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AirPhysio Reviews – Does It Work? Critical Details to Know First!

AirPhysio Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Device is a handheld, portable OPEP that helps consumers to improve their short-term and long-term breathing, reducing the risk of many respiratory conditions. AirPhysio is entirely natural, award-winning, and is also registered with the FDA.

What is AirPhysio?

When a pandemic is sweeping the country, everyone wants to keep themselves healthy and protected from disease. Many immunity supplements have been developed in the last two years as a preventative measure. Still, most of these immune system booster products trigger the immune system to work more effectively. Anyone with breathing issues is likely to need a more advanced to treat a specific problem, and a standard inhaler isn’t necessarily the correct treatment for everyone. Using the AirPhysio Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Device can make a major difference for these people.

The creators behind AirPhysio explain that this device is specifically meant to improve the user’s breathing, which is especially useful considering the main symptom of COVID-19. This device doesn’t protect users from getting a disease or virus or help cure it, but they can use it as a way to eliminate severe lung conditions that would otherwise leave them more vulnerable. Many people find that using this device once is enough to change their lives, clearing out the excess mucus that can cause airways to become blocked. By clearing out the mucus, users essentially are cleaning out the lungs to promote better hygiene, breathing capabilities, and improved lung air capacity.

Unlike immunity-boosting supplements that can work effectively to improve the immune system function, consumers can incorporate the AirPhysio breath training device to entirely and naturally enhance their breathing into their treatment and see a significant improvement in breathing. Although their lungs do not entirely clear up after just one session, the improved breathing quality cannot be ignored. As users incorporate and use the AitPhysio into their health routine, they will notice much more breathing strength and oxygen capacity in their lungs. AirPhysio is a pulmonologist and doctor-approved and recommended patented device for people who want to improve asthma, COPD, and more.

Despite being recommended by doctors, this device is not ned the use of medicine, and there are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients involved. Instead, users will expand the lungs and clear out mucus without using a steroid or chemical. The company shares several clinical studies that back up the use and effectiveness of this product, assuring users that it’s effective and safe to aid consumers with sore throats, coughs producing phlegm, and wheezing, difficulty sleeping, congestion in the chest, and respiratory infections.

This device is not bulky, making it easy to travel with. It can be placed in a pocket for use. Consumers will find the device can make a significant difference in the quality of their lives. They can carry it in their pocket until the next time they need to use it. There are no refills or medications required since the entire mechanism works exclusively with the user’s breathing.


How Does the AirPhysio Work?

The AirPhysio device is so effective because of the patented process that allows the user to remove mucus clogging the airways and lungs. The Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) method is exclusive to the AirPhysio brand, providing a portable way to improve the user’s lung health.

The fact that this product is recommended and encouraged for use by pulmonologists and doctors, and reviewed in the Globe Newswire, it’s clear that this natural solution is much safer than many of the products on the market today.

How to Use the AirPhysio

The key is to improve the user’s natural breathing is daily use at least twice a day. If symptoms are recurring, AirPhysio should be used, more often and it takes little effort for the user to achieve lung health improvement. The only thing that the user needs to do is blow into the device. The mouthpiece is easy to align and should face upwards, allowing the user to exhale with repeated steps to follow so that AirPhysio is used appropriately.

First, take a deep, filling breath into the lungs until they feel full of air. Then, hold the breath for two to three seconds. Once this step has been taken, the AirPhysio is to be placed into the mouth, and then all of the air needs to be exhaled into the device. All the individuals will need to do then is initiate a throat-clearing cough to expel the dislodged mucus.

This method works because the device is meant to create positive pressure from the gap created in the lungs. The pressure virtually eliminates the mucus, working to dislodge it effectively. There is no need to take a decongestant to get these results because the device’s pressure is enough to elicit the proper response. With no medication to swallow, users will not have to worry about any potential adverse effects.

The device is designed as simple to use; however, the benefits are significant. Inside every device, users will see a steel ball and a circular cone; the entire device is protected within a cover that can be removed and gently cleaned after use by rinsing it out and drying.

There is no need for surgery, though this device is not a substitute for medical attention in many cases.


Purchasing AirPhysio

Even though some products are similar to the AirPhysio device, the only way to get an authentic product is on the official website. There are packages offered, allowing users to get multiple devices for their friends and family.

The available packages are:

If the user finds that they don’t improve their breathing when they use the AirPhysio over time, they can send it back to get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About AirPhysio

Will AirPhysio clear up any respiratory conditions?

It is possible. The design is registered with the FDA, using medical-grade materials, making it incredibly effective against issues in the respiratory system. Both doctors and pulmonologists recommend what types of symptoms can AirPhysio help to relieve?

With the all-natural benefits of this device, customers can use it as a way to deal with asthma, COPD, smokers cough, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, and pneumonia, among other conditions.

Is there any risk of side effects when using AirPhysio?

At this time, no side effects are reported regarding AirPhysio. However, if treating a medical condition, consumers may want to speak with a professional before use.

What type of symptoms will AirPhysio help the user with?

Most people experience the healing they hope for relatively quickly, starting with the first time it is used. Even with a night of rest, users will find their lungs are much clearer than before, giving them more robust and healthier lungs as time goes on. Some users describe the device as life-changing, alleviating wheezing, sore throat, congestion in the chest, respiratory infections, and difficulty sleeping.

Is it uncomfortable to use the AirPhysio device?

No. For some people, it feels like a tickle is in their throat, causing them to need to cough. However, this reaction is entirely normal and not painful; this is a natural part of the process to purge the body of the mucus in the airway. Most users start to feel much better when the mucus is cleared out of their body, effectively lifting heaviness from the chest.

How often should AirPhysio be used?

The use will depend entirely on the customer’s needs, but most people begin using it a few times a day. Regular use will lead to the most drastic improvements with time.

Is the AirPhysio device safe for children?

Yes. However, users should only allow their children to treat their throat with it if they’re above age 4. Children who have difficulty breathing for quite some time should speak with their medical professional to ensure that it is not a much worse condition.

To ensure that this device is safe around children, specific safety measures are applied to make it impossible to disassemble without the proper instructions, such as a child-resistant cap.

Is it possible for multiple people to share this device at once?

Even though it is possible, the creators do not recommend it. Even though the user is blowing their breath into the device, there is a chance that sharing it will spread their germs to another person. Luckily, there are several packages to allow users to stock up.

How often will AirPhysio need to be replaced?

Never. The design is meant to last forever. Every product is covered by a lengthy warranty of one year just if there are any issues with the design.

The customer service team can deal with any other questions or concerns via email or phone call 1300 723 110.



TAn Australia-based company developed the AirPhysio device for consumers to clear and expand airways to breathe better and prevent or treat major problems in their respiratory system. Medical professionals recommend AirPhysio to treat conditions like the common cold congestion, asthma, and COPD, to name a few.

It decongests the lungs without taking prescription medicine or cold medicine to achieve this effect. Even though it doesn’t clear all of the mucus out with one use, it only takes a few treatments a day to treat the airways and lungs to become clearer with consistent use.

Users find that the mucus is alleviated by breathing into this device; to learn more about the company and the design, and how the AirPhysio can improve your lung health, visit the official website.

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