WashWand+ Reviews – What Do Wash Wand Plus Teeth Cleaner Customers Say?

Poor oral health has been linked to a number of serious diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. Therefore, maintaining healthy teeth and gums is crucial. Good dental hygiene begins with brushing twice daily and flossing once daily. Plaque, a bacterial biofilm that can cause tooth decay and gum disease, is eradicated as a result. It can sometimes become tartar, which is more difficult to remove. If not eliminated, plaque can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Tooth decay is the disintegration of tooth enamel, the tooth’s protective outer layer. There are numerous methods for treating tooth decay, but the most common and effective is using a scaler. The purpose of a scalar is to remove tartar and plaque from teeth. It has proven to be quite helpful and effective in treating dental decay. Scales are available at most pharmacies and online. One such dental scaler is known as “WashWand+.” It uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove dental plaque.

The WashWand+ dental scaler is designed to eliminate tartar and plaque effectively. The ergonomic design enables you to easily access all areas of your mouth, while the powerful sonic vibrations stop plaque and tartar swiftly. Regular use of the WashWand will help maintain the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

Is WashWand+ as good as claimed? How well does the WashWand+ work? Discover everything regarding WashWand+ in the in-depth review below!

What is WashWand+?

The average human mouth harbors over 6 billion bacteria. Pathogenic microorganisms contribute to dental problems such as cavities, tooth decay, and swollen gums. Regardless of how often you wash your teeth, plaque germs can still cause bad breath. Worse yet, the bacteria that thrive in plaque have been linked to heart disease and other illnesses. To counter this, WashWand+ helps you control plaque in the comfort of your own home. Your mouth will be healthier, and your breath will be minty fresh.

WashWand+ is a cinch to use. Start using your WashWand+ sonic scaler immediately by following the instructions in the user manual’s fast start guide. To use the WashWand, you should start at the gum line and move it back and forth along your teeth. The manufacturer believes that the WashWand+’s variable sonic speeds and comfortable grip will quickly win you over. Plaque can be removed, and teeth can be cleaned at the most convenient pace. With WashWand+, you won’t have to worry about painful pressure, ungainly hand positioning, or a bleeding gum line.


  • 3 Cleaning speed (10,000, 11,500 and 13,400 VPM)
  • Low-Noise
  • Built-in mini-LED light
  • Silicone jacketed body
  • Stainless steel tip
  • Rechargeable battery 5V – 300mAh
  • 3 hours of runtime
  • USB-A charging cable
  • 2 hr Charging time
  • Twist-to-lock proprietary attachment head system
  • One tip detailer
  • IPX3 light splash resistant

Why choose WashWand+?

The WashWand+ has been rigorously designed and manufactured to provide optimal cleaning comfort using only the best-in-class and highest-quality materials. It removes hazardous plaque at home without needing an expensive dental appointment! The following characteristics make it an essential oral cleaning tool:

  • This dental scaler employs high-frequency vibrations to remove tartar and plaque from teeth.
  • WashWand+ is extremely mild on the gums, so you won’t have to worry about using excessive force or having unsteady hands.
  • Low noise operation allows you to utilize it without bothering others.
  • You may customize your cleaning experience with three different speed settings to meet your specific requirements.
  • WashWand+ is able to reach all of your inaccessible locations due to its ergonomic design and handle. Anyone can use it as per their liking.
  • The WashWand+ has been built for exceptional maneuverability. This dental scaler can be maneuvered and cleaned from any angle.


Q: How do I use the WashWand+ to brush my teeth?

A. To use WashWand+, gently rub the tip and edges against your teeth to remove plaque and other debris. The ergonomic shape helps you access the mouth’s nooks and crannies.

Q: How frequently should I utilize WashWand+?

A. You should only use WashWand+ when tartar, plaque, and stains begin to form. It is usually suggested to visit the dentist twice a year for cleaning, and WashWand+ can make these routine visits a breeze.

Q: Is WashWand+ safe to use?

A. Yes. WashWand+ is safe to use if it is utilized correctly and excessive force is not applied. The various sonic speeds allow you to customize the intensity of the cleaning.

Q: How do you clean the WashWand+?

A. To clean WashWand+, remove the plaque from the device’s tip with a moist towel. If you intend to share your WashWand+, you can sanitize the tip by boiling it in water.

Where to buy

WashWand+ is only available on the official website. It is currently being offered at a 50% discount. You only need to click the “Buy” button on the website. Then, input your details and shipping address. After the product has been sent, you will receive the tracking number via email and SMS. The business accepts numerous local payment options, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, direct debit, and Buy Now, Pay Later. Select one of the following discounted packages from the official site:

  • Buy one WashWand+ scaler for $49.99
  • Buy two WashWand+ scalers for $99.99
  • Buy three WashWand+ scalers for $111.99

The maker believes that you will adore your electric dental scaler. If you are dissatisfied, you may request a refund within 30 days of purchase. The company will reimburse you for the cost of the item, less shipping and handling. Please contact support using the following information:


If you want a dental scaler that targets your gums and germs in between dental visits, then the WashWand+ is your best bet. It is the only dental equipment of its sort available on the market. It is designed to remove plaque, tartar, and other undesirable microorganisms from your teeth in minutes without anesthesia or sedation. This effective dental scaler and ultrasonic teeth cleaner can save you hundreds on dentist visits. Children and adults love this portable dental scaler.

The WashWand+ is a safe but effective dental scaler that cleans teeth using ultrasonic waves. It is user-friendly, practical for everyday usage, and inexpensive. Remember to download the device’s handbook so you can operate it properly. WashWand+ is designed for use with water; therefore, it is essential to adhere to the recommendations in the WashWand+ manual to avoid hurting your teeth or gums. Use the WashWand Scaler in conjunction with your usual toothbrush and dental floss for optimal results.

Don’t wait. Get WashWand+ Today!


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