10 Best Delta 8 THC Tinctures on the Market

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Delta 8 THC is a type of THC that comes in an oil form that resembles orange juice or OJ when it’s in its liquid form. The great thing about Delta 8 is its absorption rate into the body, which is pretty immediate and direct.

If you’re looking for a Delta 8 THC tincture that will get you medicated immediately, then these products below are the ones to try.

If you’re a medical marijuana patient suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, or another condition and need immediate relief from your symptoms, consider trying one of the best 10 Delta 8 THC tinctures that we found below.

Best Delta 8 THC Tinctures on the Market:

  1. Everest
  2. Rogue River Labs
  3. Delta Farms
  4. AtlRx
  5. Binoid
  6. Delta Extrax
  7. Exhale Wellness
  8. 3Chi
  9. Nuleaf Naturals
  10. Koi

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a specific type of THC oil that has the highest concentration found in nature. However, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better than other types of THC oils.

It’s important to note Delta 8 is NOT the same thing as hash oil or BHO, which are more concentrated forms of marijuana that have extremely high levels of THC.

However, whether or not Delta 8 is better than other types of THC oil really depends on the individual and what they need it for.

Delta 8 has a blood plasma level peak within 90 minutes and stays in your system for up to 3 hours after use. That means it’s best to use Delta 8 if you only need the benefits of medical marijuana for a short amount of time.

How is Delta 8 THC Made?

The process to make Delta 8 THC oil is kind of similar to how they make hash, which makes it one of the best forms of THC if you need immediate relief.

To start, Delta 8 THC starts with the same foundation as all other THC oil products: high-quality marijuana buds. They dry, cure, and decarboxylate the plant material until it becomes kief, which is then cold-pressed to create hash oil.

That’s when they add their supercritical CO2 extraction process to push the THC oil out of the hash. This is done with a supercritical CO2 extractor, which pushes carbon dioxide through the kief and extracts all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from it.

The wax that’s produced is then purified by their distillation process to create Delta 8 THC that’s completely pure.

Delta-8-THC Dosage

As with most medications, it’s best to determine the right Delta 8 THC tinctures dosage based on age, weight, tolerance, and experience. Another factor to consider before consuming any of these Delta 8 tinctures is whether you’ve had any food today or not.

The usual dosage for standardized extracts is 10-15mg of DM, 2 times per day. When medicating with Delta-8 THC use caution when dosing and titrate slowly up to the recommended maximum daily dose of 30mg to avoid possible adverse reactions.

Delta-8-THC General Side Effects

Since Delta 8 THC is absorbed quickly into your body, you may experience small things like a dry mouth (more common in new users), bloodshot eyes, and an accelerated heart rate. Don’t worry if these symptoms appear because they’re just temporary effects that will go away eventually.

If they persist for a bit longer than you feel is normal, then do be aware to seek medical advice or medical assistance. Everyone responds differently to trying D8 tinctures for the first time, so it’s best to be prepared for all possible side effects.

Delta-8 THC is available in a variety of products from various brands including vape cartridges, capsules, and vegan edibles. It’s also available in capsules and various other oil products.

When purchasing one of these Delta 8 THC tinctures, make sure to verify the concentration before placing an order. You can do this by checking the label or online, although it’s always a good idea to have a professional help you determine the right dosage and delta-8 THC tincture for your needs.

As with other types of cannabis medications, people may experience some minor side effects when medicating with Delta 8 THC. Although these side effects are not dangerous and typically dissipate over time, it’s still important to be aware of what they are before medicating with this medication.

In general, those who have never consumed cannabis or any type of CBD product before may experience some initial side effects, such as dryness in the eyes and mouth and an accelerated heart rate.

Most of the side effects associated with Delta 8 THC are not dangerous and will usually go away within a few hours or days after medicating. It’s important to note, however, that some people may experience side effects for longer than others. If any of these effects persist beyond a couple of weeks, then it’s a good idea to consult your doctor or a professional about how to adjust your medication.

For those who have been using cannabis for a long time, it’s possible that you may experience some side effects from Delta 8 THC tinctures on the market the first time you try them. Some of these side effects include dryness of the eyes and mouth, bloodshot eyes, and a faster heart rate after medicating.

While these side effects are generally not dangerous, it’s best to take them seriously and speak with your doctor or another professional if they persist for longer than a couple of days.

Can You Build Tolerance to Delta-8-THC?

Yes. If you use Delta 8 THC tinctures frequently, then you may build a tolerance to it. If this happens, be sure to reduce your dosage or take a break from using it. Once you have taken a break from using Delta 8 THC tinctures then you can try again and see if your tolerance level is closer to where you were before you ever tried these tinctures.

As with most medications, it’s best to try and take a break from using these tinctures once in a while and see if your tolerance lowers. If not, then you may want to discuss the possibility of increasing your dosage with your healthcare professional.

It’s important to note that everyone reacts differently when trying Delta 8 THC for the first time, so some side effects may be longer than others. If you feel like your side-effects are not going away after a few days, then it’s best to consult with your healthcare professional about how to adjust your dosage appropriately.

Delta 8 THC for ADHD/ADD

Some people use Delta 8 THC tinctures for support with ADHD/ADD symptoms. As with most cannabis-related products, this hasn’t been proven fully in the medical field yet!

With that being said, users have experienced better focus, and calm when they use certain strains of the Delta 8 THC tinctures on the market featured below. Those who have tried Delta 8 THC for their ADHD/ADD symptoms did express an experience that helped them better focus on getting work done and accomplishing tasks around the home, without getting distracted.

While we can’t tell you exactly how you’ll respond to each of the below Delta 8 THC tinctures on the market, we can share the information with you to better evaluate which option you want to try.

10 Best Delta 8 THC Tinctures on the Market

1. Everest Delta-8 Oil


Made with high-grade naturally grown hemp, the Everest Delta-8 tincture delivers a potent dose of THC. This all natural oil is perfect for those looking for therapeutic benefits without any unwanted side effects.

2. Rogue River Labs


Image courtesy Rogue River Labs

Rogue River Labs Delta 8 Tincture has 1500mg of pure, organic MCT oils and hemp distilled Delta-8 Distillate to give you powerful benefits. With 300 5mg doses or 30 50mg doses per bottle, this tincture is perfect for your coffee, smoothies…or really anything you can think of! They also have a great strawberry flavor that has become one of their bestsellers because the sweet taste compliments any drink.

3. Delta Farms


Image courtesy Delta Farms

If vaporizing or smoking doesn’t suit your needs, this Delta Farms Delta 8 tincture is the perfect solution. One of two drops under the tongue will begin to dissolve and absorb Delta-8 THC in a solvent base of MCT Oil, with many alleged benefits for your health.

When we say one or two drops under the tongue – we really mean it! Starting small may be ideal when unsure about how any new product may affect you specifically on an individual level. It’s important to remember that potency can vary from person to person, so one method might work better for some individuals while another might not have as good an effect.

4. AtlRx


Image courtesy AtlRx

AtlRx Tinctures offer natural relief without any of the harsh additives and artificial flavors found in other brands, making them perfect for sensitive individuals. Dissolve our tincture under your tongue or mix it into some warm milk before heading to bed and rest easy knowing you’ve given yourself the highest quality ingredients available for helping you wind down and enjoy a deep sleep. Plus, with seven different concentrations to choose from, we’re sure that whatever your needs are, this company will have an option that will help out!

5. Binoid


Image courtesy Binoid

Feeling like life is imminent ruination? Binoid Delta 8 Tincture can provide you with the most natural way to cope. Whether you’re in need of relief through meditation, mobility, or relaxation; Binoid’s high-quality products are your answer. Not only that, but their potent doses will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and mentally focused!

6. Delta Extrax


Image courtesy Delta Extrax

Delta’s Delta 8 tincture minimizes negative and boosts positive effects of THC. These three tinctures, Focus, Chill and Calm, all use a unique formula thanks to the new development in extraction technology that has created an unparalleled consistency for each potency. Featuring terpenes known for their focus-enhancing and energizing properties such as cedrene, b-pinene and pulegone or those with sedative qualities such as linalool, valerian root extract and lavender oil this product contains everything you need to live life on your own terms.

7. Exhale Wellness


Image courtesy Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness is a CBD company founded in the balmy LA area. In each 60 ml bottle, there are 10 milligrams of high-grade full-spectrum hemp extract that offers 600 milligrams total per bottle. It’s perfect for new and beginner users since it contains a lower potency than other products – but don’t take our word for it! The company has been featured in publications such as Salon, Huffington Post, and BuzzFeed to name a few.

8. 3Chi


Image courtesy 3Chi

Think of a kombucha made from cannabis. Every drop of this tincture contains the calming, pain-relieving powers of hemp extract with cannabinoid levels over 80%. Sip slowly or enjoy in your favorite recipe for cider or meat dishes with rich sauces to extract every last drop of THC.

9. Nuleaf Naturals


Image courtesy Nuleaf Naturals

Experience the power of nature with our CBD tinctures. Whether you’re looking for a focused, balanced, or dopey sensation your brain isn’t forgetting anytime soon, taking a few drops will ensure your everyday is replenished with serenity and calmness. From stress to pain management to complete relaxation; Nuleaf has everything covered.

10. Koi


Image courtesy Koi

Koi Complete Full Spectrum CBD Oil is our newest line of tinctures. Blended with natural terpenes, multiple cannabinoids in addition to CBD, and naturally sweetened with Stevia. These oils contain only all-natural flavors, are made with certified organic hemp, and are allergen-free. Unlike the Koi Naturals Broad Spectrum CBD tinctures that contain Delta-8 THC for a stronger entourage effect this product has detectable amounts of Delta-8 THC to deliver a stronger entourage effect!

Is Delta-8-THC Legal?

Every year we find that many places are legalizing marijuana, but there are some places where Delta 8 THC tinctures aren’t legal. In the United States, it’s legal in some regions but the data is changing quite often. This means it’s best to check with your local laws and buy from a reputable company to ensure that your purchase isn’t against the law in your area.

In Canada, Delta 8 THC tinctures are legal in most provinces when you have a prescription from a medical professional. If you’re in a place where Delta 8 THC tinctures can be legally purchased by anyone, then go ahead and read through all the benefits, side effects, and tips about Delta 8 tinctures before selecting which company to buy your next tincture on the market from!

What Do Delta 8 THC Tinctures Help With?

When it comes to what Delta 8 THC tinctures can help heal, there are many medical conditions that can be helped with this method of consumption. It’s best to speak with your doctor or healthcare professional before trying anything new like Delta 8 THC tinctures because there are some serious conditions you want to be sure they won’t interfere with.

There are many medical conditions where people have used delta-8 THC tinctures for relief, but you’ll want to have a conversation with your physician to determine if they feel this is a smart option for your specific condition.

Since Delta 8 THC tinctures are known for being good at treating chronic conditions, it means you’ll want to use this regularly if you have a serious condition that makes it hard to live your life.

The Benefits of Delta 8 THC Tinctures

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to Delta 8 THC tinctures, then you’ll want to go with a reputable company that uses organic ingredients during their extraction process.

It’s also important to get a Delta 8 THC tincture that is tested by an independent third party for quality assurance purposes. If you go with a brand that has third-party testing, then you can ensure you’re getting the best product available on the market today.

All the Delta 8 THC tincture brands listed above are tested for purity, potency, and safety by a third-party entity to ensure you’re getting the best product possible. Those who use these tinctures daily report positive results with consistent use of their specific brand of choice.

How to Pick the Best Delta-8 THC Tincture?

Since there are so many brands to choose from, finding the best Delta 8 THC tinctures can be a challenge. To find the best one for your specific needs, go through each tincture on the list above and decide which factors are most important to you.

For example, if you have serious anxiety or PTSD you’ll want an option that might help alleviate your symptoms. It’s important to understand that not all these brands will work for you because everyone’s body chemistry is a bit different, but it’s a good place to start when you want to get rid of chronic pain and ease the stress away from everyday life.

Final Thoughts

Smoking cannabis has its benefits for those who want to get a fast effect from the plant, but it can have some negative effects on your health that you need to be aware of.

Delta 8 THC tinctures are processed in a lab and refined into a potent liquid extract that can be dosed at 10mg per milliliter. This means not only will using Delta 8 THC tinctures be a safer option than smoking, but it also gets your body the medicine it needs faster since the Delta 8 THC enters your system immediately after use.

Delta 8 THC tinctures come in glass or plastic bottles and you’ll need to use a dose-measuring syringe to find out how much is needed for each dose. It’s recommended to start on the low end of the dose scale and slowly work your way up until you find a dosage that works for you. To get the most relief from Delta 8 THC tinctures, it’s best to use them consistently since they’re more potent than smoking cannabis.

Delta-8 THC has some promising benefits for those who are interested in using it to help treat a variety of different health conditions. It’s best to work with your doctor to determine if delta-8 THC tinctures are right for you so they can guide you through the proper dosage, usage instructions, and possible side effects that are associated with this extract.

Delta 8 THC has its benefits over smoking cannabis, but it’s important to understand that not all brands are created equally. You’ll want to do your own research into each tincture brand listed above to find out which one works the best for you. The options above are safe and trusted by those who have used them regularly, so any of these should be a good place to start if you want to start using Delta 8 THC tinctures to live a bit calmer and/or reduce pain.

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