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Top 3 Best Delta-8-THC Gummies & Weed Edibles For Sale

Nowadays, you can find cannabis-infused products in many varieties. From vapes and oils to edibles such as chocolate and gummies, you’ll surely find a way to consume cannabis you like. Until recently, these products only contained CBD and delta-9-THC. However, there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to cannabinoids — delta-8-THC.

So, what is delta-8-THC, and how is it different from the delta-9-THC variety? Essentially, delta-8-THC is commonly extracted from hemp, as opposed to delta-9-THC, which is primarily extracted from marijuana. Since it comes from hemp, delta-8-THC may be legal in parts of the world where marijuana isn’t. Additionally, this compound leads to a more easy-going high than regular weed that’s high in delta-9-THC.

You can find delta-8-THC products in the form of vapes, tinctures, and delicious gummies. Still, since delta-8-THC products are quite new, there aren’t a lot of reputable companies on the market. In this article, we will take a look at the top 3 most trusted companies that offer delta-8-THC gummies in 2021.

Best Delta-8-THC Gummies — Top 3 Brands of 2021

1. Area52 Delta-8-THC Gummies — Best Overall


If you’re looking for high-quality delta-8-THC products, you can’t go wrong with Area52. This company recently made it on the #1 list of Observer’s best delta-8-THC brand this year. Its gummies come in three delicious flavors — green apple, strawberry, and pineapple. All the flavorings and sweeteners are completely natural, which is a huge plus.

Each gummy contains 25 mg of delta-8-THC. That means they’re quite potent, which is something to be cautious of if you’re a beginner. It’s smart to start with half of a gummy. After a while, work your way up to 1 or 2 per day. Area52 gummies will give you a mild to moderate high without negative side effects of delta-9-THC.

2. Finest Labs Delta-8-THC Gummies — Best for Beginners


If you’re new to hemp and marijuana products, Finest Labs gummies are a great place to start. A few examples of cannabis experts to have recommended this brand include Seattle Weekly and Herald Net.

They contain 10 mg of delta-8-THC per gummy, which is a great dose to start your journey into edibles with. It will give you a relaxing buzz, and you can easily increase the dosage as needed.

Finest Labs gummies are made from a broad-spectrum hemp extract. Additionally, they contain various terpenes specific to the Blueberry strain they’re made from. Still, if you already have a tolerance to delta-8-THC, you may need to take 3 to 4 gummies to achieve the high you want. In that case, it may be smarter to invest in gummies that are more potent and will give you more bang for your buck.

3. 3Chi Delta-8-THC Gummies — Runner Up


3Chi is one of the first companies to offer a wide array of delta-8-THC products, including vapes, tinctures, gummies, and flowers. The gummies come in a delicious raspberry flavor and contain 25 mg of delta-8-THC each. There are two gummy options to choose from.

Firstly, 3Chi offers pure delta-8-THC distillate gummies, which contain only this compound. Secondly, they offer gummies infused with a blend of delta-8-THC and CBN. Both versions come in two sizes, so you can choose from a pack of 8 or 16 gummies.

Still, 3Chi isn’t as transparent as Area52 and Finest Labs when it comes to its products. The company doesn’t share where its hemp comes from on the website. However, 3Chi products are high-quality and, once this company becomes more transparent about the origins of their hemp, it will be a force to be reckoned with in the world of delta-8-THC products.

What Are Delta-8-THC Gummies?

Delta-8-THC gummies are a great way to ingest this cannabinoid. Similar to regular cannabis gummies, they are made with an active form of distilled THC. The distillate is infused into a gummy candy base that can have additional flavorings and sweeteners as well. However, instead of the highly psychoactive delta-9-THC, these gummies use the milder, delta-8-THC variety.

Delta-8 and delta-9 are both varieties of tetrahydrocannabinol. As such, they have an almost identical chemical makeup, differing from one another only in their atom arrangement. The delta-9-THC compound has a double bond on the ninth carbon chain. On the other hand, the double bond is on the eighth carbon chain when it comes to delta-8-THC.

Gummies are a great choice for those who want to avoid inhaling cannabis compounds. Firstly, they are delicious and come in a variety of flavors. Secondly, the shelf life of gummies is quite long, so you can rest assured they won’t go bad. And lastly, it’s easy to dose gummies, as every gummy has the same amount of delta-8-THC.

What Does Delta-8-THC Feel Like?

Delta-8-THC gives a manageable high that’s similar to but less intense than a delta-9-THC high. Generally speaking, a single dose of delta-9 equates to a double dose of delta-8 when it comes to psychoactive effects. Delta-8-THC is mildly psychoactive, which means side effects such as anxiety and paranoia are much less likely to occur.

Even if you take a higher dose than you’re used to, delta-8-THC likely won’t cause these negative effects. Because of that, delta-8-THC is a great choice for those who feel anxious when smoking weed. Additionally, it’s a good option for those new to cannabis. If you want to see how THC makes you feel, we highly suggest trying delta-8 first.

What Is the Right Delta-8-THC Dosage?


The dosages of delta-8-THC gummies usually range from 10 to 60 milligrams. Since the potency of delta-8-THC is about half of the delta-9-THC potency, it will be easy for you to determine how much to take if you ever had regular THC-infused gummies. Still, if you’re new or are unsure how much delta-9 you usually take, here’s how a certain dose of delta-8 will make you feel:

If you take about 10 mg of delta-8, you likely won’t feel too intoxicated. Instead, you may feel more relaxed and motivated. This dosage is enough to relieve stress and may lead to a feeling of mild euphoria as well. If you’re new to delta-8-THC, 10 milligrams is a great starting dose.

Once you get used to the mild high, you can increase the dosage by 5 to 10 milligrams. However, make sure not to go overboard. Although delta-8-THC is mild, it can still lead to side effects such as discomfort, fatigue, and sedation if you take too much.

How to Find the Right Delta-8-THC Dose for You

Once you figure out how much delta-8-THC you should take, you can measure the dose quite easily. Firstly, take a look at how much delta-8 is in each gummy. A trusted company will always have their gummies tested for potency, so you can be sure the potency that’s on the box is what you’re getting with each gummy.

Secondly, think about which effects you’re looking for. If you want a mild high, 10 milligrams should be enough. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more potent effects, you should take 20 milligrams or more.

Once you decide on a potency you’re looking for, simply take as many gummies as you need to get to it. Still, it’s best to increase the dosage gradually. Start with one or two gummies and take more in an hour if needed.

How Safe Are Delta-8-THC Gummies?

Just like other cannabinoids, delta-8-THC is safe to use. No cannabis product can lead to a fatal overdose, no matter how much you consume. Additionally, even if you take a higher dose than you’re used to, delta-8-THC won’t cause any harm in the long run.

Still, it can cause some side effects if you use too much of it. These symptoms include cottonmouth and dry eyes, fatigue, dizziness, and poor concentration. Additionally, it may make you feel nauseous, anxious, or paranoid if you take too much. However, once you sober up, these symptoms will pass as well.

Factors That Can Make Delta-8-THC Gummies Dangerous

Although delta-8-THC by itself isn’t dangerous, buying it from an uncertified source can be. Unlike delta-9-THC and CBD, cannabis compounds don’t synthesize delta-8-THC. This compound is actually a byproduct of the delta-9-THC breakdown process. That means you need to break down delta-9-THC just enough to get sufficient amounts of delta-8-THC.

Since this process is quite complicated, many companies use a special CBD conversion process to produce delta-8-THC. First, they turn CBD into delta-9-THC. Once they do that, they synthesize the delta-8-THC from the delta-9 compound. Using this process, companies can make much more delta-8-THC than they are able to extract from hemp.

However, this process requires adding toxic chemicals to the hemp that need to be extracted properly. If the manufacturer doesn’t have enough skill, the end product may end up contaminated with impurities. In order to avoid that, look for products that are third-party lab tested. Independent labs should test each batch for purity, and the results should be easy to find on the manufacturer’s website.

Additionally, steer clear of companies that use bleached delta-8-THC. This compound is naturally pinkish in color. Therefore, if the delta-8-THC you’re using is transparent, it’s likely bleached, which can be quite dangerous. A company should clearly state that they don’t use any bleaching products during the manufacturing process.

Is Delta-8-THC Legal?

As of 2018, all hemp products that contain less than 0.3% delta-9-THC are legal in the US. Since delta-8-THC is hemp-derived, it should be legal even in states where marijuana use isn’t. Still, many states are starting to ban this tetrahydrocannabinol compound, as well.

For example, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Montana, Utah, and Pennsylvania have all banned the sale of delta-8-THC. Therefore, if you’re interested in trying this compound yourself, it’s best to stay informed about any law changes.

Even if you live in a state where marijuana use is legal, they still may not allow delta-8-THC. It’s best to do your research before purchasing any hemp product in order to stay out of trouble.

The Differences Between Delta-8-THC and Delta-9-THC


Delta-8 and delta-9 are both a form of tetrahydrocannabinol. However, even though they are similar compounds, they have quite a few differences. Here’s how these two compounds differ in strength, tolerance, and legality:

Strength and Side Effects

Delta-8-THC is half as strong as delta-9-THC. That means it produces a less strong high. However, it also means the side effects such as anxiety or restlessness are less likely to occur. Many people want to experience the benefits of THC but are afraid of the side effects.

In that case, starting with delta-8-THC is a great idea. Although it’s possible to get side effects such as fatigue and trouble focusing if you take too much delta-8 THC, anxiety and paranoia are extremely rare. Therefore, even those who can’t enjoy delta-9-THC due to anxiety likely will be able to use delta-8-THC without any issues.


If you use any substance frequently, you will likely build up a tolerance to it. However, it’s much easier to build up a tolerance to delta-8-THC than the delta-9 variety. After taking delta-8-THC gummies for about a month, you will likely need to increase the dosage to get the same effects.

In order to avoid building a tolerance too quickly, we suggest you use delta-8-THC in moderation. Instead of every day, try using the gummies every other day or micro-dosing them. Alternatively, take a break every couple of months. It takes about a week to reverse the tolerance to delta-8-THC, so you’ll quickly be able to get the same high you’re used to.


Although marijuana is legal in many states, it’s still illegal on the federal level. That means compounds that come from marijuana, which includes delta-9-THC, are illegal as well. However, since hemp and all products made from it are federally legal, so is delta-8-THC.

Still, that may change soon, as a few states already made production and selling of delta-8-THC illegal. Therefore, make sure to research the legal status of hemp in your state if you plan on using this compound.

How to Find the Best Products — Delta-8-THC Gummies Buyer’s Guide

If you want to reap the most benefits of delta-8-THC gummies, you need to make sure they are of high quality. Here’s what you should pay attention to in order to ensure you’re buying the best delta-8-THC gummies on the market:

1. Make Sure the Company Tests Their Products in a Third-Party Lab

The most important thing to do before buying delta-8-THC gummies is to see whether the company tests them in an independent lab. The lab can’t have any affiliation with the company or benefit from their products in any way. You should be able to find lab reports that showcase the quality of the product easily on the company’s website.

The lab should test for potency and purity. As far as potency goes, it should determine exactly how much delta-8-THC is in each gummy. When looking into the purity of the product, they need to make sure no bleaches, heavy metals, or pesticides are present. Additionally, they should make sure the product isn’t contaminated by certain microorganisms.

2. Look at User Reviews

Before buying a product, make sure it has good reviews online. Nowadays, it’s easy to find what others think about a certain company. Although most businesses that sell delta-8-THC products are new to the market, word of mouth travels fast.

Therefore, it will only take you a few minutes to find out whether the products you’re looking to buy are high-quality. However, be cautious of overly positive reviews. Some companies write fake reviews on forums such as Reddit as a way to make their brand seem more trustworthy.

3. The Amount of Delta-9-THC Should Be Lower Than 0.3%

Do you want to buy delta-8-THC because delta-9-THC is illegal in your state? In that case, pay attention to the extraction method. Delta-8-THC can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp. However, in most states, only delta-8-THC extracted from hemp is actually legal. Additionally, the product must contain less than 0.3% delta-9-THC.

It’s integral for a company to pay attention to the amount of delta-9 in their products. Since delta-8-THC comes from delta-9-THC, it’s easy for gummies to have more than 0.3% delta-9-THC.

To make sure you’re not accidentally breaking the law, do your research on the delta-9-THC content in a product. The report from independent lab testing should have the exact amounts of both THC variants. If it doesn’t, it’s better to steer clear of the product, just in case.

4. Make Sure the Delta-8-THC Comes from Organic, Nutrient-Rich Soil

Hemp plants are bioaccumulators. That means they absorb the substances from the soil they grow in. Therefore, it’s integral to buy products made from hemp that grows in organic, nutrient-rich soil. If the soil hemp grows in is not regulated properly, the end product can contain various harmful pollutants and heavy metals.

On the other hand, if the soil is organic and free of harmful chemicals, hemp will have more beneficial compounds in it. In the US, the best hemp comes from organic farms from Colorado, California, Oregon, and Kentucky.

5. Pay Attention to Additional Ingredients

When shopping for delta-8-THC gummies, you should look for completely organic products. They shouldn’t contain any artificial flavorings and sweeteners. If you want them to taste delicious, look for gummies flavored with organic fruit extracts and juices. They will surely taste amazing, even without all the synthetic sweeteners.

In Conclusion

Delta-8-THC products are making a boom in the hemp industry. Due to its legal status, people are searching for delta-8-THC products as an alternative to weed. However, because of the high demand, many companies started selling sub-par products. In order to make sure you’re buying the best delta-8-THC gummies on the market, do thorough research. If a company is not completely transparent about how they make their products, it’s best to stay away.

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