The Cold Plunge Reviews: Best At-Home Ice Bath Tub Money Can Buy?

If you are a fan of traveling to remote places, especially mountains and springs, you must have at least once taken a plunge into the cold water, be it a lake, a river, or even the sea. Needless to say, if you have done that before, the experience must have been exhilarating and refreshing in itself. However, did you know that there are numerous benefits of taking a plunge into the cold water?

Yes, that’s right!

Cryotherapy/cold plunge is a therapeutic technique that has been around for quite some time now. It has been scientifically proven to impart numerous benefits to human health such as relief from muscle cramps, soreness, and joint pain, while also aiding in muscular recovery.

Apart from this, taking a cold plunge is also proven to have certain benefits for the skin; this method also imparts numerous psychological benefits besides physiological benefits.

With so many benefits to offer, the cold plunge is becoming really popular as a technique, day-by-day as numerous companies and fitness brands have started converting it into an experience that you can relish in, from the comfort of your home

In the course of this article, we shall discuss one such brand, named The Plunge, which was in fact, the very first company to revolutionize and commercialize the cold plunge therapy, in order to provide it to the general audience with the benefits of the cold plunge.

In the breakdown of this article, we will help understand if the brand is truly a great choice for those who wish to derive the numerous benefits imparted by the cold plunge therapy, why cold plunge therapy is the new drill, and so much more.

Read on to find more!

Company NameThe Plunge
FoundersMichael Garrett and Ryan Duey
Company VisionTo make cold plunging as common as coffee and let people derive the numerous health benefits of cold plunging from anywhere and anytime.
Products offered
  • Cold Plunge
  • Hot/Cold Plunge
  • Cold Plunge Pro
  • Hot/Cold Plunge Pro
  • Cold Plunge Pro XL
  • Hot/Cold Plunge Pro XL
  • Bonus Products/Features
  • Hose filter
  • Skimmer net
  • Insulated Spa Cover
  • Guided Plunge Videos
  • Cell Phone Holder
  • Underwater lighting
  • Price Range$4990 – $7490
  • 1 Year Warranty on all products
  • *Extended warranty available at additional cost
  • Official Websitewww.thecoldplunge.com

    What Is The Plunge?

    The first thought that would come to your mind when it comes to investing in a company that offers you the cold plunge’s experience would be, “I can just fill up my old trash can with chilling water and take a dip. Why spend money on something like this?”

    Now let’s consider this: Your trash can will be filthy (unless you ‘really’ clean it), you can not regulate the water temperature, you can not filter out impurities from the water, and you can not just turn it on and let the water fill it up.

    This is why The Plunge was created. It is a company with a lineup of immersion tubs that include amenities to help you take a cold plunge without having to do a lot.

    To add to it, the company also offers variants such as tubs that offer both cold plunge and hot plunge experiences. To make things better, the products also have variants coming in different sizes and modifications to suit your needs the best.

    The commercial plunge tubs manufactured by The Plunge are high in quality offering you all the benefits of a cold plunge. All you need to do is include their tubs as a part of your daily wellness schedule and that’s it! You can see visible improvements in your health with every cold plunge that you take with The Plunge.

    The company, founded by Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey, also features additional products that make it considerably easier for you to set up and maintain the immersion tubs. In fact, the bonus product can help maintain the tub in a fantastic condition for up to six months and more.

    Let’s learn about the faces behind this commercial plunge brand in detail:

    The People Behind The Brand – Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey

    The Plunge was co-founded by Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey, both of who were deeply interested in the science behind float therapy. Both Michael and Ryan have a common passion for floating, plunging, and building win-win relationships with their customers.

    Michael Garrett

    Michael grew up in Arizona and moved to LA to work in Finance; however, he quickly realized that his passion lay in something else. In 2010, he discovered that his true passion was float therapy. Eventually, Michael came up with the inception of The Plunge along with his dad, with a vision to offer affordable and beneficial cold plunge therapies to everyone at the comfort of their home.

    Ryan Duey

    Ryan was born and raised in Northern California. A near-death experience led him on a journey of self-inquiry where he learn about float therapy and everything about the cold plunge therapy.

    Ryan partnered with Michael to co-found The Plunge with a vision to make cold plunge therapy as common as coffee. Together, Michael and Ryan have been expanding and building the team at The Plunge and aiming to make the cold plunge therapy commonly known to more and more people out there.

    Overview Of The Plunge Products

    Here is an overview of the lineup of immersion tubs/products offered by The Plunge on their official website:

    Plunge Lineup

    Let us get this straight: a chest freezer and an ice barrel just won’t cut it when you want to associate a cold plunge with a luxurious experience.

    The Plunge products, on the other hand, are not just utilitarian and luxurious but can also be used as an essential recovery tool that increases blood flow in the body and provides proper oxygenation leading to better health.

    To add a cherry to that, the makers also offer lucrative features such as the carbon hose filter and underwater lighting to all their Plunge products to make cold plunge therapy an essential part of your daily routine, be it during the day or at night.

    Cold Plunge

    The Cold Plunge is the first product featured by The Plunge on their official website. Unlike a chest freezer, ice barrel, and other ice baths, The Cold Plunge has additional cooling power, options to regulate temperature, proper filtration, and complete sanitation.

    If you are a fan of cold therapy or cryobaths, then The Cold Plunge is made just for you. This essential recovery tool is a true plug-and-plunge device that can be used both indoor and outdoor. All you need to do is fill it with cold water using the carbon hose filter provided, plug it in, turn it on, and just ‘take the plunge’.

    The size of The Cold Plunge is 67×24 inches and it comes with 1/4HP cooling power. If you are a regular-heighted person, The Cold Plunge will snugly fit you in.

    Hot and Cold Plunge

    Yes, the cold plunge has several benefits, but did you know that the hot plunge therapy has a variety of benefits too?

    The Hot/Cold Plunge is a revolutionary immersion tub that can easily replace any chest freezer, ice barrel, and even hot saunas.

    The Hot/Cold Plunge immersion tub comes with the same dimensions as The Cold Plunge. However, it also has an additional heating power of 1KW to turn the sleek and modern-designed tub into a hot bath tub.

    So, if you were craving for a hot tub that you could just plug in and plunge in, in your garden, during those cold mornings, this hot tub, AKA the Hot/Cold Plunge is just the product for you.

    Taking a plunge in the Hot/Cold Plunge can help increase blood flow in the body (regardless of whether you use it as a hot plunge or cold plunge). Apart from improving oxygenation, it also helps reduce muscular soreness, cramps, joint pain, inflammation, etc.

    Plunge Pro Lineup

    The Plunge Pro products are just elite versions of The Plunge products. The Plunge Pro includes The Cold Plunge Pro and Hot/Cold Plunge Pro. These products, too, come with a carbon hose filter, skimmer net, underwater lighting, cell phone holder, and other bonus products that come with the standard Cold Plunge and Hot/Cold Plunge.

    Cold Plunge Pro

    The Cold Plunge Pro is the ideal solution for those who are advanced in cold therapy and want to try further chilling water temperatures to take a plunge into.

    The Cold Plunge Pro, unlike the regular version, comes with 1HP cooling power for better cooling.

    Hot and Cold Plunge Pro

    The Hot/Cold Plunge Pro, like the regular version, can be doubled up as a hot tub. The hot tub has the same heating power as the regular Hot/Cold Plunge, however, the cooling power is 1HP which is higher than the cooling power of the regular Hot/Cold Plunge.

    Plunge Pro XL Lineup

    The Plunge Pro XL lineup comes pre-equipped with a sanitation system, underwater lighting, skimmer net, carbon hose filter, etc. The luxury, however, lies in the fact that it’s more elite and bigger in size.

    Cold Plunge Pro XL

    The Cold Plunge Pro XL has a sleek and stylish design, just like the other products from the Cold Plunge lineup. In addition, it also has an additional cooling power to get the water cold to further lower temperatures.

    With the perfect sanitation system and products such as a skimmer net to keep floating debris out of your tub, this product from the Cold Plunge lineup is the perfect addition to your cold therapy.

    The best part about this product is that it is way bigger in size in comparison to the regular and Pro products from the Cold Plunge lineup with dimensions of 73×27 inches.


    Hot and Cold Plunge Pro XL

    The Hot/Cold Plunge Pro Xl is the perfect product from the Cold Plunge lineup for all those who wish to have a hot tub that’s ‘hotter’ and bigger in size. With dimensions of 73×27 inches and heating power of 1.5KW, this upgrade can double up as your utilitarian and luxurious hot tub during those days when you wish you could just take a hot sauna but not go out of the home.

    What Are The Bonus Products Offered With The Plunge?

    Following are the bonus products offered with the Plunge:

    Insulated Spa Cover

    One of the Cold Plunge features includes Insulated Spa Cover. In fact, all the Cold Plunge products include an insulated cover to keep the product clean and sanitized.

    1 Year Factory Warranty

    The Cold Plunge offers 1-Year Warranty on its Cold Plunge as well as Hot/Cold Plunge products. You can also get a 3-year and 5-Year extended warranty for an additional cost.

    Guided Plunge Videos

    Doing the cold plunge correctly is very important. The Plunge/ Cold Plunge offers guided plunge videos so you can go about the cold therapy without harming yourself.

    The guided plunge videos include detailed methods on how and how not to do the cold plunge.

    Cell Phone Holder

    Do you not want to miss out on your digital time while being immersed in The Plunge’s tubs? The Cold Plunge offers a cell phone holder for allowing easy access to your phone so you never miss out on anything in the digital world.

    Hose Filter

    When you are taking a cold plunge regularly, filling water can sound like a strenuous task. However, the Cold Plunge offers a hose filter so you can fill up water in your immersion tub right off the bat.

    Alternatively, you can use your garden hose but of course, it’s going to take longer!

    Skimmer Net

    This additional product keeps the Cold Plunge tub clean and helps easy removal of debris from the tub.

    What Are The Top Benefits Of Cold Plunge?

    Cold showers are not just great for getting refreshed after a long day of work. There is much more to it. Cold therapy has scientifically proven benefits for our health. In fact, they are definitely more than one imagines. Here are the top ones.

    Improves Mental Toughness

    This is actually the star point of our Cold Plunge review. Mental toughness is a big need of a human body these days- to survive the world and even more to excel in this world. What is better than doing cold water therapy and training your mind to withstand and beat extra cold conditions?

    This is what regular cold plunges do to you! They train your brain to be resilient and calm during adverse conditions such as the coldness in the cold water immersion tub. This makes your mind more determined and tough. This therapy increases your endurance and makes you feel stronger- both mentally and physically.

    Improves Energy

    Do you find your energy levels dipping at times? Perhaps because of the heat, or perhaps sometimes when you can’t even find a reason?

    Cold water therapy is right there to help again!

    Cold plunging has been found extremely helpful in calming the nervous system as well as balancing the energy levels. Additionally, doing this early in the morning- right after getting up has especially been found more helpful. It also builds your immunity making your access to the energy stored in your body quicker and more effective. So get in that cold water immersion tub and let your body balance its energy level.

    Helps Improves Mental Health

    While this cold plunge review talks about the benefits of cold plunging, it is almost impossible to overlook this one! Your stress can take some years off of your life quite easily. But this can be easily prevented by taking good care of your mental health and reducing stress.

    This is your step towards ditching the general trend of ignoring your mental health! Now it is time for relaxing in cold immersion tubs and relaxing your body as well as your mind. So next time you want to destress, or just lighten your mind, go take an ice bath and witness the wonders on your own!

    Helps Alleviate Muscle Soreness

    If you have ever experienced muscle soreness, you already know how painful and irritating it can be. Hours after a good session of exercising at the gym can seem dreadful. And at the moment, all one cares about is finding immediate relief. Cold immersion therapy comes to the rescue here!

    Studies show that taking a cold plunge regularly helps immensely with muscle recovery. The steady recovery of the muscular system also aids in preventing further damage. One of the most important health benefits of cold water therapy is, thus, muscle recovery. So now you can have fun taking ice baths while also curing your muscle soreness.

    Supports Immune System

    This cold plunge review is incomplete without mentioning how good regular cold plunges can be for your immune. Your body, through cold immersion therapy, gets used to the cool you feel during the ice bath and so it gets used to cool temperatures as well. It builds your body’s ability to fight the freezing weather with little to no harm to you.

    Long story short, you can (and you must) enjoy the cold water therapy while increasing your stamina at the same time.

    Improves Physical Recovery

    The health benefits of cold plunging also include helping in physical recovery for humans. Ice bath and cold showers are known to increase blood circulation in the body. This aids in the recovery process of the body.

    If you are wondering what kind of recoveries can be made by just dipping yourself in cold water then you will be surprised to know that this therapy helps with all the major organ systems of the body including but not limited to muscular and nervous.

    Helps Build Discipline

    It definitely requires determination and disciple to sit in the cold water immersion tub for good ten minutes or to take cold showers regularly in the morning. That is why it has been found that cold water therapy helps in bringing discipline to your life. Your mind is subtly forced to make positive decisions for yourself and this tricks you into easily working with better productivity and discipline.

    Try cold plunging for a week daily to build a routine and see for yourself! You shall find that you are more disciplined when it comes to all daily activities and not just the therapy.

    Helps You Destress and Sleep Well

    Well, having read so far, one must be thinking that cold plunging does have many health benefits. But we are yet to come to an end. Everyone, especially adults, dreams of having a full night’s sleep.

    If you are often stressed or have trouble sleeping on time or sleeping at all, you might want to make cold water immersion tub your new best friend.

    Cold water therapy is well known for calming your nerves and thus helping in destressing. It is easier for a de-stressed brain to come to rest. So you must give it a try and sleep like a baby!

    Helps Alleviate Mood

    One of the health benefits of cold plunging is that it helps in uplifting your mood, quite nicely. Cold water therapy relaxes you and helps you get rid of any negativity you must be feeling. The coldness not only helps with broadening your senses by making you aware of the cold but it also diverts your thoughts from the worries in the process.

    We recommend having a long ice bath in a cold water immersion tub and letting the cold therapy alleviate your mood.

    Why Do People Take (and recommend) Cold Plunges?

    Many people have tried and loved ice baths. But why would someone recommend dipping themself in a cold tub in icy, chilly water? Taking a bath in cold and clean water, preferably every day in the morning, does wonder to their bodies.

    They feel energised, light, and stronger. And that is why they recommend it. It is their relaxed state of mind post a cold bath telling them to share their secret of wellness. And not to mention, there is science behind it.

    Raises Energy and Mind Clarity

    The health benefits of cold plunging include those on mental health too. People who practice cold water therapy feel clarity in their minds. A cold bath helps them in relaxing their nervous system thus also raising their energy. Cold water immersion for a good period of time can be as helpful as a session of meditation. This is because the idea of reaching mental clarity through calming down is the same for both. And this therapy is just as easy as taking a cold and chill bath. One of the easiest self-care techniques ever? Yes, exactly that!

    May Help Reduce Fat

    Studies have found that cold showers and cold baths can increase your metabolism manifold. Thus it is safe to say that cold water therapy can be helpful in your weight loss process. Cold water immersion therapy introduces people’s bodies to increased cold temperatures thus building their resilience and immunity. If you are looking to reduce fat, then you must add cold plunging to your weight loss regime for faster results.

    Boosts The Immune System

    Cold plunging is one of the best and cheapest ways to build immunity. The cold water therapy consists of taking cold baths and cold water immersion. What a cold bath does to people is that it slowly makes their body get used to the cold temperatures and so makes their body immune to the cold conditions. Thus people can believe (and rightly so) that taking an ice bath is pretty helpful in boosting their immune system.

    Trains The Vagus Nerve

    Cold plunging has numerous benefits in store for your nervous system. This, cold water therapy not only trains the vagus nerve but also helps in relaxing the nervous system. People highly benefit from the cold water immersion therapy that introduces their body to cold temperatures that, in turn, help in relieving cold stress. This therapy is extremely essential if you care for your nervous system and general health.

    Improves Energy Levels

    People who practice cold water therapy tend to notice increased energy levels almost immediately. When practised regularly, cold plunging brings to people many health benefits. The cold temperatures during the cold water immersion increase blood circulation in the body thus improving the energy levels of people. They feel more energised throughout the day. If you face lethargy or simply weakness, you may want to give this a try!

    Increase Endorphins

    People often recommend cold plunging mainly because cold water therapy increases their pain enduring capacity through increasing endorphins. This makes them destressed and increases their happiness levels.

    Cold water immersion during the cold bath not only makes them aware of the cold temperatures that they are in but also makes them adapt to it. Thus a cold bath goes a long way in making people feel good about themselves by increasing their endorphins. Their feeling of general well-being then leads them to lead a happy day- a happy life in fact.

    What Is Cold Plunging/Cryotherapy Baths?

    Cryotherapy baths are a type of therapy where you immerse yourself in ice water for the purpose of healing and relaxation. The process involves immersing your body in a cryogenic bath, which is usually filled with -40 degrees Celsius (Fahrenheit) or lower temperatures. This is done to reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation. It also helps to relieve muscle tension and relaxes muscles. Cryotherapy has been used by athletes since ancient times as an effective way to recover from injuries. Today it’s being used by people who want to improve their health and wellness.

    How Does A Commercial Cryotherapy Session Work?

    When you enter the cryotherapy room, you will be asked to remove all clothing except underwear. There are two types of cryotherapy: dry immersion and wet immersion. Dry immersion means that you are completely immersed in the freezing temperature for a certain period of time. Wet immersion means that you have a small amount of liquid surrounding your body.

    You can choose either one depending on what kind of treatment you need. After you are ready, you will be given a towel to cover yourself up while you wait for the technician to come back.

    Once they return, they will take measurements of your body and then apply an anti-freeze gel onto your skin. They will then wrap you in blankets and place you inside the chamber. Your body will remain there until the technician returns to check on you.

    Why Should You Try It?

    Cryotherapy is known to reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, improve muscle recovery, boost metabolism, relieve joint stiffness, and provide relaxation. This is why it is used to treat various health problems including arthritis, fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, and depression.

    It’s also beneficial for anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up their body. If you’re looking to get rid of cellulite, this treatment may help.

    According to studies, the average person loses between 2-4 pounds within 30 days. But, keep in mind that these results vary greatly based on each individual.

    Origin of Cold Plunges

    So, you must be wondering, how did cold plunging start? Well, the first cryotherapy chambers were invented in the 1930s by Dr. Robert Hubert. He was an Austrian doctor who wanted to treat his patients using natural methods instead of surgery.

    His idea came after he noticed that when he treated his patients with ice packs, they felt better faster than if they had gone through traditional treatments. In the 1940s, Dr. Hubert began treating patients at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna.

    One day, he saw a patient who suffered from rheumatism. When he applied ice packs to her legs, she experienced instant relief. She told him about her experience and he decided to use this method to treat many more patients. He called his new technique “cryotherapeutic baths” because of its similarity to the therapeutic baths that were popular during the Victorian era.

    Fast forward to now, cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular in North America. Many clinics around the country offer this service. Some of them even have mobile units so that you don’t have to travel far to receive this treatment.

    The Plunge, the company that has brought revolutionary changes in terms on cold plunging and the experience related to it, now helps thousands of users get the benefits of Cryotherapy of cold plunges from the comfort of their homes.

    Earlier, cold plunging was mainly popular amongst travelers because they would often find spots such as lakes or springs with cold water where they can take a dip and therefore derive the benefits of cold plunges. However, if you are someone who does not travel or does not prefer to travel a lot, you can still benefit from this treatment without having to leave your house.

    This is made possible by commercial cold plunge providers, such as The Plunge, that make lineups to help people experience cold plunging from the comfort of their homes. These lineups are not just restricted to cold immersion tubs but also shower fittings, chest freezers (not very preferable), ice barrels, and a lot more.

    What Is A Hot Plunge/Hot Water Therapy?

    A hot plunge is similar to a cold plunge except that the temperature is higher. This means that the water will feel warmer than normal. You can either choose to immerse yourself in warm water or let the water flow over you. There are different types of hot plunges available depending on what type of treatment you want to undergo. For example, there are hot showers, hot tubs, and hot pools. Each one of these offers different benefits.

    How Do You Get Access To Hot Plunges?

    If you wish to take a hot plunge, you will have more than one option to do so:

    Hot Showers:

    When taking a bath, most people do not think about the temperature of the water. They only focus on the fact that the water feels good. However, some people enjoy bathing in extremely hot water. By contrast, others might find bathing in hot water uncomfortable. Hot showers are designed for those who like bathing in hot water. It allows you to bathe in a comfortable manner while enjoying the warmth of the water.

    Hot Tubs:

    If you have a pool at home, then it is likely that you already own a hot tub. Hot tubs are usually installed in swimming pools. They allow you to soak in warm water while relaxing. Hot tubs are perfect for soaking after a long day at work or school. They provide a soothing environment that helps you unwind.

    Hot Pools:

    Hot pools are another option for those who enjoy bathing in hot water. They are usually located outside and are heated using natural gas. They are ideal for those who like to swim outdoors during the summer months. They offer an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.

    Hot Springs:

    Hot springs are places where water flows naturally through underground channels. When the water reaches the surface, it becomes hot enough to be used as a source of energy. This process is called geothermal heating. Hot springs are usually located near mountains or hills. Some of them are even located next to volcanoes. These places are known to be very healing because of their therapeutic properties.

    How Does Hot Plunging/Hot Sauna Work?

    Hot Sauna is a great way to relax and unwind. It is a form of thermal therapy that involves immersing oneself in hot water for a certain period of time. The heat causes blood vessels to dilate, which increases blood circulation. As a result, the body gets rid of toxins and waste products. If you suffer from arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, or any other condition that makes you feel stiff and sore, hot sauna can help relieve pain and stiffness.

    There are two ways to enjoy hot sauna:

    1) Traditional sauna – Traditional sauna is a wooden structure that consists of a fire pit and a dome-shaped roof. The wood burns slowly and gives off smoke that fills the air inside the sauna. The smoke contains chemicals that cleanse the lungs and purify the blood. It also provides a sense of peace and relaxation.

    2) Electric Sauna – An electric sauna is a modern version of a traditional sauna. They are usually found in spas and resorts. Electric saunas come with a heater that heats up the room quickly. Unlike traditional saunas, electric saunas do not produce smoke. Instead, they emit steam that cleanses the skin and improves circulation.

    The Plunge’s Hot/Cold Plunge, Hot/Cold Plunge Pro, and Hot/Cold Plunge Pro XL are the most suitable examples of today’s electric hot saunas provided to you at the comfort of your home.

    After all, who would want to travel a few hundred miles to find a hot spring where you can relish into the experience of hot plunging?

    What Are The Benefits Of Hot Plunging?

    Similar to cold plunges, hot plunges deliver a multitude of benefits. In this section of the article, we shall look at the benefits of hot plunging in detail:

    Detoxification of the Body

    When you plunge into a hot bathtub, you get a chance to detoxify your body by flushing out harmful toxins. Your body will expel these toxins when you immerse yourself in hot water. You should know that hot baths are one of the best ways to remove toxins from your body.


    You can use hot plunges to relax your muscles and ease stress. When you plunge into a hot tub, you’ll notice how relaxing it feels. It helps you forget about everything else that bothers you.

    Pain Relief

    Hot plunges have been proven to reduce inflammation and muscle aches. It has also been shown to improve joint mobility and decrease swelling.

    Improved Circulation

    Your heart rate increases when you plunge into a hot pool. This allows more oxygen to flow throughout your body. As a result, your body receives more nutrients and oxygen than usual.

    Weight Loss

    If you’re looking to lose weight, then hot plunges are an excellent choice. A study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Diego revealed that people who plunged into a hot bath lost twice as much weight as those who did not.

    Skin Care

    They allow you to exfoliate your skin and eliminate dead cells. This prevents clogged pores and pimples. Hot plunges also stimulate new cell growth.

    Stress Reduction

    Studies show that hot plunges can be used to reduce anxiety and depression. It is believed that the warm temperature triggers endorphin production which results in a feeling of well-being.


    Final Verdict – Is The Plunge Brand Legit?

    Our research and editorial team has done thorough research on The Plunge and its products. They have gone through numerous reviews, some of which come from pretty popular people such as Rich Froning.

    Almost every review mentions how The Plunge has changed their lives and optimized the health of numerous individuals. Therefore, yes, it is safe to conclude that The Plunge is a legit brand and if you are looking to make cold/hot plunging a part of your daily ritual, then this is your go-to brand.

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