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Online Psychics: Top 3 Psychic Reading Sites Are Only A Click Away!

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There are many things people need to balance in their lives in order to maintain happiness and emotional health. You need to look after your romantic, spiritual and physical needs and keep them in a balance. When feeling down, seeing a psychic could be the optimal way to get back on track. A psychic reading session could be the tool you need to reduce ambient noise in your life and focus on things that truly matter – growing, moving on and forward.

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While seeing a psychic is usually a face to face matter, online psychic readings are just as common today. Once associated with cult practices, psychic readings are now common and can be attended from the comfort of your bedroom. Such portals bring certified psychics and customers together, regardless of what people are looking for.

Now, why would you see a psychic online rather than in person? Many portals only allow certified or licensed psychics to provide their services through them, meaning customers can get in touch with experts regardless of their location – a few clicks and you will be in touch with psychics with multiple specializations.

Best Psychic Reading Sites – Live, Fast And Detailed Readings

These are the most reputable psychic reading portals on the market – getting in touch with a psychic is easy and intuitive.

MysticSense – Certified and trusted psychics

Best things:

  • Lots of certified and screened psychics to find
  • Good value for money
  • Very specific categories and specializations – money, career, relationship, family and so on
  • Allows video chatting

MysticSense provides access to psychics of various specializations and great value for money. Whether you are looking for a certain specialization or you want access to multiple contact options, MysticSense has everything you might be looking for. There is an incredible database of psychic readers with detailed profiles, meaning customers can easily find the service or specialization they are interested in – and for a good price as well.

Given the diversity of psychic readings, specializations allow you to go into small details. Just like on other websites, you can search for particular abilities or skills – such as tarot reading, but the filters and sorting options are more sophisticated.

Pretty much any such portal will allow you to find psychics with experience in romantic relationships, careers or family life (among others), but MysticSense takes the search to another level. You can, for example, explore categories like toxic relationships, gay relationships or connections with lost souls.

The high availability is another great consequence associated with MysticSense – lots of psychics, meaning it is much easier to book a session without having to wait for days. From this point of view, you can get more frequent readings on a regular basis, rather than wait for ages to get a long one.

MysticSense also provides access to a video chatting feature. Sure, anonymity is a plus for many users, but discussing over the phone or email with a psychic simply feels unusual for many – seeing the psychic face to face makes the connection feel better and more personalized.

Kasamba – Exquisite customer service

Best things:

  • Three minute free trial with any psychic
  • Shows real time activity levels of psychics – going online or offline
  • More options and highly customized rates for various sessions
  • Each psychic is thoroughly screened before being accepted

Kasamba is one of the oldest names on the market – around for a couple of decades already. It has built its way up as a top portal for people interested in psychic readings – never compromising quality for quantity, so customers always come first. All these efforts can not reflect in numerous reviews from all over the world – both for the portal and the psychics providing readings through it.

While a certain psychic may often look like a great match based on the specializations and testimonials, there are times when you simply do not click. Kasamba provides the best match guarantee, meaning you can chat with a psychic for three minutes before getting charged – more than enough to determine whether or not you two are on the same page.

Not only do you get to find the best psychic for your needs, but you can do it for free, without spending money just to look around.

Whether you are after tarot readings or other types of services, doing it online or over the phone might feel uncomfortable – after all, you end up having a stranger giving you clues about your own life. It can be daunting and out of your comfort zone. Fortunately, Kasamba thoroughly screens the psychic advisers working through the portal, only to ensure experienced and professional readers are allowed in.

The portal allows people to see when psychics become available or go offline in real time. You can make instant connections or simply get notified when your favorite psychic comes online.

If a certain psychic is not only, you can hit the notification button and the website will alert you once they come back online.

AskNow – Great For Phone Psychic Readings

Best things:

  • Psychics are screened before being accepted
  • Website is intuitive and straightforward
  • Lots of resources for beginners
  • Detailed profiles on psychics

Providing access to hundreds of phone psychics and fully reviewed profiles, it is no surprise how AskNow has managed to maintain such a good reputation over the past years. Finding a good reader can be challenging, especially when you feel down – whether you are clueless in life, need closure or some hints regarding your future. The struggle is even more intense over the Internet, as you cannot see people face to face. AskNow provides a more comfortable experience – you know that everyone has been screened and you can leave yourself in good hands.

AskNow provides access to a wide network of readers and advisors. Choosing the right psychic could be challenging, but the search function is detailed. There are lots of filters you can adjust, so you can find someone who is specialized in what you need help with – lots of sorting options as well. Complying with the rules and regulations, AskNow is a highly secure website that puts the customers’ privacy before anything else.

Furthermore, the portal offers a transparent experience and detailed information on each psychic. A simple click on the profile will introduce you to the reader’s working hours, methods, experience, specialization, skills, reviews and so on. Finding a psychic reading who you feel comfortable with is definitely a must, so customer reviews and biographies kick in to make your job easier.

If you are new to online phone psychic readings, it might be a wise idea to go through AskNow’s blog – lots of helpful resources for both newbies and more experienced users.

Exploring the different types of psychic readings

Everyone has a unique definition when it comes to getting a psychic reading – therefore, different websites provide different options to appeal to as many customers as possible. From this point of view, it might be challenging to become familiar with all types of readings out there, but chances are you can find some common categories on pretty much every website.

Tarot card readers rely on divination to provide results. This natural born gift is often put in the same category with crystal and rune readings. Such psychics rely on extra tools – tarot cards – to get the answers they require. Each card has a different meaning based on the position of the previous card, as well as the position of the planet – ideal service for those who need some further guidance.

Aura readers can identify and feel their customers’ auras. This type of reading is suitable to those who need to identify themselves. Whether you feel lost, drained or clueless, such a psychic reader will put you on the right path. An aura reading will help you understand what truly gives you energy, as well as what drains you physically and emotionally – no better way to improve your overall productivity.

Dream analysis psychics are self-explanatory. Whether you dream about the same thing over and over again or you feel weird about a dream, such a professional will interpret it for you or get in touch with spirits to disclose the meaning of a reoccurring dream. Such readings are suitable to those with sleep problems, as well as those who experience intense and exhausting dreams.

Astrology readers will rely on your date of birth based on how the planets are aligned to provide short term guidance for the future. From some points of view, these readings are associated with the horoscope – this is exactly what gives them a bad reputation sometimes. Despite this issue, an experienced psychic will give you detailed insights that you will not hear on your daily horoscope.

Psychic mediums can get in touch with the supernatural world and feel spirits. They can communicate with such spirits and even help reconnect with lost loved ones. This great skill allows them to provide unique advice and even closure, as they work as translators between two different words. Whether you want to pass some final words or find inner peace, a psychic medium will help you out.

While these categories seem to cover pretty much everything, there are many more types of psychic readings out there – not to mention the tools some of them rely on. Every psychic will possess certain skills and qualities that may work for some people or feel unsuitable for others. While diversity is great, it does pay off researching your options to ensure you get someone suitable for your personal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I get in touch with a psychic?

Most newbies will feel overwhelmed before going to a psychic chat. The process is usually intuitive and direct, but it is worth knowing what you will go through before experiencing your first reading. Most phone or chat psychics will be more than happy to explain how their session will go, but since you will usually pay per minute, it pays off doing such research upfront.

When getting in touch with a tarot reader, keep in mind that the power is not in the actual cards. The cards tell something, but the psychic makes the difference. The cards are only some tools – just like a photographer needs a camera to get the job done correctly. Anyone can use cards or a camera, but not everyone knows how to do it right.

As cards are slowly revealed, the psychic will provide guidance based on the meaning of each card, the knowledge of the deck and the various explanations associated with pairs and combos. The process might be a bit dull at first and may require some chit chat for the spark to settle. Many times, psychics will work along with their clients to determine the meaning of the cards based on their lives.

Why would I get a psychic reading?

Many people expect very specific answers on the future. A good psychic can provide some insights, but this is not always the goal of a reading session. Psychic readings are suitable for guidance if you face a big decision or you need a fresh perspective on life.

Some believe that a psychic can confirm your thoughts or beliefs, so you can gain some extra confidence. While this is often true, a reading will also give you some details about how to navigate through a turbulent time of your life.

It is not unusual for some people to disagree with the outcome of a reading. This is why readings are mostly suitable for proactive individuals. Such readings are about the projected future, but if there is something you do not like, you can still work hard on it to change the result. Having the possibility to fix a problem before it builds up is a serious advantage of getting a reading.

How long is a session?

A psychic reading session can take 20 minutes or perhaps a full hour – based on what you need and how much you are willing to find out. Drawing cards or analyzing them is not time consuming, but the actual discussion is. Cards may seem a bit vague first. As you talk more about yourself, you can figure out what part of your life the cards refer to. Some issues are more complex than others, meaning you can end everything in half an hour or you may need another session. Keep this aspect in mind if you are on a budget.

There are people out there who want some supernatural confidence. These sessions normally require even more time. At the end of the day, a reading session is only what you make it, so the length varies from one individual to another. Some readers are faster than others, but most sessions will only depend on you.

Psychic near me? Why should I get an online reading?

Life cannot be predicted. Going through unexpected situations can be challenging. At times, you would love to see a bit forward and know how to play your cards. You may not be able to see everything in small details, but a psychic will give you some hints.

Not all “psychics near me” are real, so finding someone to trust is hard. Getting scammed is easy and most people realize it when they have already spent a lot. Psychic portals screen such professionals before allowing their services though, while users can also read reviews from others. You pay by the minute, so you can always leave if you have a negative vibe. You can also try out more chat or phone psychics before deciding on someone in particular.

Online psychic readings are also more accessible than psychics in your area. Some people cannot leave their homes, while others dislike the idea of being seen attending a free psychic reading. Online portals provide more anonymity, comfort and convenience.

Finally, there are simply more options online. A big city may only have a few local psychics, but the Internet has hundreds of them. You gain more freedom and options, so you can get along with someone who you truly vibe with.

Can Online Free Psychic Reading Be Trusted?

It is now obvious and in the public domain that psychic reading exists and helps people to overcome various challenges. Initially, psychic reading was done in-person, but things have changed with the advent of technology. Most of the readings are now conducted online by chat psychics from around. Although, many people have benefitted from the practice, some have been duped by unscrupulous individuals who purport to be psychics. So, can online psychic reading by chat or phone call be trusted? Well, we can confidently say that it is. Here are a few points that should guide you and serve as proof that online psychic reading is legit and better than “psychic reading near me”.

A Rigorous Selection Process

Established online psychic reading sites don’t pick individuals randomly to provide psychic services. Once the person applies to be a psychic on those platforms, they are thoroughly screened to ensure they have what it takes to do the job. Most importantly, they should show high levels of maturity, patience, and understanding before they’re allowed to create a profile of their own. The applicant has the freedom to choose a psychic site for their profile. Once the profile is set up, the next step is for the new psychic medium to demonstrate their prowess in the field by giving users quality services. Their ratings improve as they continue providing quality chat and phone psychic reading services.

Unmatched Expertise and Experience

As mentioned, most online phone and chat psychic reading sites have been in existence for years. That means they have mastered the best strategies to give users insightful reading. Additionally, their psychics have accumulated a lot of experience in the field, so one is sure to get helpful psychic reading. The fact that they have dealt with many different kinds of people puts them in a better position to deal with each personality differently.

Flexibility and Convenience

Before best psychic reading was moved online, real psychics or mediums and clients used to travel miles just to have a session. However, you can now hold a psychic reading session from the comfort of your home at a time of your choice. Best psychics in most online platforms operate in different time zones. All you have to do is choose a psychic who is readily available in your time zone and get things rolling. Additionally, online psychic reading websites give you the freedom to plan your sessions whichever way you like. You also get to choose how you want them conducted, whether it’s through a phone call or a video call. That is the kind of flexibility that has made online platforms popular among users.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

There is nothing as disappointing as failing to find help when you desperately need it. Well, that is something you won’t get on established free psychic reading platforms. Such sites give you value for your money by ensuring you come out of that place a better person than you went in. Most importantly, such platforms have a support team that works around the clock to ensure that all customer grievances are addressed. However, if after using all the avenues to get help the client does not get the help they want, their cashback policy requires that such a client is refunded. They will also conduct a thorough investigation to find out why the client came out unsatisfied, then put measures in place to fix that.

Availability of Reviews

You can tell whether a particular site is genuine by looking at what previous users say about it. Virtually every online psychic reading site has a reviews and comments section where users write about the quality of service they received. That section does not only ensure transparency but it also gives users insight about the kind of services they should expect. Although there might be some sort of fabrication by malicious individuals, one can always get the bigger picture by finding out what the majority of the users say.

Unmatched Expertise and Specialized Knowledge

Online best psychic reading platforms have managed to bring together many talents from around the globe. That makes such platforms pools of knowledge and expertise where users are sure to get all the help they need. Most importantly, best psychics or mediums there specialize in various aspects of a person’s life such as relationships, trauma, grief, and more.

How a Psychic Reading Can Turn Your Life Around

A psychic reading can push you forward in life and help you reach balance once you find yourself stuck over an obstacle. When feeling lost or confused, simple advice can make your life easier. Spiritual help will give you the peace of mind you require, as well as some clarity. You do not have to wait until you reach extreme despair – simply talk to someone about your problems, and you will find your way around. When in need, you can find the right answers. All in all, if you are after a psychic medium, any of the above-mentioned services will give you access to a plethora of professionals ready to help you.

A bit of inspiration to enjoy life

A free online psychic will give you some inspiration to move forward when your hope is lost. It makes no difference how simple or sophisticated your problems might feel – you should never overlook the idea of talking to a professional. Online psychics will provide hope and guidance, but they will also clear your mind and allow you to see your purpose in life. Inspiration will give you the power to move forward and achieve your purpose in life, regardless of how challenging life might seem sometimes.

A positive point of view in life

People end up feeling down with the amount of problems kicking in one after another – so many responsibilities, jobs, and small issues that they fail eventually. They no longer know what it feels like to enjoy small moments in life, and they end up negative. Spiritual guidance will help you overcome such issues, but it will also help you rediscover yourself. Simply talking to online free psychics can change your life to 180 degrees. The best psychic will change your perspective in life. Any type of advice can work wonders in the long run.

A purpose in life

What is your purpose in life? Everyone has one. Most people feel confused about it, and this is when online psychics kick in to open your eyes. There are lots of real psychics and specializations out there, and you can search for a professional based on what you need to understand your purpose in life. You will get a few clues about which way to go, as well as some predictions about your purpose. It is imperative to be able to get these hints and see a psychic with an open mind.

Reaching inner peace and balance

Life can be peaceful, daft, or extremely chaotic. There is a very fine line between one issue and another, especially if you lack the balance between your mind and body. With balance in the right place, you have a clear mind and can see things in a more objective manner – meaning you can make good decisions without feeling clouded by negative thoughts. Failing to maintain a balance will inevitably affect both aspects in a proportional manner, and things will go from bad to worse. Seek help from a spiritual guide, and you will receive the information you require to thrive again.​


Bottom line, psychic reading is not a new practice, but it has seriously evolved overtime. Cards have grown their powers and are now used by numerous best psychics as helpful tools. The spiritual capabilities, knowledge and skills allow psychics to provide a unique experience.

Not every free online psychic reading portal is the same though, so do some research. Some websites are looking for your money only. The above mentioned websites have been picked from a plethora of different hubs based on reviews, reputation and time in this industry.

Having covered important aspects of online free psychic reading platforms, we believe you’re in a better position to tell whether it is worth trying one. Although people have had different experiences with such platforms, it is important to note that the general feeling is that they are both legit and insightful. There is no need to mention the highly experienced and talented psychics you will find there.

Whether you feel like you are wasting your time in a relationship or you need to change your path to success, a real psychic reading could point the optimal direction to change something in your life. Whether you are curious or you truly need it, a reading could make the differences in the long run.

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