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Best Psychic Phone Reading Services of 2020, Accurate Predictions and Readings over the Phone

I agree; getting a great online psychic reading on the phone can be a bit tricky. Especially when trying to avoid those clumsy psychics we’ve all heard stories of.

But you know what? I’ll help you dodge that bullet.

With this review of the most reputed psychic platforms, you’re assured of landing gifted and diverse phone psychics to guarantee you the best and most accurate psychic phone readings.

Ready? Let’s jump in!

Best Psychic Phone Readings – Quick Look

  • Improve your love life and happiness with accurate readings
  • Find thousands of experienced psychics
  • Free 3 min + 15% off
Psychic Source
  • Access readings in real-time video chats
  • Get bonuses on sign up
  • Free video chats
Mystic Sense

1. AskNow – Best Phone Psychics (1-888-815-1999)

Feature Summary

AskNow prides itself on being the most trusted psychic reading service. And knowing they’ve been answering clients’ burning questions discreetly for 16 years now says a lot. As a new customer, you’ll like that you can make a quick phone call to a psychic for just $1 a minute; on the 10-min, 20-min, or 30-min package. PLUS, you’ll also receive a 5-minute free psychic reading with either an Elite or Master Psychic, which is helpful if you want to discover first-hand the difference in ability between AskNow’s cheapest and most expensive advisors.

And if you run into any trouble, AskNow’s 24/7 phone and email customer support team are on standby to help out. You also do NOT need to worry about hidden fees since you’ll be notified when the free minutes end, so you don’t get caught out. Sounds good, aye?

You can choose to have your reading by phone or chat. And there’s a mobile app to help you get psychic readings on the go if you find you never have enough time to log in to your PC. However, there are no email readings yet if that’s something you’d fancy.

But the beauty is their website is pretty simple and intuitive, which is a sport for beginner clients. From AskNow’s main page, you’ll instantly get an idea of the psychics available. And you can filter them by availability, reading type, advisor type, and even price to find one within your preferences.

Popular Readings: Love and Relationship | Money | Career | Tarot Readings | Spiritual Readings | Numerology | Past Lives | Dream Analysis | Pet Readings

2. Kasamba – Accurate Love Psychic Readings Over the Phone

Feature Summary

If you want to improve your love life and bring happiness to your life, then Kasamba should be the best natural choice, with over 3 million people steered to true love and happiness so far.

We love the idea that whenever you pick up that phone to call a Kasamba psychic, you get three free trial minutes on your first ever psychic reading, and then afterward, you get three free chat minutes with every new advisor. This is really helpful when figuring out which reader you have that bond with.

Better yet, you still get 50% off your first phone session. Plus, a satisfaction guarantee to back up your trust in them. Cool?

However, you’ll have to sign up to enjoy those nice free call minutes and discounts. But we don’t think that gets in the way much because registration is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is pick a psychic from the simple profile catalog, and then you’ll be walked through the registration.

Popular Readings: Psychic | Relationships | Tarot Card Readings | Fortune Telling | Career | Dream Analysis

3. Psychic Source – Beginner-Friendly Psychic Telephone Readings

Feature Summary

Psychic Source is like The Beatles of psychic websites, they’re quite popular, and their effective psychic readers have been helping people find peace and comfort for more than 30 years.

You won’t have to break the bank to talk to a skilled phone psychic. At an affordable $1 per minute rate, you can make that call, stress-free.

Don’t fret if you’re new to psychic readings by phone; just by answering a couple of questions on what you want, the psychic finder tool will set you up with the best phone advisor. Just hit that ‘call me’ button and let the magic happen.

You could also talk to your online psychic reading advisor on video, but video psychics can get pretty expensive.

On the upside, you’ll get three free minutes on call with your first paid Psychic Source reading and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for some confidence.

Popular Readings: Cartomancy | Tarot Readings | Numerology | Love | Dream | Spirituality | Past Life and more

4. Keen – Insightful Tarot Card Psychic Reading by Phone

Feature Summary

Keen is another old-timer here, with 20 years of experience in helping out customers like you find clarity in their life.

It’s good that their online psychic readings are quite affordable, and you even get three free phone minutes with every new psychic to find who you have that spark with – with another welcome offer of 10 minutes for just $1.99.

Also, you won’t have to sift through endless psychic profiles. Their tailored psychic finder feature will help you find the best psychic depending on your desired topic, method, and price.

Once you get one, just hit the call now sign. The only thing is that these online psychics don’t have an availability status, so a couple might be busy when you call.

But on the bright side, you can schedule a call back if you like them that much.

Popular Readings: Psychic | Finances | Life | Spirituality | Love, and Relationships | Tarot | Astrology Readings | Psychic Medium

5. Oranum – LIVE Streamed Video Psychic Reading Sessions

Feature Summary

Oranum is one bang of a choice if you’re looking for diverse reading perspectives, as their psychics are sourced from different places and cultures in the world.

You will get free credits worth $9.99 just by signing up, getting you up to 10 free minutes with your ideal psychic advisor. Awesome?

Still, I should point out that Oranum doesn’t offer phone readings, but I thought their smooth live video readings were pretty cool, which could be really helpful if you’re looking for a more personal touch with an advisor.

The cherry on top is… Instead of getting free minutes on new psychics like other online psychic readings, you can join a free video psychic reading session and gauge if their reading style fits what you want.

You can then opt to send them a private reading request if they’re the right match.

Popular Readings: Love | Clairvoyant | Astrology | Dreams | Career | Fortune Teller | Numerology | Tarot card readings

6. Mysticsense – Experienced Phone Psychics

Feature Summary

  • 5 free minutes for first reading
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Psychics available online 24/7

Mysticsense makes it here as one of the best psychic reading sites for love readings. And it comes with online psychics of diverse ages to give you a broad view of life. Better still, psychic readings are available 24/7, so you can hit that call sign at your convenience, with great filter tools to narrow down and find your ideal advisor.

Yes, you get five free minutes on your first phone session. Although, you’ll have to deposit $10 to your account to get those free call minutes. On the bright side, though, Mysticsense also offers chat and video readings if you might want that backup.

Popular Readings: Love | Psychic Mediums | Career | Energy Healing | Intuition Readings | Astrology and more

Top Phone Psychic Readings – Your Questions Answered

What Are the Different Types of Phone Readings?

Clair Powers

Clair gifted psychics have enhanced senses and perception to gain information on a person and help give a psychic reading on their future.

These psychics can either be Clairaudients – they hear voices, Clairvoyants – see images, Clairsetients – sense energy, or Claircognizance – use intuition.


In cartomancy, psychics attempt to give insight into someone’s future using a deck of cards by interpreting the cards’ images, symbols, patterns, mystic creatures, and more.

Cartomancy can include; Tarot card readers – Tarot readers give direct messages, Angel card readers – angel card readings send messages from a mystic being, e.g., Angels, Oracle card readers – use images to suggest meaning.

Psychic Medium

Medium reading psychic services involve the gift of being able to connect the living with their dead loved ones. Especially when someone would wish to communicate with someone that was close to them.


Astrologer psychics are advisors that have a divine power to offer life analysis in regard to the movements and positions of celestial bodies like the moon, the stars, planets, and more.


Numerologists are psychics that believe that everything can be interpreted in numbers. So by interpreting numbers associated with someone’s names, likes, family, letters, and more, they can find some information on a person.

How Do I Recognize a Legitimate Phone Psychic Reading Site?

There are a couple of ways to recognize a legitimate phone reading site. But your best bet to get the best psychic readings online and avoid dodgy online psychic reading services would be to check their customer reviews on public online forums.

This way, you can determine their reputation and the quality of their psychic reader community.

How Accurate Are Telephone Psychic Readers?

Telephone psychic readers are largely accurate, especially if from reputed and well-known telephone psychic reading websites.

These online psychic reading sites thoroughly screen their online psychics to ensure each psychic reader is genuine and gifted before putting up their services on their psychic websites.

Can You Get Free Psychic Reading Over the Phone?

Yes, you can pretty much get a free psychic reading on most reputed online psychic reading sites like AskNow, Kasamba, and more. Since such platforms give new clients real free psychic readings on the phone or reward points that can be redeemed for free readings on the phone.

How Much Do Phone Psychics Charge per Minute?

Phone psychics charge varied prices depending on the services offered. And can range from as low as $1/minute to upwards of $20/minute. Generally, the more experienced phone psychics charge more.

When Should You Call a Psychic Hotline for Guidance?

You should call a psychic hotline for guidance when you have questions that no one can seem to answer or when you feel like things aren’t going as you had planned. Psychic readings online can help you gain more insight into life’s questions.

What Should You Know Before Calling a Psychic Phone Number?

The main thing you should know before calling a psychic phone number is that you should stay calm, focused and let the psychic guide the reading session.

This makes it easier for you to seek clarification while giving you the chance to get a more accurate reading.

The Takeaway: Where to Find Legit Psychic Phone Readings?

While you might think searching for spiritual readers near me, is the fastest way to find a gifted psychic, phone psychic readings are actually one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get insight into your life and general spirituality in real-time while still maintaining some privacy. And the good thing is you can access them with just a click.

AskNow seems to have a really solid foundation to start your readings on the phone, with skilled 24/7 phone advisors, a wide selection of readings, and a 100% Guarantee.

Still, Kasamba and Psychic Source are also worth their salt if you’re looking for really accurate love readings or affordable phone psychic services, respectively.

You should realize that most psychic phone reading platforms have different strengths. So go for one that’s more in tune with what you want for a reliable reading.

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