All the providers listed in this article are affordable and genuine. However, Truthfinder comes at the top of our list as it provides accurate and quality data.

The website of Truthfinder is easy to navigate and helps you to access the media profiles, location history, and other information of the people. It also offers free dark web monitoring and disclosure information that is needed for collecting data.

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