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4 Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit in 2021: Top Direct Lenders to Get Quick Cash & Instant Loans

Keeping up with a busy and expensive lifestyle is becoming a challenge for many. However, this costly lifestyle is not particularly chosen. It’s just the regular one and is getting quite heavy on the pocket these days. It is a consistent struggle for many to manage everyday essentials, especially when living in the US.

Inability to pay bills, being in constant debt, and not being able to repay the secured loan on time are contributing factors that result in bad credit. On top of that, if you encounter a financial emergency expense, you may find yourself in a state of panic.

Typically, the only practical and immediate way out of this troublesome experience one could think of would be to get an emergency loan. However, not many brokers are kind enough to grant you an emergency loan with a minimum credit score. This is often because a poor credit history makes you out to be an unreliable and risky borrower.

So, if you are in a similar circumstance and desperately need an emergency fund, you are right where you need to be. In this article, we’ll discuss four of the best online lending companies to back you up during your financial crisis.

Our list includes PersonalLoans, MoneyMutual, BadCreditLoans, and Remember that these online credit unions are not lending agencies. Instead, they serve as a bridge between probable borrowers and reputable loan lenders. Everything here, from requesting funds, connecting to the broker, and the bank deposit, takes place online, saving you a lot of time to meet your urgent needs.

Now, we understand that emergency loans for bad credit scores might seem a little risky. However, these companies ensure that their websites and transferring processes are safe. Most importantly, they grant you reasonable loan amounts which are sufficient for your financial needs, with flexible terms and conditions, despite your bad credit history. Let us learn more about how these companies back you up with an emergency loan in times of crisis.

Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

  1. MoneyMutual
  2. BadCreditLoans
  4. PersonalLoans

#1. MoneyMutual


MoneyMutual offers free resources to help people facing financially critical times. It is a third-party service that facilitates the connection of brokers to borrowers experiencing an economic fluctuation. Although everything takes place online, MoneyMutual never fails to make everything accessible and secure.

Trusted by over 20 million customers, MoneyMutual prides itself in engaging requests for holidays, car repairs, urgent bills, emergency unexpected expenses, and more. Additionally, they are top-rated in no-credit-check loan services. In other words, they make no hard and fast inquiries into your credit score history. As such, even if you have bad credit or negative credit, you’re eligible for consideration.

Aside from that, they offer you a secure and transparent service based on three quick steps. First, you fill out the request form present on the site with some of your personal and financial details. Once submitted, you will be approached by a lender in a matter of minutes.

If a lender decides to work with you, it will redirect you to their website to provide additional information and review the terms and conditions. If you find said conditions favorable, you may accept the emergency loan.

Some lenders even approach you via call, text, or email to confirm the deal to make the process transparent and free from miscommunication. As soon as you verify, the transfer process takes place.


  • Transparent Service: The website is easy to navigate and does not contain any complex settings, making it highly accessible to even a new user. Additionally, there are no loopholes or other hidden services or charges., which ensures the credibility and transparency of both the site and the process.
  • Short-term Grant and Loan Amount: MoneyMutual specializes in short-term loans that are beneficial for people who need a small amount in an emergency and are returnable in a few months. With MoneyMutual, you can request any amount ranging from $100 to $5000, fulfilling financial needs of all sorts.
  • Extended Lenders’ Network: Featuring a vast and diverse set of reliable lenders, MoneyMutual ensures that a decent number keeps backing you at all times. There are over 110 unique lending partners on the site, providing you with prompt and satisfactory service. Besides, the lenders’ count can also be viewed from the site, keeping you updated on the unique lenders online at all times.
  • Quick Deposit: MoneyMutual offers you almost instant services, from prompt lender response to speedy transfer. Their ideal deposit time is 24 hours (given that it is a working day) for a hassle-free experience.
  • Informative Website: Making their website comprehensive for beginners, they have included all the relevant information to assist you as you go. The purpose behind this is to educate the user about their investment to help them make an informed decision.
  • Secure and Certified Platform: MoneyMutual features 256-bit data encryption in all its processes to avoid any hacker attack. For added security, daily scans are performed to remove any hidden traces of malware as well.

Besides, MoneyMutual is a proud member of the Online Lenders Alliance, guaranteeing the implementation of best practices for exceptional customer experience. Finally, MoneyMutual is certified by TrustedSite and CFEF.


  • Exceptional reputation in the market
  • Trusted by over 20 million people
  • Ideal for personal loans
  • A descriptive website with transparent service
  • Over 110 unique lenders
  • Incredible security; 256-bit encryption
  • Certified by OLA, TrustedSite, CFEF
  • Money transfer in one business day


  • Services are not applicable in New York

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans


BadCreditLoans has been in business for years now, meeting the needs of people with financial difficulties. Like other companies in this article, BadCreditLoans is not a direct lender itself but brings borrowers and lenders together for safe and secure dealings. The lenders in their network include tribal and state ones with varying charges and different binding laws.

Your credit history may affect the lender’s offer. However, most lenders still grant you an emergency loan with flexible terms and without collateral despite your credit history. Additionally, BadCreditLoans extends their services to find you a lender if you are unsuccessful in connecting to any lenders in their network.

BadCreditLoans has the most services for free, although they charge reasonably for connecting you to a qualified lender. Moreover, the requesting process is almost entirely similar to other companies. That is, you submit a form, and lenders approach you with an offer. If you and the lender agree on the terms, money gets transferred within a business day.

To qualify for this emergency loan, you should be at least 18 years of age and provide proof of US citizenship. Additionally, you are required to define your source of income and must have a checking account in your name.


  • No Obligations and Comparative Rates: BadCreditLoans, a third-party platform, does not oblige you to accept any of the terms and conditions offered by lenders. Before selecting one, you must thoroughly go through all the terms and conditions and compare the offers proposed by different lenders.
  • Ensure You Get What You Came For: All the visitors come to BadCreditLoans searching for suitable lenders. If no one fits from their network, BadCreditLoans extends their services to find you a reasonable lender. This is done by displaying relevant ads and sharing your contact information without breaching any privacy guidelines. These ads include other loan services like debt relief, credit repair, other credit-related products, or other lenders.
  • Educational Resources: Interestingly, their site and services are more than just another online resource. BadCreditLoans believes in providing free educational resources to make all their visitors aware of the online lending processes. Additionally, they inform you about how to spot a scam and prevent you from falling prey to it – enhancing their credibility and transparency.
  • Ample Loan Range with Long-term Repayment: The lenders and other third-party brokers at BadCreditLoans allow you to acquire a loan for any amount up to $10000. Not only that, they provide you an extended period for repayment ranging from 3 months to 6 years, giving you great time flexibility.
  • Line of Credit: Some lenders at BadCreditLoans offer the choice of availing a line of credit. This can prove quite beneficial for those who constantly need to be backed by financial aid. With this, you can acquire the required amount at any time in numerous sections until you reach the committed limit. Once you repay the lent amount, you can avail the line of credit once again.
  • Protected Website: For the utmost protection of your personal and financial information, BadCreditLoans uses advanced encryption technology. Besides, they use secure files and computer protection to make the experience safe and guarded.


  • Feasible eligibility requirements
  • Request loans up to $10,000
  • Advanced data encryption, computer protection, and secure files
  • Educational resources are present on the site
  • Repayment terms ranging from 3 months to 6 years
  • Exceptional services in finding you a lender
  • There is no obligation to accept any offer
  • Rates compared side by side


  • High APR considering someone with bad credit

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans



One of America’s most trusted resources for emergency loans with no credit check is Utilizing their widespread network of lenders and other third-party services, they strive to find you qualified help. offers you a personal loan with no condition of any collateral whatsoever. Whether you need money to upgrade your house structure, to consolidate any debts, for a vacation, or any other reason, has got your back.

You can use their cost-free services in four simple steps. First, complete and submit an easy-to-follow and secure form on their site. You will be approached by a lender almost immediately. Once that happens, review their proposal thoroughly. Next, if the deal is confirmed, you will be asked for additional information by the lender. The transfer process will begin when you provide that, and you should have your money in roughly one business day.

By any chance whatsoever, if you cannot find a lender, you may receive offers for credit repair, debt relief, or other financial services. To become eligible for the emergency loan, you need to have an active checking account in your name along with a minimum monthly income of $1000 minus taxes. Alongside this, you should be at least 18 years old and be a US resident.


  • Responsive and Vast Lenders’ Network: has a vast network of lenders and other financial services. This includes tribal and state lenders, allowing you to experience varying offers and charges. It is due to their extended network that you receive a prompt response on your application.
  • Freedom of Decision: does not bind you to any offers or lenders. Instead, they advise you to make an informed decision after carefully viewing all the terms and conditions along with APR and interest rate. So, if you decide to accept an offer, it is solely your decision.
  • Flexible Offers for All: With various lenders providing you different rates and deals, is one such platform where you will get a series of proposals unless you find the right one. The flexibility depends on the following factors: ample funds (ranging from $500 to $10000), prolonged repayment period (3 months to 72 months), and Annual Percentage Rate (varying from 5.99% to 35.99%).
  • Educational Resources: At, they strive to make their audience financially aware by making credible resources available. These resources are present on various pages across their website. All of this is done to help you make a decision most beneficial to you where you are aware of all the happenings.
  • Transparent and Secure Service: The team at prides itself on providing fast funding, safe, and straightforward service. There are no hidden requirements or charges. Additionally, they have their Privacy Policy and other details mentioned on the site.

The only aim of is to provide their customers with a worthwhile and reliable experience while easing their worries about a hassle-free transfer. Lastly, to ensure that your sensitive data is well-protected at all times, they use industry-standard encryption technology.

  • Incredible Customer Support: has a soft spot for their customers and, as such, treats them as a priority. They make themselves available to assist you through calls, email, and text messages and look forward to entertaining all your queries until you have none left.


  • The service is completely free
  • A simple and convenient application process
  • Easy-to-navigate and informative website
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Reputable lenders
  • Industry-standard encryption technology
  • There are no restrictions on any offer
  • Avail any amount from $500 to $10,000


  • Strict eligibility with $1000 monthly income

⇒ Visit the Official Website of

#4. PersonalLoans


PersonalLoans is a reputable online platform that connects borrowers to brokers via a safe and secure channel. They offer a convenient service to their customers by linking them to their diverse lender network and third-party brokers.

These lenders include both tribal and state lenders, so you may need to look out for the difference in origination fee. Tribal lenders have comparatively higher rates than state-licensed ones, and they follow tribal and federal laws instead of state laws. Additionally, most of these lenders offer an annual percentage rate of 5.99% to 35.99%. However, these may vary among different lenders.

The process of requesting funds is pretty simple. First, you head over to their website and fill out the funds’ request form. This form prompts you to enter all the necessary information that the lender needs to know to consider your request, such as the reason for the emergency loan, how much you need, your credit type, contact information, etc.

Once the lender seems interested in working with you, PersonalLoans redirects you to the lender’s offer page containing terms and conditions. After reviewing their offer, you may accept or reject the deal. The funds’ transfer process occurs when both confirm the deal.


  • Loan for Everyone: PersonalLoans provides services to people who are facing a variety of financial difficulties. Their lenders’ network entertains lending requests for bad credit, medical emergencies, payday loans, debt consolidation, home improvement projects, and more. This makes them an ideal choice for borrowers suffering from low credit scores and other financial challenges.
  • Line of Credit: Aside from the traditional personal loan, some lenders and third-party services in the PersonalLoans network offer their customers a line of credit. A loan limit is preset with the line of credit, allowing the borrower to transact as much as needed from the bank until they reach the limit. Once the borrowed money is repaid, they can continue utilizing the line of credit as usual.
  • Exceptional Attempts to Find a Lender: If you are unable to connect to a lender, PersonalLoans will display advertisements from similar lending agencies offering services such as credit repair, debt relief, and so on. Moreover, they share your contact information with them, so you may be approached by the lender if you qualify for the loan.
  • Competitive Rates: With PersonalLoans, you get to choose a lender that satisfies your financial needs the best with competitive rates. As you are under no obligation to accept a lender’s offer, you have the choice of exploring their terms and conditions, repayment time, and interest rates, amongst other factors. This lets you make an informed and favorable decision.
  • Responsive Service: PersonalLoans makes your request open to lenders when you submit the form to save your time. You start receiving offers in mere minutes. Similarly, once your deal is finalized, their lenders make sure to provide you a fast deposit, which typically takes one business day.
  • Grand Funds and Long-term Repayment: You can request a loan of any amount, with a $1000 minimum and $35000 maximum. Besides, PersonalLoans offers you an extended repayment period ranging from 90 days to 72 months.
  • Secure and Reliable Platform: PersonalLoans enables advanced data encryption technology to make the platform free from malicious attacks and security breaches. It is also a member of the Online Lending Alliance, securing the highest industry standards.


  • Vast lenders’ network; comprising tribal and state lenders
  • The process is consistent and straightforward
  • It has the service of a line of credit
  • Request any amount between $1000 and $35000.
  • Repayment terms are flexible.
  • It gives you a loan for multiple reasons
  • Provides you with comparative rates
  • Prompt service and quick deposit
  • Advanced data encryption for security


  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is relatively high

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PersonalLoans

How We Made This List For Emergency Cash Immediately Bad Credit

To compile this list, we conducted an online search gathering all the best emergency loans for bad credit-granting credit unions. They were further narrowed down on the condition of whether they entertain customers with a bad credit history or not. Only those who supported it remained on the list. The rest fell off the grid here.

To shrink the list even further, we ran a background check on the selected companies. Only those who stood out from the crowd in terms of user satisfaction, reputation, customer reviews, dependability, and quick transfer stayed on the list; the others were dropped. More specifically, this is how we cut short our diverse list of emergency lending companies to the top four brands that also support consumers with bad credit.

What We Looked For

The key areas we looked at while compiling our list are discussed in detail below:

  • Background in the Business: Our priority was to retain companies that have been providing their services for best emergency loans to low credit bearers for a while now. This was a significant part of our research since we aimed to bring you a tried and tested service and not a newbie to the market.
  • Customer Satisfaction: There’s hardly a better way to gauge brand and product excellence than through customer reviews. Our shortlisted companies have a high customer satisfaction rate and play a significant role in assisting their consumers wherever needed.
  • Free Requesting Form: A person in dire need of money with a history of bad credit is unlikely to be capable of paying the form fee. Those who can afford it might equally find it off-putting as the form is just a starting point. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your required emergency loan. Thus, our list comprises companies offering free request forms.
  • Straightforward Process: To ensure that even a layperson could access the site and get an emergency loan with bad credit, we looked for a credit union with a convenient and transparent process.
  • Quick Money Transfer: As emergency loans are being requested for an urgent financial need. Hence, making sure that the customers receive a timely deposit was our most important area. Therefore, all these companies transfer funds once approved in one business day.

Key Factors to Remember When Trying to Getting an Emergency Loan with Bad Credit

We made a list of key factors to be kept in mind to make your lending experience smooth whenever you need to get an emergency loan. They are:

  • No Suspicious Activities

When making an online loan request, always keep an eye out for unusual activities. Unusual activities can be anything, including asking for unnecessarily private information like your credentials, complex requesting forms, hidden charges, or policies.

Additionally, check their customer history and learn how they earn their money from your investment. Some scammers act authentic, but they feed on selling your personal and financial information online and channeling it to commit unimaginable crimes.

Another suspicious activity would be trying to force you into making a quick decision. A reliable lender would never do that and would respect your decision in all cases.

  • Repayment Conditions

You eventually have to return the loan amount. So, why not educate yourself on what you need to make the process hassle-free? Similarly, before signing up for an emergency loan, learn about the lender’s repayment method and conditions.

This may vary from broker to broker. Some lenders offer flexibility in repayment in the form of long-term repayment periods, while others prefer it to be in monthly installments.

Additionally, you should explore their interest rates and types—whether they are fixed or variable. All of these would help you pre-plan your repayment process.

  • Annual Percentage Rate

APR is similar to a loan’s interest with the addition of any fees a lender might implement, such as prepayments. The yearly rate is charged for a loan (borrower) or earned by an investment (broker).

These rates differ from lender to lender. Thus, make sure you do not commit to a rate not suitable to you. You can do this by calculating the annual percentage rate given to you before closing the deal.

  • Credit Score

Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) introduced a grading procedure that grants a score ranging from 300 to 850 points, known as the credit score. This sets the judging criteria for lenders to assess the financial history of a borrower. Essentially, this score makes it easier for them to decide whether they should work with the said borrower or not. This is the reason you should always keep an eye on your credit score to see if you have made notable progress that could help you qualify for the best emergency loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What credit score is considered a bad credit score?

Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) formulated a mechanism for creating a score against each borrower ranging from 300 to 850. The FICO score depends on five different factors: payment history, the amount owed, length of credit history, new credit, and credit mix. Each of these factors has a unique weightage that forms a score. According to FICO, a bad credit score ranges from 300 to 579 score points. However, a score ranging from 580 to 669 is pretty fair.

Q2. Why is it troublesome to obtain an emergency loan with bad credit?

Borrowers with low credit scores, typically within the range of 300 to 579, have a history of unreliability when it comes to paying bills, amongst other similar payments. This score also represents their probable inability to return funds within due time in the future, making them risky borrowers. Many companies follow a strict policy when it comes to the repayment of loans. Therefore, finding a company that entrusts you with the best emergency loans sometimes gets tedious, especially when you have a bad credit history.

Q3. Will a lending service help me in case a deal goes wrong with the payday lender?

This depends entirely on your lending service’s status. If you have a direct lender serving your financial needs, then there is a chance that they may consider your concerns until resolved. However, if you have a third-party lending company, like the ones discussed in this article, it’s not very likely that you’ll get backing in this matter. They simply provide you freedom of choice to accept or reject a proposed offer if it does not align with your interests. Besides, they have not been involved in the lending process themselves, making them unaware of your dealing with the actual lender.

Q4. Personal Loan Vs. Line of Credit. Which one works best for people with bad credit?

An emergency loan typically covering your personal expenses is known as a personal loan. These loans are handy for various reasons, including debt consolidation, home renovation, weddings, vacations, etc. They come with a fixed end date, and payday lenders grant them as one batch of money. Usually, you have to pay them back in a few months.

In contrast, the line of credit is a flexible lending method that comes with a preset credit limit. It allows you to retrieve as much money as required in unlimited transactions until you reach the preset. Once you pay your debt, you can resume the transactions as usual. These generally come with a long-term return policy.

Both personal loans and the line of credit work for people with financial emergencies. It solely depends on the consumer’s needs. Personal loans are for you if you need a comparatively small loan and find it easy to repay small installments given a deadline. However, if your financial emergencies come unannounced and you constantly find yourself lending money, the line of credit is ideal for you.

Conclusion : Best Online Emergency Loans

No matter what your financial emergency is, a supporting hand is always a plus. These extensively reviewed companies are your best way out of this urgent yet troublesome demand. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a personal loan with a short-term repayment process or a line of credit with flexible returns. You’re very likely to find what you need here.

Moreover, accessing the site to get the funds in your bank account is pretty fast and straightforward. Besides, all four of these companies connect you with reputable lenders granting you a quick deposit. Nonetheless, your data and privacy are safe from any security breaches here. So, set your worries aside with one of these by your side!

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